AN: Alright guys, I'm doing something different, I'm gonna attempt to write Jason Todd, that's right Jason-Peter-The second Robin-Who got beaten and killed by the Joker-Then was resurrected and became Red Hood- Todd. I LOVE Jason, he is so much different then Dick, Dick is happiness, smiles, hugs,... laughter itself. And Jason... Well Jason really isn't... From what I got off of the internet of what he was like in the comics, and in his Bio of the comics, No one hurt me, but I have never read a single Batman comic, Hell I've never read A comic in my life, I know Bruce's and Dick's stories from watching Batman: The Animated Series when I was 11 I Think? And a WHOLE lot of Googling when I got older.

I always wanted to wrote a story for Jason ever since I found out about his character and what happened to him 2 or 3 years ago. But was always afraid I'd make him OOC, and wouldn't do him justice. Then I remembered a movie... The first movie that he has ever been in, Batman: Under The Red Hood. When I saw flashbacks of a younger Jason Todd as Robin, He's happy, he smiles, laughs, does random flips in the air, He's just genuinely happy. And that, that right there, is just awesomely OOC. XD

This is a Young Justice story,This is going to be linked to my other YJ stories. Dick will be in this, and Bruce MAY be in this too, and it will have the happy, young Jason Todd in Under The Red Hood. So I hope you guys like it, and some things may be different. Like Bruce fired Dick when he was 15. Has been Nightwing for a year.

Jason's not in this chapter, he is only mentioned!

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It Takes Time. For Nightwing, Four.

Chapter 1. A Pest.

Dick Grayson sat on the couch of Mount Justice. A glare was plastered a crossed his face. His arms were crossed, to where you couldn't see his blue Nightwing symbol on chest. He couldn't believe it. Just the thought of it pissed him off more than he already was. Bruce, Batman, his father, the man that he has trusted and loved since age 8.

Has gotten a new Robin!

Nightwing hands clinched into fists. How dare he! How dare he give that name up. That was MY name, my mom called me that, she made that costume! He had no right giving it to some other kid he found off the street! He thought furiously. Dick got up and started pacing, around the room, occasionally running his black gloved hands through his hair. Why? The no longer Boy Wonder would have continued to be Robin, that is if his "dad" hadn't fired him.

It wasn't my fault the Joker shot me! He ranted. That was it. That was Bruce's reason for firing him, cause the Joker got lucky and was able to shot him in the stomach. He's had worse for crying out loud! Bruce was being overprotective, he's always been, but it got worse when he went missing for two weeks, got beaten a little, lost his memory, then got it back. At first it was nice, and even comforting to know just how much Bruce missed him. Then... After a while, it got annoying, to the point here he wanted to do missions with his fellow teammates at Mount Justice then with his father in Gotham.

But even though it annoyed him. Nightwing never ever thought that it would escalate to Bruce benching him for good.


"Stop arguing with me Richard! Your benched as Robin. For. Good. I've made up my mind." Bruce Wayne snapped at his son that was currently standing furiously a crossed from the billionaire.


"I believe I just did." Bruce said flatly to the fifteen year old.

Dick glared at his dad. A hurtful, betrayed glare that he's sure Bruce will never be able to forget. He hated this! He absolutely loathed this! But what could the fired Boy Wonder do? Nothing. He couldn't do anything. And even Alfred wasn't on his side this time.

"Fine!" He hissed licking his chapped lips. "This is what you want? Fine. I'm done here!"

"What do you-?" Bruce began

"Your benching me from Robin for good? Fine. I can't do anything about that, Nothing I say or do will change your mind. But I don't have to stay here! This place is just going to be a painful reminder of who I was. I don't have to stay!" He growled turning his back on the man who raised him for seven years.

"Dick-" Bruce reached out to put a hand on his son's shoulder. The ex-Robin swiped around, his fist flying, making contact with Bruce's cheek. There wasn't enough behind the punch to bruise him, but there was enough to knocked The Dark Knight on his rear-end.

Giving Dick enough time to get on his motorcycle, start it and speed off out of the BatCave. Trying so hard not to look back as the tears flowed down his cheeks.


That was the worst day of Dick's life. He hasn't been to Gotham since. The kid however. Jason, was his name. Was here here, at Mount Justice right now! And everyone thinks he's so adorable.

"Hey!" a voice said cheerfully, Dick turned and saw it was his best friend Wally. "Dude, what's up with you." he asked feeling the pissed off aura coming off of his friend in waves.

"What do you think?" He answered matter-of-factly. Kid Flash rolled his eyes, annoyed.

"Jason, again? Really?" Wally said scratching the back of his head. "Really, Dick when is this going to stop?"

Nightwing glared at him.

"Don't Bat-glare at me man, I'm just trying to help."

"How? By telling me to stop? He does not belong here, he has only been training for two to three months and he already has my suit on!-"

"And he's almost as good as you are!" Wally retorted

"He is nothing like me!" Nightwing snapped clinching his hands into fists again. "He's just a pest!"

"You sure about that?" Wally asked

Dick gulped down the lump in his throat. "He stole stuff."

KF's eyes widened "Really? What?"

"My life. He stole my suit, my name, my friends, my city, my family..." he blinked several times to stop the tears from forming in his eyes. "...My dad..." his voice cracked. His breathe hitched and his shoulder started to shake.

"Aw bro..." Wally sighed sadly walking over and hugging him. His brother cried against him. "Your not really feeling the aster, are ya bro?" he whispered

Dick let out a wet, sad half-hearted chuckle. He hugging his friend back.

A few minutes pasted by.

"I miss him Wally..." The no longer Boy Wonder whispered. The speedster knew who he was talking about, it didn't take a genius to figure it out. "I pretend I'm okay. I smile, laugh, like I use to...But I'm not. When he fired me, it hurt. You have no idea. When I left that day, I was so angry and hurt. That I thought...I'd never miss him. I was wrong. I missed him the day after. But I couldn't go back. What was the point in going back? When I couldn't do the job I was raise to do since I was eight, the job I loved. I wanted to so badly but I didn't. Until an hour before I found out that he had gotten a new partner three months ago, made me never want to go back."

Wally let go and look at his best friend. Curious

"I was going to go see him, patch things up, tell him how much I missed him this whole year. Until I turned on the news and there he was: Batman, my dad. With a Robin, a Robin that wasn't me!"

"Dick...You always use to tell me that 'Batman needs someone to watch his back, be by his side, understand him cause no one else will, Batman needs a Robin' Jason's doing that, he's watching your dad's back. That should be enough." Kid Flash stated.

Nightwing walked away from KF and toward the door. He paused for a few moments.

"It's not."

Then walked out.

AN: So whatcha guys think? I highly doubt that when Bruce took Jason in and made him Robin, Dick was just okay with it, when he's been that persona since age 8 or 9. And top that off with Jason basically stealing Bruce from him, since Dick doesn't talk or hasn't lived with him in a year. If that were ME, I'd be pissed and jealous.

It wasn't hard writing for Nightwing. Richard maybe taller, older, cuter, and isn't in a red and yellow suit anymore in this story. But he's still my Dickiebird, and therefore cries.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this, REVIEW PLEASE! XD