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Chapter 11 Right Time

By: Major144

Disclaimer I do not own Kids Next Door. This is just a story for fun.

In the weeks that followed the return of Sector Z and the defeat of Father. Hoagie and David had been working on recreating the time portal viewer. It took them awhile, but they finished it. Abby had Hoagie work on an extra side project. When the time came for Sector Z to leave there were some tearful goodbyes.

Bruce and Wally fist bumped.

Hoagie and David shook hands.

Kuki and Ashely hugged one another.

Abby shook hands with David and Ogie.

"Before you go there's just one thing we have to do." Said Abby as she pulled out a strange looking device that looked like a cigar.

She pointed it at the members of Sector Z and zapped them. They now looked three years younger.

"Can't have you returning to your own time looking three years older." She said as she put the cigar back in her pocket.

"Thank you for all you've done for us. It's good to know that the future has people like you to keep up the good fight." Said Bruce.

"It was good to meet you. I hope you live a long and happy life." Said Abby.

Hoagie pushed a button and opened a time portal. The members of Sector Z walked towards it. They turned to face the members of Sector V.

"Kids Next Door Battle Station!" They said as they saluted the members if Sector V.

They walked through the portal and disappeared.

"We did it Nigel we brought them back." Said Abby as she looked up at the sky.

Thirty years in the past.

0 just starred at the wreaked lab in shock. His teammates and best friends had been sucked into a wormhole that could have dropped them off in any time period! They were gone. 0 felt tears in his eyes for the loss of his friends. Suddenly a portal opened up and the members of Sector Z came stumbling out. 0 just starred at them in surprise. He ran over to them. The members of Sector Z smiled at him.

"Bruce, Lenny, David, Ashley, and Ogie! I thought I lost you forever!" Shouted 0 as he embraced his teammates.

"Yeah we thought we wouldn't ever see you agin Monty, but I made a promise that we'd return to you and we did." Said Bruce.

"It was a crazy journey." Said David.

"You can tell me about it latter. What matters now is that you returned!" Said 0 as he embrace his team again.

The members of Sector Z looked up at the sky.

"Thank you Sector V." They all thought.

The End.