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The Angel and the Darkness

Chapter 1

Why the hell do you have me out here? The seemingly young man asks in his mind as he stomps through a thick forest. I want you to grab one of your toys for us to use later. A deep voice rings back in his head.

I just want to find a place to hide alone until HE is ready to take me from this world. The young man states back flatly. He is still walking through the forest heading in the direction the other voice wants him to.

Now, Now that won't do at all. The deep voice says. The man cries out and grasps his head falling to his knees as tremendous pain bursts in his mind. After several minutes of pain it finally relinquishes. Now get up and get moving. The young man slowly stands up and starts walking through the now dead trees surrounding him.

After another hour of walking he is still so distracted in his thoughts that he does not sense the magic being thrown around, or the danger emanating from just in front of him. "Watch out!" a female voice screams. He is stunned into stopping in his tracts, his head snaps up looking in the direction the voice came from. He is in a clearing. About 100 feet across from him is a human with a twisted smile on his face. The man starts to cast a spell at the stunned young man. Just as the dark mage is about to let the magic loose a young woman jumps in front of the young man. The blond snaps her whip out and it slaps the dark mage's hand interrupting the spell. "Are you OK?" she asks the young man over her shoulder.

No, No you are too close to me! Get away from me! He screams in his head. He starts to try and back up but drops to his knees grabbing his head once again as the pain starts to build.

Heh Heh Heh the other voice in his head starts to laugh. The young woman turns to him as he falls and cries out in pain. Before she could reach out to him a thick black wave rushes out from the young man. It wraps itself around her, she gasps as the wave touches her. It makes her bend over as her stomach clenches in pain making her sick. She hears a cry behind her. She turns around to see where her enemy is and watches as the black wave hits him. As the wave touches the man he collapses in pain, falling face first down on the ground his hands grasping his chest. In a matter of moments the wave was gone. She hears a soft thud behind her. When she looks back she sees the young man collapsed on the ground. She rushes over to him, feels for a pulse and sighs softly when she feels his heart beating softly.


"Good! He is alive." Lucy says out loud. 'But now what am I going to do. Town is a long ways away. There is no way I can carry him that far.' She looks back down at the collapsed man. He's face first on the ground. He was wearing a long-sleeved black jacket, and black slacks. He did not look as big physically as Natsu but he did not seem skinny either. His messy black hair was long enough to cover his eyes. He had a handsome face though he definitely looked like a teen, maybe 19?

"Princess, can I be of assistance?" Virgo asks as she appears next to Lucy.

Lucy smiles at Virgo and says, "Yeah that would be great! This guy stumbled into my fight with the dark mage and he passed out. Can you help me get him back to town?" Virgo nods her head to Lucy, picks up the young man, and heads back to town. Lucy looks back at the body of the dark mage and shakes her head. 'I don't know what happened but his magic saved us.' She then ran to catch up to Virgo.


Not again! Zeref cries out in his mind as the black wave rushes out around him. As the wave hits the young blond woman she bends over in pain. Then something that has never happened in his long life happens. She starts to glow, a brilliant white light emanates from her body forcing his eyes closed. After a moment the light starts to fade. Blackness and peace fills his mind as he collapses unconscious.

Zeref slowly comes back to consciousness. Before he opens his eyes he realizes that he is not on hard ground but something soft and warm. Where am I? Slowly he opens his eyes and looks around. He is in a building of some sort in a soft bed. His eyes snap fully open and he sits up quickly. Oh no I'm in an INN! That means people. As he thinks this he starts to feel all the life forms around him in different types of activity.

Oh this will be fun! The voice mocks in his mind. Then the pain starts to shoot through his mind again. He cries out loudly, tears running down his face. He feels the unwanted power building around him once more. Just before the power was released he feels a small hand on his shoulder and a soft voice says to him.

"Are you OK?" at the touch everything stills. The power vanishes instantly and something slams shut in his mind.

What is going on? He asks of the voice in his mind. No response. Acnologia are you there? Still no response. He snaps his head around to look at the young woman who had touched his shoulder. She stopped the magic. She closed the gate. How? "W-Who are you?" he asks the young woman who was now looking at him with concern in her eyes.


She smiles warmly at him and sits back down in the chair she had next to his bed. "I'm Lucy. What is your name?"

"Lucy, what are you Lucy?" he asks plaintively.

A look of confusion crosses her face, then realization hits, "Oh I'm a celestial mage!" She smiles brightly and shows him her key ring. He looks at her keys and then at her more closely, eyes narrowing slightly. Concern crosses her face and she reaches out and trails her finger tips along his wrinkled brow. "Are you ok?" she asks softly. When her fingers caress over his forehead a sense of peace washes over him, he sighs softly then starts to yawn.

"Yes I am fine." He slowly lies back on the bed. "Hey Lucy?"

"Yes?" she asks as she watches the young man's eyes start to close.

"Please be here when I wake. We need to talk more." And I need you to make sure the gate stays closed.

"Sure." She says in a bubbly voice, smiling down on him. His eyes completely close. He sighs once and falls soundly asleep.


"Who are you?" Lucy softly asks the sleeping man. She can't help it as her hand stretches out and starts to comb through his messy black hair. Suddenly there is a golden flash behind her and she looks toward it. She sees Loke with a very stern face looking at the young man on the bed.

"Hi Loke. What brings you here?" She asks, still absentmindedly stroking the young man's hair.

Loke exhales, "Oh Lucy what have you gotten yourself in to?" he asks her quietly.

"This young man stumbled in to my fight with a dark mage. I stopped the mage from attacking him, but some kind of wave hit all of us and killed the dark mage. Then he passed out, so I brought him here." She told Loke, glancing back at the young man. She seemed not to be able to stop looking at him or touching him.

Loke falls to his knees next to her, deep sadness in his eyes. He looks at the sky, "Why her?" He whispers sadly.

"Loke what's wrong?" She asks him with worry coating her voice. Her hand stalls in the man's hair for a second before stroking his head some more. Loke's eyes close tightly, a tear running down one cheek. Ok now I am worried. She turns from the young man and cups Loke's face in both hands tilting his head up to her. "Loke tell me what is going on?" She looks into his eyes as they open. His eyes are full of sadness and worry.

"Lucy, that 'young' man is Zeref." She gasps loudly and turns her head to the gentle sleeping face. She turns back to look at Loke once again, her hands have fallen in her lap in shock.

"But he can't be. I don't feel any evil from him." She says quietly.

"You have locked his evil part behind a gate in his head. It won't last though if you don't touch him for a certain length of time the seal will break and the gate will open. Then everyone around him will die, except for you." He says lowering his face to the floor again.

"What?! How?! How can I do that?" she asks in shock.

Loke looks back up at her. "When his death magic touched you it woke up your Tennyo half." She looks at him with confusion. Before she could open her mouth to ask, he says, "Tennyo's are celestial beings. You could think of them as guardian angels. You are a descendant of one. When his dark magic hit you it woke that part of you, and now you are his guardian angel."

Still very shaken she looks at Loke in fear. She does not even realize that her hand was once again back running through Zeref's hair. "What does that mean Loke? What am I supposed to do now?" she asks quietly.

"It means you can never leave his side. You must keep the gate closed. Once we found out what happened we all searched for something to help you. Your powers right now are mostly instinctual and automatic, but we found a way for you to learn more of your powers. That way you can control them better. It won't be an easy journey or mission but we all think it essential for you to do it." His eyes lower to the floor once more. Neither of them has realized that Zeref was no longer asleep.

He lay there reveling in the feel of her fingers running through his hair and the story unfolding between the two next to him. Tennyo? How do, I, one of the most evil of people in the world,deserve a guardian angel?

Maybe you are not as evil as you think you are? A distinctively female voice rings in his head. His eyes snap open and see Lucy looking down at him with a slight frown on her face.

Lucy? Her head tilts to the side and she smiles brightly at him.

Yeah, I'm a little shocked too. She laughs in their heads. How long have you been awake, Zeref?

About the time he started talking about you being a Tennyo. Loke looks back and forth from Lucy to the now awake Zeref.

"Lucy?" She shakes her head softly and turns back to Loke.

"I'm sorry Loke. Yes please tell me what I need to do. I will do everything I can to accomplish it." He smiles weakly at her.

"Ok, but you need to rest and I need to go back and discuss it more with everyone. I don't want anything wrong in our plans." He stands up slowly, and then looks at Zeref. "Zeref, I don't know how or why this has happened, but if you harm Lucy every celestial being will hunt you down. Then we will find a way to drag you into the celestial realm. You will die a slow and painful death." He then vanishes before Zeref could answer or Lucy could yell at him.

She exhales in frustration once Loke is gone then turns her face back to Zeref slowly. He laughs loudly, "Duly noted Lion. Duly noted." He smiles up at Lucy, "Ok now what do we do?" He asks her softly then yawns loudly. It has been so long since I felt the need for sleep.

Really!? You don't sleep?

I did not say that. I just don't usually need sleep. He yawns tiredly again. But it seems since meeting you I am always tired. You wear me out woman.

He laughs out loud when he sees her frown. "It is nothing to frown about." He says as he reaches up and smooths the wrinkles on her forehead. She sighs softly closing her eyes, feeling peaceful all of a sudden.

How does his touch do that to me? Why am I not terrified of him. He is supposed to be evil incarnate. Zeref listens to her inner musings, but he keeps silent not wanting to let her know he can hear her thoughts.

"Well, we have no idea how long the gate stays closed when I am not touching you so…" she stands up and crawls in the bed next to him shocking him greatly. "For now I will lay here so that I can touch you quickly." Her face flushes slightly. Luckily he is looking away from her. "Tomorrow we need to do some tests on how long we can get away with not touching."

He nods his head slightly staring up at the ceiling. Soon he could hear her soft breathing telling him she was asleep. Still lying on his back he looks over at her, his eyes softening slightly. How the hell did this happen? Why would I earn an angel? She shifts in her sleep to her side facing him. Her hand sneaks out and rests on his chest, a small sigh escapes her lips and she falls deeper into sleep. For a second after he feels her hand on his chest he stiffens, then slowly the warmth of her hand melts into him and he relaxes. Soon he joins her in sleep.