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A Shot in the Dark


Prologue - Warning Signs

I walked quickly through the streets, keeping my head down and being sure not to make eye contact with Hurshall as he scurried after me. My steps were hard and precise as I navigated though the thickened crowds gathering outside the shops and local businesses of New Orleans. From behind and over the chatter, I could hear him calling my name in an effort to get me to slow down. Being decently larger than I, he wasn't able to maneuver through the crowd as efficiently as I could.

"Aveline!" He tried again.

I felt my brow pucker and quickly reached to the skirt of my dress to fist the material in my hand and walk faster. I hated the damn thing. I could hardly move with all the fabric and despised the glances I received from illicit men when wearing it.

"Aveline." Hurshall growled irritably as his wide grip closed around my arm. With a swift tug, he wrenched me around to face him, causing me to drop the small stack of books that I'd been carrying. I glared up at him, ready to rip into him for handling me in such a way but was instantly cut off. "Why are you avoiding me?" He snarled.

Why…? Rolling my eyes I unsuccessfully tried to rip my limb out of his strong clutch. "I'm not!" I lied.

"You drive me crazy." He grated in a low tone. "For the past two weeks you've been running off, going God-knows-where, and worrying me half to death!"

"What does it matter to you!?" I bit, trying again to ineffectively pull away from him.

"Aveline, you are my partner and my friend." He stated firmly. "I just need to know you're not in any sort of trouble. You never tell me what's going on anymor-"

"I never tell you?" I snarled bitterly, poking him in the chest. "And just how do you explain all those times you ran out of town to go off on some great adventure without me?"

"That was different!" He defended.

"How was it different?! You had me worried sick!"

Reluctantly, he released my arm and stared down at me with a tight jaw. In response I crossed my arms under my breast and smirked triumphantly.

Running a hand through his black hair, he asked, "What about that letter?"

I blinked, trying to mask the poorly kept secret with an unreadable expression. I didn't know he knew about that… "What letter?"

"You know damn well what I'm talking about." He gnarred through clenched teeth before reaching into the inside pocket of his coat to retrieve it. "This one!"

I locked my stare to his, damning myself with an unsteady gulp as I waited for him to ask the inevitable.

"Are you going?"

"Going where?"

"To Boston!" He snapped, shaking the letter in my face. "Did you, or did you not, accept this mission?!"

I shrugged, "And if I did?"

My cryptic response wasn't fooling anyone. Of course I did… "Are you out of your fucking mind?! You don't know anything about these people or the target!" He riled. "Did you ever stop to question why or how they sought you out? How do they know who you are?!" He seemed to be working through something – tightening his brow and thinking very hard. And then, out of exasperation, he sighed, "When do you leave…?"

"Forget it!" I snarled as I bent down to pick up my discarded stack of books. "You're not coming with me."

He smirked a bit and by the time I was upright, with my books back in my arms he said, "Oh, come on Aveline." His voice was very deep and charming. "We could use a little fun. Besides, I'm in the market for a Northern-beauty."

A pang of jealousy passed through my chest at the thought of him finding some random bint in Massachusetts to have a night of fun with. Hurshall was attractive and he knew it. Dark hair, green eyes, and broad shoulders. Not to mention, he was tall, clad in a long, dark coat to conceal his weapons, black boots, and was just all around gorgeous. His hair was kept short – just over an inch, and he was very well-maintained. Neat in appearance. With the exception of an oncoming shadow of a beard that he sometimes liked to explore with the pad of his fingers during a prolonged session of thinking. Much like now…

I quickly turned without gracing his comment with a reply, hoping he would get the idea and leave me alone all together. But the light chortling coming from behind, told me otherwise. Hurshall's lanky strides caught up with me in just a handful of steps. He loved getting under my skin and wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to provoke me further.

"I said forget it!" I seethed once I felt his presence looming after me.

"Oh, Aveline. Come on. You never have any fun."

"I said no and I meant it! Besides, it's for a mission. I'm not going there for fun."

"After business, we could indulge. I hear Boston is wild." He offered playfully.

"Why don't you just find a pleasure house?" I growled. "I'm sure you'll find all your companionship needs there."

"Hmmm…" He hummed, "Maybe I'll take you up on that offer. How would that make you feel?"

I stopped dead in my tracks and whirled around to face him. The lump forming in my chest was mucking up my thought process and making it that much more difficult to wrap my mind around the idea of Hurshall walking into a whorehouse. My heart felt like broken stones being dropped into a bottomless pond.

It was bad enough I couldn't shake the image of him nailing a handful of women to his mattress on the occasions I accidently walked in on him. The sight of him rising and falling over some other woman – the sounds of their pleasured gasps and moans – it was too much for me to handle. Those few experiences had been incredibly hurtful. And… I just needed to get away from him for a while.

I took a deep breath. "I think… I think I just…" There was a long pause and I turned to continue walking, with Hurshall hardly a foot away, gaiting after me like a lost puppy. "I need a good, long break from you."

He stopped in the middle of the street, as if my words had shocked him, but instead of apologizing or making sure I hadn't hurt him too badly with my honesty, I planted one foot firmly in front of the other and kept going, trying very hard not to feel guilty for speaking the truth.

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