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Draco Malfoy wasn't ready for another school year. He was fine staying home, minding his own business, and he really didn't want to go back to school. But he didn't want to go back to school not only because he felt like staying home, but also, and mostly, he wanted to stay home because of the memories and marks that the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry made in him.

It was no lie that after the big war, a lot of things changed. And it was no lie what happened in his life that was written in every news paper. That was true, is father was in Azkaban and his mother was taking care of any business that he left behind. They weren't broke, as most of the people say, they were fine in financial terms; but one thing that Draco learned after the big war and after his father had gone to Azkaban, was that money isn't everything. Of course that the love his father gave to him was almost none, but yet Lucius was his father and Draco cared about him.

The loud noise of the Hogwarts Express echoed in every carriage, annunciating that they were about to arrive at the train station, but it still didn't wake Draco from his thoughts. The farewell between his mother and him was still echoing in his head.


"I will be fine, mother. I promise to write you everyday," he said in a shaky voice. The tears in his mother eyes were making him feel weak, and it increased the desire to not go back to that school.

"That's not what worries me, I know you will write me," she swallowed tightly and licked her lips, before gazing the beautiful eyes of her son. She put a strand of hair behind his ear and her hand ran through his cheek for a brief moment "People can be really mean, you know. Especially when they know everything that is going on in our lives."

"That's not a problem, mother. And besides, they probably already forgot it. It was a long time ago," he smiled, trying to calm her nerves down. He didn't want this year to be about his life, he wanted to forget all about it and wanted to have fun with girls "Look at me, I intimidate everyone. There's nothig to be scared about."

His mother seemed to be a little more calm. She smiled at her son and handed him his bag "Have a great year, darling. Don't forget to write me,"

"I thought you were sure that I would write you everyday," he joked, smiling at his mother, walking towards the door of his house.

"And I am," she said, before he opened the door "Goodbye dear."

Flashback off

The voice of the dark italian Blaise Zabini, woke Draco from his thoughts.

"Hey man, we finally arrived," he said, grabbing his bag "You coming?"

"Uh, yes" he said, hastily, grabbing his things and walking beside his friend.

"Can't wait to see the new sweethearts in school," Blaise said, with a dreamy voice, gazing at the sky.

"That's gross," Pansy said, making Draco and Blaise jump, not aware of her presence "The new 'sweethearts' can only be the girls in the first year... and that's gross."

Blaise looked at her for a while "Are you stupid?" he said, barely moving his lips "There's always new girls coming to the school, and I'm not talking about the girls in the first year."

"Ugh Blaise," she said, rolling her eyes "I didn't understand, stop calling me stupid!"

"Then don't stick your stupid nose in business that don't concern you!" Blaise hissed.

"Can you both please shut up?" Draco spoke, not looking at them "I'm tired of hearing you two arguing and I just arrived."

Pansy smiled and then grabbed his arm "Hey Drake" she hummed a soft voice "Missed me much?" Blaise immediately started laughing, and Pansy shot a angry glare at him.

"Can you please stop touching me?" Draco said, shaking his arm off her hold. She said nothing, and continued to talk beside him, constantly smiling at Draco, but he didn't look any interested in her.

They stopped right in front of professor McGonagall, that was with her arms opened, and the doors opened behind her. She waited until everyone was there and she started to talk, but Draco didn't really hear what she was saying.

When everyone started to walk to the doors, Draco woke up from his thoughts and started to walk too. But a hand on his arm stopped him and he was about to shake it off, when he saw the recognizable face of professor McGonagall "Mr. Malfoy, will you please come to my office after dinner?" she asked. He didn't say nothing, he just nodded and she gave him a brief smile.

'What the hell does this woman want from me?' he asked to himself, rolling his eyes. He just arrived, and he was already in trouble.

Hermione took a minute to look out of the window, before leaving the train. "Hermione, are you coming?" Harry asked her, gently.

"You guys go, I just need a second" she said, giving them a smile. They nodded and then she was all alone in carriage.

She kept looking at the window, gazing at the school. There she was again, ready for another year; along with her knowledge and intelligence, and of course, her books. She was almost ready, there was just one more thing left to do to be completly ready. She just needed confidence to walk over to the school and, mostly, to not be afraid anymore. There was nothing to be afraid of, because she fought all of her fears.

'You can do this, Hermione. You are a Gryffindor.' she tought to herself, smiling. She grabbed her stuff and left the train, meeting right away her friends, that were waiting for her.

"What took you so long?" Ginny asked, impatiently.

"Sorry, I was looking for my book" she lied "I found it."

"Books!" Ginny rolled her eyes. Hermione smirked at her friend's reaction and then looked at professor McGonagall standing on the door already opened.

"Welcome students!" she cheered "It's with a enormous enthusiasm that we receive you here, once again. We have our big feast waiting for you in the Great Hall, and there, I am going to introduce you all to our teachers. For the first years, the sorting hat awaits you to put you in the team that will be your house for the rest of your stay in this school. Have a great year" she said, and then every student rushed to enter the Great Hall.

She could hear the 'wow' from the first years, like she did on her first year. Of course she already knew everything about the enchanted ceiling, but it was so beautiful that it amazed her once more. She felt something holding her arm and she snapped her head to the right, to see who was it.

"Oh professor McGonagall-" she sighed.

"Goodnight, Mrs. Granger," she smiled "I need you to meet me in my office after dinner, for a brief talk."

"Of course, professor. May I ask what is it about?" Hermione asked, but professor McGonagall was already gone. She kept debating in her head what would it be a about, but she couldn't figure out what was it.

She sat in the Gryffidnor table, beside Ron, and in front of Ginny and Harry. Ron gently kissed her forhead, and smiled at her. They had to wait for the sorting to end, for the food start to appear. She helped herself to some food, roast beef and yorkshire pudding.

"I'm starving!" Ron said, with his mouth full. Hermione made a disgusted face and then looked at his plate. Well, she couldn't see the plate, only food covering it. She couldn't believe it, her boyfriend was such a glutton!

"Talk only when you have no food in your mouth, Ronald" Ginny said, rolling her eyes.

"Why? Does it bother you?" Ron teased, with his mouth still full of food. Ginny immediately covered her face with her hands, before some food of his mouth hits her face.

"Of course it does!" she leaned to punch him on the head "You are a pig! If you were at home, mom would have already punched you in the head."

"Well I can see you already took that job" Ron said, no longer with food in his mouth.

"So, Hermione" Harry said, rolling his eyes at Ginny and Ron "What did McGonagall wanted?"

"Hm, I don't know" she said, with a shrug of her shoulders "She just said she needed to talk with me, later"

"Maybe she's going to make you a Head Girl" he said and Hermione woke up. 'Of course! That's it. She's going to make me a Head Girl' she thought, smiling. She rushed to eat her food, now looking forward for her meeting with McGonagall. If it really was it, Hermione would be so happy. She always wanted this "Don't eat so quickly, you will feel sick" Harry said, with a grin.

"I don't care!" she said, with her eyes on her plate "She's going to make me a Head Girl! I need to rush"

"Calm down, it's not like she is going to disappear, you know" Ginny grinned. Hermione ignored and continued to eat her food as fast as she could.

Her friends talked calmly while eating their food, but Hermione wasn't listening. While she was eating, she was lost in her thoughts about the probabilities of her becoming a Head Girl. She would have a room to herself, a big room, on the Gryffindor tower. And Ginny could sleep on her room on weekends, and they would have a girls night. She would patrol and bossing everyone - which she likes. That was perfect, everything she always wanted!

She took a look at the teachers table, by the corner of her eye, looking for McGonagall. She was talking with a serious expression with professor Slughorn. Hermione, unconsciously, started to shake her leg with jitters, and drumming her fingers on the table. McGonagall rose up and waved at the teachers, instantly disappearing. Hermione looked around the room and everyone was talking excitingly.

"Well guys, I already finished my meal" Hermione said, rising up from her seat "I am going to meet McGonagall now"

"Stay just for a few minutes" Ginny begged, reaching her hand to take a hold of Hermione's "You almost didn't talk to us during the meal. I want to know how were your holidays-"

"I will tell about it all later" Hermione said "Well, if I don't leave her office too late"

"Oh..." Ginny sighed, and shrugged her shoulders "Alright, fine! But I'm telling you, young lady, if you really are going to be a Head Girl, I will want to see your new bedroom."

"Alright, alright. Enough with the talk, I'm going now" Hermione said, shaking her hand from Ginny's "See you later, or tomorrow, I don't know."

"Wait, Mione!" Ron said, cleaning his mouth to a napkin "I'm going with you."

"I know the path, you know that, don't you?" Hermione asked, with a grin "It's not like I'm going to lose myself or anything..."

"Yeah I know" Ron shrugged "But I want to go with you."

Hermione narrowed her eyes to him and then she sighed "Alright, come then" she took a hold of his hand and they waved at their friends. They started to walk towards McGonagall's office.

"I do hope you become a Head Girl" Ron said, smiling at her, his cheeks getting red "You deserve it,"

"That's very sweet of you, Ron. Thank you" Hermione said with a smile.

They were dating for a few months now, but Ron was still a bit shy with her. It was like he was afraid to talk to her, or say the wrong thing, like she was going to get mad at him at any moment. Hermione didn't really mind about it. Ron is still funny and a good friend around her, and that was the guy that Hermione fell in love with.

"Well this is it" Hermione sighed, with her hand on the doorknob "I guess I will see you tomorrow" she opened the door and gazed, briefly, to McGonagall's face. But then Ron did something that really impressed Hermione: he ran a hand in her cheek and kissed her. A really profound kiss "Good luck"

Hermione smiled, with her cheeks getting red, and looked at McGonagall that was now shooing Ron. Hermione grinned and walked into the office... immediately impressed by the presence of a pale blonde head. Draco Malfoy.

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