Hikari wasted no time in stripping her clothes off, revealing her pink Corsola bikini underneath, and jumping into the cooling waters of the ocean where she began splashing about until she got bored with the act alone. She gently splashed the waters around her with a sullen face hiding her devious smile from sight. "Jun, get in!" she yelled to the boy. Or I'll splash you, she thought.


She looked up.

His face was bright red staring into the bank of the ocean where the back and forth action of the waves were hitting his feet, drenching them in cold sea water. "Hikari, you're top is—"

She looked down.


A scream.

The blond quickly grabbed his towel from shore and without looking charged into the waters screaming something about saving her. His quick-footedness resulted in a trip over a rock, an almost drowned girl, and a soaked towel all floating in the water.

"Jun," she said so calmly it made shivers go down the blond's back.

He took a breath and with fire in his face screamed, "I know that I've seen your special thing that you can't give others, but I know you can still become a bride someday! And If no one takes you because you're a tomboy and unladylike then I'll take you!"