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Lavi followed the nurse, gazing around the hospital. He signed up for volunteering not too long ago and they actually accepted him. Most of the time, wherever he applies at, the employers would ignore the application and continues on with their daily lives, which angered the red head...a lot. For example, restaurants. Whenever he applies, they never call. Bookman tells him that he has to call them and he just looks at the old man like he was stupid. If the sign said 'We're Hiring!' then wouldn't they need to call because they need you? It just didn't add up. Back on topic, this would hopefully increase his chance of getting somewhere. He originally wanted to be a Counselor of some sort, but Bookman said: "As a Historian in the Bookman clan, you need to do some actual work in learning about major events so that you can someday record your own data. Being a counselor isn't going to help you for that." And who says he wants to be a Historian anyways?! But being born into the 'Bookman Clan,' he had to be one. Like he was 'Destined' or something or other. He didn't really pay attention to Bookman's lectures most of the time. But what more major events happen than in a hospital?

However, the hospital put him in as a Candy Striper, which most people misunderstand as a Candy Stripper—and he didn't want to be known as that! Oh well, now that I'm here, I can't really drop out now, can I? Lavi thought, sighing internally. He had to wear khaki capris, a white collared shirt, and a black and white striped apron. What were they thinking?! He heard another sigh along with his from his tour guide, Miranda. Miranda had long, black, curly hair that she kept in a bun. She had very dark eyes and there were bags under her eyes from what could've been anything including stress. That was another thing that Lavi was unsure about...everyone here seemed either way too damn tired, or that they just didn't care anymore.

"Is something the matter?" He asked nicely, trying to be nice despite the circumstances that he was forced to work here because of his grandfather.

"Well, I forgot, we have to visit Allen..." Forgetting wasn't really surprising for Miranda. Lavi had only known her for a few hours and she tended to bump into walls, trip downstairs, and forget important information. She was an all around klutz. Hell, she even tripped upstairs and bumped into floors. Sometimes Lavi truly wondered how Miranda was even hired to work here.

"Allen?" Lavi questioned. Must be one of their patients...I wonder what wing he's in...Lavi wondered.

"He's in the mental ward, actually. I just don't know would want to see him too." Miranda said, trailing off.

"Why wouldn't I want to see him?" Lavi asked, causing her to avoid eye contact with him.

"Well you see...Allen is...a special case..." She said hesitantly.

"Um...I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be so bad, I've seen many terrible things." Lavi said, smiling reassuringly.

"If you're sure...I guess...okay." She mumbled and they headed into the direction of the cafeteria. Lavi gave Miranda a puzzled look. Knowing her, she didn't notice it.

She collected a tray and they took the elevator up to the 3rd floor. They then turned a few hallways and entered deeper into the mental ward. Some of the residents had restraints, some were 'mentally retarded' and some just had a crazy look in their eyes. Lavi looked at Miranda, who seemed a bit terrified.

As they both walked through the 3rd floor, Lavi took the time to look around at all the patients there. Some of them seemed a bit creepy, some of them seemed too happy to be there, and some just looked like ordinary people you could see everyday. One of them had even skipped over to him and waved at him cheerfully. Is it really that fun to be in a hospital ful of mental people? Lavi wondered. The girl had golden eyes and spiky dark blue hair. Her skin was tanned and she had seven diamond-like tattoos on her forehead.

"Hello, my name is Road, what's yours?" She asked with a wide grin. Miranda seemed to tremble when she saw the girl. Lavi stared between the shaking nurse and the crazy looking girl. Might as well make a good first impression while I'm here...Lavi thought.

"My name is Lavi." Lavi introduced himself. " how are you?" He asked.

"Oh I'm wonderful." She said with a wide grin. "You know why I'm here?" She asked, clearly amused with whatever she was thinking about.

"I really don't, would you like to tell me about it?" Lavi asked nicely.

"I got in a stabbing fight with my uncle~!" She sang. Lavi's eyes widened. He had no idea what he was supposed to say.

"...oh...did you...was it worth it?" He asked jokingly. She laughed at pat him on the shoulder.

"Oh it was so worth it." She said with a grin and pointed at a very annoyed man across the hall. He had bandages wrapped around his chest as another nurse was wrapping up his leg. The girl in front of him lifted up her shirt pretty high...higher than it should have been...she had bandages wrapped around her abdomen and she was grinning like a fool. "It was so much fun too!" Lavi raised his eyebrows.

"Well, I'm glad you had fun then..." Lavi said a bit uncertainly.

'If you want, we can play some time." She said, her grin growing wider.

"If the knives are fake, I would gladly love to contribute to your little play date." Lavi said with a nod. She giggled.

"Yeah, they probably wouldn't give me any real knives anyway~." She sighed somberly.

"I think that may actually benefit most of the patients here." Lavi decided aloud. Road cackled.

"You're pretty cool, man, I'll see ya around, I should probably go comfort my uncle now, he seems pretty pissed off." Road said and skipped away, waving goodbye to him. Once she arrived at her uncle's side, she started constantly poking him in the shoulder. Lavi just chuckled and followed Miranda, who started walking away uncertainly, afraid that she would encounter another patient. And indeed she did...orwell Lavi did. Did the patients here love attention or what.

"Good morning my name is Alma, what is yours? Did you know that they give us free food and free rooms here? You should try and sign up for this too! It's really easy! My nurse says that if I be a good kid, she'll let me leave soon, but I don't want to leave soon, I have so many friends here that I don't want to leave? Do you know that feeling too? Like you go to school, right? How would you feel if you had to leave all your friends behind? You wouldn't feel very good, would you? So what do you think I have to do to stay here?" Alma asked with a kind smile. How did this talkative kid end up here? Lavi wondered to himself. Lavi looked around and whispered in Alma's ear. Hey, the kid said he wanted help and if he hated the outside world so much, by God Lavi would give him help.

"Maybe you could just start screaming at random times, people don't like it when people scream at them so you would probably be being bad, right? Don't tell anyone I told you to do this though." Lavi whispered. Alma gave Lavi a huge grin and hugged him. Lavi hugged back awkwardly.

"Thank you so much! You're so nice! Let's be friends!" He cheered before skipping over to Road and starting to yap her ear off about what Lavi had just told him not to. Road looked his way and winked at him before giving him a thumbs up. Lavi copied her movements, but he didn't wink. He couldn't even count how many times people have told him to stop winking. Who knew these kids could be so friendly? Lavi thought amusingly.

Miranda uncharacteristically, yet boldly, grabbed Lavi's wrist and started dragging him down the hall. Honestly, she just didn't want Lavi to get caught in the wrong type of situation despite how friendly everyone was to him here. She stopped at a door that had a sign hanging on it. It read 'Room 14 Allen Walker'. Miranda sighed with relief, glad that they were finally there.

Miranda knocked softly and opened the door without a permission call from Allen. Once they entered the room, Lavi could see why she didn't wait for an answer. 'Allen' was sitting in an upright position, hugging his knees. His silver eyes were wide and his body was pale like he had just seen a ghost. His hair was a snow white color and he had a red scar going down the left side of his face. He also had a red, scaly arm that was embedded with a green jewel in the shape of a cross. Although he wouldn't respond, Miranda still spoke to him like he was going to...was this how all nurses were supposed to act with their mentally ill patients?

"Good afternoon, Allen. I have your lunch." She greeted as she smiled, laying the tray on his bedside table. "I heard that Mr. Cross was coming to see you soon." Allen actually glanced over at her, but still with those wide, scared eyes. He looked past her at Lavi and his eyes seemed to widen further as he instantly looked away shyly. "Oh, I'm sorry, this is Lavi Bookman." Lavi smiled awkwardly, not really knowing how to reply. He gave a little wave, despite the fact that Allen wasn't even looking at him. He did seem a bit cute though, Lavi decided. He sort of reminded him of a puppy...

"Mm." Allen replied. Miranda just looked at Allen in shock. She turned to Lavi in amazement.

"What?" He asked...all Allen did was reply, why would she be so surprised?

"How did you...I thought..." She turned back to Allen and shook her head. "Well, we're leaving now, don't forget to eat, okay Allen?" Allen didn't reply and stared ahead blankly. His eyes never softened. It was like he was living a nightmare. That really looks like it hurts...he should try blinking some time... "I'll see you this evening." Miranda waved and closed the door. She looked to Lavi with a surprised expression on her face. "How, did you do that?!"

"Do what?" Lavi asked, still puzzled.

"He actually responded!" She exclaimed with joy.

"Um..." Lavi muttered awkwardly. Miranda started walking to the mental wing office quickly and Lavi followed somewhat confusingly.

"Allen hasn't responded like that to anyone! Not even his guardian, Mr. Cross! It's unbelievable! Allen has been in this hospital for four years and never spoke a word! He just always looks scared and it's almost impossible to see him blink! And here you come along and he actually responds! It's amazing!" Other nurses around the area gave Lavi and Miranda confused stares.

"Wait, did you say four years?!" Lavi exclaimed. Miranda nodded solemnly.

"That boy used to scream his lungs out in the middle of his sleep. We thought he just lost his voice, but apparently he's just used to the nightmares now." She said sadly.

"I see..." He replied softly. It must be horrible to have nightmares all the time. Lavi did notice dark bags under Allen's eyes like the boy didn't get any sleep...maybe he was having so many nightmares he tried to stay awake? Lavi felt so bad for him now...he would hate it if someone left him like that without trying to help him...

Lavi's counseling intuition brought itself out. He wanted to help this Allen Walker. If he was in a hospital for four years and always looked like that, he'd want someone to help him escape from his own living nightmare. So that was exactly what he was going to do for soon as he could convince Bookman and Miranda to let him work on that hall. Miranda would be a cinch but Bookman...not so much...who would get events from helping a boy who never speaks? Lavi didn't care if he had to work extra or not, he would help Allen. Helping people is what Lavi did and he would do it whether Bookman knew about it or not.

"So, what wing will I work in?" Lavi asked as politely as possible as Miranda reported to the head nurse about what had happened. The nurse, her badge reading 'Eliade,' looked at Lavi with curiosity in her eyes.

"I think I'll assign you to one of our mental ward residents." She said with a smirk. Lavi raised his eyebrows.

"Oh? Who do you have in mind?" Lavi asked with a knowing look in his eyes.

"I think you already know who." She said, rolling her eyes.

"Who?" Lavi asked again just for the hell of it.

"Allen Walker, huh?" His grandfather asked as he looked at the slip in front of him. Apparently, Lavi needed permission to see this guy. The girl said something about parricide, whatever that was, and that it was required that his guardian knew he was working with him. Bookman put his pen on the paper and signed it. Lavi gawked at him.

"You mean you'll really let me do it?!" Lavi asked with excitement. He expected something from his grandfather...anything but...well...acceptance. He expected some long lecture and about how dangerous it could be and how it would be so uneventful since the boy didn't talk but...Bookman actually agreed!

"Lavi, do you even know what parricide is?" Bookman asked as he handed Lavi the slip. He then walked into the living room and Lavi followed expectantly.

"Um...maybe?" Lavi tried. Bookman rolled his eyes and picked up a newspaper from the coffee table, skimming his eyes through it.

"Parricide is when someone kills their mother, father, or close relative." Bookman said casually as he opened a different part of the newspaper. "He was put in the mental ward for a reason, Lavi." Bookman informed and showed him an article in the paper.

"Jeez, gramps, this paper is from four years ago, just how many you...shit..." Lavi muttered as he stared wide-eyed at the paper in front of him. Bookman smacked him over the head for the language. Lavi hurriedly sat down on the couch and bolted his eyes across the article.

Eight Year Old Boy Commits Parricide On Christmas

The police were called at five in the morning on Christmas when the neighbors explained that they had been hearing screaming from next door. They detected that the screams were the mixtures of a boy and a man together. They were worried that a criminal had walked in and tried to kill him. When the police arrived at five-thirty, they found a man, Mana Walker, age 32, laying on the floor with blood everywhere. There was a little boy crying beside him holding a knife that was covered in blood. The knife was taken to a lab earlier that evening and it was proven to be Mana's blood on the knife. The little boy, Allen Walker, was sent to the hospital and, as shown in this picture, wouldn't move. All he would do was stare ahead at nothing, he refused to speak to anyone. He was diagnosed with three broken ribs, five deep gashes, and shock, to which had colored his hair white. That night, a man by the name of Marian Cross, age 36, took the boy by force from the hospital. He had take him and signed a paper that gave him control over the child. He claimed to be the half-brother of Mana Walker and was announced as the boy's guardian. The police had to go over and retrieve the boy from the man's care. When they arrived, the boy was still in the same state yesterday and he wouldn't budge. The paramedics had to carry him back into the hospital. When the knife came back from the lab for a second round, the only fingerprints that could be found were the boy's. There were no footsteps or fingerprints besides the two that currently lived in the house. The doctor assigned him to stay in the Mental Wing of the Hospital until the boy can recover and admit what had happened that night. The boy has still never been heard of.

For more information, see page 3 (including some photographs of the crime scene)

"Oh. My. God. What have I done..." Lavi asked himself. "There is no way I can do this now...why did you sign this if you knew what the kid did?! What if he murders me too!? He was eight!"

"I don't agree." Bookman said shortly. "I think you can get him to fess up, knowing you." Bookman stated. "If you can manage to do that, I'm sure you'll be a perfect candidate for becoming the next Bookman." He said confidently. Lavi inwardly groaned. I swear I'm going to kill him someday. "I've got a meeting to go to now, plan about what you're going to say to him tomorrow and don't screw this up." Bookman said in a stern voice. Lavi lamely saluted to him with a weak glare.

"Will do, Panda-man." Lavi grumbled, thinking about how the hell he was going to pull this off tomorrow...wait...tomorrow was Monday...he didn't work on school days... "Hey wait, tomorrow I have school!"

"And you volunteer at three so you'll make it." Bookman replied.

"But I have to call in if I'm going to go!" Lavi complained.

"I'll call in." He answered shortly.


"Good bye, Lavi." Bookman growled before walking out the door. Lavi really wanted to go bang his head up against a wall now. Bookman slammed the door and Lavi was given silence. Lavi sighed.

"Well, at least I'll have something to talk about with Kanda and Lenalee." Lavi said to himself and walked to his room to start brainstorming.

The kid was obviously interested in some extent...right? If he hadn't responded to anyone in four years and then responded to Lavi, you would think that he was interested in something about him, right? Maybe he had met Allen before and Allen recognized him? Just what made him so special anyways? He didn't remember talking to any Allen Walker before...Lavi shook his head. He shouldn't be worrying about this now. What he should be doing now was plan on how to start talking to Allen. The kid didn't talk for four years, so how was Lavi supposed to get him to? Oh hey, I'm Lavi, I heard about you killing your dad, sorry about that, so how has your day been? Lavi sighed and shook his head. Maybe I should say something to just cheer him up...or bring a board game or something...or maybe I'll just ask Lenalee and Yuu-chan what they would do if...actually, I'll stick with just asking Lenalee...

The next morning at school, Lavi did just that.

"Hey, Lenalee? How would you talk to a mental ill kid that hasn't spoken in four years?"

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