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3rd Person POV

It had been years since the Fourth Shinobi War.

Peace had descended amongst the Five Great Nations and the smaller ones.

But there was still plenty of work for the shinobi to do.

Peace didn't stop nuke-nins, bandits, or rat bastards from popping up.

Today however, was not about the ilk that still lurked in the world.

Today, the Chuunin exams were being held... but for once they were not in one of the Five Great Nations.

No, these exams were to take place within the small but terrifyingly strong Village of Sakuragakure.

"That will be us someday." A Genin kunoichi murmured to her companions as they watched teams from various places enter.

She was a strange sort with her matching black hair and eyes, inherited Uchiha beauty, and with ties to two Villages at once. She'd always been mature for her age, and had chosen to be a kunoichi of Sakura rather than Konoha when given the option.

The people of Konoha treated her like glass before she'd entered the Academy. As an Uchiha, this grated her nerves.

So, here she was, the kanji for Cherry Blossom donning her forehead, single tomoe Sharingan watching the crowd.

"We'd fucking kick their asses if sensei-teme would fucking allow us in the damn exams. Especially with those fucking eyes of yours, Mikoto." this grumble was from an albino male on her left. Another odd one, seeing as he took strongly after his father, both in looks and language. His mother could only be seen in the slightly softer features... plus the fact when he was really angry his eyes tended to slit like a cat's. Like the kunoichi, he had ties to two Villages. When asked why he was in Sakura he'd only grumble something about wanting to avoid terrible rapping in Kumo.

The oldest of the group by perhaps a year or two (it was difficult to tell since he looked older than he was) gave a chuckle, showing his sharp teeth. He completed the odd Genin team with his blue hair, gold eyes, massive chakra reserves and perfect control. At least his skin tone was normal with only a slight blue tint to it, thanks to his mother.

It was truly coincidence they were together. The top two with the dead last. Team 4. "Cheer up, Reiki" the blue-haired one reached to give a nudge to the sulking albino. "We know Obito-sensei would've put us in the exams if he could."

"Probably over fucking protective parents on your Jashin-damn part Kaito." Came the snap.

"My parents? Over-protective? Whatever do you mean? Do you consider introductions to wielding a chakra-eating sword protective?" Sarcasm was like a second language to Kaito thanks to Kaa-chan. He shook his head "Really, no. They had nothing to do with us not taking it this year."

"So you finally fucking convinced your damn old man to let you at the fucking sword huh?"

"It was more along the lines of convincing Samehada."

"Look. Another Uchiha. Younger than me. Taking the exams." Mikoto sulked at spotting a Genin team from Konoha coming up the road.

Indeed, there was an Uchiha there, her direct cousin from Tou-san's Otouto.

"Guess they must've dropped the babying hm?"

"How youthful! A Genin team from Sakura here to greet us!" Came a laugh from the green-wearing sensei.

"Run?" Kaito offered.

"He'll fucking chase us down." Reiki responded.

"Jashin damn it" the blue haired shinobi sighed.

"Guess we should be polite..." Mikoto was obviously fighting against every lesson of polite behavior she'd had ingrained into her.


"Distress call, gotta go!" Keito darted off, shamelessly using his younger siblings to his advantage.

"I'm fucking helping!"

"Me as well."

None of them wanted to deal with... youthfullness

The Genin team vanished in a flicker, towards where the yelling had come from.

"How most unyouthful for them not to stay." The sensei sulked.

""It'll be okay Lee-sensei." His male Hyuuga-eyed Uzumaki student assured.

"You are as youthful as your father Naruto, Minato! Trying to cheer me up!" Lee hugged the poor Genin.

"Shouldn't have done that" The Uchiha informed the unfortunate captive.

The Hyuuga-Uzumaki shot him a dirty look while their exceptionally pale black-haired kunoichi teammate laughed at them so hard her paintbrushes fell out of her pack.

Team 4 had arrived to where the yells had come from to find a surprising display of chaos.

A pair of fraternal twins, one male one female were backed into a corner thanks to some unfriendly looking visitors from Kusagakure.

"Whoever saw a kid with freaking blue hair and gills?" This was directed to the boy. His father's blood ran strong in him, giving him much more of a shark like appearance complete with blue hair and the same gold eyes. His skin was still thankfully not completely blue, but he did look like he was cold all the time thanks to the blue tint.

"Leave us alone!" The boy snapped, standing in front of his sister defiantly with sharp teeth bared.

"And just look at the other one! She's not much better!"
The girl was the only one with their mother's brown hair color, though the gold eyes remained. Though she lacked gills, and her skin was the only one completely without a blue tint, the black markings around her eyes matched her father's. She was glaring at the Kusa-nin as well. "Go away!" she snapped, showing her teeth were only mildly sharper than a normal person's. "Your chakra is nasty!"

Yusei and Akira respectively.

"Leave my Otouto and Imouto alone." Keito snarled, moving between the trio and his younger siblings, hand twitching for the sword on his back.

'Don't fucking forget about us!" His team moved to flank him, a bloodthirsty smile on Reiki's face while Mikoto's eyes were still Sharingan red.

"Aw~ Cute little genins~" The Kusa-nin smirked "You think you can take us?"

"We fucking know we can beat your sorry asses." The albino smirked.


This got the whole small group to whirl.

The sound had come from Samehada hitting and cracking the ground.

Kisame stood there, a look of murder on his face. "Seems we've got ourselves troublemakers."

"Samehada against genin, Kisame? Isn't that overkill?" Obito-sensei flickered into sight, his one Sharingan spinning lazily.

"And a fully mature Sharingan isn't?" Toki chirped as she wandered up. Her eyes flashed as she observed the Kusa-nin. "I suggest you go back to your sensei. No fighting until the exams start."

The Kusa trio sulked but retreated, knowing better than to challenge these three.

The twins darted to their parents, obviously distraught.

"Kusa might be missing a team after this." Kisame snarled, hands gentle tough as he picked up Akira. The twins were almost too old to be carried, but this incident caused an exception.

"Much as I'd like to agree, we can't. Diplomacy and all." Toki grumbled as she picked up Yusei.

"Ah, I almost forgot. Here." Obito turned, Sharingan deactivating as he offered the entrance papers to his team "For the exams, if you want to take them."

"You mean you just fucking forgot?!" Reiki snatched his.

"Obito-sensei." Mikoto sighed, taking hers. "Must you forget and be late to everything?"

"Kaa-chan says only Kakashi-san is worse about it. Sensei, are you trying to copy the Copy-nin?" Keito took his before going over to ensure his twin siblings were both okay.

"Actually, he took his habits from me." Obito countered. "And... if you so happen to beat a Kusa team into the ground... I'm sure no one would mind."

"You fucking got it, teme-sensei." Reiki smirked.

Toki and Kisame lingered as they watched the team leave.

"You know Kisame... Keito and Mikoto are adorable together. Did you see how he looked at her?" Toki mused.

"Koneko. No. Itachi-san will murder him." Kisame chuckled but shook his head. "Besides, we do not need to be adding the Sharingan of all things to my chakra levels, and your control."

"Pfft. If he's anything like you were, she hasn't got much of a choice." She snickered as they started back to observing the guests with the twins in tow.

"Aniki thinks Mikoto-nee-chan is cute!" Akira supplied from her father's hold.

"Like how Shin thinks Imouto is cute!" Yusei snickered.

"I'm only two minutes younger!" Akira protested.

"Snowy's boy thinks my daughter is cute?" Kisame growled.

"Kisame, behave. We won't let Tachi kill Keito. Therefore you cannot kill Shin." Toki sighed shaking her head.

These Chuunin exams were one of the most interesting ones to date.

There was much power here in this generation.

The Sakuragakure Genin had been trained by S-class shinobi from Academy ages. They put up a real fight.

Team 4 of Sakurgakure consisting of Hoshigaki Keito, Uchiha Mikoto, and Reiki (his Jashinist father had long ago abandoned his clan name) delivered a beating to a Kusa team that was so one-sided in their favor it was almost funny. Obito shook his head at the vicious nature of his students.

Team 7 of Konoha were also real contenders, having the children of its former members on it. Uzumaki Minato, son of the Rokudaime Hokage was exceptionally fast, his Byakugan never missing anything. Uchiha Shisui displayed the typical prowess expected from an Uchiha while Aina (her father's last name had long ago been lost) was the fastest her paint abilities dealing rapid damage.

From Kiri the standout was Team 11 (Kiri had finally switched to using numbers for Genin). One of them was a civilian, but kept up nicely with his team. The others were Yuki Hideki a mint haired and brown eyed boy with an almost bug-wing pattern on parts of his arms wielding the rare ice-release and Hōzuki Umeko white-haired purple-eyed heiress of the Hōzuki clan who's ability to use the Kekkei Genkai surpassed even her father's.

While no team from Suna was particularly impressive that year, the Kazekage's small daughter giggled at her father's side, deciding she was going to be a fierce kunoichi too someday.

As for the Kazekage himself Gaara, sat with his wife, the other Five Kage, and Yūgure members.

Most of them were watching the exams.

Han seemed distracted by his pregnant civilian wife. The Jinchuuriki was the hovering type.

Deidara had his arm slung over the should of a cute brunette, the same waitress from that sweet shop he'd never given up on and had finally managed to convince to date him.

Kakuzu and Tsunade, an infamous gambling duo, were arguing over her being allowed to place bets. The miser was convinced she'd jinx the results if she tried.

Toki and Kisame, twins by their sides were teasing B about his new girlfriend while keeping one eye on the exams. Ao and Mangetsu were with them enjoying the company of old friends. Mangetsu and Toki would both break out into cheering when either's child did something good.

The representatives from Amegakure Pein and Konan were standing near them, seeming amused at the antics and displays of skill.

Naruto, who was Rokudaime Hokage, and Sasuke were chatting occasionally managing to drag Itachi into the conversation, their respective wives shaking their heads at their husbands.

Juugo stood next to this group, content to watch quietly.

Sai ignored them, an arm lazily around his own wife's waist while he paid more attention to the fights.

Sasori's own personal student kunoichi was still at his side, already a Jounin herself. Both were watching the exams with the exact same neutral expression on their faces.

Haku was watching the fights with a quiet smile. Fū, his wife, however was unashamed to be cheering loudly for their son.

All in all, it was a normal set of exams considering the most abnormal audience and contestants.

Life was going on, as life does.

And, for now, all was good.

And thus we come to a close.

I hope you all enjoyed the ride :3

What's next?

I'm still battling between two of the three options I mentioned before.

So, I'll give two summary/previews and see which one peaks the most interest xD

These are subject to change and need severe editing, which I'll take suggestions for.

Frayed (Temp title till I think of something better)

There's very little that attracts a miser's attention more than money. Especially a nuke-nin miser with a penchant for ripping out beating hearts. That is until there's a rumor of a charm that is said to bring wealth and good luck. Kakuzu, naturally, goes to claim it as his. Then he finds something unexpected. The good luck charm is real. But it's not a something. It's a someone. A female. An annoying civilian. Who he can't kill unless he wants his money to stop coming.

Kakuzu/OC, Romance/Humor

Blood and Shadows (also temporary title until I think of something better)

The Fourth War was years ago. Peace was the norm for a long time. That was until shinobi started getting systematically killed. Now the Five Nations and the smaller ones are on edge. War is on the horizon until someone figures out who is doing this and why. But anyone who's gone hunting the threat has died. Naras are famed for their intelligence. So, one of their kunoichi makes a bold decision. Who else is better to help than someone who can't die? She just has to dig him up from the hole where Shikamaru put him first.

Hidan/OC, Romance/Adventure


To author: You think you'll go back and flesh out this story a bit more later?

Me: Probably. Not right now though. I'll need to get it out of my head so I can look over it with a fresh eye to see what it needs and where.

To Shark/Toki: How many kids?

Kisame: -chuckles- "These three are enough. The twins were a terror to raise. Still are slightly".

Toki: "I second that. And he has no room to talk. He spoils Yusei and Akira rotten".

Kisame: -smirk- "Guilty as charged".

To Shark/Toki: What gender were you hoping for?

Kisame: -shrug- "I didn't much care either way. A kid wasn't something I'd thought I'd have. Much less three".

Toki: "I'm glad a boy was our first. I'm more used to guys. Poor Akira, she set a learning curve".

To Zealot/Cat: Any more kids?

Hidan: -smirks- "Why the fuck not? Reiki is a fucking awesome kid".

Yugito: "So long as the next one goes to Kumo".

Hidan: "Do they fucking have to?"

Yugito: "Yes".

Hidan: "Fuck. Fine".

To author: Blog link?

Me: On my profile :D

To Kami: Did anyone ever get Isobu out of the statue?

Pein: "Yes. We released Isobu. So far as I know, the Sanbi is still free and without a Jinchuuriki".

To the adopted children: Any more grandkids?

Naruto: "Sure! I've always wanted a big family! I'll have to ask Hinata though".

Itachi: "I would not mind more".

Sasuke: "Aniki and I do have to rebuild our clan".

Sai: "The first was a surprise... I am not sure I want more than her".

Gaara: "I'm still learning with my own daughter. No more for now at least".

To Angel: You dating Nagato?

Konan: "Yes. I thought that was obvious".

To Obito: You enjoy teaching?

Obito: "Do you see my genin team? They're a bunch of terrors" -laughs- "But it's been fun, yes".

To Shark/Toki: Kids birthdays?

Kisame: "Kaito is January 22".

Toki: "The Twins are March 6".

To Haku: Thoughts on Fu?

Haku: "... I would not be with anyone else"

To Obito: Do you actually want to help Yugure or are you just scared?

Obito: -sigh- "I did want to redeem myself. I am glad that I got the chance to do so".

To Shark: What would you say to Akira-san now if you got the chance? How do you think she'd react to the grandchildren adopted or otherwise?

Kisame: -chuckles- "Ah, Akira-san. I'd tell that I know exactly what she was doing when Koneko and I were children. Than I'd thank her for it. As for the kids, she'd probably hug the air out of them too. All of them".

To Puupet: Would you say Sakura could beat you now?

Sasori: "She's improved since I started with her, earned being called by her name. Our spars can end one way or the other now. So, yes. Though I still win most of the time".

To Shark/Toki: Who was invited to the wedding?

Kisame: "Yugure members"

Toki: "Close friends like B, Snowy, and Ao-sensei and our adopted children too".

To Hinata: Become an amazing clan head! :D

Hinata: -blush- "Thank you. I certainly try my best".

To Shark/Toki: How'd the others react to the kids?

Kisame: -laughs- "They weren't surprised".

Toki: "It was one of those 'about time' reactions".

To Terrorist/Puppet: Would you ever collaborate on art?

Dei: "No, un. Art cannot be both eternal and fleeting, yeah".

Sasori: "He's too much of a brat".

To Miser: What do you honestly think of Tsunade?

Kakuzu: "That she's an annoying woman".

To Toki: In another chance what would you have changed if the person wasn't you?

Toki: "I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. I'm not sure another person could've changed the story to be like this. And I refuse to share Kisame with someone else. Go find your own sexy Shark".

To author: Sequel? Maybe AU with Toki in another Village?

Me: Most likely not. I highly doubt anyone would want to read the adventures of a cast of complete OCs. And I think Toki's quite content to remain a Kiri nuke-nin. I may do another OC in another Village in the future.

To Obito: Plans?

Obito: "Teach my genin brats. Make sure they make it to jounin alive, then probably retire".

To Ghost!Madara: You realize your plans failed epically?

Ghost: -evil Uchiha glare- "I am aware".

To Shark/Toki: Godparents?

Kisame: -snickering too hard to answer-

Toki: -sigh- "They don't have any official ones because we had too many powerful shinobi wanting to stake claim. So it's sort of an open thing".

To Weasel: So you ended up with Hana Inuzuka?

Itachi: "Hai. Though something about the Uchiha bloodline has prevented Mikoto from bonded with a ninken".

To Shark/Toki: Who watches the kids when you're out?

Kisame: "When Kai was young, it was the more responsible members of Yugure. Like Itachi, Sasori, or even the Miser".

Toki: "Now that he's older he can watch the twins. Though we still enlist the more responsible Yugure members. Just in case".

To Shark/Toki: Did you play matchmaker with the adopted children?

Kisame: "Didn't have to. Thank Kami".

Toki: "But I'm seeing if I can't nudge Kai into realizing he likes Mikoto-chan" ;3

Kisame: -sigh- "Itachi-san is going to kill my son for liking his daughter. Then I'll have to kill the Weasel".

To Toki: You teach the kids English?

Toki: "Yes. Makes a great code for them".

To Toki: How do you know you're the only person who was reborn into Naruto?

Toki: "I don't. But the statistical chances of it happening once were already slim. More than once is statistically almost laughable. I can safely assume I am until proven otherwise".

To author: You ever going to link this fanfic with others?

Me: I doubt it, unless for some reason I specifically want this universe.

To Shark/Toki: Ever let the adopted kids babysit?

Kisame: "If they were available".

Toki: "Our kids are exceptionally safe with two Kages after all".

To Zealot: Going to start a church of Jashin?

Hidan: "Never fucking thought about it. But I'm fucking certainly teaching my damn kids. I might fucking think about a church. It may be too much shitty trouble".

To Obito: How'd the talk with Kakashi go?

Obito: "Two words. Guilt trip".

To Pervy Sage: Where were you during the War?

Jiraiya: "Fighting! Like everyone else! Obito just didn't bother considering me an opponent".

To Weasel: Are you happy?

Itachi: -small smile- "That's not a stupid question. Yes. I am happy. I am glad Yugure found me before I made a severe mistake".

To Dusk: What do you think of Yugure?

Kisame: "A bunch of psychos that I'd trust with my life".

Toki: -laugh- "We're a sort of psychotic family".

Itachi: "They... are friends. Family. Home".

Dei: "We're kickass, yeah! I'm glad I can work art with them, un".

Kakuzu: -sigh- "I do not get paid nearly enough to put up with them. But I am still here".

Hidan: "Fucking awesome, even if they are heathen bastards".

Han: "We... are a family of sorts, I would say".

Fu: "I second the family statement 'ssu!"

Haku: "I am glad to still be here. I think Zabuza-san would've stayed in the end".

Sasori: "They are entertaining".

Juugo: "I like them, and consider them family".

Obito:"... And they call me insane. But.. it's not bad here".

To Shark/Toki: After so many years together what do you think of each other?

Kisame: "I still think Koneko is insane for choosing me. But I am glad she did and thank Kami every single day for it. I refuse to share her with anyone else".

Toki: "We may have our disagreements from time to time, but there's no one else I would rather be with. Kisame and I are like two halves to a whole. We complement each other. He makes me happy. I can only hope I do the same for him".

Kisame: "Course you do, Koneko".

To author: What do you think of this story?

Me: Well, when I wrote that prologue so long ago... I never thought I'd get this far or that so many people would like it. I have a nasty habit of not finishing things. But, I'm glad I finished this. And I will still continue to be surprised until the end of eternity people loved this story so much :)

To Shark: Favorite part of being with Toki?

Kisame:-chuckles- "I'm going to lose all of my manliness and my badass factor if I say everything aren't I? If you're wanting a more sappy reason, that's it. If you're wanting more of a physical thing..." -smirks- "She likes sharp teeth".

Toki: -blushes- "Kisame!"

Kisame: -smirks wider- "Note the lack of denial"