A/N: Don't expect updates this frequent, I just have a lot of free time currently and barely anything to do with it. This chapter was also relatively quick because I didn't have to write much in the lemons department (usually that warrants a few paragraphs then a break ;) ) So yeah, enjoy. Also first time experimenting with first person. I noticed a few errors in previous chapters where I accidentally slipped in a first person pronoun or something. First person is easier to write for sure.


When I woke up that morning, there was a sour taste in my mouth. My head was throbbing, and my entire body just ached. Rolling sleepily onto my side, I noticed a figure lying on the bed beside me. "Percy?" I mumbled groggily. My mind was still really foggy. What happened last night? I thought to myself.

"Wha- Oh, hey Piper!" The figure awoke and Leo's voice entered my muddled mind. Wait, Leo? What the hell was going on?

"What happened last night?" I asked Leo, sitting up slowly as my headache intensified. I noticed that my ass was pretty sore. So I did anal, did I? This just kept getting better and better.

"Oh fuck… I have no idea, Pipes! I think we all got completely shitfaced. At least, that's what it feels like…" Leo explained, but he was obviously as muddled as I was. Thinking back hard, I vaguely remembered…

"Was I drinking shots from between Reyna's tits?" I asked him. Leo blushed hard, but nodded slowly.

"Yeah, it was either her tits or Hazel's…" It was actually both. The memories were coming back slowly. Percy had gone off to his rescue/fuck Calypso mission, and Annabeth was also gone, doing who knows what. It was originally my idea to pull out some alcohol and start drinking, just a few shots, nothing insane, until Frank of all people stepped up and started mixing the most insanely good drinks. But why was Leo in my bed?

"Leo, why are you in my bed?" I asked him, voicing my thoughts.

"Oh, I won the challenge you set, that's why," Leo grinned, obviously proud of himself.

"And what challenge was that?"

"Oh… you basically used charmspeak on me, Jason, and Frank, and whoever resisted the longest won!"

"What did I tell you to do?" I asked, alarmed. Me, drunk, using charmspeak? Not a good idea.

"You begged us to cum on your tits," Leo replied, and I could see his cock starting to harden.

"How long did you last?" I smirked.

"Twelve seconds!" Leo said proudly. I immediately burst into laughter.

"Twelve seconds?! That's nothing!"

"Hey, Frank only made it to nine seconds, and Jason was done at three!" Leo replied indignantly.

"THREE SECONDS? Holy shit, sparky cums quickly!" I laughed. "Well, you're done getting lucky! Go on, shoo! Leave, boy!"

"What? No round three? Pleeaaase?" Leo begged, but I was adamant.

"Out, or I'll charmspeak you!" I threatened, and Leo sulkily got out of the room. Fuck, now to clean up! Leo wasn't lying about the charmspeak challenge I had set. As soon as I removed the sheets, I could see and smell the dried cum on my large tits. I sighed, and stood up, stretching my entire body. A ticklish sensation on my thighs made me look down, and what looked like three loads' worth of cum was leaking out of my pussy and down my legs. Shower time!

It was about five minutes after I got out of the shower when things went wrong. I had just taken some ambrosia for the hangover that was currently fucking my brain, and was admiring my tits while combing my hair when I felt the chill. Like ice running down my spine, I suddenly went from being in a steamy sauna-like room to a frigid, misty bathroom. In the mirror, I watched in horror as the mist congealed into a solid form, and a beautiful woman, extremely pale and wrapped in a dress made of ice crystals stepped behind me. Before I could even try to charmspeak her, a small but deceptively strong hand shot out and muffled me. At the same time, I felt a freezing cold and sharp point on my lower back.

"Struggle, and I cut your spinal cord, paralyzing you. Try to charmspeak, or cry for help, and I won't let you live. Do you understand?" The icy voice of Khione sounded in my ear. I nodded frantically, knowing that she did not make idle threats. Fuck, fuck, fuck, how is she on Olympus?! "Good girl!" Khione mocked, and removed her hand, stepping away from me. I immediately grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body, staring at the icy goddess with all the hatred I could muster.

"Why are you here, bitch?" I spat, slowly edging toward the door. Khione's laugh sounded like ice crystals tinkling together, and her beautiful body may have had me aroused at one point, but right now she looked downright bitchy.

"Oh, you won the war. I cannot attack you directly any more, and we are technically all on the same side! But you, little charmspeaking whore, you are going to suffer for banishing me!" Khione raged, her voice getting more and more spiteful with every word.

"What, did you get a dildo stuck too far up your ass?" I snorted, trying to provoke a reaction, but her face remained impassive. "Or maybe you're just pissed because you spend most of your life on your knees, pleasuring your brothers?" That got a response. She bared her teeth, snarling at me, but did not attack.

"Slut, I don't care about what you say, as long as you SUFFER! And you will suffer…" Khione whispered, and lunged forward all of a sudden, pressing her icy palms onto my cheeks. Immediately she muttered something and before I could fight back, I felt something surge into me. "Enjoy that…" Khione laughed, and disappeared into the mist again.

"Fuck you, Khione!" I screamed, but she was gone. What exactly did that ice slut do to me? I quickly got dressed, and went downstairs, trying to explain my encounter to someone before Khione got out of hand. At the giant dining table, I saw a familiar figure, one I hadn't seen in months.

"Hey Calypso! I-" I was interrupted by two things. One, the front door opened and Percy walked in, and two, Calypso turned around and made eye contact with me. As soon as she did that I felt a surge of jealousy so great I found myself moving before I could stop myself. This little whore, living on her island for 2000 fucking years, thought she could come back to the world and fuck MY boyfriend? And without thinking about it, I slapped Calypso as hard as I could. When my hand made contact with her face, I felt some of the malicious power Khione had put in me run into Calypso. But I wasn't paying attention to that. The bitch in front of me needed to be taught manners.


When Percy entered the house, he knew something was wrong. Calypso was sitting at the dinner table, and Piper was just greeting her, when Percy saw Piper go rigid and something enter her eyes, something hateful, something evil. He watched in shock as Piper strode up to Calypso and proceeded to slap the living shit out of her. Calypso fell out of her chair, stunned, but even as Percy watched, her eyes clouded with the same malice.

"You fucking whore, you think you can fuck Percy without asking for permission? Nay, begging for permission?" Piper hissed, aiming a kick at Calypso. Faster than Percy could blink, Calypso caught Piper's leg and pulled her to the ground.

"Yes, I think I can! After all, I'm actually a good fuck, unlike you, loose slut!" Calypso spat, and pushed Piper away, getting to her feet. "You're like the village bicycle! You'd even let a titan take a ride in that flappy hole you call your cunt!" Calypso picked up a vase from the table and chucked it at Piper, but it missed and shattered against the floor.

"What are you calling me, you prude? Bitch, go back to your fucking dump of an island!" Piper shrieked, and a decorative plate on the wall went sailing towards Calypso's face. Calypso barely managed to move her head to the side as the lethal piece of glassware continued on its path and shattered against the wall.

"Girls, break it up!" Percy yelled, stepping in between them. He immediately dived out of the way though, and Calypso grabbed a cup of knives and began chucking them at Piper. Meanwhile, Piper had opened a cabinet full of shot glasses, wine cups, and goblets, and was returning fire with those. Percy would have laughed at the ridiculousness but a glass shard hit Calypso on her arm, creating a cut that started bleeding golden ichor. Calypso's gaze became even more hateful and she began throwing steak knives with deadly accuracy, and only by a combination of training and sheer luck was Piper able to avoid being skewered.

"Fuck, not normal, how do I solve this? Think Percy, think!" Percy muttered, staying a safe distance from the feuding girls. Piper's scream momentarily broke his concentration and he looked up, noticing the thinnest of gashes on her cheek from one of the flying knives. "It's magic, so… Hazel! Where's Hazel?" Percy sprinted up the stairs, the shrieks and screams of the girls barely fading and the crash of glassware breaking echoed behind him. Percy took the stairs four at a time, going straight to the third floor where he barged into Hazel's bedroom.

"Oh fuck yes you studs! Keep fucking me like that! It's sooo good! Ugh, fuck my ass harder Jason!" Hazel screeched, and Percy watched in slack-jawed awe as he saw Hazel sandwiched between Frank and Jason. Frank was underneath her, his cock buried deep inside her cunt, while Jason was fucking her ass from behind.

"Hazel! I need you downstairs, NOW!" Percy yelled, making Hazel and Frank jump, Frank immediately stopping his thrusting and Hazel staring wide-eyed at Percy. Jason on the other hand didn't stop plowing her ass, and ten seconds later he grunted and came in Hazel's ass. Hazel moaned and closed her eyes, but Percy was already pulling Jason off her and getting Hazel up.

"Percy! What the fuck?" Jason yelled, but Percy was too frantic.

"Hazel, if you don't come down right fucking now, Piper may get stabbed. Now stop fucking these two, and HELP ME!" Percy cried out, and Hazel jolted up, running down the stairs without any clothes, Jason's cum streaming out of her ass. Percy followed right behind her, and Jason and Frank were not far behind.

"Take this, bitch!" Piper's voice screeched, and the loudest crash yet echoed through the house as she took a bronze statue of a minor goddess and hurled it at Calypso, who threw herself to the ground, narrowly dodging the hunk of metal which proceeded to shatter the massive mirror on one end of the dining table.

"What the hell is going on?" Hazel cried out over the din. Percy ducked under a flying plate and replied quickly.

"Magic of some sort!" Hazel cursed and closing her eyes, she began to chant. A few seconds later, her eyes flew open.

"It's a jealousy spell of some sort! Piper was infected first but it spread to Calypso. Luckily it's pretty weak so…" Hazel trailed off mid-sentence and muttered a few words in ancient Greek, and suddenly the two girls stopped dead in their tracks. The knife in Calypso's hand clattered to the ground and Piper's glass shattered on the ground.

"Holy shit…" Piper mumbled, tears springing to her eyes. Calypso likewise was stunned, but after a moment's hesitation, ran to Piper and hugged her. After a few seconds, Piper suddenly cried out.

"Khione! It was Khione! She's in here somewhere!" Piper yelled, and Calypso's eyes darkened and her eyebrows came together in a V.

"KHIONE!" Calypso yelled, her voice layered and sounding very scary. In a flurry of flakes, Khione materialized in front of them, and before she could escape, Hazel yelled something, and metal shackles locked her into place, floating her in mid-air over the dinner table. "You bitch!" Calypso screamed, her voice back to normal but her rage unmistakable. Striding up to Khione, Calypso raised an arm and slapped the chained girl across her cheek. "Fuck you!" Khione lifted her head, her hair strewn across her face, a hollow laugh echoing from her.

"Looks like you've finally got let out of your island, Titan whore! What are you going to do, slap me again?" Khione laughed. Calypso clapped her hands and a choker with a snowflake pendant appeared on Khione's neck.

"Hazel, you can let her go now," Calypso said. "She's no threat to us anymore." Hazel nodded, and waved her hand, the shackles disappearing from Khione's limbs, making her crash down onto the table.

"Seems like your time on the island has made you senile, bitch!" Khione cackled, and motioned at Calypso with her hand. The choker on her neck glowed blue and Khione screamed. "What! How? What have you done?" Calypso watched the fallen goddess without remorse, her eyes glinting with anger.

"You forget that this bitch is a Titan! You dare test your power against ME, a daughter of Atlas the world-bearer? Power makes you arrogant, ice bitch," Calypso snarled, her entire visage glowing with her power.

"Take this off me, and we'll see just how much bullshit is coming out of your mouth!" Khione hissed through gritted teeth.

"Ha! Even if I wanted to, and trust me, nothing would be more enjoyable than kicking your ass, I am not the one with the power to remove the necklace!" Calypso smirked. "You'd have to ask all of the guys here to pull on it at once, but I'm sure they'll want to… enjoy you before they'd consider setting you free…" Khione screamed at Calypso, so angry that words failed her. Leo came running down the stairs, wanting to see the commotion.

"What's going on? Who-Khione? What?" Leo asked, clearly confused.

"Oh, you numbskull! Come with me, I'll catch you up! And Piper, take care of this bitch," Calypso laughed, and darted up the stairs, grabbing Leo's hand and pulling him up the stairs.

"Absolutely! Now, sleep." Piper said to Khione, and the goddess slumped over, unconscious.

"Calypso? What the hell? When did you-" Leo was cut off by Calypso squeezing his hand hard.

"They're gonna bang!" Jason stage-whispered, miming sex with his hands.

"Really Jason? I thought they were going to go get tea and biscuits!" Hazel snapped, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Well, Frank, Jason, shall we finish what we started?"

"I'm gonna have to tap that," Percy whispered as he walked past Hazel, patting her beautiful ass. Hazel winked at him, and she followed Frank and Jason up the stairs, their boners straining against their pants.

"Percy!" Piper squealed, and tackle-hugged him. "How was your trip? And how is she in bed?" Piper whispered the last bit.

"Hey Pipes! My trip wasn't too bad, it took me a while to get into her pants though!" Percy replied. "But she was damn good in the end. Leo's a lucky bastard! How about you, got enough guys, I hope?"

"I dunno Percy, I drank way too much last night and I'm not sure how many guys I fucked! All I know is that my cunt was packed this morning, and then… fucking ice bitch!" Piper replied.

"How the fuck did she get inside here?" Percy wondered.

"Who knows, but she's tame now! And you have to admit, she's hot!" Piper winked. It was true though. Khione was pretty slender, but her supermodel body and tight ass complemented her relatively small tits (if you could call a large B cup small). Her jet-black hair contrasted with her pale skin, and made her icy blue eyes stand out even more.

"Yeah, ten out of ten would bang!" Percy replied, looking at the gorgeous babe.

"Ten out of ten will bang, more like!" Piper laughed. "Oh, I also heard you got lucky with my mother?"

"Hell yeah I did, that was the fucking bomb!" Percy replied. "She gave me a challenge to fuck her pussy though… I have to bang ice bitch here, Athena, Persephone, and Hera… It's going to be hard," Percy continued.

"Athena and Hera? They're gonna be hard as hell to get in bed," Piper replied. "You're going to have to work fucking hard to bang my mother!"

"Mmm… she's worth it!" Percy winked.

"Oh yeah, Persephone is in the Underworld for the next six months, but Thalia was talking about making a trip there… Something about a Bianca and a Zoe? They've apparently been returned to life when the doors were opened or something, not sure what the details are," Piper advised.

"Oh shit, Zoe and Bianca? Fucking yes!" Percy replied excitedly. "Zoe's got some damn good tits!"

"All you want to do is fuck, isn't it?" Piper sighed.

"Yeah… Want to bang?" Percy waggled his eyebrows at her, and Piper rolled her eyes.

"No time, but I can give you a handie if you really need it…" Piper sighed. Percy whooped and crashed onto the couch, as Piper slowly walked over to him.

"Thanks babe!" Percy said, delighted. Piper rolled her eyes again and yanked up her shirt and bra, letting her tits free. Percy pulled down his pants and released his dick, already half hard.

"Annabeth needs some help with a project of hers, so I'll have to leave soon anyway. So cum fast, ok?" Piper told Percy, spitting on her palm and wrapping her hand around his cock. She slowly began to jerk him off, cooing as he hardened in her skilled hands. Using her other hand, Piper began to rub Percy's balls, her face contorted into a cute pout of concentration.

"Ahhh fuck… it's nice to get some soothing relief! I'm always banging or something, it's been a while since I've gotten a handjob!" Percy sighed, relaxing further as Piper continued jerking him off, using long strokes that went from the tip to the base of his rod. At that moment, Reyna stumbled down the stairs, clutching her head.

"Oh fuck, how much did I drink last night?" Reyna moaned, and collapsed on the sofa next to Percy. "Hey Percy, hey Pipes!" She muttered tiredly, not fazed at all that Percy was currently being rubbed off. Piper continued without hesitation, adding a twist to each stroke.

"Hey Reyna, could you pass the lube? There should be some in that drawer over there," Piper asked, and Percy noticed that his cock was getting slightly dry. "There's also a small vial in there; drink the contents, it'll help you out!"

"Alright, thanks Pipes!" Reyna replied, and grabbed the required materials from the drawer. A black bottle labeled 'LUBE' and a small vial filled with a white substance were in her hand when Reyna returned. Tossing the lube the Piper, she muttered, "bottoms up!" and swallowed the vial in one gulp. Immediately her upset face relaxed, and she sighed in relief. "Ah fuck, that's so much better! What is that?" Piper grinned, lubing up her hands.

"That vial contained Apollo's cum, extracted from your ass, actually! Remember when Percy and Apollo double-teamed you? As soon as Annabeth got sober, she took a couple of vials and filled them with 'His Lordship's' cum!" Piper laughed, going back to stroking Percy.

"Damn, no wonder it tasted so good!" Reyna winked. "Hey Pipes, you want to get going? I can finish him off if you'd like. Annabeth wouldn't want you to be late!"

"Oh really? Thanks Reyna! You're a lifesaver!" Piper beamed, and stood up.

"Bye Pipes!" Percy said, and pulled her down into a passionate kiss while he tweaked her nipples. "Tonight, we'll have some alone time, OK?"

"Alright babe! Enjoy!" Piper winked, and adjusting her shirt, she left the house, her hands covered in lube.

"Time to take care of you, stud!" Reyna laughed, and removed her clothes, revealing her tight body to Percy's lustful gaze. "I've gotta go soon, too, but I have time to get us both off!"

"Seems like everyone has to go somewhere today!" Percy muttered, glancing at Khione's unconscious form. Reyna chuckled and swept her hair over her shoulder, and bent down, sucking Percy's cock into her ready mouth. Being sucked off from the side was a weird feeling for Percy, but Reyna's hot mouth still felt amazing. Reyna brought her legs up onto the couch, kneeling on the sofa next to him. "Shit… you suck well!" Percy murmured, his cock once again surging with pleasure. Reaching behind the crouched beauty, Percy slid a finger into her pussy, making her moan into his meat.

"Fuck that's good! Want my pussy or my ass today?" Reyna asked him, and went back to sucking without getting an answer. Her hands jerked his lower five inches while she worked her mouth over the top five, not really bothering to deepthroat today.

"I think we should give your ass some attention," Percy replied, grabbing the bottle of lube next to him and using a finger to coat it onto Reyna's tight bud. Sliding a finger into her ass, Percy groaned as he felt Reyna's tongue flit along the bottom of his cockhead. "Reyna, lets just fuck now, or else I'm going to give you an early breakfast!" Reyna laughed as she lifted her head from his tool, and straddled him in a reverse cowboy. Placing his cock in line with Reyna's ass, Percy lowered the fit babe onto his monster, groaning as he began to split Reyna's tight ass.

"Ohhh shit, I never get tired of your cock!" Reyna moaned, and started bouncing her ass on Percy's dick. Percy could feel his boils already tightening and decided to finish it quickly. Grabbing her tits from behind, Percy pulled Reyna flush against his body and brought a hand down to her pussy to finger her while he plugged her ass. Reyna squealed at the quick move, but kept grinding and bouncing her ass on Percy's dick. Percy growled and sucked on her neck, leaving a small hickey.

"That's it Reyna!" Percy groaned and spilled into Reyna's ass. His cum filled Reyna's ass almost completely, and as soon as she felt Percy spraying into her bowels, Reyna clenched and shuddered in her own orgasm. "Damn, I love fucking you!"

"Same Percy! That was fun, if a bit short!" Reyna lifted her ass from his cock, and after a few seconds, Percy's cum began to slide out of her ass. "Here, I'll clean you off!" Reyna offered, and dropped to her knees, taking Percy's softening cock up to the base, and slowly sucked back to the top, cleaning off his excess cum.

"Thanks Reyna!" Percy laughed, and Reyna blew him a kiss before grabbing her clothes and climbing back up the stairs, Percy's cum leaving a small trail on her thigh.