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-Random POV (same random person as before)-

Before me was a boy with dark hair and yellow eyes.

'Where am I? Who are you?' He said.

'Well, you tell me who you are first.' I said back.

'I don't have to answer to you.'



'Thoche, it means acknowledgment during a conversation of a point made at one's expense by another person.'

'What are you, a dictionary?'

I just roll my eyes at him.

'Whatever, I know I dreaming because last I recall, I was going to crash into a tree. So, when I wake up, you will be long gone.'

"Ha, ha.' He laughs sarcastically, 'So what?'

'Might as well entertain myself.'

I look around the area but all I saw was the layout of the place I was in before, the only difference was that there was no ceiling and was replaced with a big black, foggy nothingness. Really? Is THIS what I dream about? That's going to need some changing. Don't know what to do with the random boy with the odd choice of fashion.

'I know you're probably not going to tell me your name, but my name is Luna.'

'Vanitas, your worst nightmare.' He then a gave me a creepy look.

My reaction? My face goes absolutely blank and I half close my eyes. My regular expression is blank, but when my eyes are half closed, that means I'm annoyed or not impressed.

He raises an eyebrow, 'What, not scared?'

'Uh... no. My worst nightmare is definitely not a boy that may or may not kill me.'

'You haven't seen nothing yet.'

'I'm sure everyone is full of surprises, but the only surprise so far is why you're in my head.'

He blinks and says, 'You're in MY head.'

I frown, 'Vanitas, what do you see around you?'

He looks around and says, 'The Keyblade Graveyard with the sky replaced with a big black, foggy nothingness.'

I look again at my surroundings but it was the same place as before, the place I've lived my entire life.

'That is not what I see, but I do see the same sky.'

'Then what?'

I close my eyes and sigh, 'Just a place I've lived before, now no more.' I then whisper, 'Why didn't I just destroy the place?'

'What was that last part?'

I shook my head and open my eyes and say, 'Vanitas, have you ever been in a place you can't stand? I don't mean annoyance, I mean a place that haunts you in a way. Like anger or pain... or just something that isn't easy to get over.'

My question caught him off guard and I saw a flash of anger and... pain?

He grinds his teeth and says, 'What does it matter to you?'

'I... I have been in place that is used for purposes that are wrong and how the people were going about it,' I sigh, ' the way they went about their goals was horrible, one was power.'

In that moment his frown dropped and he came toward me.

'Kindred spirits are we then.'

'What was yours?'

'Torturered by a man who wanted me to do evil things. The more I messed up, the more he punished me for it. At some point I gave in. And I had nothing to gain from it, just getting him something of power.'

'Both used for evil proposes.'

He finished it, 'But that doesn't mean they're evil.'

I nod.

'I guess that proves you're a real person and not a figment of my imagination. If we meet again, shall we find somewhere to get to know one another?'

'Let's hope that 'if' becomes reality.'

'So, I guess the places we see respectively have to with something that we cannot stand. And somehow, there's a link that allows us see each other and talk.'

'It seems like it.'

I open my mouth to say something else but all of a sudden there's a pang in my head. I put my hand to my head and wince but the pain gets worse. I then have both hands on my head. It starts to feel like someone was burning me and I start to groan.

'Luna? Is something happening? Are you alright?'

I am unable to respond as the pain starts to spread and get worse. I fall to my knees clutching my head. Vanitas kneels next to me and gently grabs my arms and shakes me a little.

'Luna, what wrong? What's going on?'

I manage to squeak out, 'I don't know...listen, I... need to wake up. Argh! Something happening outside of my mind... whatever it is... it's hurting me.' I then feel like my insides are bubbling and melting. 'I'm sorry, good bye Vanitas.' I close my eyes, not knowing what comes next.

The last thing I heard Vanitas say was, 'Luna! Don't leave me here!'

-Vanitas' POV-

I decided to shake her lightly to get her attention and said, 'Luna, what wrong? What's going on?'

She managed to speak, 'I don't know...listen, I... need to wake up. Argh! Something happening outside of my mind... whatever it is... it's hurting me.' She pauses before continuing, 'I'm sorry, good bye Vanitas.'

No! I'm not going to lose the only person who wasn't threatened by me or was rude to me. So I shout, 'Luna! Don't leave me here!' Then she vanishes like a vapor.

I lost the only person who I actually talked to, the only one who cared to have a conservation with someone like me. Now she's gone. I yell and pound the ground. Why?! Why do I have to go through all this?! Is there nothing for me? Am I just going to fade away? Without any chance of making up for my mistakes?

Before I could continue my rant, I felt a chill that was like when I faded away after being defeated by Ventus. Maybe I am meant to fade away. The chill spreads and I close my eyes. Looks like there is nothing for me after all.

-Luna's POV-

'I'm sorry, good bye Vanitas.' In the short time I knew him, he didn't seem bad. I wish I had more time to get to know him. I wonder if we will meet again.

I open my eyes to a black blur. I blink and my vision clears. I was in some sort of shack that was made of wood. I see an opening and walk toward the light. There was a balcony overlooking a beach.

Nearby, I saw the wreckage of the ship I was in. It was trashed. Yikes. I look down at the ocean an see three people come up to a dock and tie their boats up. I extended my hearing to focus on what they were saying as they left the dock and started walking on the beach.

"Where do you think she came from?" Said the boy with the brown hair.

"You don't think-" the girl with red hair started but cut herself off.

The boy with silver hair spoke up, "Maybe, but we don't know that for sure."

Maybe their hair were the three blurs I saw before I passed out? And what was the girl doing to say?

"Well, we couldn't know for sure because we had to get back. If our parents noticed we hadn't come back, they would have freaked out," the boy with brown hair stated.

"But where did she get that ship? 'Cause I don't think she got it from here," silver hair said.

They start to get in front of the tree house.

Red-head said, "We won't know until she wakes up for us to ask."

I go back inside and rub my head. What I would like to know is what was hurting me while I was unconscious and where I can find Vanitas. But more importantly, who are these people? I hear them coming up the ladder that led up to here. Should I confront them or flee?

Confront them.

I stand still where I was but I looked around at the inside of the tree house. I hear them getting closer but then they stopped.

"Okay, how should we go about this?"

"If she's not awake we'll take her to a doctor." No no no, you are not! Girl, I'm awake and still kicking, you'd have to do more than drag me there.

"If she's awake we'll ask who is she and how she got here." Brown hair said, " It's not like we're asking where she's from yet."

"Who's going to take the lead?" Silver hair asked.

"You, if she's crazy then she would have to be restrained." Red-head said.

I hear them start to walk again and stopped when they saw me.

"Who are you three?"

The boy with silver hair said, "I'm Riku, this is Kairi, and Sora." He jestered to the people with him.

"I'm Luna." Then I get a good look at Sora.

"Hey, do I know you?" I ask him. Despite the fact Sora had brown hair and blue eyes, he looked exactly like Vanitas.

"Excuse me?"

"Are you familiar with the name Vanitas?"

He looks over at his friends and they shook their heads.

"No, not really. I don't know who you're taking about." He's hiding something.

"It's just that I met a boy who looked a lot like you. More than lot actually."

"Did he have blonde hair and a somewhat different hair style?"

"No, not really."

Kairi spoke, "Wait, did you say Ventus or Vanitas?"


They freeze and look at each other before turning back to me.

"What did he look like exactly?" Riku asked with a dead serious tone.

"Like Sora, only he had hair close to black and unusual yellow eyes. He also had a unique sense of fashion." I answer calmly. "But it's time for me to ask a question. Where am I?"

"Well come outside, you'll see." Kairi said and we walked out.

My eyes still hadn't gotten used to the light and I wince. What's more I'm wearing a black shirt, black shorts and black shoes. And it all goes with my long black hair with dark blue highlights in my hair. Plus, my eyes are deep blue.

We get down from the tree house and they lead me to the beach. Then they stop walking and turn back to me.

"What is this place?"

"Destiny Islands. This is only one of the islands." Kairi says. Yes! I got to the proper destination.

"But how do you know about Vanitas?" Sora asks.

"If I answer a question, you answer a question, deal?"


"Okay this is going to sound ridiculous but I met him in a dream." I wait for the laughter.

They look at me with surprised expressions.

"Why do you ask?" Hey, I wasn't going to ask about their reactions because I would like to keep the information flowing.

They look at each other and exchange glances and turn back to me.

"Vanitas has done many things that are not good at all. What did he do to you in the dream?" Riku said coldly.

"Nothing really. We talked a bit, until I woke up." I wasn't going to tell HOW I woke up. "Who is Vanitas? All I know is the vague idea of what he went through."

"Okay this is where the answers get tricky," Sora said. "But we'll try to explain."

"He's the evil servant of a man named Xehanort. Xehanort started many things that ruined the lives of many. Vanitas was his right hand and only, lackey. Vanitas had the power to make something called the x-blade. It's spelled with an x and it's pronounced key or kye but both mean the same thing. But in order to make it, they needed Ventus to put it fully together. Ventus had two good friends named Terra and Aqua. In the end, the blade was destroyed with Vanitas and he faded away. However, the blade was part of Ventus too and he was put to sleep. That's only part of the story that sums up Ven's part. Ven is Ventus' nickname. We don't really know why Sora and Vanitas look similar to each other. Now I ask again, what did he do to you?" Riku said to me.

"Nothing! Any contact he had with me was putting his hands on my arms and shaking me when I fell to my knees." My eyes widen when I realize what I said and I shut my mouth and look at the ground. "No more questions please," I said in a small voice.

"Can we at least ask how you got here?" Jeez, Riku is down to the point. But I'm glad to hear a change in topic.

I raise my head and say, "See that ship over there?" I point to the ship that was stuck in the area that may have had a platform before I crash landed.

They nod.

"I ended up crash landing because I put it on autopilot so I could sleep. Apparently, the wheel got stuck and I was unable to miss that tree. Speaking of tree, how did you three get up there?"

"We used what was left of the ladder and got ourselves in. Imagine our surprise seeing another teen as the driver." Sora chuckled at this. "But are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I don't want you question me much on my dream, but before it ended I felt like I was burning. Did I touch something hot while I was asleep?"

"Uh... no. The tree house has twenty-four seven hours of shade and there wasn't anything in there with you." Kairi says confused.

"Great, another mystery to deal with." I sigh and faceplam.

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