Mild spoilers for Bones season six episode "The Sins in the Sisterhood."

"Hey, Booth?"

Special Agent Seeley Booth glanced across the console at his wife, Dr. Temperance Brennan as they headed into work, prompting her to continue with a "Yeah?"

"Do you remember that case we worked with the Samuel family? Back when you were still dating Hannah Burley?"

"The unfaithful polygamist with three wives?"


"What about him?"

"I've been thinking about seeing if I can't get things together to do an anthropological study about polygamy in the United States."

Bones seemed nervous making this statement, and that made Seeley nervous as well as he asked apprehensively, "What kind of project?"

"A sort of… roll play?"

"What do you mean 'role play?'" Seeley asked, apprehension growing as he kept his eyes flickering back and forth between his wife and the road.

She took a deep breath, delving into a deeper explanation. "Getting a group of people together – preferably ones that have been in relationships with one another or are currently in relationships with one another – and separating them into temporary family groups for a set period of time to see what sort of an impact it has on them and the people surrounding them."

Seeley barely bothered with keeping the skepticism out of his tone as he clarified, "So, you want to get a bunch of people to be fake polygamists for the sake of science?"

"Only for a little while," Bones hurried to assure him. "I was thinking maybe a mandatory two weeks and then longer if anyone should like to continue on doing the project. Each subject would be asked to keep a diary of their thoughts, experiences, and emotions as they go through the project so that we can better gather research."

"Of course," Seeley drawled. "Not that it isn't an interesting idea, Bones – because in a weird way it is – but where exactly are you going to find people willing to take two weeks or more out of their lives and do this thing, let alone the funding for it? And call them journals, not diaries. Assuming that there will be guys doing this project, no guy wants to be told to keep a diary – a journal maybe, but definitely not a diary."

"Okay," Bones appeased him. "Journals. And I've actually already talked to a couple of people whom I thought might be interested in assisting us. They've agreed to help, if you're willing to participate in the project. I've also already procured funding from enough sponsors to get the project up and running."

"So, basically, what you're telling me is that this project is going to happen, it's just a matter of… wait a minute here, Bones!" he realized. "You want me – as in you and I – to play polygamists for two weeks?!"

"Or more," she added.

"Bones!" he groaned loudly.

"Whether or not you and I participate isn't a deal breaker as to whether or not the project happens at all, it's just something that I would find interesting to participate in. And you might learn something too, you know."

"Yeah," Seeley deadpanned. "That Ed Samuels was an idiot."

"This really is something that I want us to participate in, Booth," she cajoled. "I've already agreed to be on the team of people who participate in the actual researching of the results; just imagine how much more we could get out of this if we actually took part in the day to day living of polygamy as well!"

"I don't intend to get anything out of this," Seeley said tersely. "You're the only one of us who would learn anything if we did it."

"Then do it for me?" she asked, cocking her head at him and actually batting her eyelashes.

Freaking women!

"That depends entirely upon who else is taking part in this project," he declared, now looking exclusively at the road for fear that what he saw in her eyes would be the end of his already waning resistance.

"I've talked to people at the Jeffersonian, and they're willing to do it."


"Cam, Angela and Dr. Hodgins, Dr. Sweets; I even got Daisy Wick to agree to help us."

Seeley raised a hand to his forehead, again groaning, "Oh, Bones! And who else have you talked into this?"

"I talked to another 'intellectual' friend of mine here in D.C., Dr. Reid-"


'"The twenty-something profiler from the Behavioral Analysis Unit. Anyway, he told me that he and his co-workers were on board, one of said coworkers even going so far as to contact some possible plural 'wives' for the project. This same coworker – a technical analyst – contacted someone from NCIS, and the woman from NCIS got her team on board with it, as well as some civilians that she thought would be interested."

"Meaning that the only person you haven't talked to about this yet is me?" he deduced.

Bones shrugged which meant that he was right.

"And who exactly do you plan on having my fake extra wife be if I agree to this thing?"


"Excuse me?" Seeley looked at her again, eyes widening in horror. "You mean that I'm going to be dealing with more than even two women?"

Bones shrugged again, seeming considerably casual considering the conversation that they were having as she hurriedly informed him, "Four women, but you already know every one of them."

"Who are they?"

"Are you going to do the project?" she countered.

"Tell me who they are first," he demanded.

"If you aren't going to do it, then there's no reason for me to give you that information. First you decide whether or not you're going to commit to taking part in this project."

"When does this project start?" he asked, losing his momentum for the argument.

She answered in a slightly small voice, "A week."

When Seeley took a deep breath and opened his mouth, he was again ready to vent his aggravation at this other new development, but one glance at his wife's already repentant expression stopped him. He released the gust of air, saying, "You know, I really hate your eyes."

Bones looked at him in confusion. "Why? I thought that you always said that you love my eyes. And what does that have to do with the polygamy project?"

"One look at those dumb blue eyes and I give you whatever you want."

She nearly clapped her hands as a wide grin spread across her face and she asked, "Does that mean that you'll do it?"

"I'll do it," he groused. "But only two weeks – not a minute more."

"Thank you!" she said giddily. "I'm sure you won't regret it."

"That," Seeley said, swinging into the parking lot of the Jeffersonian. "Remains to be seen."

My muse has officially started travelling into decidedly dark and - in this case - weird places recently. This will have a whole lot of plot lines going on and canon (especially canon timelines) may well be chopped to bits in some areas, so consider yourself warned. This chapter was only a prologue of sorts, the story does get better, I promise. Thanks for reading! Reviews are my new best friend, if you should feel so inclined.:)