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I really need to stop making new fics?


Besides, this will only last to Christmas day. It's a count-down story. Five chapters to the five days until Christmas (It's 12/20/13 right now). I would've started it earlier (to make it an official 12 days) but I didn't think of it till now. :P

Anyway, this is mostly in Sasuke's POV. I'm not very good at writing Itachi! I'm sorry if he acts like fail because of it! T_T


Being forced to come with his family to the luxurious, Konoha Lodge for Christmas is not Sasuke's idea of spending the holidays. However, the legend of the fox child lulls him into the forest surrounding the lodge. Will he find what he's looking for there or will his vacation fall flat?

Warnings: Language, Yaoi, and OOC moments. Due to revisions and edits, it's very likely that this chapter (as well as any chapter that has the below Edited and Revised: Date has a bit more meat than it did when you had first read it.)

Kakashi is a warning all on his own. (AKA, Perversion)

(Edited and Revised on 2/2/15)

December 20th


"Oh, Sasuke! Isn't it beautiful?" I found myself broken out of my glare out my window to look at the gleeful eyes of my mother, Uchiha Mikoto, who was looking behind her front seat of the car to stare at me. She is beautiful with the noticeably soft features of an aristocratic woman. Her onyx eyes sparkled with a joyous glint as she smiled pleasantly at me. I wanted to smile back at her, but my annoyance and anger at my father stopped me. Instead, I nodded briskly before looking back out the window, watching a wilderness filled with brown, gray, and white pass by. There was plenty of snow on the ground and it should restart again early tomorrow.

I heard her sigh softly before the sounds of her turning around to face the front once more. Instantly, I felt like apologizing; she didn't deserve my distaste for this impromptu trip to the middle of nowhere for the holidays.

My father had told my older brother and me just last night during dinner that we would be leaving our mansion in Otogakure to the village high in the mountains, Konohagakure. Itachi, my brother, and I were not pleased.

Itachi is most likely not happy because he probably had plans to spend his entire winter break from college with his boyfriend, Deidara Shukumei. I have met him enough times to where I can say: he's bat-shit insane. Whether you believe me or not is not my problem.

Why wasn't I happy? Not only because it came out of nowhere with little warning, but simply because it was my father's idea. After discovering Itachi's homosexuality, he has begun badgering me about continuing the Uchiha line and putting down Itachi. My older brother has always been sort of an idol for me. He's the one who was always home to greet me after school or stay by my side in the night even though I wouldn't admit to him that I was afraid to be alone.

Itachi is also the one who encouraged me to turn my back in the face of Father, something he obviously noticed and didn't enjoy. In fact, Father had practically sent Itachi away to college and banned us both from communicating in hopes of minimizing his influence on me. Of course, we found ways around it, but the simple fact that he had done so with a straight face and no hesitation will always spur anger in my heart.

It doesn't help that I happen to be homosexual, as well. I supposed he must've eventually guessed from my little interest in the women that he had invited over for me to choose from of my sexuality.

He has taken to throwing disapproving glares in both of our directions. Itachi ignored them easily; I, however, often find my small amount of respect and patience for the man wearing thin with each snide remark and cold stare.

I could try and understand where he's coming from; a man who has taken on the stressful job of leading a large, family-run company can't have it easy. On some level, I suppose he just wants me to be happy – however, that does not excuse his sorry ass for acting as if I can't choose my own way of finding happiness. If it's with a man, then so the fuck be it. Luckily, mother has been far more receptive and encouraging about the entire thing, making it much more bearable.

Despite our protests, we were forced to pack our bags and suitcases for enough clothes to last us at least a week. This morning, having eaten a lush breakfast to keep our hunger at bay until we arrived at our temporary lodgings, we all filed into our Corrella and began the six-hour journey from Oto to Konoha.

"Ignore him, Mikoto. That one never seems grateful of the things around him." The deep, rumbling voice of my father rattled my nerves the instant he opened his mouth. Clenching my teeth to keep the sarcastic response that was trying to force its way out of my mouth, I kept my glare focused on the winter wonderland outside.

I will admit to running away from home in the dead of night and sneaking through the alleys of Oto and hitting up in the clubs with my less-than-noble friends. However, if my dad wasn't acting the way he was, I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't have to run away to find somewhere where I didn't have to pretend to be someone I'm not. Because I will not nor can I change who I am.

Breathing deep, silent breaths to calm myself, I chanced a look at my brother. He looked mostly like our mother, only with sharp cheekbones and strong jaw like our father and two, slanted birthmarks opposite to each other on his cheeks and nose. His clothing consisted of a black, silk long-sleeve shirt and slacks. His expression was of boredom and is eyes flicked casually between our parents and his own window. Suddenly, they flicked to me and he raised an eyebrow.

Why are you letting him affect you so much, Otouto?

I scowled at him and shifted in my seat.

I'm not.

He snorted and leaned ever so casually on his hand, his elbow on the door. His eyes stared through me, knowing very well that I was letting father get to me. I never quite understood how we did it or how we were able to read each other's subtle movements, but from a young age, we would always use little body movements to tell each other little things. Like, if I was to come home and Itachi tilted his head, he'd be asking me if my day was fine. I would shrug and walk away to the kitchen – a message that it could've been better with a better lunch. He would chuckle silently under his breath before following, helping me make a snack without me accidentally cutting off any limbs.

Yeah… the times when Itachi lived with us were incredibly special to me. There's just far too much space in that mansion for a family of four (and the occasional worker or long-distance family who required board). It seemed to have become even bigger when he had left for college. I had rejoiced when he had messaged me that he was coming back for the holidays. I had spent nights in a smoky corner of a club thinking of the places and the activities my brother and I would do when he came home, but now, all those plans and hopes have been crushed into tiny little pieces.

Thanks father. Thanks a lot.

Itachi said nothing in that strange, silent language that consisted of casual body movements, preferring to coolly gaze at me. I held it for a few more moments before my face softened and I turned my head to look out my window once again.

...I just don't know how to deal with him...

And I really don't. I've looked up to him for a long time, putting him on a pedestal besides my brother. His job was hard, and yet he had managed to push the corporation beyond his predecessors and more. However, with his success, came his distance from his family.

I never really saw him enough to feel any bond besides one of knowing he's my father.

Out of the corner of my left eye, I saw Itachi move his right leg under his left one and switching the target of his stare to father before back to me.

...I'm sorry, Sasuke.

Before I could signal something to tell him it wasn't his fault, the car slowed into a stop of a parking lot. Glancing out the window, I could see the tall, yet modest structure of our home for the next week.

It looked to be nine stories high, with many windows to let in plenty of sunlight. Its exterior was covered wood that was mostly associated with log houses and snow. Around the large building, evergreens grew along a path leading to the closed tennis court and to the woods behind the lodge. Snowdrops led the way to the grand entrance with luxurious double doors and grand windows on the sides of them. The parking lot itself smooth and clear of snow. It was filled with quite a few cars, a lot of them extravagant and others clearly lacking visually.

I felt someone nudge my shoulder. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw Itachi gesture to his door before opening it and stepping out of the car. Sighing, I took off the seatbelt and did the same. As soon as I stepped out the car, I felt eyes on me. My eyes scanned the forest where I had felt the stare from.

Almost instantly, my eyes met with blue. My breath was caught; I had never seen anyone with such eyes before. They were vibrant and ever-changing, a contrast with the still and bland scenery. They pulled me in and I almost didn't want to come back up.

"...suke... Sasuke!" I blinked; the spell was broken. I slowly turned my head in the direction of my mother who was looking at me with a concerned face. Her arms were crossed over her breasts and she was tapping her left foot. Her outfit consisted of a tight and regal red dress with a black sweater to highlight the red. Black-heeled, knee-high boots and small, dangling earrings finished off her clothing. Behind her, my brother, carrying both mine and his luggage, stared with a blank face. Only his eyes showed his emotions, inquiry and slight worry only for me to see. Anyone else would just see themselves staring right back at them.

My father, a tall man, taller than both my mother and brother (who reached a five foot, eleven) glared disdainfully at me, a frown marred his rugged looking face. He wore an outfit similar to Itachi's, only with a black business coat and red tie. Beside him were the black suitcases that belonged to him and mother. All of us had black winter cloaks on. Any Christmas gifts we have gotten for each other before the trip would be sent to our penthouse suite the next day.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" Her voice called, breaking me out of my reverie. I nodded, unsure what to tell them. Surely not about those eyes...

She seemed unconvinced, but nodded anyway. My father snorted before grabbing his and her luggage and walking towards the entrance, mother right beside and in step with him. Itachi sent me a look that told me he would demand more from me later before following after them. Inwardly, I groaned. That wouldn't be fun.


I glanced back at the woods but saw nothing but tree bark and a few pine needles. The forest was silent. I narrowed my eyes, what was that?

Frowning, I hesitantly followed after the rest of my family to begin a vacation that seemed doomed from the start.

They were all noisy, humans, that is. However, the forest was noisy, too, especially during summer when everyone was awake. Everyone is hunting, gathering, or preparing in some way for the upcoming cold season.

The same routine every year.

A sigh.

When will it ever change? Will things ever break from such a schedule that the Earth himself has implanted in each and every one of them? Well... then again...

Was it not those very thoughts that allowed contact with humans? Was it not his own curiosity that changed the routine? Small hum in thought. Shrug. Can't obsess over past. It has occurred, nothing more to say or think about.

Will only bring up the hurt.

Slight boredom. Twitch of nose. Eyes widen and sudden alertness.

Strange sounds from those scary monsters. Must hide.

Run through snow, ignore the sting of the cold. Rustling of bushes, wincing from the lack of protection for soft flesh and fur. Feelings of safety and security. Home.

Strange noise stops and then restarts.

Voices. They sounded garbled - mixed up. They made no sense and how the humans could understand each other was unknown. Everyone in the forest had their own language, but they also had a language that they all spoke and understood.

The humans didn't. Wonder why?

Could speak their words. Found them meaningless. Unimportant. No one else in the forest spoke them, what is the point?


What did the newest arrivals look like?

More wincing, pushing back spiky branches. Consider biting them but decide against it. They taste bitter this time of year. Finally, can see through the foliage. Ignore that strange, huge cave, their kind is not welcome. Not anymore. Only humans are.

Wrinkle nose at the putrid odor of the monsters. Slight curiosity; must they be so smelly? Disregard. Adjustments of height and tilt.

Sharp intake of breath.


An oddity. Do not see that color often in a human's eye. Unable to look away. Inquiry. Want to know more about this person. Familiar. Seen before?

More voices; the spell is broken. Hide away back in the safety of the forest, listen to silence and more of that strange human language. Footsteps and odd sounds on unusually hard ground. Shuffling and more footsteps. The strange cave opens.

Peek above foliage. Humans are gone, the familiar one, too. Tilt of head. Excitement.

Was it...?

...Okay, I KNOW this wasn't REALLY published on the 20th, but I STARTED it on the 20th but the time was 11 pm, so give me a break!

Anyway, the last part was exceedingly hard to write! Yes, the way it was written was intentional... and difficult. Either way, I hope you have enjoyed this first chapter! :)

If you guys are wondering about updates on my other stories, know that Star-Lit Sky is likely to be updated in the upcoming week. I'm really THIS close to finishing up the new chapter. After that, hiatus for two weeks at the most so I can prepare the chapters of the next arc. The other stories are more likely to be updated in late January or early February.

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Happy Holidays! :)


PS: I added to the last section. It had originally stopped after 'onyx'.

PPS: I changed the last section... AGAIN. T_T

PPPS: The main thing to expect from the revisions is more interaction of Naruto and Sasuke between themselves and others as well as grammar, spelling, & punctuation errors. So, if you had read this story before 3/5 2015, feel free to re-read it for the new content!