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On his way to Allen's room, Lavi encountered quite an odd situation. It was Friday and he didn't usually work on the weekends because of Bookman and Eliade's agreement, but he figured he'd chat it up with Eliade and see if he'd be able to. Lately coming here actually felt quite nice to Lavi. He understood that some people didn't really like their jobs and only worked for money. Even though he was only volunteering, Lavi loved working here. In this particular mental ward, everything just seemed so bright and happy. Not to mention he was best friends with Allen, who he met, if he remembered correctly, five days ago...Sunday wasn't it? It was odd how they already seemed so close in such a short amount of time. Lavi supposed that Allen was just easy to get along with on the inside.

Back to the situation in front of him...

Road and Alma were both pulling at each others' cheeks with glares on their faces. From what Lavi saw earlier, he figured the two would get along...so then why would they be trying to hurt each other? Were they only nice to each other when he was there? Lavi looked around for any sight of his coworkers and friends, Lenalee and Kanda. Surely they could do something about...whatever the hell was going on; however, they were nowhere in sight so it was up to him to fix this problem...he should probably find the source of this problem first. Allen wasn't anywhere to be seen so it was good to know that he wasn't involved in this little 'fight.'

"Yo! You two! What are you guys doing?" Lavi asked as he approached the two patients.

"How dare you lie! Don't say such revolting things!" Road grumbled, completely ignoring Lavi.

"I'm not lying! Allen really did say that!" Alma snapped back. Wait...so Allen was the one who started this? Agh, he probably has no idea this is even going on right now...now that I think about it, a lot of the patients get to walk out of their room freely, so why doesn't Allen?...oh right...the nurses...

"Liar! Liar! That's because you asked him that weird question!" Alma sweat dropped at Road's words. She just admitted that she believed him but then she goes and calls him a liar?

"You answered the same way he did too!" Alma reasoned.

"Well yeah but I didn't know that you meant it like that!" Road blushed, remembering the question that Alma had asked her. He was so lucky they didn't leave knives on her plates anymore...not since she tried to stab Tyki with it...again...

"But I even explained what I meant to him and he still admitted it! Why do you care anyways?!" Alma asked. Road blinked a few times and glared harder at him.

"Of course I would care! Allen is my-"

"Oi! You two!" Lavi shouted, finally getting their attention. They both stared at him but they didn't let go of each others' faces. Both of their eyes widened. They instantly let go and broke out into a private conversation with each other.

"Did he hear?" Alma asked quietly. Lavi was close so he could still hear them though.

"I dunno, what if he did!? What if the feelings aren't mutual? I'll kill him!" Road raised a fist threateningly. Lavi sweat dropped at their suspicious antics.

"...I can still hear you, ya know..." He mumbled. Road stood up in a demanding posture.

"Did you hear?!" She asked.

"Hear...what?" Lavi asked.

"That Allen said that he-" Road slapped a hand over Alma's mouth before he could say anything else.

"You idiot! If he didn't hear then he'll surely hear you now!" She growled. Alma glared at her for covering his mouth. Lavi gave them both suspicious looks. What did Allen say about him that they didn't want him to hear about? Was it something bad?

"What did Allen say?" Lavi asked curiously.

"As if I'd tell you! It's all a lie anyways!" Road stuck her tongue out at Lavi. So childish...how old is this girl again?

"Right...well if you won't tell me, I guess I'll just have to go ask Allen myself." The both of them deadpanned at Lavi's words.

"Eh!? No hold on, you can't ask him that." She gasped dramatically.

"Ask him what?!" Lavi didn't remember specifying what he was going to ask Allen. He really just wanted to know what was up with their suspicious behavior. All he needed to ask was if Alma asked him anything weird, right?

"Not telling you! Nice try!" Road stuck her tongue out again. Lavi sweat dropped. Seriously...how old is she? Lavi shook his head and started walking towards Allen's room.

"We won't let you ask him!" Alma yelled and glomped Lavi to the ground before he started pulling at Lavi's hair.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Hey, cut that out!" Lavi whined and tried to push the rabid boy away. It was then that Road leaped on top of him as well with an evil smile on her face. Lavi certainly didn't like that smile. This girl was about to do something evil if he didn't do something quick...he couldn't exactly fight back either or he'd be fired...what he needed was...a distraction...Lavi gasped at his suddenly bright idea and pointed off in some random direction. "Look!" They both looked behind themselves curiously and Lavi stood up to run off. "A distraction!" Sure enough, there really was a distraction there. A distraction named Yuu Kanda that is.

"Now we'll see if you lied or not! Kanda will tell me the truth!" Road announced and sprinted towards the grumpy teen. Kanda looked over her way and his eyes widened when he saw Alma following Road towards him. What the hell...?! Kanda looked around and spotted Lavi running off.

"Thanks, Yuu~!" He called with a smile.

"Why you..." Kanda growled and ran after Lavi while the others chased him. Lenalee happened to be by the front desk and noticed Road running.

"Ah! Road! Don't run, you'll re-open your wounds!" She gasped and ran after them as well. Poor Krory happened to be returning from the office next door, where he collected some papers for Eliade. His eyes widened when he saw Lavi, Kanda, Alma, Road, and Lenalee all running towards him. Lavi hurriedly ducked into Allen's room and slammed the door before locking it.

"Phew...that was a close one..." He muttered as he peeked through the little eye hole on Allen's door. Wait...why does Allen have an eye hole on his door?! That's just creepy...Lavi blinked a few times and turned around, expecting the most bizarre look from his white-haired friend. To his surprise though, Allen was fast asleep in his bed.

Lavi had never came to see Allen sleeping before. It was around three in the afternoon, so what was he sleeping for? Lavi was unsure whether to unlock the door or not, still in fear of his dark haired friend skewering him. Whoa, hold on a second, why is there a lock on his door in the first place?! That isn't suspicious at all! I mean, I get that patients need privacy sometimes but what if someone comes in here and tries to kill him?! Not that anyone would...? Lavi walked over to the sleeping teen and sat in the chair he always did and watched Allen, waiting for some kind of response. How could he sleep with all that ruckus going on outside? He was pretty sure that even Lenalee was calling his name now. He was in for it if he ever left Allen's room again. Lavi's mind started to wander back over to the door lock.

None of the other patients here have locks on their doors, so why does Allen? He probably wouldn't, but what if he went suicidal? What reason would they have for a lock...? Are they trying to keep someone out of this room during the night and they lock it when he's asleep? Or maybe...does someone come in here to have private chats with Allen sometimes so they put a lock on the door so no one would disturb them...? But a hospital wouldn't do that for just anybody...maybe one of the higher ups like that man Eliade was talking about...but why would he even need to come talk to Allen in the...first...place...

...he made me forget.

"Lavi...why are you staring at me?" Lavi blinked a couple of times when he heard the sound of Allen's voice. He then realized that he had probably been staring at Allen for the past ten minutes.

"Wah! Sorry, I got lost in thought there for a minute..." Lavi grinned sheepishly and his eyes widened when he saw Allen blush. "U-uh, n-not that I was th-thinking of you or anything...wait...I technically was...but..." Lavi trailed off and his words only made Allen blush more.

"...you were...thinking of me...?" Allen asked. Lavi scratched his cheek sheepishly.

"Well..." I mean, it wasn't as if I was thinking thinking about him...it was more serious...still though, Lavi saw the sparkle in Allen's eyes and decided not to let the boy down about it. He probably felt pretty special since no one said that to him before. Didn't Eliade say something about a man named Cross? The paper talked about him too...I wonder why he doesn't visit Allen at all, unless he's not allowed. Lavi sweat dropped at his own thoughts. Cross did break into the hospital and steal Allen, he really wouldn't be surprised if he was banned from the place. Lavi was so lost in thought he didn't notice that Allen had sat up already.

"What are you thinking about?" Allen wondered, staring at the serious expression Lavi had on his face.

"Me? Oh nothing much...but if you don't mind me asking, why is there a lock on your door?" Lavi got the exact response he expected. Allen's eyes widened and he looked a bit frantic. So it is a secret after all...was my guess right?

"Um..." Allen was at loss for words. Lavi gave him a reassuring smile.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Allen hated it when Lavi said those words. Allen felt so indebted to Lavi for being so nice to him even though they had only just met...Lavi should be afraid of him instead...if he doesn't tell me why then I'll just have to expect the unexpected. Lavi concluded. It was best to think of the worst case scenario just in case there is something even worse than that.

"It isn't that I don't want to..." Allen mumbled. He wanted to tell Lavi...but he didn't know what to tell Lavi. All he could say was that a man would come in and talk to him a lot-the same man who made him forget everything-and then leave. The next day would come and Allen would have no idea what they even talked about. All he'd really be able to remember was to keep his mouth shut about their meeting and to not tell anyone about what happened eight years ago when he was sent to the asylum. That's all...he wouldn't even be able to know if the man had threatened him or not. "I just...don't know...what to say..." Allen explained. "...Lavi..." He whispered even more quietly.

"Hm?" Lavi asked.

"...you won't tell anyone...will you? About what I said...about...him..." Allen whispered.

"Why would I ever do that? I promise I won't, Allen."

Lavi had a bad feeling about all of this. There was something hidden deep within this room that he didn't like. Something secretive was going on and-being the Bookman he was-he was determined to find out what was going on. It might be dangerous, he knew, but something was keeping Allen back from truly letting out his feelings. Someone in this hospital was making Allen's life miserable and Lavi knew it. He wondered if Eliade knew about all of this too. Of course, if she did, he wouldn't blame her for keeping quiet about all of it. She could lose her job...what if they have cameras in here and watch everything we say and do? Maybe it's not such a good idea to talk to Allen inside of his room...just in case...

"Hey Allen..." Lavi murmured thoughtfully.

"What is it?" Allen asked.

"Do you want to...go outside again...?" He asked distantly. Allen could feel a suspicion emitting from the teenager and decided he should play it safe and follow through with whatever Lavi's plan was. After all, he trusted Lavi.

"Sounds nice." Allen smiled.

"Right, I'll go get the chair." Lavi informed as he stood up. Allen deadpanned. He never did tell Lavi that he could walk on his own. To tell the truth, this was the one and only thing Allen didn't want to tell Lavi. If he told Lavi about it, then Lavi would probably stop getting him a chair and then the nurses would see him walking and then he would find out that he was better and he would visit again. Allen hated it when he visited...he always had a headache when he woke up the next day. "I'm back~!" Lavi said in a sing song voice as he rolled the chair over to where Allen was sitting. After helping him into the wheelchair, Lavi wheeled him in the courtyard again. The view never really got old. Allen would rather go to the flower place again, but that would mean extra work for Lavi and he didn't want that.

"It's so beautiful..." Allen said with awe. Lavi simply chuckled at Allen's definition of beautiful. Allen clearly hadn't seen enough if he thought this was beautiful...maybe he should take him to the park one day. That would surely get a big smile out of him. "Hey, Lavi, why did you want to get out of the room?" Allen asked. "Is it because it's white?" Allen remembered the first time he showed up to the hospital. It wasn't as bad as the asylum, but it still tended to make him feel dull.

"No, it's not that...I have...suspicions..." Lavi whispered the last word just in case someone was listening in on their conversation.

"Suspicions? About what?" Allen asked. Lavi sighed, he'd have to tell Allen sooner or later but maybe he could hold it off for now.

"The hospital." Lavi replied. "There's something...off about this place...do you think it's bad for me to have suspicions about this place?" Lavi asked. Lavi expected Allen to answer, but the voice that answered him wasn't at all like Allen's voice. It was older and much more deeper. That was when Lavi realized that there was a soft scent of cigarette smoke in the air...

"I don't know what all you know about, but you're right if you have suspicions about this place, Junior Bookman." Lavi and Allen both quickly looked behind them. Lavi gazed at the newcomer with more suspicion than ever. This guy was listening in to their conversation...

"How do you know who I am?" Lavi asked the newcomer suspiciously. He wasn't at all paying attention to Allen's reaction.

"I know your grandfather of course. Such a troublesome guy, he is." The man grumbled. He looked between Allen and Lavi both. "I see you've befriended Allen...how troublesome..." He blew smoke from the cigarette lingering in his mouth into Lavi's face. Lavi scrunched his face up and coughed a bit, getting a chuckle out of the larger man. "You've gotten yourself into some deep shit you know. If you're going to stay by Allen's side, I suggest you expect the worse to come." He grinned smugly. Oh trust me, I've already done that...Lavi thought to himself.

"...who are you?" Lavi asked. He didn't like how much the man was calling him troublesome when he was such a bother there to begin with! Allen never got to answer his question, but this man did...and he said that he was right...so was he trustful or not? Lavi looked over at Allen for an answer but the boy simply stood there and stared at him with his mouth wide open as well as his eyes. Lavi had never seen such a look of surprise on Allen's face and he could only wonder who this man was to make Allen feel shocked. He must have been someone important but...

Was it a good important or a bad important?

Lavi had already taken in the idea of this man being the person who made Allen forget everything but he didn't seem too angry at Lavi and if Lavi's suspicions were right, then he would already know about him and Allen meeting up a lot and Lavi was pretty sure if it really was that guy, he wouldn't be too enthused about Allen being outside. Not to mention he questioned Lavi's existence here in their first place...but he also said that it was troublesome for Lavi to be friends with Allen as well. Really though, he looked strange-not that Lavi could talk since he was a bit strange looking as well with his eye patch and all-but there was just something secretive about this man that made Lavi question his existence here. Who is this guy? That was when Allen spoke...


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