Ice and Snow

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[Harry to his pets and vice versa]
{Luna to her pets and vice versa}
/telepathic connection between Harry and his friends/

(Great Hall Breakfast)

Harry had walked into the Great Hall and again he had gained stares from his fellow classmates and teachers. Harry was wearing his school uniform, but also had a pair of red studs. What really drew the stares though was the fact that Egypt was wrapped around Harry. Harry sat down next to Dean and across from Seamus and Neville.

Seamus and Dean had also changed over the summer. Seamus had, like all Harry's friends, gotten tattoos. The dragon on his left forearm was sapphire blue and his left bicep was a leprechaun. On his right forearm was a black cauldron filled with gold. On his left breast was a four leaf clover. On his lower back was a rainbow and gold at one end of it. All his friends laughed when they saw his tattoos.

Dean's tattoo of the dragon was several shades lighter than his skin and a paintbrush on his right forearm. He had a blue heart on his right bicep that represented empaths. He had learned that he was an empath and had got the tattoo soon after. On his lower back was a pirates ship and on his stomach was a crescent moon right of his belly button.

Though the only one who showed change was Harry, Luna, and Neville. Luna then sat down next to Neville and Wisdom was on her head. Harry piled on cold food and Luna piled on hot food. The other three smirked at that. They knew why Harry and Luna were eating like that, but everyone else looked confused especially when Harry started to eat ice cream. Usually Harry wouldn't eat much and when he did eat he would only eat light foods.

Voldemort walked toward Harry. Everyone at Gryffindor table cringed in fear except Harry and his friends who didn't seemed to notice him. They were eating and talking quietly with themselves, but when they did notice Voldemort they just looked at him.

"Potter stay after breakfast." Voldemort ordered before walking to the front table.

Harry looked at his retreating form for a second before he shrugged and turning back to his breakfast. His friends looked at Voldemort a little longer than Harry then they too shrugged and turned back to eating.

After breakfast everyone including Harry's friends, who somehow knew he would be safe, left. Harry didn't move where he was and watched as everyone, but himself, Voldemort, Lucius, Severus, Bellatrix, and the Lestrange brothers leave.

Lucius Malfoy was the professor for the Wizarding Politics class. The Lestrange brothers both taught the Dark Arts and Defense against the Dark Arts class and Bella was there, because of Rodolphus.

Since they were all looking at him he gave them a smile. They could all see that Harry was amused by this situation and were confused by it. They were really confused by the fact that Harry had yet to attack them and were starting to wonder what his plan was.

"Sooooo, you wanted me to stay." Harry said with one raised eyebrow.

"You've changed Potter." Voldemort said.

"Yup. Let me guess you want to know why and you also want to know why I haven't attacked you yet, right?"


"Well I never wanted to fight in the first place. Dumbledick made me do that along with Weasley and his parents and sister, Granger, the order, and Pomfrey." They were shocked to hear this.

"What do you mean, Potter?" Bellatrix asked.

"Dumbledick paid my relatives to neglect and abuse me. He also paid the mention Weasleys and Granger to be my friends so that I would want to fight and so then my money and possessions would be theirs. Not to mention that they spied on me." He took a deep breath and continued. "He also had the order spy on me when I am at my relatives house. Lastly he paid Pomfrey to heal me enough so that I would live at the beginning of the school year and to not report the neglect and abuse."

Harry smirked at their openly stunned and shocked faces. Harry waited for a few more minutes before he spoke again and what he said stunned them even more.

"And I changed for the hell of it. Anything else you would like to know?"

Before anyone could ask, Egypt nuzzled Harry's face before hissing at Harry.

"Massster who is the other sssnake on the red eyed man'sss shouldersss."

"She is Nagini, Egypt. If you want you may go talk to her if she and her masssster sssaysss you can."

"Isss her masssster a sssspeaker?"


"Thank you."

Egypt slithered off of Harry and over to Voldemort and Nagini who had slithered on her master's shoulders during Harry's speech. Voldemort raised an eyebrow and waited for Egypt to speak.

"May I ssspeak to your lovely sssnake?"


"Hello Nagini."

"Hello and who are you?"

"My name is Egypt."

"It isss nice to meet you, Egypt."


They both slithered off leaving the humans. Harry snickered after they left. He was hoping that Nagini was Egypt's mate. Luna's mate was Sol and Hedwig's mate was Xeno. The rest of his and Luna's pets were mateless and was hoping that that would change soon. Harry was brought out of his thoughts by Voldemort's next question.

"How did you freeze the blood traitor?"

"Oh, that? I came into my inheritance on my 17th birthday and became a ice and snow demon. I have complete control over snow, but not that much control over ice yet. Anything else?"

They all could see how amused Harry was by this. What they didn't know was the fact that Harry's mate was in the room. He was was trying hard not to kiss him. Harry thought that his mate looked very hot. Harry was broken out of his thoughts by Voldemort.

"Not at the moment. Go to class Potter."

"Okay." Harry turned to leave before he remembered the letter in his pocket. "Oh professor Snape here. I found this letter in the Evans vault. It is addressed to you." Harry handed the letter to him and left to his first class of the day.

When the door to the Great Hall shut Severus opened the letter.

-My Dearest Severus,

You are most likely mad at me for choosing James Potter over you, but I happen to be his mate. I wish that this had never happened and that I was still with you, but I can not change what has happened and for that I am sorry. I have what I hope if good news for you. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Harrison James Potter and I would like you to know that I have made you the godfather of him. The unfortunate news though is that Sirius Black is also his godfather. I hope that you can forgive me one day Sev.


Lily Potter-

Severus saw that the letter was written a few days after Harry was born. He didn't understand why he had never received this before. He stuffed the letter into his pocket that he too left the Great Hall leaving his friends staring at him wondering what was in that letter. Soon the others also left.