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2. Friendship and Family

(Set after 2x12 'Profiler, Profiled')

I really liked Morgan's family. His mother and sisters were friendly and I immediately knew that he was well loved. On my first meeting with the Morgan's I wondered where Derek's father had been. Later on I was told that he passed away early and that since his death; Derek was the man in the house. I felt sorry for Derek to be raised without a father. Since he was the youngest and a boy it must have been difficult for him. I knew what it could be like to be raised without a father- mine had left home when I was eight years old and since then it was always just my mother and I. Well, if my Mom was even there. When she wasn't, I was mostly on my own or with the nanny.

When the cops let Derek free and he attended the funeral of the dead boy I followed him. I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I couldn't help it either. I was worried that he would do something stupid.

I stood in the last row, behind some tall guys so Derek couldn't see me if he turned around. After the family of the boy said some well thought out things the attendants left and Morgan and I were the only ones still on the field. I quietly made my way to the front where he stood.

"You okay?", I gently asked and watched him closely. His eyebrows were drawn together and he looked kind of angry. "Huh? Yeah, I'm fine." No, you're not. And he wasn't. I could see it in his eyes, they way they flickered around and avoided mine.

Let's take a walk." I said and gently took his elbow to lead him away from the graveyard.

"Shouldn't you be on the plane home?" Derek asked me after a moment of silence.

"I should. But I'm not. Look Derek, we were all worried about you. We still are. We just want you to know that whatever is bothering you, you can talk about it. We're not judging you or something, we just want to help." His steps haltered and he watched me closely. I somehow felt unsure of myself and a small blush crept over my cheeks. I wasn't used to being watched this intently. "I know that I can come to my team. Look, before you came to the BAU I've always kept things bothered inside myself. Reid… Well he's Reid. If there's something he can't know and do, it's giving advises. He wouldn't know what to say. JJ is a good listener but much like Reid she just doesn't know me enough. Hotch. Who wants to talk to him anyway? He has practically no emotion. And Gideon would say something very poetical, meaningful. I couldn't live with that." I nodded and wondered why he hadn't mentioned Garcia. I asked him about her. "Well… She's always so… peachy and quirky. She would hug me and tell me that everything would be getting better. But I know that nothing can change my feelings and the way it clearly has to be."

"Quit being so pessimistic, Derek. We're your friends." At least I hope I am, I added in my speech. "We're supposed to tell you that everything's gonna be fine!"

"Yeah, I know that. But anyways. I just don't want everybody to… fell sorry for me."

"We're not, believe me. Although we have known each other for a short time I am sure that you can trust your friends to not do that. We feel no pity, Derek. All we're feeling is worry and deep down we're incredibly proud of you. Proud that you have overcome your problems with Carl and that you care so much about your family, that you practically raised your older sisters because your Dad couldn't be here. Look at what you have turned out to be. What Carl did to you was so wrong and even though you did some things nobody should be proud of, you did it. You did something out of your life by becoming an agent and putting guys like Buford away." I took a deep breath. That long speech took all my energy out, literally. I hoped that Derek would believe those things I just said.

"Thank you, Emily. You're a good friend." Derek said and smiled. It was the first real he smiled since we came to Chicago. My heart melted and I felt myself blushing again. What the heck was wrong with me? I have seen such smiles before and I have never reacted like that. How come I did react like that now? He was my friend, nothing more!

"I'm going to say goodbye to my family and then I'll be driving home. You want to come?" he asked and took out his car keys.

"I have to, haven't I? I mean who else would take me home?" I could see in his face that till that moment he hadn't even registered that I had no car and needed a ride home.

We laughed and walked through the small area around the cemetery, admiring the beauty and listening to the different kinds of birds. It could only be described as a happy, peachy day, which was considering that we were on a graveyard a good thing. On such ground there just has to be something the people could hold on to, like beauty and happiness and that was exactly how Derek felt.


When we arrived at the Morgan's I felt the same thing I did on the graveyard - Happiness. The family I hadn't known for a long time spread a certain atmosphere I really enjoyed. The moment Derek and I walked through the door we could smell cake, freshly baked and I practically couldn't wait to taste it. We took of our jackets and the shoes and walked into the kitchen. Derek's sisters were seated at the table while his mother stood near the counter and split up the cake in equal parts.

"Hey Momma!" Derek said and gave his mother a gentle kiss on the cheek. I had to smile at the sight of these two and again I realized that this was the best family anyone can wish for.

"Derek! We haven't expected you so soon, really! We though you would take longer…" Fran Morgan said and nervously lowered her eyes to the ground.

"Well, there was this certain brunette colleague that gave me a pep talk and… you see; now I'm here to eat your cake." The entire family laughed and this time I didn't blush – luckily. The following hours we all spent together laughing and the women shared some childhood memories of Derek with me. When it came close to six in the afternoon Derek spoke up. "I think it would be wise for us to drive a bit, since we have to be back tomorrow afternoon…" I nodded approvingly and we stood up. Derek and his mother embraced and held onto each other lovingly. I smiled at his sisters and they both gave me a hug too. After Derek had bid his sisters goodbye too he walked out of the house to get the car ready.

"Emily, I have a request for you." Fran said and watched me with a smile.


"I want you to take care of Derek. He hasn't had such a good friend for a long time and I'm glad he found you."

Somehow I got the feeling she was thinking of us as a couple and I just had to get that out of me. "Oh, we're not a couple. Just friends."

"As if I don't know that! But what is not, can still become!" she smiled and pulled me into an embrace. After a while she released me and I said: "Bye, Mrs Morgan." I waved to Derek's sisters again and walked out of the house. Even if I didn't want to, I heard their last words and they made me shiver. "She's so polite. I'm glad Derek and she got to meet… She's perfect for him!"

My heart fluttered at the thought of Derek and I together. I wondered if that would work, with all the flirting he did with other women.
Maybe you're going to change him, I thought and for the whole drive back home I was in deep thought.