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Hermione Granger was in Ginny Weasley's way. After the Battle of Hogwarts the Lupin wills were read. Remus and Tonks left custody of Teddy to Harry and Hermione, who were the godparents to Teddy Lupin. To give Teddy a proper home Harry bought Hermione a house. That set Ginny Weasley on edge. You didn't just buy a house for a friend, even for a best friend. The fact that Harry wasn't at the Burrow very often, spending his time with Hermione and Teddy instead, was salt in the wound. He refused to even take Ginny out on a date, telling her that they weren't dating and to mind her own business.

Harry had never even bought Ginny a gift, yet Hermione seemed to be the sudden recipient of many things that Harry had to have bought for her, the newest a gold locket that had immediately caught Ginny's eye when Hermione showed up at the Burrow for a group meal with Harry and Teddy. Teddy kept playing with it and trying to get it, making Harry and Hermione chuckle like it was some sort of joke between them. Ginny just had to know what was inside that locket. How could she marry The-Boy-Who-Lived when he was distracted with someone who didn't deserve him?

Fortunately George came to the rescue. "Hermione, where did you get that necklace?"

She smiled at him, "Harry and Teddy got it for me."

Harry was sitting far too close to her for Ginny's comfort. "Teddy and I were walking by the store to get some groceries when it caught Teddy's eye. I liked it so I went in to buy it. So Teddy gets the credit. I'm rubbish at gifts."

"Vhat did Hermione do to deserve zhis gift?" Fleur asked.

"She's just herself," Harry answered, smiling at Hermione. Hermione blushed and Ginny's eyes narrowed.

"What pictures are in it?" George asked.

"One of Harry and Teddy and the other is of Harry and me," she said, opening the locket skillfully with one hand to show George and Fleur.

"That's sweet," Fleur said, smiling at the two.

Harry shrugged, "Hermione is an excellent mum. I can only hope to measure up as a dad."

Ginny leaned over the table and gave Harry her best doe eyes, "Oh I know you'll be a wonderful dad Harry. Our kids will be zooming around on broomsticks before they can walk."

Silence fell around the table and Harry shook his head, "You don't get it Ginny. I already am a dad. I might be Teddy's godfather but I'm the only dad he'll ever have."

"I'm sure Hermione can eventually find a boy who could be a dad to Teddy. After all it's not like you really want to spend time with her. After all you'll be with me."

Hermione picked up Teddy and walked away from the table immediately. Ginny smirked. The girl might as well learn her place. She'd never be with Harry like Ginny would. Harry stood, "Ginevra Molly Weasley. You and I are not a couple. We will never be a couple. And I took the love potion antidote so quit trying to drug me or before long you'll find yourself being romantically pursued by various brothers." Heads turned to face Ginny as Harry left.

Hermione was waiting at the door for him, "You okay?"

"I'm angry," he answered, "How can anyone think poorly of you? You're amazing."

She smiled and pulled him in for a kiss, "You're too sweet Harry. Come on, let's go home."

"I wanted to say more to her than I did but…well we deserve our privacy." Hermione nodded her agreement as Harry's arms slid around her and they Disapparated.

No one in the Weasley family saw Harry or Hermione for several weeks after that, and all of them blamed Ginny. Ginny, meanwhile, was trying to plot how best to get Harry back. Her idea centered around throwing him a birthday party. The press would be there, she'd kiss him, and they'd be a couple again. Even if she had to force him. She doubted he had really taken an antidote to Amortentia. It was incredibly difficult to brew. Harry was not a skilled brewer. It never occurred to her that Hermione was as she went about creating her plan. This batch was highly potent and Harry would not be able to resist her. He'd be all over her. That would teach Hermione a lesson.

Harry woke the morning of his birthday with Hermione in his arms. She smiled up at him, "Good morning handsome."

"I like waking up with you," he whispered.

"Me too," she smiled. "When do you want to tell people?"

"I think most of them know," he said. "Ron has a new fangirl every week, George definitely knows, Bill and Fleur know, I think Arthur knows…the non-Weasleys all know."

"Ron does know doesn't he," Hermione nodded. "I was surprised he wasn't more upset."

"Well look at it from his perspective," Harry said, shifting so that he was on top of Hermione and staring into her eyes, "he could either date a girl, properly mind you, he always figured wouldn't turn him down, or he could shag as many witches as he wants."

"I know which you chose," Hermione smiled, pulling him down to her.

"And I'll make the same choice every time," he promised, leaning in to kiss her. "Now I want to shag on my birthday."

"I suppose I'm amiable to that," she grinned.

Three hours later Teddy and Hermione were making breakfast, the little boy's hair settled to resemble Hermione's today. She put his little hand on the sprinkle shaker, adding sprinkles to the pancake batter, "Harry will certainly love that you helped Teddy," she smiled.

He giggled up at her. When Harry came down the stairs he was treated to a domestic sight he never believed he'd receive before he and Hermione began dating. Hermione in the kitchen with a baby who looked very much like her, making breakfast for him on his birthday. He grinned and walked in, wrapping an arm around her waist and kissing her neck, "Something smells great."

"Teddy helped make breakfast," she smiled.

"I meant you," he mumbled, kissing her neck again.

Her eyelids fluttered before she answered, "A very handsome, very wonderful, very gentle man that I love got me perfume."

"I like it."

"I do too," she leaned up and kissed him, "Enjoy your shower?"

"I would have preferred it if you were in there with me. I think I missed a few spots on my back."

Hermione rolled her eyes and handed him Teddy, "Just on your back?"

He conspiratorially leaned in and whispered into her ear, "My penis too. I think I'll need your help later."

He walked away, Hermione taking the opportunity to smack his arse with a wooden spoon. Laughing, Harry just smiled at her. She finished up plating their breakfasts, "I don't know what to do with you, Harry."

"Kiss me? It is my birthday you know."

"Since when do you milk your birthday? You're not Ron."

"No but I have this amazingly beautiful and gorgeous girlfriend," he leaned up and they kissed, "and she's a hellcat in bed," he added.

Hermione sat down, shaking her head, "It's always the quiet ones Harry. Especially us bookworms."

"I'm not complaining," he grinned.

"So, to the zoo today?" Harry nodded eagerly, excited for their family outing. "Then we have that party tonight at the Burrow."

"I actually don't want to go," Harry sighed, "the way Ginny spoke to you…that was disgusting."

"I know," she smiled at Teddy, whose face changed to resemble a combination of the couple, "but the rest of our friends will be there."

"I do like seeing Neville and Susan and Luna," he nodded. "Okay. But I meant it. If she tries anything I'm putting the love potion in one of her brothers' glasses." She nodded in response.

The zoo was fantastic. Harry always enjoyed time spent as a family. When they returned late in the afternoon they put Teddy down for a nap and Hermione let him pull her into their bedroom. "There's one thing I want for my birthday, Hermione," he said. "And truthfully it's something I've wanted my whole life," he reached into his pocket and pulled out a box, "you saying yes would be the greatest present I've ever received." Harry knelt and opened the box to reveal a diamond ring, on a white-gold band, with two rubies flanking the diamond, "Will you marry me, my love?"

"Yes," Hermione dropped to her knees and held his head in her hands, kissing him, "Harry I love you."

He grinned and she kissed him again before they parted so that he could place the ring on her finger, "For the record, I picked this out by myself. Teddy wasn't even with me."

"I love it Harry," she hugged him, "thank you."

"Now how about you help me scrub my back?"

"Only if you scrub my front," she smiled as he carried her into their bathroom.

When they arrived outside the Burrow that evening, Teddy in Harry's arms, there were plenty of people there. Susan was taking the diaper bag from Hermione when she saw the ring. She squealed and soon their friends, minus the Weasleys, were around them, "Oh that's wonderful when did you get engaged?"

"This afternoon," Harry answered.

Hermione slid her arm around his waist, "I find it hard to say no to Harry," she smiled.

"Congratulations you two," Neville grinned. "I think you're perfect for each other."

"Definitely," Dean nodded.

"Thanks everyone," Harry shifted Teddy carefully, "why aren't you inside?"

"They said the party was in the yard," Luna said, smiling at Teddy who was giggling at her, "how has your birthday been Harry?"

The group moved to let Harry and Hermione sit down, all sitting with them, "Really good. Hermione has made sure my day is wonderful."

"Teddy and I made him pancakes with sprinkles in them, didn't we Teddy?" He giggled and Harry laughed. Hermione took Harry's hand in hers, "Then Harry wanted to go to the zoo. And then he told me that all he wanted for his birthday was for me to say yes. That was when he proposed."

"That's sweet," Hannah said, smiling. "Happy birthday Harry." At that cue everyone around them wished Harry a happy birthday.

George, Fleur, Bill, and Arthur soon exited the Burrow and they all congratulated the couple on their engagement. Harry simply smiled and thanked them, enjoying Hermione in his arms as Luna held and talked to Teddy.

As dinner was served Harry noticed that Ginny had poured the drinks. He cast a quick notice-me-not and sniffed his drink. "Amortentia," he muttered to Hermione.

"Which brother?"

"I think Ron is a suitable choice." Harry cast a quick switching spell and Hermione cancelled the notice-me-not spell.

To be on the safe side Hermione checked her glass before switching hers with Ginny, "She spiked us both Harry."

"As if we haven't already taken the antidote," he glared at Ginny before standing, "I have an announcement to make. Hermione and I are getting married. I proposed today and she said yes."

Ginny found her throat suddenly very dry. She reached for her glass and took a drink. She suddenly glanced up and turned her head to Ron, who was gazing at her lustfully. "Ron!"


Heads turned as the two began snogging. "And that is why you don't try to dose Hermione and me with love potions," Harry said, sitting back down.

"I could do without the graphic demonstration."

"The potion is Amortentia," Fleur said, sniffing the glasses the two had drank from, "Eet ees very difficult to make an antidote."

"We certainly don't have the money," Arthur sighed.

Harry and Hermione engaged in a silent conversation. "I would consider paying for Ron to get the antidote, but Ginny is on her own. She doesn't seem capable of taking a hint and I'm tired of having to look over my shoulder when I'm near her."

"And we'll pay for Ron's antidote on the condition that Ginny is the one that pays us back. Plus interest," Hermione added.

Arthur nodded his approval. Kreacher arrived with the potion a few minutes later. Ron drank it and, horrified, ran from his sister who began to chase him. "Harry, Hermione, I apologize for Ginny's behavior."

"The only one who has to apologize is Ginny," Harry said, standing up. Hermione followed his lead, "Now that she's tried to ruin my birthday I'm going home. If it weren't for Neville, Hannah, Susan, Dean, Luna and some others we wouldn't have come anyway."

Hermione looked at their friends, "If you want to join us I think Kreacher could help us out with an impromptu party."

"We can order pizza," Dean grinned. They all stood and Hermione made a portkey for their friends before she and Harry Apparated home.

Back at their house everyone helped with arranging furniture. Kreacher made a cake while Dean and Neville left to get beer and pizza. Hermione tucked Teddy into his crib for a nap before returning downstairs to help their friends. Harry sat on the couch and pulled her into his lap, "You look so beautiful."

"Thank you, my love," she kissed his nose gently. "I'm sorry about your birthday."

"Hey I'm having fun. I've got you, I've got my friends, what more could a guy ask for?"

She ran her fingers through his hair, "Crazy fangirls not trying to dose you with Amortentia?"

"Well there is that," he nodded. "But the rest of the day has been brilliant." The rest of the evening they spent with no outbursts and no worries. Just friends relaxing and having fun. He quickly announced that this evening was something he wanted to be repeated next year.

Ginny found herself lusting after Ron for just over two months before her parents had scrounged up enough money for the potion. Her brothers had all flat out refused to help pay for the Amortentia, save Ron. Even then it was more to do with self-preservation. Ron found himself living with various girlfriends rather than staying at the Burrow where his sister would try to molest him in his sleep.

Those two months were spent by Harry and Hermione helping fix up Hogwarts and repairing the damage to the castle, as well as a visit to Australia where they found her parents. After several assurances from both Harry and Hermione that Teddy was not theirs and that they were his godparents and that they were most certainly getting married and they weren't planning on having children anytime soon the Grangers had decided to return to England with them.

The realization that Harry and Hermione were living together did not make for a happy Mr. Granger, especially when he learned that in the four bedroom house one of them was shared by the couple. Hermione didn't back down, however, and he eventually gave in when he realized that both Granger girls were furious and that Harry was not some teenager he could intimidate.

Ginny Weasley came out of her potion-induced lust feeling highly humiliated. It was well-known throughout the magical community now that she had been trying to have sex with her brother for quite some time, and with the knowledge that she had supplied the potion for her brother to fall in love with her…ridicule followed her everywhere she went.

Harry and Hermione did not return to Hogwarts, instead choosing independent study. Hermione had the highest NEWT scores in several centuries and Harry would proudly boast of that fact to anyone who would listen. Once they'd passed their NEWTs Harry and Hermione found a small little bookshop which they set up for themselves with help from their friends.

The golden duo had much success in their bookshop, and were married a year after the Final Battle. Their first child came a year and a half into their marriage and their second two years after that. Luna met Rolf Scamander on a trip to find evidence of the Crumple-Horned Snorkack and they married just a year into their relationship. Neville and Hannah married two months after Harry and Hermione, while Dean eventually settled down with Blaise Zabini. That relationship had surprised Harry, though Hermione simply smiled and collected a few galleons from Hannah, Susan, and Luna. Susan was the lone holdout for singles in their group, but she too eventually settled down with Justin Finch-Fletchley once he returned from his time in the USA.

Ron went relationship to relationship and job to job, never finding work for very long. He was the father of twelve children, all with different women who quickly came to hate the father of their child. Ginny never married and died a lonely, bitter old woman.

As for Harry and Hermione, they avoided names like Albus Severus or Hugo for their children and enjoyed their happily ever after.