Author's Note: I know I'm a little inactive on this, but I still have a ton of one-shot ideas! This one I had stashed away for a long while though, but my darling Kaye (fyeahsasusaku and juviiia on tumblr – her graphics are beautiful!) said I should post it so here it is. This is totally PWP, and I didn't mean for it to be PWP but then it somehow turned out that way. I'm still hesitant about it but since I hold Kaye near and dear to my heart, I value her wishes and will share it with you lovelies. Emm, I hope you like it!

title: after school special
rating: M
summary: [AU] Use my hands for anything but steering.

As the school bell rang, students flooded the hallways. Gray was grumbling about the upcoming exam—English was so his worst subject—but when Juvia offered to help him study, he quickly snatched her hand and led her away before Natsu or Lucy or anyone else could invite themselves.

Juvia was a great tutor, but her time was always limited after school because she was always doing just that. When she wasn't tutoring, she was busy being captain of the swim team or doing something with ASB or doing whatever other million things she had committed herself to. So when Gray saw the opportunity, he immediately took it, because he couldn't even remember when was the last time he had alone time with her.

Clearly fate was on his side as he arrived home to a totally empty house. With a grin, he swiftly led a confused Juvia to his room, tossing his backpack aside before turning around and pulling her close.

The girl squeaked, her hands against his chest as he cupped her blushing cheek. Her face grew redder as he leaned close before his lips pressed against hers.

She closed her eyes and quickly returned his kiss, her hands sliding to his shoulders while his arms circled her waist. Within moments she was kissing him harder, clutching the back of his neck and tilting her head. She opened her mouth and he swerved his tongue inside, brushing against her own before he nipped her lower lip and broke the kiss. She panted, always breathless from his kisses as she bit her swollen lip and dazedly met his eyes.

His heart pounded before he quickly kissed her again, stumbling her over to the bed. She fell on her back with a squeal, her soft hair fanning out beneath her. His mind drew a blank at the sight as he moved on top of her.

He wasn't aware he'd stripped off his shirt until her warm palms began exploring his bare chest. She always loved touching his body, and it never failed to send chills down his spine. His hand caressed her thigh as he captured her lips once more, slanting his mouth and eliciting a small whimper as her arms wrapped around his neck.

She moaned when his tongue traced her lips before she pulled away, panting softly. "Gray-sama…"

He buried his hand in her hair and arched her neck, sliding his tongue against the side of her throat. Juvia sighed and closed her eyes, tilting her head back and arching her neck further.

"Mm, Juvia missed this…"

He kissed her jaw and her cheek before lifting his head, looking down at her. "You need to stop being so busy. Tutoring, ASB, swim stuff—"

"Aw," she cooed with a tender smile, toying with the silver necklace around his neck. "Does Gray-sama miss Juvia?"

"I don't," he scoffed, avoiding her eyes as she scattered kisses across his cheek. She nibbled his earlobe and he grunted, a shiver shooting down his spine. "…Maybe a little."

Juvia giggled, gliding her hands up his chest. "Juvia will make it up to Gray-sama," she purred, running her tongue along his jaw. "Whatever Gray-sama wants…"

He scoffed again, ignoring the way his heart raced in his chest. "There you go again, all… ngh…"

She slid her tongue seductively up the side of his throat as her nails teased down his back, her fingers dipping in the hem of his pants. His breaths grew ragged above her, his hand bunching her skirt in a fist.

She leaned back and he hungrily pressed his lips against hers, swallowing her breath as his hand slipped beneath her blouse. His fingers skimmed her curves, teasing the swell of her backside before grazing across her flat stomach. She squirmed under his touch, whimpering into his mouth and tugging his lower lip in her teeth.

He pulled away and smirked at her, admiring her kiss-swollen lips and heaving chest. Their school uniform was so boring and generic but she made it look so good, especially with her blouse wrinkled and her pleated skirt riding up her thighs. He'd always wanted to take her with her wearing it, and today seemed as ideal a time as ever.

But first, he couldn't resist teasing her a little longer.

He slowly undid the first few buttons of her blouse, loving the anticipation building in her eyes as she anxiously chewed her lower lip. He stopped just below her bra—white and lace looked so hot on her—and kissed her lips while sliding his hand beneath her shirt once more.

She mewled when he palmed her breast, eagerly pushing her chest into his hand. His lips trailed down her neck before running his tongue along the swells of her cleavage, making her buck wantonly and gasp his name. He kissed the valley between her breasts and kneaded her soft chest, his eyes flashing to her face before he pushed her bra up to her collarbone. His lips enveloped a rosy tip and she moaned, scoring her nails through his hair and wiggling her hips. He sucked and tugged with his teeth, loving the throaty calls of his name as she tilted her head back, spilling her hair against the bed sheets.

She rolled her hips against him and he grunted, grinding back against her. His tongue swirled around her nipple before he lifted his head and pressed his lips to hers. Tugging on his necklace, Juvia pulled him closer, her fingers flirting with the base of his neck.

"Gray-sama…" she breathed as she pulled away. "Juvia missed you so much…"

"Yeah?" he murmured, pressing his fingers between her legs and making her jerk. "I can see that."

She moaned salaciously, her tongue sweeping across her upper lip as she ground against his hand. "Please, please…"

He promptly slipped his hand beneath her panties, his fingers stroking her in quick, precise movements. Juvia whined, burying her face in the crook of his neck with her arms wrapped tight around his shoulders.

"It's been too long," he murmured, and she nodded rapidly in agreement. His fingers dipped inside, earning a strangled cry from the girl. "Jeez, you're so wet. Missed me that much, huh?" He thrust his fingers deeper and she moaned into his neck. "Missed this?"

She whimpered softly, moving her hips in rhythm with his fingers. "Ah—ah—"

He nipped at her earlobe, curling his fingers inside her as she cried out. His thumb massaged her clit and her body shuddered, her nails clawing into his shoulders.

"You like this?" he whispered in her ear, his husky voice making her toes curl. "Getting you off after school with my fingers?"

Her muscles clenched around him as she whined, hot breath fanning his skin. He lowered his head and kissed her breast, sweeping his tongue repeatedly across her nipple as she arched her back.

"Ahh," she moaned, shoving her hips against his pumping fingers. "So… hah—"

His other hand slid down her back, heartily squeezing her backside. "You're loving this, aren't you?" he rasped, spreading his fingers and pressing his thumb harder on her clit. "Being talked to like this? It gets you off even more, doesn't it?"

Juvia moaned uninhibitedly loud, nodding helplessly and clutching his hair. Her cheek pressed against his shoulder as he listened to her breaths and mewls, hearing how they were coming sharper and higher as she tightened even more around his fingers. He knew she was getting there, and if he worked just a little harder—

Suddenly the front door slammed open, followed by an echoing, "Gray!"

Both he and Juvia flinched, his fingers stilling and her eyes snapping open as they looked to the door.

"Shit," Gray hissed, quickly slipping his fingers out. "It's my mom."

Juvia jumped, immediately disentangling herself from the boy. "G-Gray-sama's mother?"

"Sorta—it's a long story—"

"Gray! Come take out the trash bins!"

Gray groaned. Really? He was so close to getting his girlfriend off, only to be interrupted by something like that?

"I'm busy!" he yelled back, grabbing the back of Juvia's head and pressing her lips against his. The girl jumped, having just pulled down her bra as her hands pressed against his chest.

"Busy with what?" Ur called, her voice resonating along the walls.

Gray broke the kiss and sighed. "Studying!" he shouted before capturing Juvia's lips once more.

The girl pulled away, "G-Gray-sama—I—"

"It'a fine," he interrupted, kissing her again. "She only stops by real quick, and she never comes in he—ow!"

"Idiot!" Ur chided, standing at the door as her tossed shoe ricocheted off his head. "Don't go getting innocent girls pregnant!"

"Ur, what the hell?!" Gray shouted, his cheeks tinting pink. Juvia squeaked, immediately ducking behind him. Her blouse was open and her skirt was wrinkled, her hair disheveled and her lips flushed pink from friction. Gray shifted his legs, trying to hide his obvious hard-on as he glared at the woman. "Get out!"

"And let you possibly ruin this young girl's life? I don't think so!"


"I wasn't ruining anything! You're the one who ruined it!"

"Well excuse me for wanting to wait a few years before you give me grandchildren!"


"We weren't doing anything!"

"I wasn't born yesterday, kid!" She shifted her gaze to Juvia who flinched under her stare. "Did my idiot son talk you into this?"



"Are you on the pill? Do you have a condom? I understand, I was your age too once—"

"Holy shit can you not!"

"What? Protection is important! You seem like a smart girl—"

"We weren't doing anything, okay?!"

"Oh, well since you're not doing anything then you can go take out the trash!" Gray twitched while Ur looked at Juvia. "What's your name, hon? And how do you know my rude son here?"

"She's my girlfriend, okay?"

Ur blinked. "Girlfriend? Girlfriend? You have a girlfriend?! Since when? Why don't you tell me these things?! I'm your mother, I have a right to know—!"

Gray sighed as Juvia rubbed his back, smiling politely. He could never catch a break.