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There were cheering. Everybody was clapping. Everybody made way for the troops to march, there were music everywhere. I was on a horse, and so was Erich. Today was the day where we celebrated the return of the prince of Arendelle. Erich seemed uncomfortable with all the attention he was getting, as he seemed frozen on the back of the horse. Girls of Arendelle shrieked as Erich went by, people were staring in awe as they stared at Erich's tailored suit. It was dark blue, with gold outlines all over it. Erich slowed down, until his horse was right next to mine. "Why are we doing this again?" He whispered, trying hard as possible not to look uncomfortable. "People have to be aware that their prince is back, and that it's a good thing." Erich Sighed. He forced a smile as crowd of people bowed before him. "How long is this route?" I teased him by saying "How the hell are you gonna be the king if you can't handle this?" Before he could reply, I marched on.

Few days earlier

"What's the plan?" Anna asked. "You, are going to go away for a while, saying that you were invited to a party or something." "OOH! A party! What party?" I sighed. 'How could she be this slow sometimes?' "No Anna, you are not actually gonna go to a party." "Oh." "You are going to go to Corona, and go meet Eugene. You remember him right?" Anna scratched her head, trying hard to remember. "Anna, we even went to their wedding." After moment of Anna thinking, she replied. "Nope. Don't know him." "Rapunzel?" "Oh! Rapunzel! Now I know him. Ok, so what then?" "Well, I know that he has a connection with ex-thugs. I need you to hire those ex-thugs, to play a role. I need you to make them act like they came to assassinate me, but you have to make sure that they won't harm any of our people or guards." Anna just stood there, frowning. "O…k? I still don't get how this is going to convince Erich and people that Erich is a worthy king." "I will let Erich save me from them. Then the people would witness that, then they will know that he is a worthy king."


I heard a scream from the distance. Guards at the front started to drop one by one. I noticed the small darts on their neck. 'Smart' I thought to myself. Erich tensed, and he held his hands out in defence. I pretended to panic. Then, a dart struck me in the arm out of nowhere. "OUCH!" I shouted. In matter of seconds, I was snatched from my horse, and I was being dragged by two thugs. "Nice aim" I whispered. The thugs simply smiled, and replied "Thanks." Erich started to chase us. He was really good at horse riding I must say. He managed to ride over the sleeping troops, without stepping on any of them. Ok now I was bit scared. Erich was so serious. He snatched me from two thugs with out any effort, and he immediately turned back, leaving a distance between us and the two thugs. As he dropped me when there were distance, he charged towards the two thugs without giving me time to explain what was happening. "Uh oh." I thought to myself. I looked from the distance as he simply knocked the first thug out with a single blow, and he formed an Ice dagger, holding it up against the thug's throat. "How dare you, how dare you try to kidnap my sister?" The thug was scared to death. I shouted, "Erich stop!" He looked back, in confusion. The street was silent. Everybody was staring at Erich. This was not going according to the plan. However, people started to cheer, and started to chant Erich's name. However, I knew that Erich was not enjoying any of this. He looked down at his hand, holding the dagger, and looked back at the thug. He dropped the dagger, as if realising what he had done, and ran back to the castle.

"Erich!" I searched for him in the castle. I searched my parent room, the kitchen, the dining area, the garden, everywhere. I finally checked the study, only to find Erich kneeling in front of painting of our parents, crying. "Elsa…. Why am I such a monster?" I looked around him, and I realised the bag packed. "Erich, what are you planning to do?" "I am leaving Elsa, I am too dangerous. I thought I could control it, but I can't! I almost killed someone back there!" I went to him, and kneeled beside him. "Oh, Erich, but you are not a monster. You do know how to control it. You knew when you had to use your power when you needed to. You did it to protect me. You did it because you cared for me. You are not a monster, Erich, you are a worthy king." Suddenly, the door busted open, and Anna came rushing in. "Oh my god! What happened? Did the plan fail?" I shut my eyes shut, really hoping that that didn't just happen. Erich just stared at us, in confusion, waiting for an explanation.

"Erich, we were going to tell you about this, but I never meant it to happen this way. The thug back there, he was hired by us to act. We were trying to convince you and the people of Arendelle, that you were a worthy king. And our plan, it did work! You showed the people of Arendelle, that you are intact a worthy king! Please. Erich. Don't leave. Our powers, it's not a curse. It's a gift. I tried to run away from everything, the same reason why you are trying to run away. Leaving Anna, was the biggest mistake I have ever made. As soon as I left her, I realised how much I missed her, and how I regretted the decision. Erich, I won't let you do this to yourself. Please Erich, don't leave. Please. Do this for us." There were tears in my eyes, and in Anna's as well. We both just stared at Erich, who stared back at us. After moment of silence, he finally talked, his voice still shaking. "You know Elsa? A simple 'Can you replace me?' would have been fine."

Few days later

It was in the middle of the night. The town was all asleep, and the moon shined over the village. We were standing outside, at the gate. Anna and I were putting luggages on the horse tram. When we were done, we looked back. Erich was there, with his new crown, and so was Kristof, and Olaf. "I guess this is it." My voice was shaky. Anna was crying behind me, holding on to my arms tight. I was embraced into a hug, from Kristof, Olaf, and Erich. "Please… take care of them. Promise?" Erich's turquoise eyes shined bright under the moon. "I promise." It was Anna's turn to say goodbye. "Look after Olaf ok? His cloud needs to be replaced every year." She gave Kristof a warm hug, and a short kiss on the lips. For once, I was not jealous. I was happy. We both got on to the horse tram, and waved goodbye at them. They were there for us. They were there until we were out of sight. They were there for us, and they will be there for us.

We held each other tightly, embracing each other.

"This is it Elsa. This is the end of our taboo love."

"No Anna, this is the beginning of our new life. Our new future. Our new love."

We stared at each other, and Kissed, as we headed for the future.

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