Chapter 2

So Much Darkness And Stories


I was walking towards an entance of the mountain as I looked and saw stones walls. They were amazing, raved in blue and green with gold, I felt the walls as they stinged with heat. I remember this was a dream I had before...I expect to have teeth and fire again, as I kept walking in still, as the room was getting brighter with orange and yellow colors...and there was heat. I was walking a little faster toward it but then, I looked around me and saw gold, mounds, mounds, and mounds of it. I looked around then saw a growl, I turned and saw SUZAN! She was on the ground trying to get up but she was...burned? she looked up and saw me. I was confused...I wanted to scream help but it was stuck in my throat. I then saw fire consume her as I screamed no outstreching my hand to her.

# # #

I jolted up from my dream as I looked around wondering whats happening, I then felt hands around me as I was slapping and kicking.

"Raven, Raven, Raven," Someone said

I was Bilbo, I grabbed a hold of him as he took it and hugged me in a embrace. I was crying a little scared for my life...for my friend.

"its okay Raven," Bilbo shushed "ssshhh"

I looked at him "is Suzan okay?" I asked

"she is outside with everyone else and Beron," Bilbo said

Beron? THE BEAR!? I got up and ran towards the open door hearing voices, I looked and saw Suzan petting a pony with Thorin next to her. I made a breath of relife as I fell sitting on my bottum and hiding my face on my lap. God that dream felt real, and it was not okay. Bilbo helped me up as I was trying to breath and not get in a tizzy. I nodded to him that I was okay.

"RAVEN," Someone cried

I turned and saw Ori, Kili, Balin, and Dawlin came towards me. I smiled as I greeted my dwarven friends.

"hey guys," I said

"how are you feeling lass," Balin asked "you were not yourslef last time,"

"what do you mean?" I asked, everybody paused, cleared their throats, or whistled. I lifted a brow confused, I looked at Bilbo hoping he would tell me "Bilbo what are they talking about?" I asked

"well you remember anything about helping Suzan with her anger?" he asked

"a little," I said "I remember the house shaking,"

"well uh when you did save her, I think you drained a lot of energy out of you and you where saying werid things," Bilbo explained

"like what?" I asked

"oh something about Stewart Little," Kili bumped in "after that you where flirting with Bilbo, and saying werid stuff like I hate gay sparkling vampires and finally something about Bilbo knight in shining armour,"

I was turning beat red embrassed "please tell me it was a joke," I said begging "I would never do that kind of shit,"

"sadly lass you did," Dawlin said

I looked at Bilbo as he was turning beat red himself...okay I did not mean to say thing like that to Bilbo, I mean jeez I sounded like a second grader.

"sorry," I said "it will never happen again Bilbo, I must have made you look like a fool, I am so sorry," I said

"Raven it was not your fault," he said taking my hand "you never knew that was gonna happen anyway,"

man he does not blame with nothing...he is so nice god I am glad he found me. I hugged him as Bilbo chuckled.

"I am glad you understand," I said

Bilbo smiled then saw the four Dwarves smiling while Ori and Kili was teasing him giving him the pucker lips. Bilbo glared at them annoyed all he could think was "Grow Up"

after that Tara flew towards me to land on my shoulder. She hopped twice on my shoulder as she looked at me worried.

"are you alright Misstress, the last time you were awake you were not yourslef," Tara said

"I'm okay Tara, and you don't have to call me Misstress," I explained "I see in no point of you kissing my feet,"

"but your a goddess Misstress," Tara said "your must be respected by others, inculding me...I was only to report your mother as Misstress,"

"how about you call me Raven instead," I said as I let her perch on my wrist "its more respectuful than Misstress,"

" wish Misstress,-* I mean Raven," Tara said as she made an innocent smile.

I giggled as the rest of the dwarves and Bilbo chuckled.


I looked and Saw Raven awake talking to Bilbo and the four dwarves Ori, Kili, Balin, and Dawlin...she seemed normal again. I hope she never remembers the werid moments that happened to her. I kept the pony as she whinned a little. Thorin was against the fence as he looked at me smiling, I looked back at him smiling as well.

"seems Raven is back to normal," Thorin said smiling looking at Raven as she was talking to Kili but whatever he said, Raven flicked him in the forehead and made him fall. After that Tara the Raven started to nip at Kili in the head while Raven was trying to stop Tara from peking him. I laughed while Thorin chuckled.

"thank goodness," I said "I was worried that it would last forever,"

I looked up seeing Raven looking at me and walked towards me as she gave me a begging look with Tara on her shoulder "did I really look like a dumb-ass back there when I like healed you or something?" she asked

I smiled "sadly yes but your better now," I said

she groaned as she hid her face "I am scard for life," she said

"you'll live, now come on, Beron is serving us lunch," I said

Raven looked at me "hes not...?"

"nope, he is actually a good cook, he won't kill us, I am here, he does not want to hurt you either,"

Raven made a breath of relife, I know we will be fine...for now. I looked around to find Felton but I could not find him anywhere.

"Wheres Felton?" I asked looking around

"oh Chicken Beak?" Tara said "hes taking a nap as usual, he always does when there is free time, he also gets fat by doing that...there he is right there,"

Tara pointed with her wing up a tree as we all looked up to see Felton sleeping all puffed up. Daw it was so cute, Tara made an evil smile as she flew up on the tree as me and Raven tried to tell her not to do it. But Tara creeped up near him slowly then.

"THE ORCS ARE HERE," she cried

Felton jolted as he paincked "WHERE WHERE!" he cried and fell from his roosting spot, but luckliy I quickly caught him. Felton shook his head as he growled looking at Tara who was laughing.

"I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" Felton yelled as he went after her as Tara flew away and Felton chasing after her.

"this is gonna be a long Journey," I said

# # #

Narators POV

Azog walked down the path in Dol Guldur, it was quiet and dark, he liked it that way was the Necromancer that worried him, popping out of nowhere like a ghost. After that a dark cloud came from the darkness as it hissed into the darkness, and whispered in black magic.

"We grow in number...We grow in stregth...You will lead my armies," The Necromancer hissed

"What of Oakensheild?" Azog asked "I want the daughter of the goddess,"

"War is coming," The Necromancer hissed

"You promised me his head" Azog growled "you promised I would have the girl,"

"DEATH WILL COME TO ALL," The Necromancer hissed loudly as he went through Azog, and dissapered.

This was not fetchin news to Azog. He wanted to kill Oakensheild and take the girl he wants. And now he is wasting time on doing someone else's dirty work. Azog growled in anger as one of his men watched him from a far.

"so do we call off the hunt?" The Orc asked

Azog looked down at his men growling "BOLG!" he called

After that somethign came down a path, another ORc came huge as Azog himself, he looked more uglyer than his father as he growled and clenched his club looking at his father.

"I have a taske for you," Azog said "Do you still thirst for Dwarf blood?"

"I always have," Bolg said

"there is a company of dwarves going to the lonley know who I talk about?" Azog asked

"The Flith Thorin Oakensheild?"

"yes, go fin them and kill everyone," Azog said

Bolg nodded and walked down the path. "Bolg," Azog said

Blog stopped as he turned to look at his father.

"There is a girl with golden hair and her eyes like the blue moutains...I need her...she is going to be mine and I want her alive," Azog said

Blog nodded again and walked down the path to gather up some of the Orcs to start the hunt after the Comapny.

# # #


We sat around the table as Raven was still hiding her face still as she was trying to forget the things she said and the things she done to Bilbo. I told her it was nothing, but really it was a big deal to her, so I just let it go. Beron was pouring us more milk as he looked at Thorin who was leaning against the beam supporting to the roof. Tara was sitting on Bofurs head while Felton sat on shoulder trying to rest.

"so you are the one they call Oakensheild," Beron said "tell me, why is Azog the defiler hunting you?"

"you know of Azog?" Thorin asked "how?"

"my people where the frist to live in the mountains," Beron explained "when the gods brought down Elisa my cousin, for them to take care of her for many years, by the time the Orcs came down from the north, the defiler killed most of my famliy...and kept Elisa locked away for his own pleasures,"

I put my hand on my chest feeling my heart beat fast...just thinking about it makes me want to vomit.

"he ensalved most of my people," Beron said "but not for work...but for sport you might say," I noticed the lock on his wrist...he must have been prisoned with the rest "caging skin changers, killing them and toutering them seem to amuse him,"

"there where others like you?" Bilbo asked

Beron looked at Bilbo as he felt a werid sensation in him...being watched "once there was many of us," he said

"and now?" Bilbo asked

"now there is only one left," Beron said indacting himslef...the last of his kind. As Beron walked towards me and I took his hand showing I was there for him. I never knew so much darkness and blood was in my famliy and Ravens famliy also.

"you must reach the mountain...before the last days of Autum," Beron said

"Before Durins days fall, yes," Gandalf said "in time our young goddess will be able to help us,"

"you are running out of time," Beron said

"Which is why we must go through Mirkwood," Gandalf said

"a darkness lies apoun that forest," Beron said "shadows creeps benth the shadows, The ORcs of Moria are inallince with the Necromancer in Dol Guldur "

"that is why we will take the elven road," Gandalf explained "there path is still safe,"

"Safe?!" Beron asked "the wood elves of mirkwood are not like their kin, they are less wise and more dangoures,"

Raven looked at Beron then looked down on the ground "looks like no salads this time," she said "by the way, have you encountered them,"

"they don't take kindly to visitors...even a skin changer like me," Beron said

every step we take, brings us further into danger, into our deathbeads. We have to get to the mountain soon, if me and Raven want to get home soon to show our famlies that we are okay.

"but it matters not," Beron said as he looked at Thorin

Thorin turned and looked at Beron "what do you mean?" Thorin asked

"These lands are crawling with Orcs," Beron explained "their numbers are gorwing, and you are on foot, qnd you will never reach the forest alive,"

I could hear Ravens breathing as she tried to calm herself down trying to breath. Me and her looked up when we saw Beron looking at Thorin and walking towards him.

"I don't like dwarves, They are greedy, and blind," Beron growled as he picked up one of the mice on the table "Blind than there own need lesser than them,"

I could sense that Thorin is a little nervous knowing what Beron might do if he striked. There was a long pause between those two.

"but I hate Orcs more," Beron said "and I can not let Suzan be snatched by them like what happen to her mother...what is it you need,?"