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The night was dark. A sky that spanned over the horizon relenting very little light except for the glow of the pale crescent moon.

A figure stood alone on the battlements of a great mansion, the soft moonlight highlighting the persons face. The light revealed a twisted grin beneath a large top hat. The sight eerie.

"Tyki-pon do tell what happened." It was the voice of the earl and his tone of voice was indecipherable.

A second figure joined the earl. Tyki knew the earl was angry for he could feel the waves of fury roiling off the portly figure.

"The demons worked together to escape Lord earl." Tyki was careful to answer, "I believe they had outside help."

The earl visibly sighed, annoyed at the fact he lost such rare and exquisite demons. He knew it was always a risk keeping them. They were mighty and powerful creatures after all and one could not keep them for too long before they attempted to escape.

"What of the twins?" The earl asked, his fury know dying down.

"Still stuck in ice. Lulu bell is working on a spell to free them, but it is taking some time. The ice is almost as hard as diamond."

The earl was listening whilst staring out onto the rural landscape. The hills in the distance dark in contrast to the blue-black sky. The millions of stars twinkled away without a care in the world.

"See to it you find where our little snow leopard has gotten to. Once you find him, you know what to do. He is desperately needed."

Tyki bowed even though the earl was not looking at him, then he recoiled away into the shadows. He would do whatever it took to capture the boy and bring him back.

The golden golem was fast approaching the small town nestled within the confines of the mountain valley. Dark conifer trees concealed the loamy ground of the slopes and waterfalls cascaded down the rocks and gullies creating a cacophony of harmonious noises.

After travelling throughout the night Tim had managed to evade two cats and being seen by numerous eagles but still he carried on through the mountains.

The heights of the mountains of Transylvania being the new haunt of his master who he was rushing to see right now.

The golem entered the town his target in sight. The pub, 'the Rans head' came into sight and Tim ducked beneath the closed door into a noisy and dirty tavern.

Drunkards were everywhere, drinking late into the night. laughter and shouting mingling together in the small space. The air was almost stagnant but the golem didn't care. He saw the mane of red hair sitting on his own at the bar, chatting to the mature looking bar maid.

She was a decent woman with a strong character and took no nonsense from any of the lads at the bar. Tim liked her for she often gave him scraps of cheese and meat to eat when his master wasn't looking. Tim was glad Cross hadn't moved away since Allen was taken.

Tim settled on the counter stopping Cross's flirtatious advances towards the lady and peered down.

"Ah Tim, good to see you back. Any news." He asked then carried on drinking his ale.

Tim nodded, or rather fluttered his wings without taking off in answer. He then grinned wide, revealing his row of teeth.

"I see he got out then?" Tim opened his mouth then closed it. He wagged his tail back and forth frantically. Somehow Cross got what he needed to know.

"Good lad." The man finished his jug of ale and then banged the empty jug on the bar top making the barmaid narrow her eyes in irritation.

"You off now Cross?" She asked. She picked the jug up and placed it below the bar so that it could be washed later.

"Hilda, yes I have to meet my idiot apprentice."

"Allen? That sweet kid with the white hair? What happened to him then?" Hilda liked Allen and was glad to converse with the boy for he was polite and kind. He was different to most of the assholes who came along to the bar, drinking and starting fights out of the blue. She had to wonder where he disappeared to all of a sudden. One day he was there and the next he was gone.

"He got into some trouble but he is fine now. That is, until I get my hands on him, the little imbecile."

Hilda shuddered at the thought of that sweet boy getting punished, especially by someone like Cross. The man was a mystery, speaking to few and relenting barely any information about where he came from and where he is going.

"Now, my sweet," Cross reached out and planted his palm on the woman's face. He moved his face forwards and gave the woman a kiss on her lips, "it has been lovely under your doting care but now I have to leave."

Hilda removed The mans hand, but she smiled anyway. "Always the sweet talker huh Cross."

Cross turned around, leaving the woman there. "You know it babe." Then he left with Tim flying out after him. Hilda smiled.

Once outside Cross stopped. He faced the golem and addressed him.

"Tim, go back and tell Allen to meet at the place we were heading next." Tim gave the masked man a nod and turned to leave.

"Also, keep an eye on him." Cross added just before Tim sped away back into the black sky. Tim held that toothy grin on his face once again.

Allen was dreaming. The dream was dark with snow everywhere in his field of vision. There was a single house in the middle of a field, and a forest surrounding the field.

Allen felt nostalgia rise in him for some unknown reason. Allen felt he knew the place even though he cannot ever remember seeing the lonely little house.

All of a sudden he witnessed a bright light coming from the vicinity of the woods. It was a white light, a circular orb of energy settled just above the ground in the air, unmoving. Allen felt chills as well as wonder work into his body.

He wanted to follow it.

He moved towards it leaving his prints in the thick snow. He was moving away from the house, towards the light. All he could see now was that little orb of light.

He got closer and closer, the orb filling a senses before he saw it. A shadow, the figure of a person coming towards him with malicious intent. Allen felt scared, the trance of the light limiting odd him. He then felt something on his wrist pulling him away.

Allen shouted out in reality, the dream leaving him.

He woke to a glorious sight. He was settled on a soft bed of lustrous grass, staring up into the beautiful sight of the Milky Way stretching across the entire expanse of sky. The sound of the ocean droned on in the background and Allen took a minute to allow this peaceful image settle in his brain.

With difficulty the young demon sat up realising how weak he felt, although he didn't feel that tired now.

He looked about and saw a small fire, blazing crimson in the night air. The flames were tiny but immensely energetic. They jumped about far faster than a real fire. Every now and then a goldfish shaped spark jumped away from the main body of fire, spun in the air and emerged back into the blaze.

Allen absolutely loved the little fire, it was full of charm and character. It was completely different to his own ice magic, which was serene and calm.

Looking out he saw the firelight didn't travel at all. There was the fire and then darkness, no aura of light radiating from it.

Looking further still he could see the edge of the coast and the sea stretching out into the mist. Allen guessed it was early morning for he could see the sun beginning to make an appearance, sending out its golden rays over the ocean waves.

The air sparkled and flared with tiny little lights of life, small fireflies swarming up in the still air, mingling with the stars. The sight astounded Allen and he forgot about the aching pain in his wounded leg.

Allen attempted to get up but found he didn't have the strength to quite yet.

"Hey Moyashi, it might be a good idea to sit there before you injure yourself by falling and getting a concussion."

Allen looked belong the fire and saw the owner of that voice appearing out of the gloom. He looked like a phantom, dressed in entirely black and appearing from the darkness itself. It was the same handsome tiger demon who he helped escape before. Allen froze.

"What happened, where am I and where are the Noah." Allen looked about, fear appearing in his eyes, his ears poised and ready to listen out for any danger lurking about.

"Che, relax, we are in our safe spot." The mysterious man said. Allen had to think for a moment. He was sure he knew the mans name, but his mind was foggy.

"Kanda," he said after a short time of hard thinking.

"Remembered brat!" he replied with an amused tone. The tone just irritated Allen.

"Hey, I have a name it's Allen!" The indignation Allen exuded was amusing to Kanda and he simply grinned.

Allen took his time to look at the man. He sat near Allen, less than a metre away and he stared into the younger boys eyes. His dark cobalt eyes, ridiculously gorgeous face and long ebony hair. The man was stunning, and Allen knew he was a powerful tiger when in his animal form.

Allen took it upon himself to notice how close Kanda was. If that wasn't enough to set Allen's body temperature to sky rocket Kanda slunk closer until he was sat right in front of him, faces a few inches apart. His stripy tiger tail wrapped around his waist.

"Why do you look so embarrassed, Moyashi?" The whisper was strangely sensual. Allen could feel Kanda's warm breath ghosting over his sensitive nose. He closed his eyes and twitched his nose, forgetting to answer the sexy demon before him.

Allen heard Kanda chuckle. Allen could feel his heart attempting to jump out of his chest in a similar fashion to the fire goldfish. Never in his whole life has Allen ever felt like this. It was a new experience to him and he didn't know how to react.

His body felt uncomfortably hot, but it wasn't an altogether bad feeling.

Kanda watched the boys reactions with a huge grin on his face. That cute face flushed a darling pink, framed by that pure white hair. His black lynx ears pinned back against his skull in a submissive manner.

Kanda couldn't resist the creature in front of him. His lips closed in on Allen's clenched ones, covering them gently. Allen felt a shock run down his tail, his hairs standing on end and the bones making his tail go stiff and straight, much like a nervous cat.

Kanda slipped his tongue out and began to ask the nervous demon for entrance by licking the trembling lower lip. Allen wasn't sure what to do, he felt a little scared about where this was going. He did not want to be like one of Crosses many women, who took any kiss the sleazy man dished out with no feelings behind the advances.

Kanda was beginning to feel a little impatient with the boy so he raised his hand and tugged on a few strands of Allen's hair, just enough to make the boy gasp so that he could enter the moist cavity.

Immediately the wet appendage began to explore. Allen could feel the tongue on his own tongue, caressing it. It also made contact with the roof of his mouth, further back near his tonsils and along his sharp fangs. The exploratory left nothing hidden and Allen began to go along with it. He could now feel Kanda's passion.

Kanda could taste a fresh, sweet tint in the boys mouth. It excited the tiger and made him crave for more. It excited him more when Allen began to kiss back, being young and easily swept along for the ride. Now the tongues battled together in a raging storm of passion. Kanda wrapped his arms around the boy and Allen followed suit.

They carried on kissing for a while, not coming back for breath until they heard someone clear their throat loudly. They both stopped and looked up.

Lavi was stood over them, watching with a cheeky grin on his face.

Allen instantly broke away form Kanda's embrace and shuffled away to the right as Lavi was stood right behind him. Allen's mouth was hanging open, speechless at the moment.

"Che," Kanda didn't look too pleased, "nice time to pop up Baka Usagi." The sarcasm wasn't hard to miss.

"Well, I saw you two kissing from back there," he pointed towards the dark beyond the fire, "but you where taking such a long time and I thought I would interfere. The sun is about to rise and we have to make headway soon."

"Che," Allen thought it was funny how the man said that all the time. Now that Lavi mentioned it it wasn't so dark anymore. Indeed, the sun was actually present in the sky now. It was rising up over the horizon in the east.

Lavi approached the fire and simply picked it up in both hands. It clung to his hands like a snake, taking the form of the serpentine reptile. It slithered up his arm and disappeared under his sleeve. Allen was fascinated.

"Yuu, you need to dispel this barrier." Lavi did notice Allen watching but he chose to ignore it for the moment. For now they needed to leave.

"I know, dammit Usagi." Kanda stood up and walked away from the circle where the fire was previously. He held his tail out and closed his eyes. All of a sudden the black aura that encircled them began to create streams that approached Kanda's tail, seeping into the pitch black stripes.

Allen had never seen any other demons magic, escort his masters, before. It didn't escape Allen that these two were indeed intriguing, but Allen thought that every demon was an expert at their art. He too could create some amazing ice magic.

Kanda turned around after collapsing the barrier and saw Allen sat on the ground watching intently. He grinned making Allen blush again.

The expression on the snow leopards face didn't escape him. The boy was funny, and interesting. What fascinated him most was his relationship with Yuu. "I'm a fire demon, and Yuu here is a shadow demon." He explained using the simplistic terms. "Where I master fire which corresponds to the energetic nature of the hair Yuu can create and melt into shadow, much like a tiger hunting in the forest. Cool huh?"

Allen could see Lavi's hare ears, bright red and poised high on his head. Allen certainly could see the resemblance.

Allen looked to Kanda again! peering behind to look at the stoic mans tail. Allen now knew why the stripes where darker than on a normal tiger. Allen could almost see the shadows pulsing along them, as if they where an entity of their own.

"We need to leave now." Lavi suddenly sounded urgent. His ears had shifted position, listening.

Kanda noticed the red heads reactions and he too listened. Allen joined in as well. All three could hear voices in the distance, carried on the wind.

"Humans," Lavi said.

"Che, even if we can make our tails and ears disappear the Moyashi here is still too weak to did it!"

"Well, at least it isn't Noah!" Allen added feeling a little annoyed at Kanda's statement. He couldn't help the fact he was injected with some sort of drug when they were trying to escape.

Kanda ignored Allen. He walked over to him and knelt down with his back facing Allen. He wanted to carry him on his back.

Allen knew this wasn't a time to act proud. He did still feel weak and sluggish so he complied, although grudgingly, and climbed onto the dark haired mans back. Kanda held his legs with one arm and picked something up with the other.

Allen could see it was a long Japanese katana. How could he have not noticed it before?

As the voices where fast approaching the small group of demons ran off. The grass silent under their running footsteps and the fireflies leaving them to carry on their restful sleep during the daylight hours.

"Where are we going," Allen asked. His tail was once again being wrapped around by Kanda's tail. Allen felt a warm feeling spread through his body at the gentle notion.

"To meet our friends," Lavi said as he ran ahead.

"You will have to meet up with your master later." Kanda spoke out unexpectedly.

Allen was shocked. Had he mentioned across at all to the demon. How did he know about the man?

"Do you know Cross?" Allen asked, wondering greatly now.

Kanda didn't answer. Instead he kept up pace with the fast footsteps of the red hare, sprinting parallel to the sea front.

Allen simply let it go. He would ask Kanda about it later. For now he had other things to worry about. Avoiding the Noah and meeting up with Cross, before trouble finds its way back to meet them with a mouth full of teeth and claws ready to strike.

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