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You know... I never believed in reincarnation, falling into other worlds, or any of that jazz. When you died, you were dead. If you were lucky, maybe you got some sort of happy afterlife sort of thing. Sure, I was an avid fanfiction reader, and I had come across numerous self-inserts about somehow getting into one alternate universe or another. Heck, some of those stories were my personal favorites. I knew such things could never happen. And if they did, it wouldn't happen to me.

I was just your average girl, nothing special about me or my life.

Most of the stories I adored depended on the person being physically fit to survive in that world, which I wasn't.

Or a genius, which I also wasn't.

Besides, at my current age of twenty-one and the impossible happened and I did end up in an alternate world, no matter where I got dropped off into any story-line I wouldn't be able to gain any character's trust quickly enough to make any difference or change anything.

You could say that I had thought of the possibilities of being able to change various story-lines for the better, then dismissed them as idle fancy. An amusing thought, nothing more. And then I had to go and die and prove myself wrong.

It was your normal, nothing special day. I was simply trying to go get some lunch as we were out of acceptable food in my home. Yes, the road I lived on had some heavy traffic this time of day, but nothing unmanageable. It was far too early for chaos.

Or so I thought.

Honestly, how was I supposed to suspect there would be a drunk driver in this heavy traffic, at this time of day, miles away from any bar? But, apparently I am the unluckiest person ever. Because that's what happened.

I knew in the instant before that car hit mine that I would not survive the impact. I'd like to say I bid goodbye to my family, saw my life flash before my eyes, etc. But no. My only thought was Well... shit.

And then it was all over.

There was the distinct feeling of my soul being dragged elsewhere somewhat viciously. I didn't bother resisting, figuring this was my personal version of passing on. Allow me to say this: it sucked. Majorly.

A blinding white light made me wince. Could souls wince?So the stories ARE true about the light... even in death I guess I couldn't help the snarky comments. Then sensation hit me. Weren't dead people not supposed to feel anything? But I could feel... I could hear... did I survive somehow? People were talking around me, but I couldn't understand a thing they said. Maybe I had gotten a severe concussion instead of actually dying?

That'd be an unexpected stroke of good luck.

Should've known that was to good to be true the instant I stopped thinking it.

I opened my eyes to a blurry world. It took it some time for things to come into focus. By the time they did, I realized I was being held in someone's arms.

I had... gotten smaller? What?

How was my entire body fitting into someone's arm? I was small, yes, but not that ridiculously small. I looked around and recognized none of the people around me. Where was my family? My friends?

Who were these people?!

I looked at a female's face far too close to mine. I attempted to say 'Personal space, lady. Back off'. But I just got some sort of nonsense noise in response. What was wrong with me?! I tried to face-palm in frustration. But my arms were trapped by a blanket. Why would I be suddenly small and in... a blanket...

I realized we were in a strange maternity ward from the looks of my surroundings.

Realization came to me in icy horror.

I had been, quite literally, reborn.

Ok. Ok. Had to think. What language where they speaking? It sounded... vaguely familiar... Was that Japanese? It must be. My Japanese vocabulary was exceedingly slim, but I recognized a word or two from my excessive intake of subbed anime.

So... I was Japanese now? I could live with that, even if the language was going to be a pain in the ass to learn.

I observed my new 'family'. I noted that they were as average looking as people came with their collective brown hair and eyes. Then more horror came. There were several people wearing headbands. Or as I knew them to be called... hitai-ate. I knew of only one universe to have these.


Reborn into freaking Naruto.

Most fans would've been excited.

I wasn't. I was terrified. I even started to cry, my baby wails resounding in the room as my new mother attempted to soothe me.

Want to know why? From the symbol on those headbands, I was nowhere near the relative safety of Konoha.

No. Those four squiggled lines indicated a much harsher village.

Kirigakure. The Village Hidden in the Mist.

A man approached the woman holding me to get a better look at me and to offer what I assumed was comfort to his wife and to myself. Neither of them looked familiar. Obviously not main characters from Mist. But the man was wearing a hitai-ate. Meaning what I guessed the person who was my new 'father' was a ninja.

That also meant I would most likely be raised into being a ninja too. In MIST.

Of all places why, dear God-Kami-Jashin-Pein why Mist?!

Calm. Calm. This may be after or before the Bloody Mist years. I certainly didn't hear anyone mentioning Yagura.

Still. I needed to find out exactly where in the Naruto time-line I was.

Which, would be exceedingly difficult in Kiri.

I could be years before Yagura's reign.

Or years after the Fourth Shinobi War.

Or anywhere in between.

I didn't even know my new name.

I was so screwed.

And so it begins...

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