This story line is from after the final battle between Ventus and Vanitas. It might seem a little out of character but it's my story, so :P. This IS a crossover of Danny Phantom but it has nothing to do with my other story and Danny won't show up for some time until later.

I don't own Kingdom Hearts or anything else that may be mentioned, unless I make an OC or something. But I will be using an OC that is from another story that I have.

-Vanitas' POV-

I had it! We were fighting, we forged together, but he still wouldn't join me. And he actually defeated me! Now, I'm left to wander the nothingness around me, I bet he is too. Now that I think of it, why did I want the x-blade? Power? No, not that.

Oh, right.

Master wanted the power not me, I was to forge the x-blade for him. I remember the day I came out of Ventus. I didn't know what to do, let alone why I was doing it. I was just following orders. I didn't have much of a mind on my own. Without him, I had no propose. I didn't really mean the things I said to them, I was told to say this, say that. You get the idea. Ventus had a life ahead of him, so did his friends, and I took all that away.

I guess I just did it because of master.

If and when I didn't do something right, he punished me for it. I remember when he would smash my helmet in and then start chaining me up when I was stunned. He would then use his keyblade to leave cuts, bruises, broken ribs, and then hit me on the nose. I remember all the pain. The pain I had fed the Unversed, and helped me summon them. But that doesn't mean I liked it. I know they fed on my negativity and if wasn't able to summon them, master would throw me from a cliff to fall on the rocks below.

I wouldn't die from the horrible treatment, I have super-healing and inhuman strength. Why do you think I was able to dramatically get back up and continue the fight? But that didn't change the amount of pain I went through. The more I messed up, the more I suffered. He broke more than just my ribs, he started to break some of my other bones and then get creative to make the pain worse. From lemon juice on the gashes, to having me drag something heavy despite having broken bones.

He then would insult me while I was being punished. Saying that I was a failure, could never handle the power, a waste of time, and anything else that came to his mind.

Eventually, I gave in to his orders.

I hated what he had me do. I took away three good friends that could have survived through all this, instead I put them in the worst positions ever! I'm not sure what happened to Aqua, but I do know that Terra is now probably controlled by master by now. All thanks to me.

And for what sort of gain was I hoping for? Nothing. I was doing it all for fear of punishment.

I had tried getting rid of Ventus so master couldn't make me Get the x-blade for him anymore. He needed us both for the power. But then the rat had to step in and ruin my chances of just getting tossed aside and being forgotten by master.

I was so close to ending it! I wanted to go to a world I had found and live there. Now I never will. At least my mind is free from master, he will never be able to anything to me again.

How long have I wandered this place? Coming across nothing. I wonder where is my body now. Is it still out there, fused with Ventus? Or was I removed? I have no answers for this mysteries.

Wait, what's that? I think I see something in the distance.

I get closer to the random object and see it was light. Well, lights would be better than wandering around here. Even though I'm not fond of light.

I enter the light and everything goes black.

-Random POV-

Got to keep running, left, right, left. Excuse me! Yes! The door! Get to the door, get to the door, don't let them catch you. Run, run, run! Great! It's locked! Oh well, I just kick it down.


Keep running, don't stop, don't let them catch you. Got to get past the force field outside. Trees, up, down, left, right, jump, duck, THERE'S THE FORCE FIELD! Concentrate, come on. Run, get through, get through!


Alright! Keep going! Fly, fly, fly away! Hide in the clouds! Up, up, up, you're in, level out!

Finally! I'm free! But I'm not safe yet. Alright, sneak, sneak, take out the guard, take his key. Someone's coming, hide! Take the knocked out guard, get somewhere high. Wait until they pass. They're gone. Get down, sneak over to the ship, get in. Put the hatch down, put in key, turn it on. Get buckled in, push the buttons. Fly! Fly! GET AWAY FROM HERE! Go! Go! Go!

I wake up at my destination, I had been flying on autopilot so I could sleep. And I needed it. I had switched to my illusion form so when I land, no one would freak out. Anyway, how far am I? Yay! Not far at all... because I'm going to crash land!

Get in the chair! Pull up, pull up! Oh no, the wheel is stuck! I'm gonna hit the tree! Get out, get out!


My vision is blurry, I can't see and there's black spots forming in my eyes. I'm losing consciousness. But before I pass out, I thought I saw three blurs of brown, red, and sliver.