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Diary of the Dumpster

Note to future self: sorry about giant time lapse between the last entry and this one, but you'll remember why. Huge doings in the life of A. Park, what with switching to Angel Grove High, making a whole new set of friends, being tutored for the West Coast C-Sci Fair, and not least by a long shot becoming a Power Ranger. And I definitely don't want to forget any of the circumstances surrounding that!

My tutor for the C-Sci Fair is Billy Cranston, local genius, and as I later learned, world-class hero. It drives me nuts when the kids at school make fun of him, because geez, if they only knew! He's probably saved their asses a hundred times, and they're calling him 'geek' and 'dork' and 'four-eyes'. Well, not all of them. One pair of bullies in particular, though, and it really burns me up.

Actually, most of the girls at school really seem to like him. A lot. I'm not sure he notices, but I wish they looked at me that way.

Well, maybe just one certain girl.

I am digressing, and Bill says I have to watch that or I'll lose focus, which can be a hazard both in C-Sci and on the battlefield. So, back to the subject. Even Billy's friends don't really seem to appreciate him properly. Though that may be a snap judgement; truthfully I don't really know my teammates that well yet. Still, a guy like Bill deserves better, I think.

The day before I got my Power Coin, for example, in the Youth Center, Bill came in sort of late, rushing, which isn't like him. Everyone made room for him at the usual table, but he said he didn't have time to sit down, he just wanted to say hi on the way to the library. So Trini and Kim start teasing him, stuff like, 'who's the girl he's going to meet' and 'Billy's got a secret date'. Which seems harmless enough, but I thought his grin seemed a little strained.

Then the guys start in, just ribbing him, you know, and then Ernie bustles up with a bunch of ice cream for the table, so we all pitched in, even Bill had a bite or two. And then I notice his face getting all red, and he looks like he's about to explode, so I look where he's looking, and he's staring at Kim and Trini.

So I watched for a sec, but it was pretty clear that what they were trying to do had nothing to do with Billy at all. They had sneaked the bananas out of the ice cream sundae and were eating them, oh, let's say suggestively, while watching Tommy and Jason. Which was pretty funny, actually. Jason dropped a huge spoonful of ice cream in his lap, and Tommy completely missed his mouth. But for some reason, Billy got really ticked.

I don't remember exactly what he said word for word, but he started talking really fast and in perfectly plain English for a change. He said that he was glad they found it all so amusing to rub his face in things and did any of them even stop to think or ask why he hadn't been around the last couple of days. Man, was he pissed. So Tommy asked why, and Billy informed them in a very haughty tone that he'd been grounded, thank you very much, and thanks to them in fact. At which point he pulls a pair of yellow panties and a pink bra from his backpack with a flourish and slams them down on the table.

Kim screams like she's being killed and shoves the bra into her backpack, while Jason pocketed the panties for some reason. Trini, meanwhile, apologized to Billy. This seemed to deflate him some. I must say Trini seems to understand Bill the best of all of them. I'd like to have that kind of rapport with somebody.

He looked like he had more he wanted to say, but his watch started beeping and he took off at a run. I can understand that, I've been grounded a couple times myself. After that the group sat around trying to decide how to make up whatever they did to Billy, so I guess they do care about him a lot. I just can't figure out how they got him into trouble in the first place.