[Play Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town (TV Version) by THE DU from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable]

The scene begins with Judai, Kaito, and Zastin standing on the main dueling field of Duel Academia with stage lights shining down from above and spinning around the field. Close-up shots of Judai grinning as he plays a card on his Duel Disk, Kaito smirking as he holds up his card of Digital HERO - Kite of the Azure Flame, and Zastin with a charismatic smirk momentarily flash on screen before the stage lights focus on the three duelists and they raise their right hands up, fingers pointing skyward. The scene then shifts to a view of the clouds as though something was entering the planet's atmosphere. At the same time, silhouettes of various students and faculty members fly by until there's a break in the clouds, revealing the island of Duel Academia below as the title "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX Legacy" appears before shattering just as the view is about to hit the ground.

"Surechigatteku kao no nai shisen"
(There are faceless gazes passing by with me)
The scene then shows Judai walking from the Osiris Red dorm, flanked by Sho and Hayato as they make their way to the main building. Judai's nose twitched for a moment and quickly turned his head in the direction of the Ra Yellow dorm, a competitive smirk on his face.
"Mune no ana ga kaetetta nichijō"
(The void in my heart changed with the path I chose)
The scene then changes to show Kaito standing in place, clutching his deck against his chest with a determined expression in his eyes as his shadow takes on the form of his older sister, Saika.
"Kyōkai nante naku deau atarimae no kimyō U Yea!"
(There's no limit to each new encounter - everything so ordinarily bizarre - U-yeh!)
The scene then changes again, this time showing Manjoume standing proudly, but grits his teeth angrily and scowls as his shadow changed between the forms of his two older brothers, causing Manjoume to quickly turn and violently kick away an empty drink can. On the can, surprisingly, was an image of Judai which was slowly zoomed in.

"Itsumo dōri no asa ga uwatsura de warau"
(In yet another morning now, reluctantly smiling)
Judai then strikes a heroic pose as Elemental HERO Bubbleman and Elemental HERO Sparkman appear next to him.
"Shōtai fumei no mama hikareru misuterī"
(Victor still undecided, drawn to a mystery)
The scene shifts to show Zastin posing with his right hand on his waist and his left arm raised and held out to the side as Deep Sea Diva coils behind him with her head over his right shoulder, smiling gently as she rests her hands on Zastin's arm and Horus' Black Flame Dragon LV4 [Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4] perches itself on his outstretched arm.
"Hajimari mo iwazu jitto hisonderu kono machi no dokoka"
(An unannounced beginning, still hiding and lurking somewhere within this town)
The scene then shifts to show Kaito standing with the left side of his body facing the viewer, his left hand reaching forward with his fingers spread as Digital HERO - Kite of the Azure Flame appears, standing back-to-back with Kaito in a mirrored pose. The scene then briefly shifts to show Michiru on his way to the Obelisk dorm before stopping to look up at the sky as Sengoku - Dog Hanyo wielding Sword of Earth - Tessaiga appears next to the onmyouji as a protector.

"Dakedo kyō mo jōjō ni monku nanka iiatte nichijō o odoru"
(The time we have flies flowing free as we bicker the day away dancing all the while in this)
"Kureijī Noijī Bizāru Taun"
(Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town)
The scene then changes to show the island of Duel Academia from a bird's-eye view again, this time slowly rotating as Judai appears doing his signature two-finger salute. Kaito walks on by as AIKA materializes next to him with a warm, gentle smile on her face. Zastin and Misawa are shown going through their respective decks as the latter also writes down some calculations. Manjoume casually walks along before shooting a rather nasty look towards the viewer. Miyako appears right after, seemingly trying to chase after Manjoume. Sho and Hayato show up as though running to catch up with Judai. Asuka and Akira are shown walking alongside each other as though in conversation, but there was no hiding the competitive looks in their eyes saying they wanted to duel each other at some point. Kenji walks along and stops briefly to look back as Michiru stumbles into view to try and keep up with the second-year. Lastly, Ryo walks along and stops in the middle of the shot and turn an expectant gaze towards the viewer before Elemental HERO Flame Wingman appears and releases fire from his dragon arm at Ryo, burning the scene away to reveal a painting of Deep Sea Diva on a wall looking like she was relaxing until Digital HERO - Kite of the Azure Flame appears from the side and fires his signature Data Drain at the wall, causing it to dissolve away.

Once the wall was gone, the scene is changed to show Judai, Kaito, and Zastin as they approach the main entrance of Duel Academia's main building, stopping just at the door before turning around to face the horizon.