On my right were screaming fans. On my left were screaming protestors. Ah, the life. As i peer over to the protestors - I'm shocked to see "GO HOME YOU PAGAN MONSTER FROM HELL!" written on a big piece of cardboard being viciously waved in the air. Some began to chant it at the top of their lungs. I notice my jaw has dropped so take a deep breath and block them out, just like pa told me. I straighten my cape and compose myself. But can't help let my mind wander.

Hell? I think to myself - "Ouch"

My mind deepens in thought as I recall something Bruce told me not so long ago. "It's your own fault Clark, they don't know enough about you and your alien origins". Yeah but surely they can see that I just want to help? There's always a part of me that cannot help but class them as ungrateful so and so's, despite understanding what Bruce meant about the public opposing what they don't understand.

"I'm no pagan monster and definitely not from hell, thank you very much" Clark mutters under his breath in disgust.

He frowns at the hate that they must have to chant such a thing about someone they don't even know.

He stood for a few moments and then started using his super hearing to listen in on different parts of the crowd. His cheeks reddened in embarrassment when he suddenly realised that his this wrath before him was not aimed at him. He could now clearly see that about three-quarters of the "so and so's" were for once not shouting at him... They were shouting at her.

"And she is certainly not a monster from hell" he demanded in his head and then cursed under his breath at them using the word pagan in such a way. Now coming out of his self-absorbed dream, he yet again took a deep breath as he glanced over to the raven haired beauty. He noticed that the young woman was trying to avoid looking over to the crowd, she seemed rather nervous and didn't seem to be paying much attention to poor Aquaman who was kindly trying to distract her. "Probably so she doesn't pull her sword out on them" Clark thought as she can be quite unpredictable at times. He had personally encountered this several times since she came the "Patriarch's World" as she called it.

I could see that Arthur had the right intentions with his rambling but to be honest I have no need in being comforted and was only disorientated because they were shouting rather loud. I didn't want to listen to them for any longer. I seemed to zone out completely in order to block out the angry screams so I would not lose my temper... again, or worse cry. Hera help me if I cried here in front of these people. Amazons don't cry.

I snap out of it when an even more concerned Arthur taps me on the shoulder.

"Princess?...Princess are you okay?"

Still slightly dazed I ignore him and after a few moments I finally looked up from the ground and couldn't help myself as my lips curled upwards when our eyes met. He seemed concerned but then the man of steel smiled back.