Sneaking in Tōō dorm
Rated M lol

Tōō academy has no problems with other people entering the student dorms if it was a relative or if that said person was out of the visiting hours and even staying the night at a student room it was another story.

Aomine Daiki ace of Tōō basketball team was currently disobeying this clad rule by letting his model boyfriend Kise Ryouta sleep in his this wasn't the first time they had done this and they were never been caught. Kise finished his modelling job late and since Kanagawa was quite far he decided to just stay over at in the dorms was quite just need to pretend that he was a student of the school.

The model staying the night happen quite often so Kise has left clothes and other things that he needed in Aomine's room.

Aomine likes whenever Kise stayed because most of the time it means they can have sex all night wished they can do it everyday but both of their schedules are pretty tight.

"Aominecchi ahhhh" moaned the blonde underneath his boyfriend."Dont you have…haaah…club activities…mmm…right now?"

"Yeah, yeah but it's fine.." responded the tanned teen trusting even harder. —-

"Damned that Aomine!" a furious Wakamatsu walked towards the ace's room."He missed practice again!"

As the lad was about to knock at the door to scold the ace,but then he suddenly heared a voice that was definitely not Aomine's. Wakamatsu then pressed his ears against the door and what he heard was something Aomine was one who never obeyed rules but doing something this bold was outrageous!

The ace bought a girl in his room and currently having sex with her.

Wakamatsu decided not to interrupt it would be a very awkard situation and he didn't want the girl to feel 'll just tell to Imayoshi and Momoi that he couldn't find Aomine.

The next morning Aomine didn't go to morning practice again and Momoi was furious, so she decided to go and personally drag the blunette out of his bed. Wakamatsu tried to stop her by saying it was not a good idea but the girl just looked at him weirdly and procceaded to go also dragging him with her stating that the blonde boy was definitely not saying something to her.

"Momoi-san this is definitely not a good idea." Said Wakamatsu trying to calm down the girl.

"Why? Aomine-kun should go to the was Wakamatsu-senpai why are you stopping me, aren't you the one who is always angry about Aomine-kun skipping."

"…yeah but this is a special case"

"Mmm you're hiding something senpai" said Momoi taking out her key to Aomine's room.

"Wait, why do you have the key!"

"For emergency purposes"

Both of the teens entered the room and saw Aomine's head popping out of the then shouted "Aomine-kun! Wake up!"

A growl was emmited from the blunette as he got up rubbing his eyes."Satsuki what the heck…"

"Aomine-kun you should go to practice!"

Suddenly another voice sounded in the room and this was emmited from a very familiar blonde model slowly getting up."Aominecchi, what's happening…" said the boy half-asleep.

There was a pregnant pause until Satsuki finally said "Ki-chan?!"


Wakamatsu just stared at the Ryouta, the copycat of the generation of miracles was currently on Aomine's bed and looked very naked like his bed companion.

"Ki-chan what are you doing here?" Momoi said still shocked with the revelation that two of his friends were dating with each other.

"Well my job finished late and since Kanagawa is far I just decided to clash here,haha"

"Well both of you just get dressed and we'll talk about this later okay?" the girl said immidiately going out of the room dragging a still shocked Wakamatsu —-
Hahaha this was really fun to write lol.