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Prologue - X-Treme Beginnings

Colossus, Cyclops, and Wolverine were teleported from Earth to Mojo World by the insane, but beautiful multi-armed sorceress named Spiral. Those X-Men are currently fighting in a pitched battle with Spiral, and several dozen heavily armed warriors sent by the self imposed ruler of the Mojoverse: The demented Mojo! Mojo World's power structure is based on Earth's television industry and Mojo became their leader by controlling it, along with the slave trade.

"I want the X-men rounded up, and ready on the set in 5! Come on! We're burning daylight here! Mojo bellowed with impatience. Mojo is from an alien race of Spineless Beings. He is 6' 9", bald with coal black eyes that are forced open with connected wires from his metal headpiece, and has sickly yellow skin. He is extremely obese, and uses a mechanical carriage with spider-like legs to move due to his lack of a spine.

"You think this is so easy...why don't you come over here and do it yourself!" Spiral argued with her employer. Spiral is 5' 10" with shoulder length silver hair, and white pupiless eyes. She is wearing a skin tight light blue outfit that shows off her athletic figure. Her most unique features are her six arms with one of them being cybernetic. In 4 of her hands she is wielding deadly looking swords, and she is currently trying to separate Wolverine's head from his shoulders.

"Hey Slim! Now would be a really good time to come up with a plan to get out of this dump, and back home." Wolverine said while he parried Spiral's sword attacks from above with his adamantium claws, and followed up with a kick to her solar plexus that knocked the wind out of her, and gave him time to regroup with his teammates Colossus, and Cyclops.

"I agree with Logan, tovarich. This battle must end so that I can see my little sister Illyana when she arrives at the Xavier Institute!" The steel armored Russian born mutant exclaims while plowing through a large group of Mojo's hired men, and sending them all flying in different directions. One of them impacted and damaged the high tech equipment that was broadcasting their fight throughout the Mojoverse.

"Wolverine, Colossus! We need to target Mojo himself!" Cyclops ordered while letting loose a powerful optic blast from his eyes that cleared a path through some of the enemy forces.

"That's what I've been tryin' to do Summers, but the little lady here ain't having none of it!" Wolverine states with an annoyed look while his healing factor works to repair a punctured kidney courtesy of one of Spiral's swords.

"Spiral, dear...WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! THERE'S NO MORE LIVE FEED, AND I'M LOSING RATINGS! DO SOMETHING!" Mojo shouted while his right-hand man Major Domo oversees the repair of the damaged equipment.

"What! I was enjoying my fight with this mutant, so sue me!" Spiral then performs a back flip to avoid a dangerous swipe from Wolverine's clawed hand, and to get some distance from the feral mutant. "It looks like you, and your friends' time is now up little man. Your wanted on set, and I would rather not cancel you all." Spiral said with finality while beginning a dance to initiate one of her spells of teleportation.

Colossus! Gimme a fastball Special!" Wolverine said while rushing toward the larger man. "Right away Logan." Colossus gathered up the smaller mutant in one of his metallic hands while Wolverine crouched into a ball, and then thrown at high speeds toward the still dancing sorceress. The surprise attack interrupted her spell before she could complete the last hand gesture. The incomplete spell hit all three of the X-Men encasing them in a shimmering light until they were no longer in Mojo's throne room.

"DOMO! Where are my little stars now? I hope they like their new *HA*...accommodations. HAAHAHAHA! YES!" Mojo said while using his spider-like legs to spin himself around in a circle, and throwing his arms up in celebration.

Major Domo walked up to a giant computer terminal, and began his search for the three mutants current location. "It appears we have a slight complication oh most rotund bombosity. When Spiral's spell to cleave time and space was interrupted, the X-Men were teleported to a previously uncharted primitive dimension." Domo had to duck out of the way to avoid Mojo's mechanical tail when he turned around sharply to look at Spiral.

"SPIRAL! Take Ma'gog, and get a remote crew over there, YESTERDAY! MOVE IT!" Spiral was quick to leave the room, not wanting to anger Mojo further.

In The Sekirei Universe

Sitting on the ledge on the top of a high rise building in the capital city of Shinto Teito in Japan, a lonely figure is drowning her sorrows in a very large bottle of sake going over the events in her mind that lead up to her current depressed state.


The current CEO of MBI Minaka Hiroto was laughing like a maniac when he heard the Sekirei's confession that she is reacting to him. "HaHAHAAHAA! No. 3, I have no intention of participating in my own game! I'm the Games Master after all!" Minaka finished with a twisted grin on his face.

"Mina-kun! This is a Sekirei's nature to react to their chosen Ashikabi! I didn't have a choice in who I reacted to! Don't you care what this is doing to me?!" No.3 said with flushed cheeks, while breathing heavily and taking short gasps of air.

Minaka gave her a hard look, and there was no compassion in his eyes. "No, I don't No.3." No.3 felt a stinging pain in her heart from Minaka's rejection, and when he refused to call her by name. "If you are unable to perform your duties in the Disciplinary Squad then you are no longer useful to me." After saying these words, Minaka sent for a detachment of MBI Soldiers to escort a crying No. 3 out of MBI Tower.

~Flashback End~

Kazehana looked up into the night sky with a few tears traveling down her cheeks from the painful memory. She then felt something in the wind that was falling at high speeds that put the Sekirei on high alert, and snapped her out of her depression. She heard a loud crash like a small explosion from one of the buildings under construction a few blocks away. The wind Sekirei rushed to the location with a speed that no ordinary human could match.

Kazehana's POV

I made my way through the rubble, and collapsed steel girders to the center of the destruction. What surprised me is that there is a man lying there! I jumped down to him, and checked on his vitals, and if he was still breathing. His pulse, and heartbeat are steady? He's only unconscious! After letting out a breath that I didn't know I was holding, I gathered my thoughts. This is impossible! He should be dead after that fall! I took a moment to study this man. I find myself staring at his handsome features, and the odd attire he's wearing. A yellow, and red skin tight suit with a large belt with an X symbol on the front. He's not a Sekirei. I know all of the male Sekirei, and none of them have such huge muscles! My cheeks suddenly redden, and I'm breathing hard? I can't be reacting! No! It's too soon, I don't think I could take being rejected for a second time! Focus Kazehana! I need to get him someplace safe from MBI's influence. Miya's! I lift up the muscular man bridal style, and take to the roof tops headed to the north.

Thank you for reading this prologue chapter. X-Sekirei is just a working title until I come up with a better one. ;p Colossus has been found by Kazehana, but where in Shinto Teito are Wolverine, and Cyclops? Also let me know if you want Wolverine, and Cyclops to become Ashikabi as well, and what Sekirei you would like for them to wing. :)