Hey guys! I decided to write another Melix fic, this is my second one, and you might get pretty mad at me for making Marzia look bad in this fic. I love her and her videos, so don't think this is to express my hatred towards her. I hope you'll enjoy this chapter.

"Felix! Let's go on the roller coaster!" Marzia called, skipping away. She and her boyfriend had been at the amusement park for hours. Felix was exhausted and every single drop of energy had been drained out of him. He was panting, but Marzia didn't seem to notice. She was too happy. Even so, he caught up with her and handed the man two tickets.

They chose the first cart at the front excitedly and pulled the harnesses over their heads. Marzia held her boyfriend's clammy hand. Her face grew brighter and her eyes sparkled with anticipation as they went higher up. Marzia was loving the adrenaline rush and Felix could tell.

"AAAAAHHHH! WHOOOOOO!" They shouted as they darted down as fast as an arrow. Marzia squeezed Felix's hand even tighter and it was starting to hurt. He wasn't even sure if the blood in his left hand was still circulating properly. "Marzia, nooo!" She barely realized that his hand was numb and simply giggled. There were many loops ahead. As they went on the first one, everyone on the roller coaster screamed. However, Marzia's scream was the loudest of all and was probably loud enough for the entire amusement park to hear.

Sometimes her reactions freaked out Felix. She was a tiny bit too much and overreacted sometimes. The crazy ride soon ended and she hugged him. "Oh Felix, I thought I'd pass out! Or fall off!" He felt like rolling his eyes at her, but she was so delicate and sensitive. He wanted to scowl at her for once, albeit seeing her hurt was one of the most painful things for him.

Felix wanted to keep calm, so he led Marzia to an ice-cream stall. "One pistachio and one chocolate, please," he said to the plump woman. "A pistachio and a chocolate cone, coming right up," After a few minutes, she handed two ice-cream cones to him. As he pulled out some money from his wallet, Marzia licked at her ice cream joyfully. It was her favorite flavor.

But Felix just watched as his ice cream melted, dripping onto the crispy cone. They sat at a table to finish their treats. They noticed that the sun was beginning to set. "Marzia, do you want to go on a cable car?" She happily accepted his offer, then suddenly ran. "C'mon, Felix! I bet you can't catch me!" He groaned inwardly, not in the mood to run around in public trying to catch her. Sure, he was the PewDiePie, but he still had shame.

He dug out the remaining tickets from his pocket and slapped them onto the counter, allowing Marzia to select a cable car. He slightly regretted that decision. She hopped onto a glass cable car with pink lining. Oh well. He shrugged and did the same. By the time the cable car started moving -the man had been busy dealing with a fussy teenager- the sky had turned dark.

Marzia and Felix gazed at the sparkling stars decorating the sky in awe. It was a truly beautiful scene, and even Felix couldn't resist staring at them. They were taken by surprise when they saw a comet flash before their eyes.

"A shooting star!" Marzia squealed. "Make a wish!" The two of them shut their eyes. Marzia mumbled something to herself while Felix was deep in thought. He didn't know what to wish.

Sure, Marzia was gorgeous, she was sweet and funny… But he wished she wasn't so clingy. He wished she wasn't such a drama queen. He wished she would give him some time alone. He felt like he was trapped in a cage sometimes. And sometimes he even wished that they never met. That thought crossed his mind.

He felt like he was shaking. But his body wasn't moving itself. Was there an earthquake? Hmm, feels a bit like the world is shaking. Maybe I'll get transported to some other planet like Mars. Little did he know that it was very close to what was happening to him.

When he opened his eyes, he was in his room. "Marzia?" he tried to shout, but his voice wouldn't do it. "MARZIA?!" He tried to deny it. He tried so hard to deny the horrible truth. He'd lost her.

Okayyy… That's it for the first chapter. Please don't kill me. I love Marzia and I also love Melix, I think they're adorable, but I just wanted to write something a bit different…? I guess. Don't hate me for writing this. Anyway, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. Please review, reviews mean so much to me.

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