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Chapter 4. Little Brother.

_The Next Day after Nightwing realized Jason wasn't SO bad as he thought_

"Nightwing, I would like to speak with you. Please." Kaldur stated rather hoarsely as he walked up beside Dick.

"Sure Kaldur, Is everything okay?"

Aqualad choose to ignore that question. "You stated once before that if I was going to partner you and Robin up together again, I should inform you first...Well that is what I'm doing now. I am sorry Dick, there is no other option. It seems that Artemis, M'gann, Roy, Wally, and I have caught your flu. The only one who wasn't effected was Superboy and he is visiting Superman's parents, so he can not go. The mission I'm afraid-" The Atlantean paused as he coughed into arm. "-Is in Gotham again."

"Kaldur, it's alright. I don't mind being partnered up with him again." Dick announced honestly. Putting his hands on his friend's shoulders and gently pushing him down to sit on the couch.

Aqualad's eyes widened a little. "You don't? I thought that you-?"

"It seems..." Nightwing ran a hand through his raven hair. "That you and Wally were right...He's not a bad kid. He's still an annoying, reckless pest, but he's not horrible."

Kaldur chuckled weakly. "Yes, I believe that the little brother is, if I recall suppose to get on the older siblings nerve."

Little Brother? Was he? If Nightwing looked at it logically, Bruce did adopt him, and he adopted Dick too. Bruce was his dad and his replacements, so technically Todd was his little brother. But the question remained: Did the former Robin think of Todd as his younger sibling?

"I...Um..." Nightwing didn't know what to say. "I...Better get going then."

"Kid, calm down!" Dick said a little irritated. Todd was currently bouncing on the perch of the roof they kneeling on.

"I can't!" he replied agitated as he continued to bounce.

"And why not? Geez, how many sweets did you eat." he asked sarcastically.

"I didn't have anything sweet. I drank the black liquid Batman was drinking."

Black liquid? Oh no... "Dude, that was coffee!" Nightwing face-palmed his forehead. "It's not meant for nine years olds, only grownups drink that stuff. No wonder your practically bouncing off the walls." Good god... Not only was he partnered up with a nine year old, but a nine year old who just drank coffee for god sakes!

"What the hell am I gonna do!?" the kid asked trying to stop his hands from shaking. Dick opened his mouth to answer. But was interrupted by noises from below. He saw drug dealers were gathered, 10 maybe 12 all together. He looked at them, then back to Todd who was still bouncing and jittering. This was only suppose to be a re-con mission. But he needs to get some of that energy out.

Dick raised to feet. "C'mon, let's go stop them"

"But I thought-" Todd began getting to his feet as well

"-You need to get rid of some of that coffee induced energy." he said smirking "And what better way then fighting those guys down there."

"Okay" His replacement answered quickly.

The hero's both jumped off the roof. "Hey!" Nightwing yelled as he landed on one of the dealers, knocking him out instantly. "You guys having a party?" he asked. He swiped his leg around, making another dealer lose his balance and he finished him with a elbow to the head.

Flipping backwards he landed next the kid. Who was still jittery but already took out 3 men. "Guess our invite got lost, eh kid?" Todd's laugh was rather shaky, but he looked alert, ready.

"Aw shit! What's Nightwing doin here?!" one of them yelled to their boss

"He's suppose to be in Bludhaven!" another stated.

"I thought I'd take a field trip. There's not that much crime that needs my help in Bludhaven, but here..." He paused laughing. "Well let's just say you guys won't be feeling the aster for very long."

"Kill them, or you guys will have me to deal with!" The boss hissed to his men. With different weapons the dealers advanced on them. Things were going good, the odds seemed to be on their side as Nightwing and Todd fought the drug dealers. But then-

'AH!" Nightwing cried out in pain as one of them he thought he knocked out got back up and when he wasn't looking stabbed him twice in the side and once in the stomach. He twisted around, grabbed the man by the hair and slammed his head against a the stone pillar.

Dick flipped out of the other mens reached. He fell to his left knee and clinched his wounded stomach. The fired Boy Wonder cringed when he saw dark, red blood drip from his hand.

The boss laughed "And here I thought you were suppose to be the Bats former partner, He probably would have been able to dodge that, guess your not as good as the rumors lead us to believe."

"Shit! Nightwing!" he heard Todd yell. Said hero glanced up to see his replacement coming toward him, he also saw that one of the men that was laying on the floor was still conscious and holding a gun right at Todd.

"Look out!" Dick called out to the kid.

"Huh?" Todd stopped in his tracks.


Three shots were fired. Two hit the second partner of Batman. The man holding the gun fell unconscious, One missed hitting the stone pillar instead.

Nightwing thought his heart almost stopped.

"ROBIN!" he cried out. His heart was pounding a million miles a minute. But why? Why was he so scared? He attempted to get up, but was knocked down on his back by the head dealer. "I don't think so!" the man said as he picked up a metal pipe, and stabbed it through Dick's leg.

"AHH!" He screamed in agony as he grabbed the pipe, trying to pull it out.

"One down. One to go." The dealer snarled. Raising a gun he had in his hand at Nightwing's head. For a few seconds, Dick had a flashback, to a time where he was small and wore red and yellow suit instead of a black and blue one, and where he was shot but not by a drug dealer. No... By a crazy, green haired clown. That's when he decided, he wasn't going to die like he almost did last time there was a gun pointed at him. And he damn well isn't going to let a nine year old die at such a young too.

Gathering up most of the strength he had. He kicked the gun out of the guys hand, wrapped his legs around the dealers, twisted his body around 360 and threw the man into a pillar, crashing on to some empty crates as he went down, knocked out.

Nightwing gasped and panted, holding his side. He cried out as pulled the pipe out of his leg. He turned to look at Robin, and saw that the kid was laying face down in a pool of his own blood. "Robin." He called out limping over to him and with much agonizing difficulty knelt down beside the nine year old.

"Robin?" said Nightwing. No answer. No... No way... He removed the kid's mask.

"C'mon kid! WAKE up!" Dick said desperately he shook Robin roughly.

Still nothing. Nightwing's breathing got even faster, more panicked, more hitched.

"C'mon! C'MON!" He yelled patting Robin's cheek, he felt tears sting his eyes.


"Ugh..." Jason moaned. His blue eyes fluttered open. Nightwing gave a shaky, wet, relief filled laugh.

"Jason! Thank god! I thought you were dead!" Dick cried out. He couldn't resist the urge he felt in that second; He carefully gathered Jason in his arms and hugged him.

"D-Dick? Ah! Fuck!" Jason said cringing from the pain. He tried to lift his head to look up at Nightwing, but found he didn't have the strength as he head fell against Dick's shoulder. The Boy Wonder started to cough up blood.

"Jason!" Nightwing said panic in his voice. I have to get him to the Manor. Alfred will know what to do. He stood up trying to ignore the sharp pain he felt in his leg and side. He looked Jason, the boy was pale as a sheet. Dick's eyes began to sting again "It's okay, Jay" He whispered "Your going to be okay little brother."

Jason looked up at him, surprise in dull, pained his eyes "B-Brother-?" he stammered

"Yes, Jason! Brother! Your my little brother Jay. I know I've been a jerk to you lately, and I'm so sorry, I was just angry and hurt of what happened between Dad and I, and I took it out on you! But I didn't realize...How much you mean to me, until I saw you get hurt." He told Jason. Tears fell down his cheeks, tears of guilt.

"I...mean s-something to you?" he asked

"Yes, yes you do bro!" He answered honestly running a gloved hand through Jason's hair. "I love ya Jay." and he meant it, he meant it just like he meant it to Bruce and Alfred.

The Boy Wonder smiled slightly. " tooo" he then passed out

Oh god! "Hold on Bud, I'm gonna get you to the Manor, you'll be alright" Dick said more to himself then to the unconscious Robin, he carefully put Jason into his back.

Sticking to the rooftops, keeping quiet and to the shadows, ignoring the horrible, agonizing pain he felt with every step he took. The skills that Bruce taught him. The skills he still uses even as Nightwing. The ex-Robin managed to make it to his former home without being seen. By the time he made it to the front door, his vision was already fading, He shook his head, wanting to clear his sight. He raised his hand and knocked as hard has he could.

Several torturous minutes later. The doors opens. "My word! Master Richard!" came a muffled voice

"A-Alfred..." Dick gasped out. The pain overtook his body.

Feeling his strength finally leave him, his vision going black Nightwing crashed to the entrance way of Wayne Manor.

Than he passed out...

Pain. That's the first thing Dick thought of when he came too. "Urghh..." he moaned. I feel like a building fell down on me... He felt something heavy on his legs, it felt familiar, like a memory. I wonder... he knocked his knee against the familiar thing-

"Ragh!" came a yelp from an animal. Nightwing bolted straight up, regretting it as his body burned and throbbed, he rubbed his now bare and bandaged stomach looking down at his bandaged leg he came face to face with his no longer dog.

"Luna! It's good to see you!" Dick smiled. Luna bark at him happily, her tail wagging. She licked his face, causing him to start laughing like he was 13 year old again, though the laughs turned into tears, he hugged Luna as he cried into her fur.

He looked at her face. silent tears streamed down his face. "You probably can't understand me but...I'm sorry. I'm sorry I made you choose between Jay and I. It wasn't right or fair of me. And I'm also sorry I didn't take you with me when I left. I should have. But I was to focus on my feelings and I wasn't thinking clearly. I hope you can forgive me..." He said to the Newf dog, a lick on his nose was her reply.

"Haha!" He smiled again. "Thank you" he whispered rubbing her head gently.

"Ah, I see your awake Master Dick." came a voice Dick turned his head saw the British butler coming down the steps of the Batcave.

He grinned "Alfred! Hi!"

Alfred smiled too. "Hello, young sir!" walking over to Dick. "So how are you feeling?" he asked

"Well, like I got hit by a bus!" the 16 year old replied rubbing the back of his head. Yeah I'm not feeling all that asterous at all. But I bet Jay's...

He froze. Jason! He forgot that Jason was worse off than he was. "Alfred, is Jason alright?" he asked worried.

"Master Jason is fine, sir. He's up in his room, sleeping."

Dick sighed with relief. "Thank god." he looked around the Batcave. Still the same... Even after being away for a year, four months and two weeks. "Where..." He trailed off.. "Where's Bruce?"

"He is currently with Master Jason at the moment." the British butler answered

"Can you take me to him?" Dick asked "Please, Alfred."

Alfred looked at him and smiled "Very well, sir." as he helped Dick off the medical bay table. His arm was on Alfred shoulders and the butlers right hand went around Nightwing's waist. They started walking toward the steps when Dick stopped walking- "Alfred?"

"Yes, Master Dick?" said the British gentleman. That voice so gentle, so caring, so British. Man, I missed that voice... Dick didn't even hesitate as he wrapped his right arm around the butler's waist. He hugged him tightly, a lump growing in his throat when he realized that the man he consider his grandfather smelt like his favorite cookies. His eyes started to get teary.

Alfred returned the embrace. "I missed you as well Master Dick." patting the side of Nightwing's face. They continued up the stairs. They reached a room that Dick figure was Jason's room. Alfred let go of Dick and he leaned against the wall, while the butler softly knocked on the door, opened it and went inside, closing it behind him.

As Dick leaned on the wall he noticed two things, One: The Manor still looked the same when he was younger just as the Batcave did. Two: His room was two doors down from Jason's. It made him wonder if Bruce did that on purpose or if Jason just randomly picked it.

Couple of minutes later the door to Jason's room opened. Nightwing gently pushed off of the wall, left hand still on it, steadying him, expecting Alfred. But was shocked and a little scare when he realized it was Bruce. He stared at the billionaire, the man he hasn't seen in so long stared back also shocked to see him. This went on for a minute or two. When Dick broke contact by looking at the floor, suddenly ashamed of himself. What if he throws me out? I don't blame him if he did, last time we spoke it didn't end well. What if he-

He was pulled out of his thoughts when he saw Bruce practically throw himself at Nightwing, wrapping his big arms around him. "Dick..." he whispered running his hand through the 16 year olds hair. That one word, His name. Combined with that one motion, the one that the Dark Knight would always do when Dick was small. Those two things, cause the dam to finally break. Dick clung to Bruce. clung to him like his whole life depended on it, he sobbed and cried out every emotion he has tried so hard to keep at bay against his dad.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" he sobbed brokenly as his grip on his father tightened. I'm sorry Bruce... God I'm sorry! He shoulders shook and his breathing became hitched, He felt something drip on his head and it only took a second to figure out that Bruce was also crying, his embrace was also as tight as his son's.

"Shh, It's okay, Dickie, it's okay, Jason explained what happened, I'm not mad at either of you. It's okay..." Bruce soothed rubbing circles on Dick's back.

"N-No... What I did and said, before I left... I'm sorry...Dad. I never should have left, I thought leaving would help. Thought that I would feel better. But it didn't, It just made me feel worse, knowing I was alone, remembering what I said and did and I didn't mean...I...Bruce.." Dick sobbed

"Dick. Shhh... It's okay. I understand. It wasn't right of me to fire you as Robin when you wear that costume for so long. I just...You almost died, Dick. If anything happened to you I'd... I panicked and I shouldn't have, knowing how much protecting people meant to you. I'm the one who's sorry. I am so sorry, my little bird." Bruce whispered to his son.

"D-Daddy..." Dick whimpered like he was eight years old again.

"It's okay. I got you. I'm here son, everythings going to be okay." The Dark Knight stated as he place a kiss on Dick's forehead.

Dick's sobs and cries soon turned into silent tears and faint hiccups, along with Bruce's. and the two of them just knelt on the floor holding each other. After a few minutes of silence, he said "I never should have fire you as Robin."

"If you hadn't, you wouldn't of meet Jason." Dick retored sniffling

"That's true and though he has only been living here for four months. Jason has me wrapped around his little finger, just like you did, just like you still do." Bruce said smiling.

"I'm sorry, I haven't been the best big brother to him lately, I thought he was just a pesty, bad mouthing kid who didn't deserve to wear my suit. I took what I was feeling out on him. But when I saw him get shot..." Dick closed his eyes. That image will forever be burned into his memory.

"I thought he was going to die, what was worse I thought he was going to die thinking that I hated him, when in reality in that moment I realized how much I cared for him. And how hurt and broken I'd be if he did...I guess I finally understand what you were going through when I got shot. Sorry dad." Dick apologized burning his face into his father's chest.

"It's alright. Sometimes people have to have similar experiences, to understand what someone's going through. I'm just sorry you had to be the one to experience it." The Caped Crusader replied looking at his son's face and cupped his cheek.

"I love you dad." Dick whisper.

"I love you too son."

Jason's door opened again. Alfred popped his head out. "Sirs, Master Jason's awake now."

Dick shot up like a top, but almost fell down as his injured leg gave way. "Easy." Bruce said steadying his boy. and helped him into Jason's room.

"Dick!" his little brother said loudly.

"Jay!" Dick said just as loud. Forgetting the pain in his leg and how sore he felt, Nightwing found the strength to walk over to Jason's bed.

"Hell yeah, man your okay!" he said. Dick laughed, Bruce smiled and Alfred said a quick "Language Master Jason!"

"Yo, Dick I have to know. Did you really mean all that stuff you said before I passed out?" The Boy Wonder asked

"Every word Jason, I meant every word!" Dick answered as he ruffled the kids black hair.


"Yes, Jason?"

"I'm sorry about the coffee, If I hadn't drinken it Dick and I- I'm sorry dad."

"It's okay Jay-Jay." Their dad said. Cupping his second son's cheek, Jason yawned and started to rub his eyes.

"Looks like someone's still tired." Dick laughed

"N-N-No I'm not!" Jason said through another yawn. Soon Dick realized then how tried he was physically and emotionally, he yawned too.

"Your tired too!" Jason excalimed

"No, Your seeing things little brother."

"The hell I am!"

"Alright boys, enough. Both of you need to rest more. Dick-" Bruce began

"I'll stay here with Jay!"

"You will not!"

"Too bad, I'm already here!"

"Okay you two, sleep now." Bruce ordered as he got up from kneeling at Jason's bed.

"Uh Bruce?" the boys asked in unison.

"Yes?" said The Dark Knight turning around.

"Could you stay here with us?"

Bruce smiled. "Of course" he tucked Jason and Dick into the bed and got in himself. It didn't take long for Jason to fall alseep again.

"Dad?" Dick whispered lifting his head up to see Bruce.


"We're okay, right?"

His Caped Crusader nodded his head "Always, Dickie-bird. We're always going to be okay."

Dick sighed finally he felt like himself again. finally happy. He just needed to come home. Be with his family. With Alfred, Bruce and Jason. The 16 year old fell asleep with a smile on his face.

They were going to be just fine...

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