The entire living room jumped back in surprise as a tall, grim looking man in a trench coat materialized within the living room with a loud thunderous smack.

He looked shaken, but still pissed off. His trenchcoat's sleeves were charred and bits were falling off unto Sally's pastel blue carpet. HIs coat had tears and rips in it and it smelled faintly of electrical wires.

"Cas!" Dean and Sam shouted with surprise.

Cas looked up from his hunched over position to give the Winchester brothers a frigid glare, his blue eyes reflecting the washed out blue of the carpet beneath his feet.

"Dude, now come on. You're getting ashes all over Percy's mom's carpet. Dude not cool." Leo snarked from the back or the room.

Castiels eyes flicked to Leo and back over to the Winchesters. Dean fidgeted uncomfortably under Cas' intense glare. No matter how used to the older Winchester got to Cas's face when he was pissed off, he still felt like a little child being scolded by his mother when the angel looked at him like that.

Cas trudged across the floor and came within the Winchester's little bubble of personal space that few people rarely ever entered.

"Dean Winchester. I told you not to enter God's forbidden teritory. I warned you, headed against this desicion to enter this unholy city and you went ahead. Do you know how troubled heaven is, how unbearably angry the angels are? Dean do you have any idea what you have done between the barrier of Heaven and Hades? And now, i am involved and i must help you fix it." Cas grumbled under his breath.

Dean was blown away, he hadn't heard Cas speak this much. Cas usually said only one or two sentences at most, for the majority of his language was based around body language, facial gestures and a few stabbing motions.

"Whoa whoa, this doesn;t make sense. Cas we have fought gods before and never once have you told us we overstepped out boundaries." Sam asked shocked.

"You never entered forbidden territory Sam. I warned you both and you decided to ignore my warnings." Cas snarled.

"What exactly does that mean Cas. What the hell is forbidden terriotory mean." Dean asked.

"Hades ." Frank quipped from the back

"What?" Dean turned towards the Asain-Canadian boy and gave him a long hard look.

Frank quivered under Dean's glare, nervous as Hades because he was afraid that Dean would pul his knife on Frank. That thing was wicked sharp and looked well used, like very well used. Frank could just tell from looking at that thing once that it had gutted a lot of people, and probs had killed a lot of evil things, like wendingos whatever those were.

"I said that its Hades not hell. Hell doesn't exist. Hades has an area that like hell, the fields of punishment. But there isn't hell." Frank's words got quieteer and quieter and Dean stared at him.

Cas turned to the large man-child and lookedat him, his eyes squinting as he looked at Frank. If the look had come from a normal person it would have looked like a 'What the Fortuna?" face, but on the angel well it was more of a Dean what is this? Face.

Cas turned away from Frank and back to his charge Dean Winchester.

"Forbidden terriotory means that once you enter this area Dean, I have no grace. You have no power and your weapons have no power Dean. And its also entails that there are more monsters that will come after you and hurt people , Dean. " Cas stated, the slightest twinge of anger coating his voice.

Sam looked agape at Cas, his mouth slightly open and his brain rushing through a hundred thoughts at once. Dean shrugged his shoulders and looked at the angel with a cocky grin that he pulled when confronting problems.

"So what you are saying is that you've got no juice Cas. Like your tank is empty?" Dean asked shaking his head.

"Yes Dean I am saying that exactly." Cas grumbled.

"Well its not like that hasn't happened before." Dean mummered sarcastically.

Cas strode over to the tall hunter and stared him in the eye. His eyes were like knives and began craving into the older Winchester. If he hadn't bee so used to it he would have buckled under the enormous pressure of the angel's eyes.

"Dean you forget who I am. I gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition. I bought you out of hell and I can throw you back in." Cas whispered angrily.

Dean put a hand to his chest and leaned back slightly, looking around at the peple around him. Dean Winchester had many sides to him. The Dork, The Badass, The Big Brother were all sides he shared on a regular basis. But the very few sides of him that rarely anyone ever encountered sometimes made an appearance.

Dean Winchester the Sarcastic Diva made an appearance this time.

"Can you now? Well well, I thought you were powerless here. Did you not say that you were out of juice? Hmm imagine that, you putting me back into hell with no juice." Dean sat back, stuck his hand under his chin and looked at the angel.

Cas ground he teeth and contemplated gripping the very large, very dumb Winchester and throwing him across the room.

"Um I'd hate to break up this little love fest but, who the Hades are you and what are you talking about?" Leo asked, no longer tinkering with his toys.

Everyone groaned internally. This was going to be a complicated case, wasn't it.

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