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Chapter 11 - Dark Horizon

"My name is Yashima Sekirei number 84, Ashikabi-sama. Could you please tell me your name?" Yashima said smiling happily at Nightcrawler with her forearms placed in front of her body, and her hands clasped together.

Kurt was stunned, and couldn't believe what just happened. Another Sekirei chose him to be her Ashikabi. "Was wille Musubi, and Shi think about this?" Nightcrawler was worried, but he decided to put that aside, and introduce himself to his new Sekirei. "Freut mich, Yashima. My name is Kurt Wagner, at your service." Kurt gave Yashima a bow at the waist, with one of his forearms across his abdomen, and his spaded tail waving behind him. "No, Kurt-sama! You mustn't say that! A Sekirei is always at the service of their Ashikabi!" Yashima said in a panic, and lifted Nightcrawler's upper body back in place, so he was no longer bowing.

"Wo did you learn this from Yashima?" Kurt said with a frown, and placing his hands on Yashima's shoulders looking intently in Yashima's eyes. Yashima became nervous from her Ashikabi's stare, and stuttered a little. "M...My Adjuster at MBI, and the P...Professor...H...Hiroto Minaka." Nightcrawler hears Yashima's nervousness, and smiles at her in reassurance. "Mir zuhören, Yashima. You shouldn't think that way. We are equals, never let anyone tell you otherwise." Nightcrawler was unprepared as Yashima brought Kurt in for a hungry kiss, that had her light blue wings growing, and waving behind her back. The Mutant/Sekirei group had to dodge out of the way to avoid getting hit by them. The kiss was still going strong, even after Yashima's wings dispersed, and Alex coughed loudly to get their attention. This had Kurt stopping the kiss, getting a cute wine, and a pout from Yashima.

"Sorry to interrupt Kurt, but we need to get organized with their being so many of us now. We also have to compare notes, and get some information on this MBI, and Minaka." Alex said getting Nightcrawler to nod his head with an embarrassed purple blush on his cheeks. Yashima was tuning out Havok, and staring at her Ashikabi with a big smile. Then realization hit her. "Kurt-sama, do you know where my hammer is? I don't see it." Yashima looked around the area with her forearm entwined with her mutant Ashikabi's.

Scott had an uncomfortable expression, as he looked at Yashima. "I know where it's located, so we'll go to retrieve it after we finish this meeting." Yashima gave Cyclops a smile, and a nod which surprised both him, and Akitsu. "Is this all an act, or does she really not remember her past Ashikabi, and attacking us?" Scott thought with a contemplative look rubbing his chin with his hand. Scott glanced over at Akitsu, who was back in Rachel's personal space, and was cradling her in her arms, and humming softly. "Ah...Rachel-chan Do you want anymore brothers, and sisters?" Akitsu said in her monotone voice, as the back of Rachel's head was disappearing in the valley of Akitsu's large breasts. Rachel was too busy trying to free herself from the Ice Sekirei's vice like grip to give an answer.



"Hey guys! Over here!"

The large group turned as one to see Warpath running over along with two women. One had brown hair, and was wearing a modified Miko outfit and one of the largest chests they've ever seen, that was bouncing as she ran. The other woman has dark hair in two ponytails, and is wearing a kimono like dress with semi-detached sleeves. The two women ran past all of the other members of the group, and stood in front of Nightcrawler staring at Yashima who is holding Kurt close to her. Nightcrawler has a uncertain look in his eyes, as he gazed at his other Sekirei.

"Wow, Kurt-sama! Your so strong! You winged another Sekirei!" Musubi had a happy smile as she bounded over to Yashima, bringing her into a hug. "We're Sekirei sisters now! What's your name?" Musubi eyes were big, and there were sparkles all around her head. Yashima had a big sweat drop forming on the back of her head. "I...I'm Sekirei no. 84, Yashima." Yashima blurted out nervously. "Musubi is a fist-type, and I'm no. 88!"

Nightcrawler chuckled at Musubi's exuberance, and glanced over at Shi, who was shying away from Yashima with fearful eyes. "Was is the matter, Engel?" Nightcrawler walked over to Shi, and took one of her hands in his own. Shi was blushing at the action, but still had the fearful look in her eyes staring at Yashima. "K...Kurt-kun. I...I've met her before. S...She, and her Ashikabi were chasing me, and her Ashikabi wanted t...to forcibly wing me." Shi said hugging Kurt for comfort, and he wrapped his arms around her. Kurt had a look of confusion, and pulled apart from the hug enough to look in Shi's eyes. "Wann did this happen Shi?"

"M...Musubi-chan, and I g...got separated in a big crowd of p...people when Y...Yashima attacked me, and I ran away. I...I managed to hide from them, and her Ashikabi got angry...a...and started to beat her up." Kurt was angry, and his spaded tail was lashing out like a whip in the air. "No mensch should treat a frau like that!" Nightcrawler said hugging Shi tightly looking over her shoulder at Yashima with sad eyes. Shi melted into the hug closing her eyes with a look of contentment.

"Hey! Your the meanies who chased Musubi, and Shi-chan all over the city!" Musubi shouted, getting Kurt, and Shi to look up as Musubi got into a fighting stance focusing on the Lightning Twins. Hikari, and Hibiki were preparing to kiss Havok in order to use their Norito, when Alex stopped them shaking his head. "Whatever grievance you had with each other is in the past. Now I want you both to apologize for trying to hurt them." Alex said with a hand on each of the twins' shoulders smiling at them. "What?! Alex-kun! We were just elimanating the competition like our Adjuster instructed us to do!" Hikari explained as she pointed at Musubi, and Shi. "Hikari-chan's right Alex-kun. Our Adjuster was a letcher, and pervert who constantly groped us. Even after sending 10,000 volts of electricity through his body, he kept coming back for more." Hibiki, and Hikari both had looks of disgust remembering the actions of their Adjuster in MBI.

In another part of the city, Seo Kaoru started sneezing violently, scaring away the runaway cat he had cornered to bring back for a paying client. Seo cursed under his breath, and walked away with his hands in his pants pockets. "It's not worth the effort I'm putting in. Whoever was talking about me better have a huge rack for me to grope as compensation." Seo has a lecherous grin, and is giggling perversely as he heads to Izumo Inn to beg Miya for some food.

"Remind me to punch that guy in the face if I ever have the misfortune of meeting him." Hikari, and Hibiki both kissed Havok on each cheek, and Yomi got behind Alex, and groped his chest and abs.

"I hope you don't feel that way about all perverts Alex-love." Yomi said seductively with a grin, and giggling at Havok's red face. This started another argument between the Lightning Twins, and Yomi that was quickly stopped by Alex.

Cyclops whistled loudly stopping everyone, and getting their attention. "Alex is right. There will be no in fighting amongst the group. This is what Minaka wants. He wants the Sekirei to kill each other off for some unknown reason, and he's using the bonds formed with their Ashikabi to force their hands to fight one another." Cyclops looked around at the faces of the Sekirei, getting understanding nods from everyone, and a "Ah...yes." from Akitsu who is still holding Rachel in a hug. "Akitsu...could you ease up on Rachel a little? You don't have to try so hard to get her to like you. She'd never let someone get so close to her like you are right now." Scott gave Rachel a knowing look, and a smile. Rachel puffed her cheeks out slightly, and turned her head. which caused her to be smothered in Akitsu's chest again.

Akitsu pouted a little, but complied with her Ashikabi's request and released Rachel, earning a sigh of gratitude from Marvel Girl.

Scott nods at Akitsu, and clears his throat to continue. "Warpath, Nightcrawler. What happened with your group, and could you introduce us to your Sekirei?" Cyclops said grinning slightly at Kurt, who rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "Ja, mein freund. This lovely vision is Musubi." Nightcrawler said smiling and gesturing to Musubi who is blushing, and holding her hands on her cheeks. "This is mein Engel, Shi." Shi was peeking at Cyclops from behind Kurt, and waved shyly at everyone. "Hein ist Yashima, whom some of you know." Kurt motioned to Yashima, who bowed in greeting.

Warpath chose now to add something to the conversation. "Cyclops, Spiral and her Warwolves are here on this planet. She's already abducted two Sekirei, and sent them somewhere. Most likely back to Mojo."

"What does Mojo want with the Sekirei?" Magik questioned with a neutral look.

"Alex-Kun...what the hell is this Mojo everybody's talking about?!" Hikari shouted throwing her hands up in exasperation. Hibiki, Yomi, Akitsu, Yashima, Musubi, and Shi nodded that they needed an explanation as well.

"Mojo is an intergalactic despot who rules over his own universe called Mojoverse. His world's power structure is based on Earth's television industry and Mojo became their leader by controlling it, along with the slave trade. Whatever he plans for the people of your race, can't be good." Marvel Girl said with her arms folded over her chest. Akitsu's expression changed, and her eyes widened slightly. "Ah...Rachel-chan knows so much. Mother is so proud of her Rachel-chan." Rachel was ready this time, and ducked under the lunging embrace from Akitsu. "Ah...fast." Akitsu added, and watched Rachel hide behind Warpath getting him to laugh out loud at their antics.

"Spiral being here doesn't surprise me. She's one of Mojo's main enforcers. What we need is a base of operations, away from the prying eyes of Spiral, Minaka, and MBI to plan our next moves, and locate Wolverine, and Colossus." Scott said in a thinking pose with his brow furrowed in concentration.

"Um. We may know of a place." Hikari said raising her hand with a unsure look to her twin sister.

"Hikari-chan...you mean..." Hibiki began before getting interrupted by her sister.

"Yeah. She's strict, and acts like she's got a pole wedged deep in her ass, but it's the only place I can think of." Hikari was looking around as if making sure what she said wasn't heard by someone.

"You know of somewhere we can set up a base of operations?" Alex looked expectantly at his twin Sekirei getting them to nod their heads. "Yes, Alex-kun! We can take you there now, right Hibiki-chan?" Hibiki was going to say something, but Hikari shook her head, and gave her sister a pleading look that made her sigh in acceptance. "It's a place called Izumo Inn, and the only thing you have to worry about is obeying the house rules. Miya is a bit strict..." Hikari scoffed at that statement. "More like a huge prude." Hikari added looking around for an invisible assailant again.

"Ah...will I be able to make love to Scott-sama there?" Akitsu said with a deadpan expression inches from Hikari's face causing her to jump back in fright. Rachel looks at her father, who is getting pats on the back from Alex, and James. "Good to see you out of your funk, and getting over Jean." Alex said smiling at his brother. "Your a lucky man Scott. I'm still trying to get over Theresa...it's not easy." Warpath had a sad smile, but received a warm hug from Rachel. "Your a great guy James...I'm sure you'll find someone special."

"Ahem!" Magik has her sword point in the ground, and has her hands over the top of the pommel. "Let us go to this Izumo Inn. I will provide the transportation. Tell me where to go." Magik pointed at Hikari, who relayed Izumo Inn's location. "Gather around me." Magik said with no room for argument. The others entered where a pink teleportation stepping disk formed on the ground, and vanished in a flash of pink light.

At Izumo Inn

Colossus, Toyotama, Kazehana, Uzume, and Kusano (who is perched on Piotr's left shoulder) arrived back at Izumo to find a man arguing with Miya about giving him food, and being her late husband's best friend. Colossus takes Kusano off his shoulder, and gives her a gentle pat on the head when he sees her pouting. "Miya, we've returned!" Piotr raised his voice to be heard over Miya, and Seo's arguing. Both turned to Colossus with Miya giving her usual smile, and Seo gasping, and pointing at Piotr. "Hey! You're the guy who prevented me from ste...borrowing Minato's home made box lunches!"

"Da, and you are the one who would leave the work to others at the construction site." Colossus narrowed his eyes when Seo scoffed, and shrugged his shoulders. "I'm not here to argue, what I am here for is food..." Seo trails off when he looks at Toyotama, Uzume, and Kazehana. "So, you're an Ashikabi, and you winged all three of them." Seo smirks seeing Piotr's look of surprise. Then he looks at Kusano. "I see she hasn't been winged yet. That's a relief." Kusano sticks her tongue out at Seo getting him to chuckle.

Suddenly, a pink circle appears on the grounds of Izumo Inn and Miya is rushing out the doors with her sword in hand. She's followed by Colossus who recognizes this mutant power. "Požalujsta Miya, stop!" Piotr sees his little sister, and his friends materializing from the portal. Magik draws her own sword to meet, and block Miya's strike which makes Miya pause in slight shock. Colossus triggers his mutant power, and restrains Miya from attacking further. Miya looks up at Piotr's face with a cold gaze, until he speaks again. "Miya, this is my little sister Illyana, and my friends!"

Miya's eyes regain their warmth, and she stops struggling against Piotr. Miya has a look of embarrassment, and shame before she covers it up with an uneasy smile. "Oh, my! What was I thinking? You can let me go now Piotr-kun...unless you like holding this old widow close to you?" Miya teased, trying to shake the feelings that his embrace were bringing back to her.

"Piotr!" Magik puts her sword back in it's scabbard, and rushes over to Colossus, and hugs him after Miya leaves his embrace. "Illyana! Ya tak sil'no skuchAl, little sister!" Colossus lifts her up, and spins her around getting her to giggle. "I missed you as well Piotr. I'm glad your safe."

"Piotr-kun, aren't you going to introduce us?" Kazehana has her arm wrapped around Piotr's shoulder, and pressing her voluptuous breasts into his upper arm. Uzume is on his other side winking playfully at him. Toyotama is leaning on the top of her staff smirking at Colossus. Magik is staring at all of these women hanging off of her brother. "Piotr...who are they?" Illyana points at Colossus' Sekirei, and before Colossus can explain, he sees little Ku tugging on Magik's yellow, and black X-Men uniform. Magik looks down, and Kusano is glaring at her with her cheeks puffed out in anger. "Onii-chan is Ku's Onii-chan!" Illyana gasps, and giggles holding her arms out, and scoops Kusano up hugging her close. "Oh, Piotr...she is adorable! Can I keep her?" Magik gives Colossus the infamous puppy dog look, and Colossus had a large sweat drop forming.

In the Mojoverse - Mojo World (Mojo's throne room)

"Tell me we got it Domo! We did get it, RIGHT?" Mojo had an expectant look at Major Domo. who is currently checking the video feed from the remote crew that was sent to the Sekirei's Universe. Domo hit some keys on the main control panel, and three dimensional images of Colossus, and his Sekirei's fight with Mr. Sinister, and the Nasty Boys was shown.

"YES! Domo! Look at these numbers! HA-HA-HA! It was my brilliant idea to send more of those mutants after the X-Men! I...am a GENIUS!" Mojo gloated as he watched the intergalactic ratings numbers coming in on his personal viewing screen. "Yes, your bombosity. It was quite the stroke of brilliance on your part." Domo said sarcastically as he turned around, and rolled his eyes. "You did send Spiral to enlist their assistance in battling the X-Men, and procuring the Sekirei." Domo turned back to Mojo with a questioning stare. "The being known as Mr. Sinister seems fascinated with the Sekirei, and wanted some for study. Should I send him the subjects that Spiral teleported here?"

"MMMMmmmm...No! I don't remember getting any Sekirei yet...do you Domo?!" Mojo gave Domo a look that told him not to argue the point. Domo conceded, and shook his head with sweat dripping down his forehead. Mojo used his mechanical spider like legs to walk over to a monitor showing two women, one with short hair in a pixie cut, and the other with a red bow in her hair and a long blue and white dress. They were both being trained in a room with lasers strafing them, and large circular buzz-saws jutting out from the walls. Both Sekirei were sweating heavily, and their clothes had large tears in them, showing how close to death they came on many occasions.

"Domo...how come they're not shouting: "OOoooohh Higa-sama, save us!" or "Higa-sama will puunish you for taking us!" Mojo's eye was twitching, and he has an annoyed look. "Higa this, and HIGA THAT!...DOMO! Send Spiral a message to send this Higa to me so I can personally cancel the little worm!" Mojo's mechanical serpent like tail was waving angrily behind him.

"So noted. I had told Spiral to prevent the Sekirei from forming bonds before sending any here. However, the specimens that were sent had a weak bond to a human from that Earth. It was a simple matter to remove the bonds without destroying the Sekirei in this case. Stronger bonds, are difficult, perhaps even impossible to remove. We have isolated these subjects to prevent any new bonds forming, and are training them for their eventual debut." Domo noticed the two Sekirei were on the floor panting with exhaustion as circular blades descended on them. Domo quickly tapped a few buttons on a console, deactivating the training program and stopping the blades.

"WAIT! You mean the X-Men that are bonded to the Sekirei can't be killed, or the Sekirei are USELESS?!" Mojo has an angry expression on his face. "I already had a time-slot booked for their upcoming demise!" Mojo shouted, holding his neck that still had a scar from Magik's sword.

"Unfortunately, yes." Domo stood before Mojo with his arms behind his back. "Do you still wish to proceed with capturing all of the Sekirei?" Domo notices Mojo glancing back at the three dimensional images of Colossus' last fight, where Miya uses her power to destroy the Botanical Gardens. "Domo! Freeze the image...there!" Domo presses a button on the monitors control panel, and the image stops, showing Miya in mid swing with her sword.

"Yes...I know her...this one." Mojo said running his long fingers over his chin. "She's one of the Sekirei that refused my generous offer of stardom! Who wouldn't want to work for me as a slave for the rest of their days?!"

Domo typed in some data into the main control panel, and images of all the Sekirei appeared on the screen. "The Sekirei are being winged at a quicker rate than I surmised. The need to be bonded drives them to find their chosen ones." Domo hits some buttons, and another screen appears with Mr. Sinister, Spiral, and the Nasty Boys visible.

"What do you want Domo? I'm busy with my new test subjects." Sinister smiles wickedly, and shows Mikogami, and Mutsu in organic looking pods with strange liquid inside. Both the Ashikabi, and Sekirei are unconscious, and have respirator devices over the bottom of their faces feeding oxygen to their lungs. "Mr. Sinister, we need you to search for a way to remove the bonds from the Sekirei. Spiral, you may begin Phase two." Spiral smiled, but frowned when she felt someone groping her ass. "Who is the dead man who groped me?!" Sinister turned around to see his men running for their lives from an enraged six armed sorceress. "You'll have to excuse me Domo. I have to stop Spiral from killing them. I doubt there would be enough genetic material left to clone them otherwise." Sinister heard shouts, and Slab crying for mercy. "Sorry, we're all out of mercy today!" Spiral yelled with the sounds of equipment getting destroyed, and Sinister ended the transmission on his end.

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