/Momma? Momma, Uncle Kirk said to come tell you that Uncle Leo needs you at work. *tugs on your sleeve* He said that Daddy needed your help. An' he called him Montgomery. He never does that./

"Call auntie Ny, ok?" she called over her shoulder as she left the room. She sprinted to sick bay unthinkingly, she'd done it so many times.

When she burst through the doors, the usually bustling rooms fell silent. She fought the urge to panic as she approached the table.

"Chris?" A lot of meaning was carried in Dr. McCoy's one word. /Are you okay? You don't have to do this. But decide now, we need to get started./

No time to process, no time to feel. She met his eyes steadily. "Ready, Doctor."

It was easier once she was standing next to Leonard, handing over instruments and monitoring equipment. She could pretend that it wasn't Scotty lying there, it was just the patient. It wasn't her husband she was piecing back together. It wasn't the father of her child who was threatening to leave her.

The operation complete, Christine stood numbly, unseeingly, as Scotty was moved to a biobed and another nurse scurried around her, clearing up. Suddenly, the wall she'd put up collapsed and she was on the floor, shaking, silently screaming.

Leonard pulled her to her feet and eventually succeeded in getting her into his office. He sat her in a chair and poured a glass of something and forced it into her hand. She drank automatically. Whatever it was, it burned her mouth the same way Scotty's stupid scotch did, and with that, the tears broke free. Leonard took the glass and perched on the arm of the chair, rubbing her back with one hand.

When she was spent, Leonard smoothly handed her the tissues and then the rest of her drink. She looked at him gratefully. She couldn't talk just yet and he knew it.

He finally broke the silence. "He'll live, but I can't estimate when or in what condition he'll wake up."

She nodded. She'd treated Scotty dozens of times after engineering accidents, up to and including cutting off a finger, but she'd never doubted that he'd be right as rain again.

Leonard and Christine sat in silence, both sipping another drink when Nyota appeared with a whimpering little boy. He ran to Christine and firmly attached himself around her middle. "You were gone a long time."

She kissed his forehead. "I know, I'm sorry."

"I wanna see Daddy," he said, voice muffled by her shoulder.

Leonard and Nyota exchanged looks before Leonard shrugged at Christine. She stood up. "We can visit, but Daddy's sleeping and we can't wake him yet." Her voice was surprisingly steady. She carried the boy out to the row of biobeds where Scotty lay. This was going to be the most difficult wait of her life.

A/N: yet another Tumblr inspired drabble. The bold at the beginning is the ask that spawned this.