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Benjamin's POV

Chapter 1: The Past

Nazi Germany, 1944

I took in the sight around me. Everywhere I looked there was devestation. Destroyed houses and buildings from bombings were everywhere I looked. There were slain soldiers all over the battlefield with indescribable wounds. Yet people were still fighting. None bothered to stop and mourn their fallen comrades.

There were innocent civilians laying among the fallen. There were civilians that were running for cover. Some of them were wearing the star of David which identified them as Jews. Jews, they were the very people we were trying to help.

I heard a gunshot before I felt something pierce my abdomen. I screamed out in pain as I fell to the ground. I suppose death was going to catch up to me eventually. I've escaped death time and time again. It was inevitable that death would have it's way with me, that it would catch up to me eventually. It just caught up to me 23 years late. I almost died when I was born. I was born on July 1st 1921 to Esme Anne Evenson and Charles Evenson. I developed a lung infection and two days later it had gotten so bad that all of the doctors had thought that I had died. They had even taken me to the morgue. A couple of hours later a doctor had gone in there and heard me crying softly. I was taken to the intensive care unit for babies where they monitored my steady improvement. There had been hope for me after all. However they never got the chance to tell my mom the good news. My mom had been so saddened by my supposed death that she committed suicide by jumping off a cliff.

Somehow they found my father Charles Evenson. Apparently he had no idea that I even existed. He was a downright awful father. He abused me every chance that he got. Every time I did something wrong he would beat me. A couple of times I ended up in the hospital with serious injuries, some of them life threatening. I survived each and every time though. Things changed when my father mysteriously died in 1928. I was seven years old at the time. After that I went to live with my mother's parents. Life had improved for me now that I was in a less dangerous environment. It still wasn't perfect though, my grandfather would emotionally abuse me. I wasn't his idea of what a man should be in his eyes.

So I didn't have the happiest of upbringings. Life changed for me yet again in 1942. Months after the attack on Pearl Harbor I was drafted into the war. I first fought in Japan but then was relocated to Europe. I was sent to Germany to help free the Jews and fight Adolph Hitler and the Nazis.

During my time in the war I had been close to death numerous time. Yet, I still lived on. The saddest part is that the only way to survive is to kill. What happened to humanity? Where is god in all this death and devestation? The only people who say that the life of a soldier is glamorous one have not experienced the life of a soldier at all. There's nothing glamorous about killing people or watching all your friends and family around you die.

Now it's all over for me. No more of this for me. I kept thinking as I laid bleeding and dying on the battlefield. I felt someone pick me up and start carrying me to the first aid tent.

"There's no hope for this one" the guy carrying me said.

Then the doctor looked at me. "You're right. Gunshot to the abdomen. He's lost to much blood already. There's no hope for this soldier" he said.

"Where do I put him?" the guy carrying me asked.

"Put him in a cot. We'll make him as comfortable as possible" the doctor said.

He laid me on a cot inside the tent with a lot of other injured men being attended to. After the doctors had left to other tents another man appeared. He was extremely pale and he had dark red eyes. He inspected all the patients before going over to me.

He took his time looking over me.

"You're the only one who has no chance of making it through the night" he said.

I could only grunt in pain in response.

"Such a shame. You're so young. Too young for me to let you die" he said.

What was he talking about? Nobody can help me now. Too many injured people and too little supplies. He suddenly picked me up and ran away at lightening speed. He took me to a lonely cabin in the middle of the woods. I screamed out in pain as he removed the bullet.

He then bites my neck. The last thing I remember is him licking my wounds and watching them magically seal shut before I gave into the fire.

A/N: So what do you think so far? I always felt bad for Esme when she lost her baby and yesterday I came up with story. I hope you like it. Next chapter will be in modern times.