MiniJen Presents...

Bound Destinies Side Stories

Author's Preface (Please read before continuing!)

Alright, so since I find that I need to take a break from working on Blood and Spirit otherwise my sheer emotions that I develop while writing it will destroy me, I've decided to do something a bit strange… For those of you who don't know, I've been writing an LoZ trilogy of stories based upon Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess respectively, entitled the Bound Destines Trilogy. If you've found yourself here without reading at least one of the stories, I'd highly encourage you to go do so now so some of this will make sense. I've already finished book 2 in the Trilogy (Wisdom and Courage), and if you want to read it, you may find it here: s/8664013/1/Wisdom-and-Courage The first book, Blood and Spirit, is currently a little more than halfway through and you may find it here: s/9474719/1/Blood-and-Spirit The third and final book, Light and Shadow is, as of this moment, not written yet, but that's ok for right now. :D

So with the intro for the trilogy out of the way, what this basically is will be exactly what's written on the tin. A collection of side stories and one shots pertaining to the Bound Destinies Trilogy. What this includes will be a wide variety of different things in different styles and themes, mostly as a way to give myself a relaxed break between writing the actual trilogy and also a way for me to give more depth to parts of the stories.

To give you a general overview of what you might find here, there will be angst (isn't that pretty much all I write nowadays...?), romance, drama, tragedy, hurt/comfort, humor, fluff, mystery and a variety of all of the other genres under the sun, depending on how I'm feeling when I write them. Most of these side stories will only exist in one shots, some longer than others and some split up into two parts at the most depending on what they're about. The writing style will often be changed up, with both third person and first person entries for some variety. Some will be solely-emotion based, while others will be really only for the purpose of furthering the lore and others will be a mix. Some side stories will focus on what happened before each story, either a short while before or years before. Others will take place during their respective stories, as a way to see a certain character's point of view or in some cases, they'll be "What if?" scenarios. And still others will take place after each story, so please allow me to say now, BEWARE of the SPOILERS if you haven't read any of the trilogy yet!

Now since Blood and Spirit and Light and Shadow are not done yet, I will hold off on writing anything that is beyond what I've already written for the two of them. But I do already have a ton of ideas, so you can expect them to come rushing forth as they are furthered along!

And finally, to give you a preview of what stories I might want to tell… From Blood and Spirit I have the ideas of telling the story of Terminus and her hero, a few fluffy moments about Link and Zelda as kids, the story of Hylia and her 1st hero, some more moments about Sheik and Veress as kids, a few 1st person things from during the story and several "what if" scenarios which I can't elaborate on right now! From Wisdom and Courage, I could give a few glimpses at the Hylian Civil War (from before even Ocarina of Time), some more looks at Link and Zelda as kids/early teens, maybe a few things from Veran's point of view or a more in-death backstory for her, some fluffy things that could happen after the story, among other things. And maybe I could even give some lead in for Light and Shadow before I write it. Who knows?

So if any of this sounds good to you, then please follow, favorite and most of all REVIEW! And, if you leave me either a PM or a review with a request for a side story pertaining to the trilogy that you'd like to see me write, then please feel free to tell me! This is going to be a very loose project, so I may not always work on it frequently, but if I find myself with either an idea or in a jam, I'll most likely come to it and dabble a little. So enjoy and until next time!