Half Moon's sequel Full Moon is now out for you guys! How about another small teaser? ;)

This is Sasuke's POV part.

"Sasuke." My hand stopped drawing the oval shape of an eye and I turned my head to the side. Itachi's troubled expression made me quickly straighten up.

"Did something happen?" Itachi shrugged and put his elbows on his knees and leaned his face against hands.

"More like something that happened is not happening anymore. Mother's almost fully recovered from being sick and is feeling well enough to travel." I felt my fingers go lax and my sketchbook almost fall out of my hands from my shock when I tightened my grip. Don't get me wrong, I love my mother. I had been worried about her being sick when she's already so tired from keeping our mansion running smoothly, as well as keeping up the appearance of a wife of an Uchiha. She had come from a relaxed town, so suddenly being thrust into a large and judgmental spotlight has made her cautious about everything, afraid of doing something wrong and have father be disappointed in her.

So yes, hearing her recover is great, amazing if I wanted to think of it as such. But it also meant...

"When are we leaving Konoha?" Itachi's upper lip twitched.

"Tomorrow at noon." Scowling deeply, I set my sketchbook down next to me. That won't be enough time.

"Is it because Father wants to get back to running the company personally?" Itachi didn't react, as I knew he would, but I knew that he was bothered by the mention of our Father.

"That and you've been gone from school for too long. Winter break ended four days ago."

Anonymous Reviewer Replies:

Rei; Glad you think so, and don't worry too much about not reading them when they came out. I was uploading every day, so they're not always easy to catch. :D

The two guests who requested a sequel; You've getting your wish, guys! ;)

"Guest": Lol, Naruto's a child "mentally" and a bit "emotionally", but physically and in the eyes of human society, he's of age. Also, not trying to call you out, but Naruto is actually fine with the advances of romance from Sasuke/Esuka because Esuka's memories scenes depicted Naruto and Esuka to be something close to lovers (they kiss but had never had sex).

However, it's fair because I did point out that Naruto is viewed as a child (probably 12-16) in the eyes of the other Celestial Gods and Goddesses, especially in the eyes of his own father, Minato. I also did point out that his way of thinking is "childish", but in little way is Naruto really "innocent". I blame myself for not having Naruto do much of anything but pretty much sleep through Half Moon, but I think that's something I want to explore in Full Moon. Thanks for the idea as well as compliment of me writing him convincingly as a child! I don't really know how to handle Naruto's character since he's so grown-up, yet so young at the same time, but that's what makes it fun! xD

The next portion of your review brought up really good points, but like I said in the post AN for the last chapter, the things you mentioned here are perfect for building on to answering questions as well as wrapping up a few things that I believe need to be explored on, such as Itachi's relationship to Deidara.

Hm... damn, I think that back in 7th grade, I realized that and decided to muss up the backwards name to make it sound more appealing and then it stuck that Sasuke's name backwards without the 's' was Esuka, not Ekusa. My bad! X)

Thank you all for the reviews, favs, and alerts! 28 reviews, 47 favs, and 36 follows, something I'm really proud of.

Full Moon won't be on the same updating schedule as Half Moon, but I'll try to get them out as quickly as I can!