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Restricted Section

"Are… are you sure-"


Slippers muffled the pair's footsteps as they padded into the silent library. Sherlock tugged harder on John's arm as he slowed, clearly uneasy with breaking Hogwart's strict rules.

"Come on John!" Sherlock whispered roughly, "It took me months to learn this cloaking spell from Mycroft, now come on!"

With one last glance over his shoulder the twelve-year-old heaved a sigh and followed his taller friend, struggling to keep up with his brisk pace.

The library was cold, and way too quiet. John tugged his yellow and black scarf tighter as a shiver traveled down his spine.

"Lumos," The brunette whispered, a dim light erupting out of the tip of his wand, allowing him to easily find the lamp he had hidden. A quick 'incendio' had the candle inside the glass cage burning and lighting the way into the restricted section. In his excitement Sherlock allowed the cloaking spell to drop.

"Sherlock… I'm still not so sure about this. What are we even doing here?"

"I've told you four times, John! Professor mentioned something about something called horcruxes, and I want to know more about them. But the only information on them is in the restricted section and he wouldn't give me a pass, so would you be quiet for a second so I can find the book I am looking for!"

John had known the youngest Holmes for almost two years now, but he always remained amazed at how many words he could squeeze into one breath and still managed to sound like the most brilliant person alive.

"Fine! But hurry please,"

After a couple of minutes Sherlock selected a book off of the shelf and seemed pleased with his choice. He sat down abruptly, prompting a weary John to join him.

The brilliant boy flipped the book open and immediately a face forced its way up and out of the pages before beginning to scream.

"Close it!" John urged, knowing that Filch would be heading their way.

"Hold on!"


"Shut up!" Sherlock was now ignoring John and directly addressing the still wailing book.

With a huff John grabbed the book from his friend and snapped it shut. "Merlin, Sherlock, are you insane?"

"Not good?"

"Bit not good, yeah,"

Sherlock stood suddenly, effectively shutting John up.

"Alright, where are ya?" Filch's scratchy voice drifted down the hallway. Sherlock paled and quickly re-cast the cloaking charm and grabbed John's forearm to drag him out of the library, narrowly missing the caretaker.

The pair of second years ran until they reached the third floor, exactly half-way between their dormitories.

Both leaned heavily against the wall as they caught their breath.

"You, are… the stupidest Ravenclaw… that I have ever… met," John panted, making them both laugh.

The lanky boy pressed the crisp piece of parchment into John's hand casually as they passed each other in the hallway between classes.

A smile broke out over his face as he read the short note.



Over the years John and Sherlock had grown close, despite the house rivalry rampant in the school.

John had developed a considerable sized crush on the Ravenclaw, though he knew nothing would come of it.

Sherlock walked up, a few minutes late, with a book in one hand. Silently he used his free hand to grab John's and began to pull him towards the entrance.

"Sherlock? What are we doing?"

"Library, shh,"

"Erm, yeah, I gathered that. Why?"


John sighed heavily but followed along dutifully as Sherlock led him deep into the restricted section, though the Hufflepuff didn't notice, his focus remaining on the boy walking slightly in front of him.

"Seriously Sherlock, what are we doing?"

"It's a library, what do you think we are doing?" the taller boy snorted, "Now quiet, there are rules here."

"So you are just taking me on errands to return your library books?"


John stared pointedly at the small tome still cradled in one of Sherlock's hands. After a glance Sherlock started chuckling.

"Despite your rather rude assumption, John, I do learn. I thought it better to use one of my own books rather than chancing one of these again," he gestured vaguely over his shoulder to the towering bookshelf without slowing his steps.

John glanced around and raised a quizzical eyebrow, "Sherlock, are we, uh, in the restricted section?"

"Ooh, good job, John!"

John pursed his lips; he hated it when Sherlock mocked his intelligence. Sure, he wasn't a Ravenclaw by any means, but he wasn't completely brain dead either.

"You know-" The blonde's words were cut off as Sherlock turned abruptly, tugging John down to a secluded corner of the restricted section. "Sherlock!"


"What are we doing back here?" his voice was a rough whisper, his exasperation made it difficult to lower his volume.

Sherlock rolled his eyes and flipped the book open, bringing it up to cover his face before seizing the front of John's robes roughly and tugging him close until their lips connected.

The brunette dominated the kiss for a while, taking advantage of John's shock to snog him thoroughly. Once the typically timid Hufflepuff regained his bearings, however, Sherlock quickly lost control.

One of John's hands wound its way into the curly mass of Sherlock's dark hair, his other hand resting calmly on the boy's hip. His tongue broke past the Ravenclaw's lips and made the other student moan as he explored.

Sherlock's mind, for once, was blissfully blank as he dropped Hogwarts: A History in his rush to feel John's hair between his fingers; his other hand too preoccupied with rubbing along the blonde's jaw line.

Madam Pince's shuffling and angry threats as she searched the restricted section at the sound of a book falling was what finally parted the pair.

Gasping for air Sherlock 'accioed' his book and whispered a quick "run" to John before grabbing his hand and taking off with the biggest smile on his face.

"You, are… the stupidest… Ravenclaw that I… have ever met." John said when they collapsed somewhere on the fourth floor.

"Maybe… but we are definitely doing that again!"