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Chapter 1 Secret Revealed

By: Major144

Disclaimer I do not own Kids Next Door. This is just a story for fun.

Abby sighed as she walked around the corridors of the Sector V treehouse. It had been a couple of months since her friend Nigel aka 1 and the leader of Sector V had left Earth to join the Galactic KND. Everyone on the team was taking Nigel's departure pretty hard. Abby found herself standing outside Nigel's old room. She decided to go in. Everything in the room looked the same. It was as if Nigel had never left. Abby sat on the bed. The bed felt lumpy somehow.

"That's weird." She thought.

She looked underneath the mattress and found a wooden box. She opened it and found a weird little round gizmo and with a note addressed to her.

"To my best friend and second in command." It read.

Abby looked at the gizmo. She saw a red button and pushed it. A port in the machine opened up and a life size hologram of Nigel appeared in front of her!

"Hello Abby. This is a prerecord message I've left for you before I joined the Galactic KND. There is a matter of grave importance. I'm about to reveal the shocking truth about one of our sworn enemies." Said the hologram.

Abby listened.

"The Delightful Children are not what they seem. They are victims. They were once the legendary missing members of Sector Z!" Said the hologram.

Abby let out a startled gasp and her jaw dropped to the floor.

"I know it's hard to believe, but it's true! I've seen it with my own eyes. I will now play you some footage of the Moon Base during the incident with Grandfather." Said the hologram.

The hologram disappeared and a new image appeared. It was the control center of the KND moon base. Nigel suddenly came running into the room towards the controls, when the members of Sector V now senior citizen zombies came leaping out to attack him! Nigel tried to fend them off as best he could, but he was reluctant to fight them and he was on his own. He admitted he couldn't fight them alone.

"We'll it's a good thing were on your team now huh?" Said a voice.

The camera showed five new figures in the room. Three boys and two girls. They were wearing heavily-clothed military and samurai fatigues with the letter 'Z' on their hats. They were Sector Z! The newcomers leaped down and scattered the zombies. They formed a defensive line and pulled out their weapons.

"This is going to be delightful." Said one of the girls as she welded a umbrella sword.

The two forces charged one another roaring battle cries. Abby watch in amazement as Sector Z fought off the zombies with great skill and team work. Nigel made his way to the control board and type in some commands, when suddenly 2 the only zombie not yet defeated staggered towards Nigel! A tall brunette boy saw this and threw his Eraser-tipped Spear at 2 and knocked him out!

"Thanks David I don't what I've wouldn't have done with out you guys." Said Nigel as he continued typing in commands.

The tall boy named David smiled. Then suddenly a look of fear and pain came across his face.

"Whatever it is your doing, you better do it fast! Cause were changing back!" He shouted.

Nigel whirled around in shock. David stood in the middle of the room spasming in pain. The rest of the Sector Z members were bing dragged towards him by some kind of invisible force! They desperately tried to fight it, but it was to strong! They were soon standing next to each other screaming in pain as their appearance morphed from Sector Z to the Delightful Children!

"Tell the Kids Next Door we miss them!" Wailed the members of Sector Z as they finally turned into the Delightful Children.

The Delight Children laughed with glee as they pounced onto Nigel and began pumping him with their fist! With a great deal of effort Nigel threw the Delightful Children off him and into an escape pod hatch. Nigel hit a button and launched the escape pod from the moon base. The Delightful Children screamed angrily as the escape pod flew to earth. Nigel bowed his head down and gave the members of Sector Z a moment of silence. The image ended. The hologram of Nigel reappeared.

"As you can see the Delightful Children are victims. I want to bring them back to being members of Sector Z! There still in there somewhere. I leave this task up to you Abby. You got a good head on your shoulders. I have a great deal of confidence that you'll somehow bring the members of Sector Z back." Said the hologram and then disappeared.

Abby sat there silently alone. She then stood up.

"You can count on me Nigel. I'll figure out some way to bring them back." She said as she pick up the gizmo and went to gather the other members of her team.

To be continued.