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"Clary, Clary, Clary!" Isabelle's voice rang throughout Clary's room, and the redhead turned around to see Isabelle hurrying toward her, carrying two dress bags. "Our dresses came today!" She shouted happily, and placed them carefully on the bed.

"Good because today is the big day, and I didn't plan on walking down the aisle naked." Clary laughed, and moved to stand beside Isabelle. "Are we going to open them?"

"Yes!" Isabelle unzipped the first bag, and gasped at the masterpiece. It was a strapless green dress with a waterfall skirt that was higher in the front. "By the Angel, Clary, it's beautiful!" Izzy grabbed the dress and held it in front of Clary. "It's going to look perfect on you; bring out your eyes."
Clary took the dress from Isabelle and folded it over her arm. "Let's see yours, Iz; we only have 40 minutes to put these dresses & makeup on, do our hair, and get to the wedding."
"Alright." Isabelle pulled her dress out of it's bag and held it up for a better look at it. "It looks really small." She noted, squinting her eyes at the small amount of water colored pink fabric. "But the tag has my size on it..."
"Try it on, and I guess we'll see."

"Isabelle, hurry up!" Clary banged on the bathroom door, but Izzy was struggling with the front of her dress which hung too low due to it's tightness.
"Clary, I need your help!" She called back. Frustrated, she let her arms hang loose when the constant tugging at the top of the dress seemed to not help at all.
Clary came into the room, her hair done into a neat side braid that fell prettily down her shoulder. Isabelle was right about her dress; it did bring out the color of her eyes, making the green so bright, it was startling.
"Woah, that's a lot of cleavlage." Clary smiled as Izzy glared, and attempted to pull the dress up again, but failed.
"The dress is too small; it won't go up any further." She complained, turning to look at herself in the mirror. "I'm not going to your parents' wedding looking like a slut."
"I thought you liked to dress like that." Clary couldn't stifle her giggles as Izzy gaped at her angrily.
"Well, for what it's worth, I think you'll make Simon blush when he sees you."
"Vampires can't blush."
"Well, I'm sure he'll be really excited to see you like this." Clary wrapped her arm around her friend's shoulders and squeezed them.
"He's seen more than-" Iz cut herself off and blushed, realizing that she was about to give off some personal information.
"We all know you two have been sleeping together." Clary laughed lightly.
Isabelle pulled away from the other girl looking astonished. "For how long?!"
"Months." Clary continued on hurriedly when Isabelle's expression changed from surprised to horrified. "Simon didn't say anything."
"Oh really?" Izzy crossed her arms over her chest and glared into the mirror.
"Do you honestly think I wouldn't notice such a thing in my bestfriend?" Clary looked at herself in the mirror, and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "I knew Simon was a virgin until he came over one night, totally blushing whenever your name came up in the conversation. I kept asking him if anything happened, and he finally caved."
"He talks about me?" Izzy asked, somewhat shyly.
"All the time. He won't shut up about you."
Izzy laughed and felt her hand grasp the necklace Simon had given her for Christmas last year.
"You know, he really cares about you. Loves you, I mean. And he knows you love him back."
"Good." She sighed. "I'm glad."

"You look so HOT." Maia shouted at Izzy over the large crowd of relatives and friends.
"That's because I am HOT." Izzy shouted back, laughing. She knew Maia wasn't talking about the weather, but it was hot in Florida, with 85 degree weather. They were so going swimming after the reception.
The wedding consisted only of close friends and family of the Garroways, but since Jocelyn had technically left the shadowhunter world to be a mundane, there were no Fairchilds there to attend the beautiful ceremony.
It was a small, simple wedding with no maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer, or best man, but Jocelyn was dressed in a golden floor-length gown that made her look like a goddess. There was a small band that played romantic songs with no lyrics until Clary literally forced Izzy onto the stage to sing, claiming that she was brilliant; based on the one time she had heard her sing in the shower.
"Clary, no." Izzy dug her heels into the ground, holding back on Clary's persuasion.
"Yes, yes, yes." Clary finally got Izzy up onto the stage, and then raced back down to listen from the grass.
Isabelle quickly glared down at her but then looked back up nervously when a hush went over the crowd of anxiously waiting guests.
"I'll, um, sing a song that I really like called 'Almost is Never Enough'." Isabelle cleared her throat. "Please forgive me if my voice is awful; I was forced up here by a very pushy little redhead that is not Jocelyn." She gave one last glare towards Clary before the band started playing the music and she started singing. Clary was right. Her voice was beautiful and on point. She never missed a note and when she was done, Izzy was horrified because for a moment was totally silent...but then they all stood up and erupted into applause and cheers.
"Thank you." Izzy mumbled politely into the microphone before she hurried off the stage and nearly slapped Clary.
"You are amazing!" Clary shrieked loudly and hugged her friend.
There was a chorus of genuine agreement from the rest of their friends and Izzy felt familiar arms wrap around her waist.
"Why didn't you tell me you could sing?" Simon whispered into her ear. His voice was low and seducing, and Izzy couldn't help but melt into his arms, not caring that she was in front of all of her friends.
"Because I didn't think that I could." She turned around so that she could wrap her arms around his neck comfortably, and he pulled her to him so closely that there was no space between them.
"You should join my band."
Izzy smirked. "And hang out with that creepy friend of yours, Eric?" She shook her head. "You don't love me enough for that."
Simon's eyes widened, and he leaned in closer to her. "But that's where you're wrong."
"Prove it." Izzy's lips pulled up in the corners.
"Gladly." Just as Simon's lips brushed hers, Izzy's stomach twisted and a powerful wave of nausea pulled her back.
"Shit." She managed to get out before running over to the line of green hedges behind the stage and heaved up her breakfast.
Cool hands brushed the back of her neck and held back her hair as she continued to gag.
When she finally stopped being sick, she stood up straight with a hand over her mouth.
Faces of concern stares back at her, and she felt her cheeks burn.
It was Simon who spoke first. "Are you okay?"
Clary handed Izzy a napkin and after she wiped her mouth, she clutched it tightly in her hand.
"I'm fine..." She mumbled, slightly breathless.
"You don't look fine." Clary stepped towards Isabelle with her hand outstretched.
"It was the singing; I was just feeling a little lightheaded and I got a bit nauseas." She reassured them, forcing a small smile onto her face to be more believable. Her stomach was still in knots, but the nausea had passed, thankfully.
Simon opened his mouth, about to say something, when Jocelyn's voice rang out through the microphone and everybody turned to look at her.
"The luncheon is starting. Please find your way to a table and your meals will be served shortly."
Maia, Jordan, Clary, Jace, Alec, and Magnus all shot Isabelle one final worried glance before they left to eat lunch. Simon held his hand out to his girlfriend, expecting her to take it, but she recoiled, and bit her lip.
"Don't touch me; I'm gross." Izzy said quietly. Her cheeks were flushed, and beads of sweat were beginning to pop out on her forehead. She looked feverish, maybe or not because of the heat.
"You're not gross, you're sick." He replied calmly, and let his arms cross over his chest.
"That qualifies as sick, I think."
"Iz, let's go inside out of this hot sun, and put a cold cloth on your forehead." Simon's tone was gentle and controlled, but Isabelle was not comforted by it.
"I'll go inside and brush my teeth, while you go star much with the others." She finally looked up at him and he saw the dead seriousness in her dark eyes. Izzy seemed a lot less flustered than 5 minutes ago, but as paranoid as Simon was, he still worried about her.
"I'm just going to have blood; it can wait-"
"Simon," Isabelle's tone was sharper than she had intended for it to be, and she felt her heart sink when Simon flinched, but she kept her posture and serious gaze fixed on him. She didn't know the exact reason why she didn't want Simon to come. Her mind raced for an ending to her sentence, but instead, two words that sounded harsh in her head came out of her mouth, "Just go."
Simon leaned in to kiss her on the mouth, but Izzy moved just so that his lips brushed her jaw.
"I haven't brushed my teeth yet!" She protested.
Simon backed away with his hands up. "Alright, alright. I'll see you later then."

Isabelle clutched the edge of the bathroom sink so tightly that her knuckles turned white. The reflection in the mirror was so unlike the usual Isabelle Lightwood with her black hair damp and plastered to her head with feverish sweat, and her face pale from all the vomiting. Simon was probably right about her being sick. She hadn't been this sick since she had a bad stomach bug in 5th grade and had to be hospitalized because she couldn't keep anything down.
Now, as Izzy stared at herself in the mirror, she wondered if that same bug had returned. The moment she stepped into the bathroom, nausea hit her again, and she was forced to the toilet.
"Izzy?" Simon's voice was soft on the other side of the door. Of course he was here. It only takes 3 minutes for people to brush their teeth, but Izzy had been gone for nearly thirty minutes, so naturally he was worried.
"Don't come in." She croaked out.
"It's just me." Simon assured.
"Don't come in." Izzy said again, and silently cursed herself for not locking the door.
Simon stepped in, and when he saw Izzy standing by the sink with tears forming in her eyes, he rushed over to her and wrapped his arms around her. The first tears slid out when her knees buckled, causing both of them to slide to the cool tile floor.
Izzy leaned into his chest, her body racking with sobs as he held her and stroked her hair.
"Were you sick again?" He asked, wiping away the tears and wet mascara lines streaking her face.
"Three times." Isabelle let Simon pull her into his lap so that they were in a more comfortable position leaning against the wall.
"I'll take you to the hospital."
"No!" She grabbed at his shirtfront, looking at him with wild eyes. They were wide with fear, and already puffy from crying. "Hospitals are scary."
"They're not going to hurt you, Iz; they'll make you feel better."
"Simon, no." Isabelle was pleading with him, her hands tightly fisted in the fabric of his formal button up were starting to form in her dark eyes, and Simon felt his heart clench. The last thing he wanted to do was make her cry, so he put the idea of hospitalizing Isabelle out of his mind for he moment and changed the subject.

"I'll only not take you to the hospital if you let me take care of you." Izzy nodded and released his shirt, then rested her head on his chest, used to the silence of his unbeating heart. "But, if you get worse, you have to let me take you."

"Simon." She groaned.

"Or, at least let Magnus look at you." He added on hurriedly. "What do you think is wrong anyway?" Simon ran his fingers through Izzy's long hair, and curled it around his fingers.

"I had the stomach flu when I was in 5th grade, and it was like how I am now." She replied, her voice muffled against his shirt. "But I was ok." She left out the part about how she had to be hospitalized, but she knew that that would only make Simon worry about her more, and that was something that she didn't want right now.

"Well, I'm glad. But, I think that maybe you should rest or something right now because you seem really exausted." Simon stood up, pulling Izzy with him, and they walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom with one hand in hers, and the other on her waist. He let go of her briefly to pull the covers back on the bed, and prop some pillows up.

Izzy placed a hand on her stomach and groaned. There was no more nausea, but pangs of hunger kept hitting her, making her more sick.

"What's wrong?!" Simon hurried to her side, and placed a supporting hand on her back, looking extremely worried for his girlfriend.

"Nothing...I'm just really..."

"What?!" Simon asked impatiently. He sat her down on the bed, and rested a hand on her leg.

"I'm hungry, Simon. Starving, actually." Izzy smiled sheepishly at him, feeling her cheeks burn. "I feel a lot better, I promise. I think I might be able to keep the food down."

Simon looked at her with a glimmer of doubt in his chocolate eyes, but stood up anyway. "I'll get you some food...Are you sure?"

Isabelle looked up at Simon and smiled. "Yes! And I have a weird craving for peanut butter, so if there is any..."

Simon chuckled, and ran a hand through his hair. "I'll get you some." He leaned down to kiss her on the temple before turning to retrieve her food. Izzy smiled after her boyfriend as he left the room. He's the best. She thought to herself.

She hadn't been lying; she was feeling better. For how long this 'better' phase would last, she didn't know, but Izzy did know that she was starving and craving peanut butter. If she was going to be sick and let Simon take care of her, she might as well get her demands met, right?

Just as Isabelle was about to get up to wash her face, there was a quiet knock on the door, and Clary stepped in with a brown paper back clutched in her hand.

"I didn't say come in." Izzy couldn't help but be bitter. Even though Clary didn't really cause much harm on Izzy, she was more upset than she really needed to be about the whole singing situation.

"I'm sorry, Iz, I really am. I just thought that maybe if enough people noticed how talented you are, you would finally admit to yourself that you are a good singer." Clary padded up to her friend, and placed a comforting hand on her arm.

"Was that really it?" Izzy smirked, but didn't shake Clary off.

"No, I just wanted you to sing." She laughed, removing her hand from Isabelle's arm. Clary looked down at her feet before clearing her throat. "I brought you something." She said, holding the bag up to Izzy.

"What is it?" She worried, looking at Clary's suddenly serious face. The laughter had gone from her eyes completely, and now all that remained in the bright green irises were sadness and concern.

"I know you're sick, and I know that you've been sleeping with Simon..." Her eyes averted Izzy's when her hard stare changed from curiosity to horror.

"It's a pregnancy test, isn't it?" Izzy forgot about her hunger when the realization dawned on her, and her body began to shake. Pregnant? Pregnant?! I'm not preganant...I'm not pregnant at seventeen years old!

"You don't have to take it now-not if you don't want to anyway." Clary said, pressing the bag into Izzy's hands. "I got you three...just in case."

Izzy thought back to when she had first been sick outside, and then to when all her friends started walking back towards the tables. "When did you get them?"

"Right after you puked in the bushes. I lied to Jace and told him that I was going to get you some medicine. I was worried, Iz. I know that Magnus told you that since Simon was a vampire, it wasn't possible, so I assumed that you two didn't use protection."

"Clary-" Isabelle began, but Clary cut her off.

"When I bought he tests, the cashier lady gave me the rudest looks, and By The Angel, I think she even cursed me under her her breath for being a teen mom or something." Clary laughed shortly before remembering the severity of the situation. Izzy looked at her sadly, and Clary sucked in a sharp breath. "Oh, right."

The room was filled with a suffocating silence for a few moments. Neither girl knew what to say. Finally, it was Izzy who spoke first:

"Thank you for getting cursed to get me these tests. I really appreciate it." Isabelle joked, and cracked a tiny, but genuine smile towards her friend.

"Any time!" Clary smiled back, but briefly. "Whatever the results, Iz, just know that we are here for you, and we love you no matter what."

Clary's words made Izzy nervous and she almost felt as if she would cry, but at the last moment, she collected herself, and plastered on a smile. "Thanks, Clary."

"Izzy, I brought your-oh, hi, Clary!" Simon appeared in the doorway of he bedroom with plate of food in his hands. "What's going on?" He asked, narrowing his eyes at the sight of the two girls together. "Are you okay, Iz?"

"Everything is fine, Simon; I was just checking up on Izzy to see if she was feeling any better." Clary turned to Isabelle, and winked at her, smiling slightly. "She said she's fine."

Simon shrugged, and then walked further into the room to place the plate on the nightstand next to the bed. "How long are we supposed to stay in this hotel after the reception?" He asked, sitting down on the bed, and kicking off his shoes.

"Mom and Luke reserved bought one night for everybody I think." Clary replied, then noticed Simon getting really comfortable in the bed. "What are you doing?"

"I'm tired, Clary. Izzy has me running around getting her food, and now she doesn't even look hungry." Simon said, noticing Izzy's worried expression and her hands gripped tightly around he paper bag. "Did something happen while I was gone?"

Clary was quick to interject before Isabelle told Simon about the tests, "I said, everything is fine. Why don't you two take a nap or something; Isabelle, you look absolutely exausted. If you guys need anything-"

"I'm going to take a test." Izzy blurted out, unable to contain the secret any longer. Her heart was pounding in her chest, nervous for Simon's reaction.

"What kind of test?" Simon asked, his brows furrowed in confusion.

"A pregnancy test." Isabelle confirmed, crinkling the paper between her fingers. Her hands were clammy, and palms sleak with sweat.

Simon's reaction was confused at first, but then his face changed to surprised, and then finally, horrified. "WHAT?" He rose up from the bed, and took the bag from Izzy. The moment he glanced inside, he visible paled...if that's possible for a vampire. "Magnus said-"

"Magnus could be wrong." Clary argued.

"Clary, I think Izzy and I should do this offense." Simon wasn't angry or upset, he was shocked. Also, a bit scared-looking.

Clary shrugged and reach up a hand to squeeze Simon's shoulder comfortingly. "None taken. I understand." She left the room, leaving the couple alone to deal with their own problems.

"So, you're going to take the tests?" Simon asked, running a hand through his thick dark curls. "Don't you think it's a little bit soon to jump to the conclusion of pregnancy?"

"It's not a conlclusion Simon, I just need to start somewhere, and here seems like an alright place to start." Isabelle bit her bottom lip and glanced nervously at the bag. "I'm going to need those."


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