"This is going to have to be as good as anything. It's all I could find." Hikari held out a sheet of paper to Jun, who was lying on his back fanning himself on Hikari's living room floor.

"Say what?" Jun's eyes popped open. He'd have sprung up if he wasn't out of energy from the heat. "I'll seriously fine you if you don't turn the air on!"

"Our air conditioner's broke too." She shrugged. "Everyone must have turned on their air at the same time, and to top that off it's way too hot out right now. It's this or"-she glanced skeptically at Jun's failed attempts to fan himself with his hand-"continuing fanning yourself with your hand."

Jun snatched the paper out of her hand and quickly folded the paper back and forth into a very mess makeshift fan. Hikari took her time to make her fan, folding the lines straight and orderly so they all lined up. The blond watched her as she made her fan and then fanned herself with it.


"It's neat."

"You mean it's better than yours."

"Hey! I have an idea. Let's switch." Jun held out his fan to her, his eyes sparkling.

"No way. Make another fan if you don't like yours. It's not my problem." Hikari eyed her bag on the couch. "Actually, give me my bag, Jun. I think I have a couple water bottles in there. We can both share one then stick the rest in the fridge for later so we can have cold water. How's that sound?"

By the time she finished, Jun already had one had held out to her with a water bottle in it and the other searching through her bag on his lap.

"I'll put the rest away."

"Thanks." Hikari looked at the water bottle on the floor. "Weren't we going to share one?"

Jun spun his head around, his face a glowing fuchsia. "N-n-no! Of course not!"

"Why? We usually always share our drinks together."

"That's a-" Jun looked away, then turned back and screamed, "I'M SO THIRSTY I COULD DRINK THIRTY WATER BOTTLES BY MYSELF!"

Hikari laughed. "That's fine. I have fifty."