Alternate Ending

"Get them! Don't let them escape with the jinchuriki!" shouted one of the ANBU.

Naruto, Kakashi, and Rin flew out of smoky cave, leaping onto the cliff on the other side. They headed into the forest. Several of the ANBU chased after them.

Obitio lied in the bed at Madara's secret hideout. He stared up a ceiling. The part of his body that had been crushed had been replaced by the Zetsu body. He balled up his new fist. He stretched out his toes. It's starting to feel natural…

Obito smiled. Just a bit longer…I'll be seeing you soon…Rin…Kakashi…!

White Zetsu stretched out of the wall. "Hey, I was just outside! Your friends Rin and stupid Kakashi are in a real pinch!"

Obito sat up. "What's going on?!"

"They're being chased by Kirigakure shinobi!"

Obito leaped out of the bed, flying toward the wall. He smashed his hand into the wall. The rock wall cracked out in every direction. "Argh!" Obito fell back with his arm, breaking apart and falling to the ground.

Obito lowered his head. He held onto his fallen arm, trembling. The mask Zetsu landed behind him. "You can't break through boulders with that body yet."

Obito bit down on his teeth, staring at the wall in pain. "I've got to go help Rin and Kakashi…!"

The mask Zetsu unwrapped its face. It untangled its body toward Obito. "Why don't you wear my body?" The Zetsu began to wrap around Obito.

"But…you guys are Madara's henchmen…you sure?" Obito questioned.

"He's…a good boy," White Zetsu said.

"Don't you want to help Rin and Kakashi?" the mask Zetsu questioned. Obito's sharingan eye opened wide. Darkness covered the young Uchiha's body.

Obito's body was completely encased. Obito held out his arm in front of his chest. "Thanks, you guys!"

Naruto, Rin, and Kakashi raced through the forest. Kakashi looked back behind them. Several ANBU from the hidden Mist were flying through the trees after them. Kakashi faced forward. "There gaining on us!"

Naruto glared back at the enemy. "They're not going to take Rin again."

Rin looked over at Naruto. "Naruto." Her voice was filled with concern as she said his name.

Naruto landed on a tree branch and turned around. The other two members of the three man cell stopped behind him.

"Naruto, what are you doing?" Kakashi questioned.

"I'm going to take care of these guys." Naruto looked back at the other two teens. "You have to get Rin out of here, Kakashi sensei."

"But your sage mode is almost completely used up," Kakashi said. "You can't fight all of them by yourself."

"I made a shadow clone earlier so he could gather natural charka for me," Naruto responded. "I'll just release it now so I can stay in sage mode. Don't argue with me. You have to keep Rin safe, ok?"

Kakashi nodded. "Alright." He turned in Rin's direction. "Let's go, Rin."

Rin was slow to nod.

"Get moving!" Naruto told them. He took up an offensive stance, readying himself for battle.

Kakashi and Rin headed off.

Naruto formed the Ram hand sign. "Here goes nothing."

Obito slammed his fist into the large boulder that made up the wall. The rock scattered to pieces.

"You kept the tether and borrowed the statue's power, eh…?" the white Zetsu said. "Nice…"

"I'm pretty good, huh?" Obitio said. The rock had crumbled into rubble. The mask unwrapped around Obito's face. "All right…!"

Madara sat there watching. "So you're going…?"

Obito ripped off the cord in the back off that belong to the statue. The rest of the mask unwrapped off of his head. "I'm grateful that you saved me…but I'm leaving! I have to go!"

"You're being too hasty," Madara said. "It may be premature for you to thank me."

Obito looked back at the ancient Uchiha. "I'll probably never come back here…I've given my thanks. I'm going!"

"You…will return," Madara told him. "And that's when I'll get your true gratitude."

Obito stared at him for a moment longer. He then shifted his eyes up to the White Zetsu. "White one! What's Rin and Kakashi's location?! Take me there right away!"

"What you've got on your body is like a clone of me," White Zetsu said. "And we can talk telepathically to each other over limited distances. Others of us are scattered here and underground. We are able to exchange intel."

"I'll use them to guide you." the Zetsu connected to him tapped him on the head.

"That voice…swirly." Obito then leaped over the rubble in front of him. "Thanks." He yanked a black cloak off of the wall and wrapped it around his body. Obito landed on top of the bone cage outside the hideout. "What's the current status on Rin and Kakashi?"

Kakashi and Rin jumped through the trees, coming near the rock valley where they were separated.

"Kakashi, I need you to do something for me," Rin said.

"Huh?" Kakashi looked over to his teammate as they traveled through the trees. "What is it?"

"I couldn't ask this in front of Naruto because I knew he tried to stop me, but…" Rin stared directly into Kakashi's eyes. "I need you to kill me."


"Wind Style! Rasenshuriken!" Naruto's clones disappeared as he threw the spinning disk at the combine water blast that were coming at him. Naruto's technique clashed into the ANBU'S that wrapped the water up in the expanding sphere, making it vanished.

"Such a powerful jutsu," one ANBU noted.

When the technique completely vanished Naruto leaped forward. He slammed his fist into the mask of the first ANBU he came in front of. Just as two more were about to attack, Naruto kicked one in the gut and spun around to strike the third one down.

"Now's our chance." Several other ANBU leaped over Naruto, going after Kakashi and Rin.

Naruto turned around to follow them with his eyes. "No, you don't." Naruto got ready to jump when the last ANBU turned back and threw smoke bombs on the ground, capturing Naruto in a fog of smoke.

Naruto crossed his arms over his face to protect it. He opened his eyes, trying to see through the fog. "I won't let you harm Rin." Naruto's entire body pulsated. "What!?"

"Naruto," a monstrous voice called from within him.

The blond shinobi looked down at his stomach. "What's going on?" Naruto's body pulsed even more as if felt a strong charka strew up inside of him. "This feeling?"

"It seems the jutsu failed," the voice spoke from within him.

"What are you talking about?" Naruto questioned. "Kurma." He felt his body being engulfed by the warmth of the nine tails' charka.

Naruto had returned to his jinchuriki mode. Naruto gazed at his hands amazed at the return of power. "But how?"

"Madara's henchmen tried to separate us by sending you back in time, but it looks like it failed," Kurma said. Inside Naruto's mind, Naruto stood in front of the cage Kurma was in. "it seems they underestimated the seal your cursed father created."

Naruto leaned forward. "Really?"

Naruto smirked on the outside. "I'll make sure, Rin stays safe."

"Do you know what you're asking?" Kakashi questioned.

"I do," Rin said. Determination was clear inside her eyes. "I've been turned into a jinchuriki. They plan to use me to destroy our village. I can't allow that to happen."

"But there might be something we can do to stop it," Kakashi suggested.

Rin looked down. Her feet bounced off of another tree branch. "No, I'm trapped this way as long as I'm still alive. I don't want to hurt our harm, Kakashi. I don't want to chance people like Naruto not being born because of what I could do."

Rin gazed over at Kakashi. "If you believe in Naruto like I do Kakashi then please do this for his future and everyone in the Hidden Leaf."

Obito ran through the forest. "Remember what Madara said? That only with two together can the sharingan's true power be unleashed! My other sharingan half, Kakashi, is on the battlefield! Our combine attacks are superior! Kakashi and I will protect Rin!"

Obito leaped up into the trees. "Well, you do have Hashirama tissue attached to you. A whole different strength may emerge when Senju and Uchiha power are combined together, but…" said Zetsu. Obito leaped through the trees.

Kakashi charged forward with his lightning blade to stab it into Rin's chest. The two were surrounded by Hidden Mist ANBU. The spark of lighting was just about to touch Rin when the girl disappeared before all of the ninja that stood there.

A smoke cloud rose up, covering the area.

Obito landed in a tree branch, looking at the field. "What's going on down there?"

"I'm not sure, but your friend Rin is gone," the mask Zetsu said.

Further in the forest where no other shinboi were around, Rin found herself standing. She blanked a few times before she looked up to see Naruto all a glow. "Naruto? Is that you?"

The blond smiled down at the girl. "What do you think of the new look?"

"How did you get like that?" Rin then looked around to see that they had left the rock valley. "Wait, what are we doing here? Where's Kakashi?"

"I stopped Kakashi sensei from killing you," Naruto explained. He putted his hand behind head and looked back into the forest behind him. "But I don't get it. Why would Kakashi sensei try to attack you? He was supposed to be protecting you."

"I told him too." Rin had her fists balled up, stepping forward. Naruto turned around to face her, confused. "Rin lowered her head while tears dripped from her eyes. "I don't want to hurt the Leaf. So I told Kakashi to kill me."

Naruto latched onto Rin's shoulders. "How would that make anything better? You can't die, Rin."

"I'm a Jinchuriki!"

"So am I!"

Rin opened her eyes shocked. She gazed up at the fire cover Naruto. "What?"

Tearful emotions filled Naruto's eyes. "Since the day I was born I was born I've been a Jinchuriki and I've always felt lonely because of it, but…" Naruto tightened his grip on Rin's shoulders. "But I learned to master the power of the nine tails and I know you can master the two tails power too."

Rin held her fists to her chest. She shut her eyes as tears rand down her face. "But I don't want to hurt anyone. I don't want to kill any of my friends by accident."

"You don't have to, Rin." Naruto placed his hand on top of her head, ruffling her hair. Rin gazed up at the smiling Naruto. "We can stay away from the village as long as you need to master your new powers. I won't give up on you."

Naruto's Jinchuriki formed vanished. He raised the girl's chin and kissed her on the lips. Rin trembled at first, but ultimately gave into the kiss. The two young shinboi wrapped their arms around each, embracing their other as much as they could.

Naruto broke the kiss, gazing at Rin lovingly. "I'll help you. Just like I've always have." Naruto kissed Rin again before he descended down to her neck, giving it a gentle press of his lips. The girl's body grew hot and let out a moan.

Both were catching their breath with their eyes closed. Naruto opened his. He smiled down at the girl. "So what do you say we make things official?"

"What do you mean?" Rin asked.

"Rin Nohara, will you marry me?"
Rin blushed. "Naruto…"

Rin nodded as she held a bouquet of flowers. "I do." She and Naruto stood in an old temple that was several miles away from where the war was being held. The head priest of the temple had then pronounced them man and wife.

Naruto leaned in and gave the girl a kiss.

Naruto sat the kitchen table of his home, finishing a letter he started over an hour ago. A young boy that looked like him and Rin fused together ran up to the now twenty-eight year old shinobi. The boy placed his hands on top of one of Naruto's legs. "Daddy, can you come play with us?"

Naruto looked down at the five year old child. He picked up the boy so they could be at eye level. "It it a little bit ok. I have to finish this letter and get it over to the chief of the village or he'll chew me out again."

The boy swung his arms about. "But I want to play now."

"Now, Jin don't be selfish," a voice came from behind them. The boy name Jin looked back to see his mother, Rin who held a baby girl in her arms with a second daughter at her feet that held onto the girl's leg. The girl on Rin's leg was ten.

"Don't worry, Jin I'll be back before you know it," Naruto assured his son. He putted the boy down and continued the letter. It had been twelve years since the couple had left the Leaf to go train. They had started a new life in a village far away from the five main ninja villages, knowing that if anyone knew about them they come after them for the Biju.

It was a quiet life for the former two shinobi, but they were happy with it because they had each other.

-The End-

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