This is the first to my one shot series. I will say who's in it and then the rating of it just incase I get a bit out of hand. Plus I'll say if I get inspiration from something. Some of them might be short and others longer. Also I'll update when I feel like might be every other day or once a month. It will be as and when I have inspiration or spare time.

So this one is about Cammie and Zach. Rating T. Inspiration she will be loved by maroon 5.

They were both hurting. Everything was against them. Even their parents fought over it. Seeing just how much they were hurting they finished it, both of them leaving in tears.

***5 years later***

He stood watching on the corner in the pouring rain. He watched him beat her again for being late. He knew she could never tell him why. He saw her carry her bags out.

She stormed out of the house crying, she didn't notice him. He wasn't called shadow for just any reason.

He made a mistake. He shouldn't of let her go. He left her for 5 years of pain. He was always there to see it all.

"Gallagher girl," Cammie snapped her head up at the sound of his voice.

"Zach? It's really you?" She ran towards him. His arms opened and she jumped into them.

"I saw it all. I'm so sorry. I did this to you. I let you go. I should have fought harder. Come and stay at mine, please. Then you can sleep on it without the questions." She nodded into his chest. He grabbed her bags from her car boot and carried her and her bags to his apartment.

It was a mess. Zach and Grant shared the place. It was covered in pizza boxes and dirty clothes. All Grant's of course. He would leave it a mess then spend the night with Bex leaving the place to Zach.

"Sorry about the mess. You know Grant." She understood. Grant was her brother. Ever since she could remember he always left a mess behind himself.

"It's fine. Zach, there is just one thing bothering me. How did you know to be there?" She looked up at him. The both stood in the kitchen. Zach making coffee for them both.

"I've always been there Cam. Always have always will be. I made a mistake ending it with you. I should of fought for you. I've been watching over you for the past five years. Keeping you safe, trying anyways. I watched you and Josh. Every time he beat you I wanted to break your doors down but I always thought you were better without me. I'm so sorry for everything I've put you through. I love you, my beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous Gallagher girl." Cammie didn't know what to say. She ran out of the room and into Grant's.

Surprisingly he was home that night. He lay in bed listening to his music and missing his British Bombshell. As Cammie came in, crying once again, Grant sat up to comfort his sister.

"Camster, what's wrong?" Seeing his sister like that broke his heart.

"Everything! I'm done with Josh. I'm never going back there. Zach was there when I left but I was so caught up in tears I realise why he was there. He brought me here and then he told me he loved me. I still love him but can we do it again? Catherine is still out there and mum was never happy about it. I can't go through the pain again!" She cried on her brother's shoulder. She cried until she fell asleep. Grant lay her down on his bed and went to find his roommate.

"Dude, where you at?" He called throughout the apartment. He found him in the kitchen with a tub of ice cream. "Zach she told me everything. All of which I already knew. You know she loves you too? You can both do it you know. I know you would follow her around the earth and back again but can you keep her happy and pain free? If you can do that for my sister, you can have every chance with her." He stood staring at his best mate. Zach stood up to go and talk to Cammie. "She's sleeping now. Wait till morning, let her clear her head a bit."

Zach took the hint but went to her anyways. He sat on the floor watching her sleep. He held her hand against his face and he fell asleep as well. Grant stood in the doorway. He watched his sister and best friend go through the worst break up. He saw the way they still looked at each other. He might be the dumb one but he know soul mates when he saw them.

***the next morning***

When Cammie woke up she felt refreshed. The only thing she didn't understand was why Grant was holding her hand against his face. She opened her eyes to see not Grant but Zachary Goode. He was awake staring at her once again.

"Zach, I love you too but I can't deal with the pain again."

"And you won't. I won't let anyone or anything break us apart. I can't be without you anymore." Cammie sat up and patted the bed beside her. Zach got up and sat next to her. She stroked his face with her fingertips.

"I missed us." She said before kissing him.

Grant walked past his bedroom and saw them kissing. 'Maybe I'm not so bad at this matchmaking.' He thought to himself before leaving to see his girlfriend.