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Ever Mine: A Christmas Miracle

A vampire finds his mate right at his wits end. Perhaps there is such a thing as miracles at Christmas time.


I wandered the streets alone tonight.

The houses were lit up, twinkling and glittering with the cheer that came with this time of the year. A few of the street lamps and trees even had some small decoration. There was an understated, barely-contained glow of excitement, a sort of nervous anticipation and tired resignation.

Coming to a stop, I sighed and sat down on the park bench at the end of the street. I glanced to the right, back at the houses. Closing my eyes, I let myself listen, for just a moment, to the excited children as they climbed into bed—some not so quietly. I listened to the their parents' thoughts as they tried to usher them into bed, and their secret satisfaction when one mention of needing to be asleep before Santa came had the children in bed faster than ever. I smiled glumly to myself as my own memories at the tender age of eight came to mind, only for it to fall as I found they could not compare to the joy here.

That seemed to be my way in life.

Back home, three short miles away, three perfectly matched pairs were singing carols, sharing smiles and laughter, being with loving company in front of a glowing, warm fire.

They were happy and I was not. Thus, I exiled myself to lonesomeness. A few hours ago I had opted out and begun a walk into town to clear my head.

Christmas had always been hard for me, but this year was especially rough. It had built up the past few decades as the more years passed, the more I noticed how utterly alone I was. Yes, I had my family—I had my sire and father Carlisle, caring mother Esme, and my four siblings—but I did not have what they had. What I so wished for.

A mate.

A person I could depend on, dote on, love; a person who would take all my worries and my woes and my pains and make them irrelevant or simply disappear. A sweet, sweet girl to be my forever, and turn this hellish, cursed life into a content haven.

I had no idea what had pushed it over the edge. Perhaps it was moving here. Perhaps it was the lack of distraction. Or perhaps it was the fact that Tanya Denali—a vampire of one thousand years—had finally found her mate a few short days ago. She'd brought him down for us to meet him and I could hardly disguise my envy at her contentment. Tanya had always been overbearing, her thoughts always with a flare of need, desire, want.

This time, there was none of that. Just utter contentment and peace; the type I had heard in the thoughts of three other couples—my four siblings, and my parents.

I sighed again, shaking my head in a vain attempt to dispel my gloomy thoughts. I stood up from the seat and looked around before continuing on, briefly debating going back home before deciding I wasn't ready yet.

I glanced left and right and crossed the road quickly. I took advantage of the empty street, using a little more speed than was the human norm. I strolled down the road as I neared the small shopping village in the heart of Forks, Washington. I stopped outside the diner, and with a glance to the cloudy night sky, I sighed again and sat down against the wall, my legs up, knees bent and pressed against my chest.

Gazing up at the beautiful, iridescent moon and the glittering stars, I let my head fall back against the cold wall. It was still damp from the afternoon's light shower. For some reason, the sensation of that coldness pierced through me and I clenched my eyes shut as a desperate sense of loneliness gripped me. I gave in and prayed once more to the God I suspected had left me the second I woke and turned into this monster, nearly one hundred years ago.

If God exists, let him hear my plea for a mate. Let him hear my need for a cure to this perpetual loneliness, this torture some call life. Please, dear, dear God, bring to me someone who can hold me up when I am down, and for whom I can do the same. Find me a soul mate to be my everything, and I hers. Please.

I sighed and kept my eyes closed as my thoughts once again stopped. I heard the door into the diner open and slowly close again, a person walking through and stopping just outside. I heard as they shuffled and their movements caused their heated scent to waft over me, but I was not breathing and so did not smell them.

I was only broken from my trance by their sweet, feminine voice, just centimeters from my face. I felt their warm breath on my face.

"Excuse me, but… are you all right?"

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