Naruto's War

Where Am I?

Commissioned by BillyZhao.

Naruto lied passed out in the middle of the forest. Sunlight slipped through the trees. His eyes slowly peeked open. His eyes closed again. Hey, stop right there… Naruto groaned. What do you thinkI won't let you, Naruto. Take this…

"What happened?" Naruto spoke weakly. He pulled himself up onto his butt, looking down at his own legs. "What was I doing here…?" He placed his hand on the side of his head as he tried to remember what happened to him.

He bent his legs up. He pushed himself back onto his feet and looked around as he placed his hand behind his head. He started to rub the back of his neck. "I think I remember now. Someone was in trouble and needed my help."

Naruto turned around, looking deep into the forest. "I'm pretty sure I was going this way." He leaped up onto a tree branch. He quickly jumped through the trees with a renew determination in his eyes. "I need to hurry."

Naruto picked up his pace, flying through the trees. It didn't take him very long to make it to the closet village in the forest. Naruto stood at the highest point of the tree he stood in to see the destruction, happening in the village below.

Explosions, sword crashes, and screams came out of the town. "What in the world is going on down there?" Naruto cracked his knuckles. "It doesn't matter I have to stop this destruction from happening." He leaped out of the tree. He ran down the path to the village.

The blond hair shinobi made it into the village in a little under a minute. He looked above him to see two shinobi clashed in mid-air. The two ninja leaped back onto opposite roofs with kunai in hand. One had on a leaf village headband while the other one appeared to be from the village hidden in the stones.

"What is going on around here?" Naruto questioned.

Another stone shinobi landed in front of Naruto, getting his attention. Naruto took a step back as the man took out a kunai. "Another scum leaf ninja."

Naruto took up a defensive position. He narrowed his eyes and bit down on his teeth. "Hey, who are you calling scum?"

The ninja dashed forward with his kunai arm crossed across his body, ready to strike. Naruto stuck out his hand, having charka swirl inside it to form a perfect sphere.

The sight caught the attention of all three other shinobi in the area. The ninja that was attacking tried to stop himself. Naruto rushed forward. "Rasengan!" He slammed the dense ball into the man's chest.

His enemy tried to hold his ground. He screamed out as his feet lifted off the ground. His body spun at the same speed as the ball that sent him flying backward into stacks of boxes. He hit the ground unconscious with only the whites of his eyes showing.

"That'll teach you," Naruto said.

The leaf shinobi stared at Naruto in awe. "That jutsu? Doesn't it belong to-" The man was cut off as he saw the rock ninja leap toward him. "Damn it, I'll just have to find out later." He leaped back to avoid his enemy's strike.

Naruto looked over at the fight. "I never saw that guy in the leaf before, but he looks the same age as me. I wonder if…" Naruto stepped toward them when he felt something grab his legs. He gazed down to see a pair of rock hands around his feet. "What the-"

A rock shinboi's face appeared out of the ground. A cruel grin appeared on his face. "Where do you think you are going, brat?" He picked Naruto up and threw him across the ground. Naruto bounced across the earth before he rolled pass two houses.

Naruto fell flat on his back, letting out a grunt. Naruto turned on his side, glaring back at the jerk that threw him come out of the ground. He placed his hands on the ground. "This is as far as you go, you little punk. You and the rest of the land of fire will be destroyed."

"You're insane if you think I'm going to let that happen." Naruto picked himself back up. He made a hand sign. "Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu." He created four solid copies of himself. "Get ready for the beating of your life, pal."

The five Narutos charged forward with their arms thrown back. The two Narutos on the furthest end of the group speeded ahead of the others. "Take this!" They got in nice and close when the left one threw a punch right at the man's face while the other slid below to sweep the man off his feet.

Their opponent merely grinned. He caught the first Naruto's fist and stomped on the other clone, turning him to smoke. He continued by head butting the one he grabbed, dispelling him as well. "Is that the best Kohona's got?"

Naruto and his clones all stuck out one of their hands to the side "I'm just getting started." Charka spheres formed in each of their open hand.

"Ha, like I didn't see that coming, give me a break," the man said.

"Triple Rasengan!" All three blond ninjas thrust his arms forward with him only being inches away from the man. The man leaped up in lightning fast speed barely dodging Naruto's attack and slamming his foot down on Naruto's back. He grabbed the other two's arms and threw them down as well.

Naruto hit the ground. His double rasengan blasted into the ground, blowing it up that covered Naruto in a puffy smoke. The man looked back with a smug smile on his face. "Hmm, that wasn't even a challenge."

"Oh, yeah!"

The man faced forward to see Naruto coming out of the air with a rasegan in his hand. His eyes tremble. "They were all shadow clones." Naruto slammed the sphere of charka into the man's stomach. The man spiral backward, splitting the smoke cloud and crashing to the ground.

Naruto was breathing heavily when he landed on the ground. He looked down at his hand that had previously held his reasengan. "That's strange. I don't usually feel this tire after using so many attacks."

"Maybe you shouldn't have used so many high level jutsu one after another?" his opponent spoke. Naruto looked forward to see the smoke had cleared. The man he had been fighting stopped in front of the crater Naruto had created with his clones.

Naruto's eyes shook. "What? How are you still standing after that?" The man simply pointed back to a pile of rocks. "You use rock clone."

"That's right, brat," the man said. He balled his hand into a fist. "Which means you wasted all that charka for nothing."

"I'm not finished yet." Naruto made the hand sign for the shadow clone jutsu.

The man came flying toward him over the crater. He swung a punch at Naruto, Naruto leaned his head over to the right to avoid the strike. The punch still cut his cheek. The man landed as Naruto sidestepped him.

They both turned to face each other. The man slammed his fist into Naruto's gut, knocking him into a house. Naruto broke through the wall, cutting his arm on the broken wood as he flew into the back wall of the house. He fell on his butt.

He grabbed his wounded arm. He shut his right eye while he bit down on his teeth, trying to hold in his pain. Blood ran down his cheek.

The man walked toward the house as the dust blew over his feet. He held a kunai knife down at his side.

Naruto reached down for his shuriken hustler. He managed to slip out two shuriken and a kunai knife. Just as the man was entering the house he tossed the weapons at the entrance. The man quickly knocked them aside.

A smoke bomb hit the ground in front of the man, blowing up. The man crossed his arms in front of him. Naruto sprinted forward he created two shadow clones. The three Narutos leaped into the air.

Naruto kicked the man in the face while his two clones pinned down his arms with their feet. The man slid out of the house. Naruto quickly created another rasengan with his clones and slammed it down on top of the man, blasting him into the ground.

Naruto's clones disappeared. He held his arm again as he walked off the man and the hole he made. He looked down at his arm. "I don't get it why isn't that stupid fox healing me?" Naruto then heard footsteps coming toward him.

He looked toward his right to see a girl with the leaf village headband on running toward him. "Another leaf ninja I never see before. Just what is going on around here?"

"Hey, are you injured?" the girl shouted in Naruto's direction.

Naruto looked at his arm again to see it was still bleeding badly. He then looked at the girl with two purple markings on her face. "Yeah, are you a medic ninja?"

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