AN: The poem at the end is my came to me while reading City of Glass. The last chapter is called Across The Sky In Stars.

A week passes and I am glad when the doctor says that I am healthy enough to be freed from the confines of my bed.

I have hated looking at the same four gray walls in this windowless room. To be honest that's what I hate the most about being here in District 13, the white and grayness of everything around me.

I miss the warmth of the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair, the grass under my fingers. I miss hunting in the woods on Sunday's with Gale or laying under the stars with Peeta in the meadow in the Victor's Village.

I feel a dull ache twist in my stomach as I think of that last image. Peeta and I sneaking out of the house with blankets and treats like the seventeen year olds that we are.

But unlike most seventeen year olds we had our own house and no parents to answer to, even with my mother living next door.

Peeta packed a small basket of biscuit and cookie and two flasks of tea and I took two of the spare quilts from the closet and we headed for the meadow.

I laid one of the blankets on the ground in the center of the meadow and watched as Peeta walked around for a moment before coming to the blanket with one hand behind his back.

"For you my beautiful Katniss." I smile as he pulls the flowers and presents them to me. I sniff them and the lay them down next to me.

I lace my arms around Peeta neck and he pulls me to him in a tight embrace. "I love you Mrs. Mellark." He breaths the word into the skin of my neck.

"I love you too Mr. Mellark. Now what kind of buns did you bring for me?" I say with a smile that makes him cock his head to the side.

"Are you with me for my buns?"

"No but they are pretty hot." I give him what I hope is an alluring smile and when I hear him the low growl I know that I have done something right.

"Cinnamon, dill, me?"

I bite my lip and pretend to thing hard. "Hmm I'll save you for last."

He laughs and hands me half a bun of each then settle down on the blanket next to me. We eat in silence and when we are both done I curl into his side and rest my head in that spot that is designed just for me it seems.

I rest my hand over the space above his heart and let my fingers draw lazy patterns on his chest.

"You know the star just aren't as pretty as they use to be now." He says with a gentle sigh and his arms tighten around me.

"And why is that Peeta?"

"Because I have the most beautiful light wrapped in my arms and her light is a million times more glorious then any star in the Heavens and her love is deeper then the greatest ocean."

I see his perfect blue eyes sparkle in the moonlight turning them from the summer sky to a silver blue pool of water, made wet by the tears that fall so freely when he makes these decelerations of love to me.

In these tears I don't see weakness but I see a strength that has carried me through the darkest moments of the last few months of my life.

I bring my lips to his and I place a kiss as gentle as the flutter of butterfly wings on the soft skin. As always he seems to melt under my touch and I run my tongue along his bottom lip, a silent request for entrance.

He opens to me with no hesitation and I keep the kiss light, a gentle dance of partners but I know that his touch to my bare skin will turn our waltz into a tango.

He pulls at me until I am positioned on top of him and I feel the alignment of our bodies and that twist in my stomach lurches sending a jolt of energy through every nerve of my body.

"You will never truly understand the effect you have on me Katniss. Just how deep into me you are. Every part of who I am is tired to you. You are the coil that wraps around my heart. The pulse of my blood, the tempo of my breath, the ache of my soul all belong to you and without you I am empty and without. I can never think of you any other way. I will never stop loving you."

I feel that stinging burn as the tears threaten to fall from my own eyes. I reach out my hand to push a curl of hair from his eyes. I let my fingers linger on his skin, running them from his forehead, down the side of his blue eyes make almost silver in the moonlight...I smile at this because it makes his features more like mine.

I brush over his cheekbone, trace the delicate square of his jaw, and end at the curve of his lips. Lips that are as perfect as his eyes. He stops breathing through his mouth the second my finger brushes over his bottom lip, which is thicker than the top. But there is something about the curve and the perfect shape of the bow that make the top just as appealing as the bottom.

I sigh when I feel his lips press into my finger and he opens his lips to draw in the pad. "Peeta." My voice is whisper but I feel him react under me.

"I love you so much." He smiles and I bend down again to gently press my lips to his. His hand locks to the back of my neck and holds my head down, trapping my lips to his. He intensifies the kiss and when we break apart for air I see the swelling of his lips and I smile.

"Can we stay here tonight Katniss? We can sleep under the stars and I can hold you and we'll keep away the other's nightmares."

"I'll allow it only if you make love me under the sky of stars." I say and his smile is brilliant.

"If I could I would pull every star from the night sky.

I would repaint the night sky with the beauty of your light.

I would take the sparkle from your eyes and the shine from them and make a sky of new stars.

I would take the warmth of your touch and the gentleness of your heart and paint a new sunrise

For it's your love that warms my waking hours and your light that leads me home at night

So I will hold tight to you my goddess of light, my great Northern Star

For your love is the light that seep into the darkness of my soul and makes me a better man"

"That's beautiful Peeta. Who wrote it?" I ask and again that brilliant smile graces his face.

"It came to me just now...looking at you Karniss. You're my Northern Star, my home is where I'm with you." I kiss him and this time I am not first to pull away.