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Chapter 4 - Love Potions & Hate Motions

Draco was sitting by the Slytherin's table lost in his thoughts. The last couple of days had been, surprisingly, calm. Granger stopped being annoying like the person she is, and almost didn't pronounce a word to him, and he was gratful for that.

"Hello my good friend," Blaise sat in front of him, with a smirk marked on his lips. Draco woke up from his thoughts, and sighed at the arrival of his best friend "Feeling alone?" Draco arched an eyebrow at him, not really understanding his words "Well, Pansy is not around-"

"Here we go again" Draco rolled his eyes and leaned back on his chair, gazing at his glass full of water. It was obvious that his friend was fancying over Pansy, and probably the whole situation about Pansy being interested in Draco made Blaise feel, somehow, jealous. Blaise laughed and positioned his hand above his chin, looking at his friend "If you came here to make me lose my patient, you may go."

"Someone is in a bad mood," Blaise laughed "Was it the Mudblood?"

"No. I was having a good day before you walked in and started to test my patient," he hissed "That, in matter of fact, has been intact."

"I see, Granger has been soft with you?" Blaise too leant back on his chair and stretched.

"Yes," Draco said "Gladly. That girl can really be annoying."

"I bet that you just want to snog with her a little," Blaise grinned "Then this whole 'I hate her thing' is very understandable. It's just a cover up."

Draco opened his mouth slightly and gazed at the dark italian across him "I didn't want to ask, but... have you hit with your head, somewhere?-"

"There's the cover up!" Blaise pointed a finger at him and laughed "Relax brother, stress isn't good for your health."

"Then I don't understand why are you testing me," Draco grabbed a green apple and played with it in his hands, before he bit it "Making me stress."

"You know what's good for stress?" Blaise asked, but Draco didn't say nothing "Sex. You should try it sometimes."

"With Granger?" Draco snorted "She's an obvious virgin."

"That's what's good! I'm sure she doesn't have high expectations about her first time, so she isn't going to realize how bad at sex you are."

Draco closed his eyes for a second and when he opened them again, Blaise as looking at him with a smirk marked on his lips "No." he hissed "You do it."

"Alright," Blaise shrugged "It's that a challenge?"

"It's a do whatever you want Blaise I don't care," Draco said, shaking his head.

"Alright, I'll take your challenge. I will snog with the Mudblood," Blaise rubbed his hands with excitement "But I'll take care of that later. Now, I have another idea for you."

"What?" Draco hissed. He was starting to lose his patient.

"Are you up for a little amusement... and love potions?" Blaise said, playing with a bottle in his fingers "If I'm going to snog with Granger, I need her to available. So, I need your help."

It would be nice to see Blaise try to have something with Granger. "Fine." Draco sighed.

Everyone in school was going wild. And it wasn't only because it was friday. Saturday, there was going to be happening a, what most people were saying, important game for everyone. A Quidditch game between Gryffindor's and Slytherin's. Green and Red. Opposite things. The bad guys, and the brave guys. The students were already making bets for who was going to win, and the first player falling from the broom.

Of course, Slytherin's and Gryffindor's playing against each other was a big thing, but a big price was at stake. The team who would win that game, would have a huge advantage to the next game and, obviously, to the big price at the end of the year. Now, there wasn't four houses. There was only two, and the students were chosing the one they wanted to cheer up for.

Hermione, obviously, was cheering for Gryffindor and most importantly, for her boyfriend. Ron was a nervous wreck, and it was starting to get into Hermione's nerves. She said "Calm down" already ten times in one day, but there was no way for Ron to calm the hell down. On the other hand, Harry was calm and Hermione felt relieved for that. It was already enough for her to try calm down one person.

"You alright, Harry?" Hermione asked, just in doubt. Maybe Harry was so nervous that he couldn't even talk.

"Yes," he shrugged. He looked alright... and not even a little bit nervous. 'Maybe he took some muggle pills?' Hermione thought 'Hmm, doubt it'

"Everyone is so nervous, and you look so calm," Hermione smiled.

"Oh I know. But I'm trying my best to not feel nervous, or I'm going to ruin the game,"

"You are not!" Hermione smiled, punching his arm gently "You are the best seeker I've known"

"You say that because you're my best friend, otherwise..."

"Otherwise I would tell the same."

"Otherwise you would be preferin' Malfoy, since he is your adorable roommate" Harry grinned and Hermione rolled her eyes. She was so tired of hearing his name, that it almost felt like a sacrifice.

"Not funny, Harry-"

"Oh Merlin," Ron punched the table in front of them, and Hermione jumped from her place "What if I... I... lose my balance? Probably we would lose the game,"

"It depends on Harry too, you know." Ginny slapped the brother on the head.

"Sorry Harry," Ron apologized, with his eyes on the table "But I'm so nervous,"

"You are going to be just fine, you'll see." Hermione said, in a sweet tone "Look at the time! We got to get going, we are so late!"

"We shouldn't be here" Draco whispered to Blaise, who was sitting on the floor of an empty room, for almost half an hour.

Blaise snorted a laugh, with his eyes stuck on what he was doing "I see Hermione changed you" Blaise teased. He knew how much Draco hated hearing her first name. And he knew how much he hates that Blaise says those things "Previously, you wouldn't care if you were out of bed, out of the ** time."

"I don't care, alright" Draco hissed. He rather be in bed, than look at his friend doing... what he was doing "And since when do you call the Mudblood by her first name? I see that I'm not the one that she has changed" he teased.

"Yeah, alright. How would I change for Granger, if I don't talk to her?" Blaise smirked "But I wouldn't mind, you know. She's kinda hot."

"What?" Draco yelled, subindo a voz para um esguincho. He couldn't believe his ears. Was his bestfriend... complementing his roommate? Draco shivered.

"Calm down mate," Blaise laughed. Draco looked like he had seen a ghost. 'Like it ins't a normal thing in Hogwarts' Blaise thought for himself "I know she is a Mudblood, but let's be honest... you already slept with a Mudblood. So, I can't see why you don't admit it... Granger is hot."

"She's not," Draco rolled his eyes "And yes, I've slept with a Mudblood. But Granger is different... I really hate her, literally."

"Or maybe you have a crush on her," Blaise teased and laughed, but when he raised his head to see the face of his mate, he felt scared. He looked so... creepy.

"Are you done with this crap, or not?" Draco hissed, supporting his body against a wall.

"Just give me ten seconds," he said and silence occupied the room.

'Having a crush on Granger,' Draco thought for himself, snorting a laugh 'She's not even pretty. She's... she's... a Mudblood. And I hate her. Period.' He tried to avoid the little voice of Blaise inside his head echoing 'you already slept with a Mudblood', but that was bothering him way too much for him to ignore. 'Well, I had... but Granger is a know-it-all pain in the ass. Since the first year, she had been a pain in the ass...' he thought. He could see her from distance, like he had some kind of radar that warns him when she's around so he won't be surprised to Granger near him. 'Yeah, it's that. I hate her too much. She's friends with Potter, and I hate Potter'

"I already know why-" Draco was about to talk, but Blaise raised a finger.

"It's done" Blaise said with a impressed expression in his face "I thought this was going to end bad, but... it's done!"

"And know would you mind to tell me what that is?" Draco asked, trying to make Blaise forget that Draco talked first. He didn't want to go back to that subject.

"This, my friend," he touched with one finger, carefully on the little bottle in his hands "Is the Love Potion"

Next Day

Hermione was in the Great Hall, it was 8 p.m., and she was having her breakfeast. She quit the idea of making her breakfeast back in the tower, because Malfoy would eat it anyway, and she didn't want to make breakfeast for that prat too. All alone, in her thoughts, and of course one of her books. Actually, he was a new book that her mother had sent her about a week ago, but Hermione tried to put all her attention in her studies. But, for her, studying with a new book to read beside her, it was guaranteed that she would distract from her studies.

"Good morning" Ginny appeared, with her eyes almost closed.

"Good morning to you too," Hermione said, trying not to laugh. It was clear that Ginny didn't sleep much "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes. I mean, no. I think it's obvious" Ginny pointed at her face "I stayed up late finishing the History of Magic homework. Uff. This is when I miss you the most in my tower."

"Well, I appreciate that you miss me," Hermione smiled "So, I think you'll appreciate that I say that your shirt inside out."

Ginny opened her eyes wide, then looked at her shirt, and her cheeks immediately turned red. 'Like her brother', Hermione thought and smirked "Oh Merlin" Ginny whispered "At least Harry isn't here for see this. He would laugh his butt out."

"That is impossible" Hermione rolled her eyes when she saw who was behind Ginny. Malfoy, of course "Harry Potter doesn't have a butt. Haven't you heard? Your boyfriend is... abnormal."

"I feel quite flattered that you bother to look at my boyfriend's butt, Malfoy," Ginny smiled, not looking at him. She helped herself with some food "You hid it very well, you know. This gay thing. Well, I was a bit suspicious, with all that gel in your hair. But I never-"

"Oh shut it, redhead" Draco hissed, obviously mad "I'm not gay. In matter of fact, I'm very straight. Want to prove it?"

Ginny made a disgusted face, and looked at him "Are you alright?" she asked, shaking her head slowly "I would never get involved with someone who has mental problems."

Hermione tried, but she couldn't contain her laugh anymore. So she bursted into laughs.

"What are you laughing at, Granger?" he shook his head towards her "We all know that you have a crush on me."

"Maybe in your wildest dreams," she rolled her eyes "Get lost, Malfoy."

"Not so fast, mate," Blaise appeared behind Hermione and Ginny almost choked on her food.

"Oh Merlin," she muttered, completely lost by the vision of that dark italian.

"I see that I've lost all the fun," Blaise said slowly, sitting beside Hermione. Unlike Ginny, she was not impressed by the beauty of that boy. Yes, he was pretty, but she couldn't care less "Can we start again?" he joked, grabbing Hermione's glass. She looked at him with her mouth opened.

"That glass is mine" she muttered.

"I know," he shrugged "I'm just going to drink a little bit of water. Hope you don't mind."

"She doesn't" Ginny answered for Hermione. Hermione shook her head, getting annoyed by the presence of them. Draco looked annoyed too, behind Ginny. Like he was waiting for something. Ginny was looking at her food, probably to not get distracted again.

"Are you going to stay here?" Hermione finally asked. Ginny raised her head and looked at her bestfriend impressed.

"Hermione, don't be rude"

"I'm not being rude. I just don't like their company," Hermione shrugged. She couldn't care less if Malfoy and Blaise would think that she's rude.

"We share the same feeling" Draco hissed.

"Like I care" Hermione responded in the same tone of voice. Draco was start to lose his patience 'You better rush yourself, Blaise, or I'm going to kick you'

"Calm down Hermione," Blaise said. Hermione tried to not look impressed by the fact that he was calling her for her first name "Drink a little bit of water."

"I don't want to. Now, if you don't mind... get going, you two." Hermione hissed one more time. She was about to use her wand, when the dark italian raised up from his seat. For the corner of the eye, she saw Malfoy taking a deep breath.

"It was nice to chat with you, Hermione" Blaise said, nicely "Hope I get a new chance to do it."

Then he strolled off with the blonde guy by his side. Hermione shook her head and returned to read her book.

"Hermione?" Ginny called her.


"Are you alright?"

Hermione narrowed her eyes, not understanding what her friend really meant "Yes... why souldn't I be?"

"Blaise Zabini is totally over you" she sighed "It's a sad thing that you have a boyfriend."

"My boyfriend is your brother, Ginny"

"I know, but... well, Blaise is... so hot!" Ginny said in a dreamy voice "You are dating, but you are not blind."

"Let's pretend I am, okay? And the other filthy Slytherin is not over me" Hermione grinned.

"Who is not over you?" Harry and Ron arrived to their table, where Hermione and Ginny were grinning.

"Well, I think that Blaise Zabini is over Hermione" Ginny shrugged, and gave Harry a little kiss on the lips.

"Blaise Zabini?" Harry opened his mouth "A Slytherin?"

"Forget what Ginny says Harry," Hermione rolled her eyes "Come on, don't you know the person you are dating? She pictures things that doesn't even exist."

"I do not!" Ginny said, pretending to be offended "Ron? Are you feeling alright?"

Hermione and Harry looked immediately to Ron with his head lying on the table. She put a hand on his shoulder "Ron? What's wrong?"

"I'm feeling a little bit sick," he said "Someone please give me a glass of water."

"Here," Ginny handed him a glass of water. Hermione noticed that it was her glass, where Blaise had been drinking before, but she didn't say a thing. 'Like he could know...'

"Feeling better?" she asked, when he put the glass down on the table. He nodded his head one time and then his eyes started to shine, and a huge smile appeared on his face.

"I'm feeling completely fine," he said, in a dreamy voice "In matter of fact, my dear, I am in love."

Hermione started blush at his words. 'How sweet'

"I am so in love," he continued "How is it possible for someone to be so beautiful?"

"We all know that Hermione is a beautiful girl Ron, now stop it. You are making me sick," Ginny rolled her eyes, with a smirk on her lips.

"Hermione?!" Ron shook his head, and narrowed his eyes to his sister "No way. I am in love with... Draco Malfoy."

Hermione almost chocked on the food that she had in her mouth "Draco Malfoy?" she yelled, grabbing her fork with a lot of strength "Are you kidding me, Ronald Weasley?"

"I am sorry," he said, with a sad voice "I didn't know that you loved me. But I love Draco Malfoy. In matter of fact, I'm going to confess it to him right now." and with this, Ron raised from his seat and started to walk towards the Slytherin table.

Hermione could feel her face heating up, as the hairs in the back of her neck started to tingle. 'What did he just say? He is in love with Draco? What the hell?' She was so mad, that she could give him a punch right in the middle of his face.

"Oh Merlin, now I'm really going to be sick," Ginny said, with one hand on her belly.

Hermione was about to raise from her chair, when Harry put a hand on her shoulder. "What are you doing? Let me go,"

"Were you the only person who touched in that glass?" Harry asked. Hermione felt her cheeks blush.

"Well Blaise Zabini... He drank from there," she said in a whisper.

Harry rolled his eyes "Of course, now it makes sense," he sighed "I'm sure that he put a potion in your glass, for you. But Ron drank it first. Now... he's in love with Malfoy."

"Oh Merlin" Hermione covered her face with her hands and shook her head.

"Look!" Ginny almost yelled, and Hermione's eye flickered over to Ginny pointing at the Slytherin table. Ron was getting closer and she could see the scared look on Malfoy's face. Obviously, Blaise was having fun, because he was bursting into laughs. Suddenly, Ron was close to Malfoy.

"Your eyes..." he said, like he had seen a rare thing "They are so beautiful... and your hair, why do you do it?" he sighed and took a hold of Malfoy's hand.

"Ahhhh! Get off me!" he yelled, and the Great Hall was filled with laughs from the students. Still mad, Hermione laughed because of the expression on Malfoy's face "I'm going to kill you- GET OFF ME!"

"Don't run away my love!" Ron yelled, running after Malfoy "I love you! Don't you love me?"

Hermione bursted into laughs and her belly started to hurt. She was mad at Ron, and mostly at Malfoy for doing it, but she still thought it was funny. Moreover, everyone thought it was. Some students started to enter the room, probably curious of why was everyone laughing, and suddenly the Great Hall was filled with people laughing at the scene between Malfoy and Ron.

"What in the world is happening in here?" A harsh voice was heard, and the laughs vanished. They were now gazing at professor McGonagall standing by the door, trying to see what was happening "Mister Malfoy, Mister Weasley, stop!" Malfoy stopped and, suddenly, Ron hugged him, making everyone laugh again.

"Oh, finally! How is good to have you in my arms, my love" he said, rubbing his face on Malfoy's face.

"Everyone, stop it!" professor McGonagall shouted, and the room went silent again "Mister Weasley, Mister Malfoy, can you explain me what's happening in here? I can see that you two are the cause of this noise."

"It's him!" Malfoy rushed to say, pointing a finger to Ron, still hugging him.

"I'm in love, professor," Ron said. Professor McGonagall was cleary losing her patience, and Hermione knew that Ron would suffer the consequences.

"He's under a love potion, professor," Harry said, in a loud voice. Everyone turned their eyes to him "Which Malfoy and Blaise Zabini put on his glass."

"I did not" Blaise shouted, raising from his seat "I put it on Granger's glass!"

"You are so stupid," Malfoy said "Can't you just be quiet?"

"Mister Zabini, Malfoy, Weasley, Potter and Miss Granger, in my cabinet. Now!" she yelled and then disappeared, as almost of the students.

Hermione shook her head, walking towards Ron who was still grabbing Malfoy's arm "Oh let it go, Ronald." she muttered and grabbed him by the wrist. They all strolled off to McGonagall's office.

When tey got there, professor McGonagall was already with a glass in her hand that she forced Ron to drink. Then he came to normal, and by that it means not being in love with Draco Malfoy.

"You know, before it used to be Mister Potter and Mister Weasley, plus Miss Granger, in trouble. Now I can see that you three added two more gentleman to the... crew" she paused, looking at the five students in front of her, one by one "Can someone please tell me what happened? Orderly." she raised a finger.

"Let me explain, teacher," Hermione talked, with her head low "I was in the Great Hall, minding my own business when Malfoy and Blaise arrived. Curiously, Blaise drank from my glass. Then, they disappeared and that was when Ron came and drank from my glass, and immediately showed... interest for Malfoy."

"Then he started to act insane" Harry said, when Hermione stopped talking "And I had seen once Ron under the effect of a love potion, and I knew right away that he had drank it again."

"I see," professor McGonagall nodded slowly, looking at Draco and Blaise over her glasses "And I see that you both are guilty for this one, not them."

"I-" Blaise opened his mouth to start complaining, but professor McGonagall didn't let him do it.

"Shut it, Mister Zabini," she sat on her armchair and crossed her hands under her chin "Mister Malfoy, do you have something to say?"

Draco took a minute to examine the Golden Trio and then the teacher, looking at him paciently 'Of course, Granger won again' he thought, sighing "No, ma'am."

McGonagall nodded and started to right something in a piece of parchment, and then handed it to Draco and Blaise, who was still with his mouth opened "Here, gentlemans. Detention for a three days, with me. Nine o'clock, sharp."

"But, I-" Blaise tried to complain once more.

"Off you go, all of you." she said, in a harsh tone.

Once they were out of the office, Draco and Blaise strolled off, leaving Hermione, Ron and Harry alone.

"What the hell happened?" Ron asked, looking confused, scratching his head. Hermione reminded that she was still angry at him, even knowing that he wasn't to blame. Yet, she looked at him furiously.

"Well, you fell in love with Malfoy for a while. And you said some stupid things to me, while you were in that phase." she said, obviously angry. Ron narrowed his eyes.

"I'm sorry? Is that what you want to hear? I'm not to blame for what happened, so why are you so angry at me?"

"I'm angry at you for the things that you said while you were under the love potion!"

"How in hell would I know what to say or not, when I was under a love potion... that made me fall in love with Malfoy?" he said, almost yelling at her, only making the situation worse "I was under a potion, for Merlin's sake, I didn't know what I was doing. So, relax for a second, Hermione."

"I'm not relaxing! Much less now that you are yelling at me!" she yelled too, feeling the anger running in her veins.

"Well, the next time you shouldn't let Blaise drink from your glass, alright? It's not my fault that you, probably, acted all friendly with him. Why was that? Because he is 'cute'? Well, go run after him and leave me alone." Ron yelled, making Hermione shiver. She looked at him, with her mouth opened in a perfect O. Harry too looked at Ron, with disbelief at what he had just said.

"Ron, you need to calm down." Harry muttered, taking a hold of his arm.

"No, I don't. You" he said pointing at Hermione "You need to calm down, and start thinking twice before talking. It would save a lot of people!"

"You are not thinking right, Ron" Harry muttered one more time, trying to calm Ron down.

"Nor she is!" Ron yelled "You heard the same stuff that I did, so why are you acting all in defense? She's the one that's acting crazy here, not me."

"She's not acting crazy, Ron. She's just... you said you didn't love her. It is a harsh thing to hear, even if you are under a love potion-"

"It's okay, Harry" Hermione, who had been quiet for a while, whispered to her bestfriend with tears in her eyes "I'll be going now."

She turned her back on them and started to walk.

"Mione, wait," Harry called her, holding her arm.

"It's alright. I'm fine." she nodded "Don't worry."

She rushed herself to the tower, so she could hide in her bedroom and cry next to Crookshanks, and call it a day. But things weren't that simple, and there was always something on her way. And that thing had a name. Malfoy.

"You really can't work things out for yourself, do you?" he attacted her, when she closed the door of their tower. He was by the fire, with his hands on his pockets, looking sharply at her "No, you needed to tell everything to McGonagall, so you could see me and Blaise in trouble. That's a very Mudblood thing to do."

She didn't say nothing. Instead, she stayed by the door, with her arms crossed against her chest, her head low so he wouldn't see that she was actually crying.

He gazed at her head, since her hair was covering her face. He realized that something was wrong, and he felt good with himself. 'It had to be Weasley'.

"I'm not going to waste any more time talking to you, and trying to make you feel bad," he said, walking towards his bedroom "I can see that Weasley already has done it for me."

He closed the door of his bedroom and Hermione jumped from her place. She was now crying much more than before, and she started to sob. She rushed to go to her bedroom, and closed the door behind her. Crookshanks stretched above her bed waking from his nap and meowed, looking at Hermione.

"Oh, Crookie," she sighed "I feel so sad." he meowed like he really understood what she was saying, and she smirked "I'm glad I'm here with you, since you're the only one who listens to me and is always here for me."

She lay on the bed with Crookshanks by her side, petting him while tears were falling from her eyes. "Oh how I wish someone would just be here for me."

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