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Oh, wait, before we continue I'd like to say that Master of the Wild Card assisted me with this chapter, particularly by dueling as Kaito's examiner. So in case you're wondering exactly why that duel turned out the way it did... you can blame him for being a poor duelist.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I'll probably be asking for his help in future chapters as well, though I might need some more help from others willing to offer. Normally I'd be asking for Duelist of Dawn to help with my duels (if anyone has read his GX stories, his duels are phenomenal) but he has a lot on his plate right now and I don't want him to be overloaded by juggling my stuff with everything he's already dealing with.

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• Numbers that are underlined when a Monster is summoned represent the Monster's battle position on the field with the stats appearing as Level/ATK/DEF respectively.
• "Sentences within quotations in full italics represent a dialogue from a Monster spirit or a special character that'll be announced later."
• 'Sentences within apostrophes in full italics represent a character's thoughts to mentally speaking to a Monster spirit.'
• A word or words in italics within a sentence or dialogue will either be a title, an emphasized word or words, a card name, or a word or words in a language other than English.
A word or words not in italics while in thoughts, spoken by a spirit or a certain special character will either be a title, and emphasized word or words, a card name, or a word or words in a language other than English.
• All card names will be using the translations found on the yugioh wikia at the current time.
• I'm likely to use the anime versions of some card effects, so if anyone thinks I got an effect wrong that would be why. Later on I'll try to keep the effects as close to their real counterparts as possible.
• I will try not to use a lot of Japanese words or phrases during the course of this story outside of the honorifics, "My turn" variants and "Turn end".
• Instead of having a decklist showing all the cards in the various self-created decks like I have done with the Epitaph deck in Death Rising, I will instead be listing the new cards that were self-made at the end of chapters whenever they make their first appearance.

-Turn 1-

Domino City. Home to some of the world's greatest duelists, among which were the following: Kaiba Seto, CEO of the gaming conglomerate Kaiba Corporation. Katsuya Jonouchi, a duelist with an abnormal amount of luck on his side. And lastly, the Duel King himself, Mutou Yugi. 10 years ago, these three were the top duelists of the Battle City Tournament hosted by Kaiba himself. But now, a new event for students was currently taking place in this famous city. The event: a chance to enter the popular Duel Academia.

"Oh man! Why did the train's system have to break down today of all days?" a young man in his teens dressed in a blue shirt under an open, short-sleeved red jacket and brown slacks with wild azure hair and green eyes complained as he ran through the streets from the train station. "Now I'm going to be late for the entrance exam!"

"Calm down, Kaito-san (1). You still have some time to spare," a woman's voice came out of the young man's backpack.

The young man slowed down until he came to a stop and replied in a low voice, "You know how important this exam is for me… I can't afford to miss it."

"I know, Kaito-san. But at least you were on that train when its systems failed. Otherwise it would've taken longer to get it running again," the woman's voice said.

"Yeah, you're right…" the young man said as he reached into the deck holder on his belt and pulled out a deck on Duel Monsters cards, soon placing his other hand over them gently. "Onēsama (2), I promise I'll carry your dream…" Suddenly, an alarm started to go off in the young man's pocket, prompting him to remove one hand from the deck of cards and pull a phone out of his pocket, causing him to freak out once he saw why it was ringing. "Aw, crap! I'm already late!"

Quickly putting away his phone and cards, the young man ran as fast as he could to a large dome-shaped building on top of a hill. Once the building's entrance was in sight, however, the young man noticed that the only ones outside were two girls wearing a white and yellow school uniform and a man in a black business suit.

"No… I'm too late…" the young made said to himself as he dropped to his knees. "Onēsama, I'm sorry…"

"Kaito-san…" the woman's voice said in a sympathetic tone. "Hm?"

"Wait up!" a voice cried out, earning Kaito's attention as well as the attention of the two girls and the man at the registration table.

Climbing up the wall and pulling himself over the railing was a young man with brown hair dressed in a black school jacket with a red shirt underneath.

"Examinee Number 110, Yuki Judai!" the young man introduced himself as he flashed a victory sign. "I'm safe, right?"

Seeing this other late examinee brought new hope to Kaito as he got back to his feet, "W-wait! Examinee Number 2, Kagemochi Kaito! Am I safe as well?"

The two women at the registration desk looked to Kaito and Judai before turning their attention to the suited man who just nodded once.

"You both made it just in time," the man said.

Both Kaito's and Judai's eyes widened as smiles spread across their faces before they cheered in unison, "Alright! I made it!" But then Kaito ran over to help Judai up, as the latter was about to fall off the railing.

"Phew, thanks!" Judai said to Kaito. "So you're late too?"

"Yeah," Kaito nodded. "Train problem."

"No kidding? Same with me," Judai said with a cheeky grin.

"You two had better get inside," the suited man told the examinees, to which Kaito and Judai nodded to each other and walked through the doors.

The inside of the building was modeled like some kind of in-door sports stadium surrounded by bleachers with students looking down at the four Duel fields.

"Look, down there!" Kaito pointed to one of the Duel fields as he and Judai ran up to the railings at the top of the bleachers.

"They're at it! They're at it!" Judai cheered.

In one of the Duel fields stood a proctor at 1900 Life Points and a student who wore what looked like a Chinese school or martial arts uniform at 3200 Life Points with the proctor having a Big Shield Gardna (4/100/2600) and Gear Golem of Moving Fortress (4/800/2200) and the student having Blood Vorse (4/1900/1200) and a set Magic/Trap card.

"No matter how well-capable you may be, in the face of my Super Defense Deck, you can no longer reduce my Life Points," the proctor stated.

"I activate the Trap card, Ring of Destruction!" the student announced as his set card rose, revealing a ring-shaped device with numerous grenades attached to it. "This Trap card destroys one face-up Monster on the field, and then both sides take damage equal to its ATK."

As the student explained the effect of his card, the ring-shaped device materialized on his own Blood Vorse like a collar before self-destructing, taking the Monster with it, reducing the proctor's Life Points to 0 while the student was still left with 1300, bringing the duel to an end.

"The examination duel is over," the proctor said, seemingly unfazed as the card holograms faded. "Congratulations. You've won."

"Thank you very much," the student said with a bow.

"Misawa Daichi, Examinee Number 1, isn't half-bad, is he?" one of the spectators inquired.

"It was worth coming all this way to see him after hearing the rumors, wasn't it, Manjoume-san?" asked another spectator.

"Nonsense. These entry exam duels are just set at a low level," said another spectator, supposedly Manjoume, who sat between the former two and had black hair with the front spiked down over his face and the back spiked up. "Coming out of the academy for this was such a waste. The Duel Academia doesn't need two kings, only one."

"Number 1's combo was awesome, huh?" Judai thought aloud.

"Of course it was," a voice spoke up.

Judai and Kaito looked down to see a boy with light-blue hair and glasses. Though he didn't look it due to his height, the boy was likely around the same age as the latecomers.

"That's Misawa-kun (3), Examinee Number 1, or in other words, first place in the written test," the boy continued.

"Oh, so that's what your Examinee Number means, huh?" Judai wondered.

"So he's the guy that scored higher than me," Kaito noted to himself. "Gotta say, that definitely was an impressive move."

"You pass depending on your grades on the written portion and the details of your duel," the boy stated. "I managed to win my duel, but since I'm Examinee Number 119, I'm not sure if they'll accept me…"

"Don't sweat it!" Judai exclaimed enthusiastically as he lightly slapped the boy's back. "If you're lucky enough, you'll pass! I'm Number 110, after all!"

"You're an examinee, too?" the boy asked.

"Sure am," Judai answered.

"But the duels for the 100s already ended with the very first group," the boy pointed out.

"It what!?" Judai exclaimed and looked like he was about to panic.

"What about me? My group didn't end already, did it?" Kaito asked the boy.

"What Number are you?" the boy asked.

"Number 2," Kaito answered.

"You're Number 2!?" the boy exclaimed in surprise. "You just missed your duel!"

"No way!" Kaito cried out, about to fall into the same state as Judai.

"B-but since you still got here in time, they might be able to fit you in," the boy said before looking back to Judai. "Unfortunately I don't know what they'll so about you."

"We don't even need to deliberate on Misawa-kun. I think it's settled," one faculty member said to another concerning the last duel.

"Mm-hmm. He's the last of them," the other faculty member agreed.

Sitting next to them, another faculty member with blonde hair and dressed in a rather frilly blue uniform was going through some paperwork when the suited man from outside walked up to the faculty member.

"I beg your pardon," the suited man said, earning the attention of the faculty member. "There are two more examinees that made it to registration at the last minute…"

"What did they rank of the written test?" the blonde faculty member asked.

"Examinee Numbers 110 and 2," the suited man said.

"Fine, I'll have someone prep to test Number 2," the faculty member said. "But Number 110 must have little sense of readiness if he's arriving this late, no? We have no need for a dropout boy in our academy, now, do we?"

"Even so, he made it somewhat on time, so he does qualify for the exam…" the first faculty member pointed out.

"And a train incident is to blame, anyway…" an older faculty member stated.

"Wouldn't it be a bad idea to not let him take it?" the second faculty member questioned.

"Non problema-lema! Non! Non! Non!" the blonde faculty member argued until his phone started to ring, to which he pulled it out of his pants pocket and answered it. "Scusi? With whom am I speaking? Oh, Mr. Principal!"

"I heard that there are a couple examinees that arrived at the last minute due to a train incident," said the man on the other end, the supposed principal of Duel Academia, which surprised the faculty member how he found out so soon. "Whether or not they did poorly on the written exam, you mustn't deprive them of their chance. Our school's aim is to garner a wide range of talents to train them into well-rounded duelists, after all."

Once the call ended, the faculty member hung up his phone.

"Such sharp ears… You sly old dog…" the faculty member cursed to himself. 'Duel Academia is an academy for the Dueling Elite! Perché?! Why is Principal Samejima backing the dropout boy?' "I will be dueling Examinee Number 110!"

Just as the blonde faculty member was about to leave, one of the other members called out to him. "P-Please wait!" the faculty member then pulled out a suitcase full of various decks. "Professor Chronos, please take an examination deck."

"I have no need for one of those! I shall be using my own deck!" the blonde faculty member, Professor Chronos, declared as he walked off. "But send someone for Examinee Number 2's exam before I duel Number 110!"

Up at the bleachers, Misawa Daichi had made his way back from the Duel field and took a seat near the top right in front of Judai and Kaito.

"You're one tough customer," Judai said to Misawa.

"I guess," Misawa shrugged.

"You may be the second-strongest out of the examinees this year," Judai said with a cheeky grin.

Kaito, Misawa and the shorter boy turned to Judai with confused looks on their faces.

"Examinee Number 2, Kagemochi Kaito-kun" a woman's voice called over the PA system.

"All right! My turn!" Kaito said while pumping his fist. "Time to make my debut!"

"Wait, you mean this is your first duel?" the short blue-haired boy asked.

"That's right," Kaito answered with a nod before pulling his deck out of its holder. "And with this deck, I'll make it to the top!"

Keeping a firm grip on his deck of cards, Kaito ran down the stairs towards the Duel field.

"If this is his first duel, I don't see how he'll make it into the academy even if he scored right below me," Misawa said.

"Well that'll just make it more interesting to watch," Judai said, getting excited to see what Kaito would do.

Down at the Duel field, Kaito was raised up as he pulled off his backpack and pulled out an oddly-designed Duel Disk; the section that held the deck and Cemetery slots, as well as an extra slot opposite the deck slot, was white and in a hexagonal shape with what looked like a blue crystal embedded in the center while the tray was completely straight with what looked like data streams pulsing through the card zones.

"Good luck, Kaito-san," the woman's voice from before, now identified as coming from the Duel Disk itself, said.

"Thanks," the young man replied as he put the custom Duel Disk on his left arm and shuffled his deck before sliding it into the machine.

Just as Kaito finished his preparations, his proctor opponent had just entered the field.

"Examinee Number 2, Kagemochi Kaito… I will be your opponent for this exam," the proctor introduced himself. "If you cannot prove yourself against me, you will not be allowed into Duel Academia this year."

"Then I'll give it everything I have," Kaito responded. "I have to make it in this year!"

"That's what I like to hear," the proctor said with a grin.

"Duel!" the two called out as they drew their initial five cards.

Examiner: 4000
Kaito: 4000

"Watashi no tān (4)!" the proctor announced as he took the first turn by drawing his sixth card. "I summon Winged Rhyno!"

As the proctor played his card, a creature that looked like a half-bird and half-rhino with wings wearing armor and wielding a double-sided kanabo appeared on the field (4/1800/500).

"Then I'll set two cards face-down," the proctor said as two reversed cards appeared behind his Monster. "Tān endo (5)!"

Proctor's hand: 3

"Here we go! Boku no tān (6)!" Kaito called out as he drew his sixth card and looked over what he had. "I summon Digital HERO – Tsukasa in Defense mode!"

As Kaito played his card, yellow rings of light descended onto the field as a silver-haired boy clad with grey robes with salmon-colored markings on his face materialized into the field carrying a large silver staff with a red orb floating in the center (4/1400/1600)

"Digital HERO?" the short boy wondered as he, Judai and Misawa saw Kaito's Monster.

"That card looks so cool! Like something out of a game!" Judai exclaimed.

"The Digital HERO cards?" a tall young man dressed in a white and blue blazer with dark blue hair said quietly.

"You heard of them?" questioned a blonde young woman who stood next to the young man, also dressed in a school uniform of a white top and blue skirt.

"They're a set of very rare cards built around Union effects, but…" the young man trailed off.

"The original owner of those cards died years ago," another male voice spoke up.

The young man and young woman turned to the one who spoke, another young man wearing a white and blue blazer with short, jet-black hair in a wolf-cut style and a black cloth mask covering his nose and mouth was leaning back against the wall.

"You've heard of them too, Kenji-kun?" the first young man asked, to which the second, Kenji, nodded once before pushing himself from the wall and walking up to the railing next to the young woman.

"I'm curious how this kid got a hold of those cards…" Kenji mused behind his mask, to which his two companions looked at each other for a moment before returning their attention to the Duel field.

"Next, I activate the Magic card, Party of Three!" Kaito continued as he played his next card. "Since I was able to Normal Summon a Monster this turn, I can Special Summon up to two Monsters from my hand!" As Kaito pushed the Magic card into his Cemetery slot, he grabbed two other cards from his hand. "I Special Summon Digital HERO – Subaru and Digital HERO – Piros, both in Defense mode!"

As Kaito played his next cards, some more yellow rings of light descended onto the field. From the first set appeared a petite, blue-haired woman wearing a light blue dress with small white wings on the back and a red marking on her forehead while carrying a small axe (4/1500/1300).

From the second set of rings appeared a tall man wearing heavy, light green armor with a red, spiked left shoulder and a bowl-cut hairstyle carrying a large, double-bladed axe (4/1800/2000).

"Activate Trap card, Black Horn of Ascension!" the proctor countered as one of his reversed cards rose up and a large, deformed horn with bat-shaped wings appeared on the field. "When my opponent Special Summons a Monster, I can activate this card to negate the Special Summon and destroy the Monster! And I choose your Digital HERO – Subaru!"

Winged Rhyno then grabbed hold of the horn and blew into it, launching the shockwaves towards Subaru and causing her to shatter into pixels.

"No, Subaru!" Tsukasa cried out as he watched his friend be destroyed.

"I'm sorry, Tsukasa," Kaito apologized in a low voice before looking through his hand again, grabbed another card and pushed it into the tray. "I'll set one card face-down! Tān endo!"

Kaito's hand: 1

"I thought you said those cards were Unions Monsters," the blonde young woman directed to Kenji, to which the young man continued to watch the duel without replying.

"Watashi no tān!" the proctor said as he drew his next card. "I summon Newt!"

As the proctor played his card, a bipedal figure with blue skin wearing brown pants and yellow chest armor with green sleeves wielding a staff appeared. (4/1900/400)

'Here it comes… Forgive me, Tsukasa' Kaito thought to himself as he prepared to activate his set card.

"Newt, attack Digital HERO – Piros!" the proctor commanded, confusing Kaito as the Demon Monster held out its staff and fired a surge of magic at the armored Warrior.

"Sorry proctor, but Piros' DEF is higher than your Monster's ATK!" Kaito pointed out as the attack struck Piros' armor, only for the Warrior to flex his arms and laugh as the magic was deflected off and arced back to the proctor who tried to brace himself.

Examiner: 3900
Kaito: 4000

Everyone currently watching the duel couldn't help but sweatdrop at the proctor's move.

Once the smoke cleared, the proctor was dusting off his coat, "Good move, student. You caught me by surprise."

"Uh, thank you…" Kaito said, completely speechless by the proctor's mistake.

"Now then, Winged Rhyno! Attack Digital HERO – Tsukasa!" the proctor continued his turn, to which his Monster flew across the field.

As Tsukasa raised his staff to defend himself, the proctor's Monster just swung its heavy weapon, breaking right through the staff and smashing into Tsukasa, destroying the Magician Monster.

"Reversed card, open!" Kaito countered once Tsukasa was taken off the field, pressing a button on his Duel Disk to raise his face-down card which showed a video game character with a message indicator above their head. "Flash Mail!"

"And what does that do?" the proctor asked.

"When one of my Monsters is destroyed, I can Special Summon any Digital HERO from my deck! But the Monster I choose will have its effects negated and its ATK and DEF halved until my next Standby Phase!" Kaito explained as he pulled out his deck and pulled out a card. "I Special Summon Digital HERO – BlackRose!"

As Kaito played his next card, another set of yellow rings of light descended onto the field. Appearing from the rings was a teenage girl with dark skin and short pink hair with pink markings on her cheeks, arms, shoulders and stomach wearing a set of rather revealing reddish-violet armor and carrying a massive two-handed broadsword (7/2500-1250/1200-600).

Once Kaito's new Monster hit the field, several of the male students watching had their eyes glued onto BlackRose, though the Monster herself didn't seem to pay any attention to it.

"Thanks for getting me out here so soon, Kaito," BlackRose said.

"Well I could really use the help," the young man replied in a low voice.

"Don't worry. Just leave this one to Big Sis," the female Warrior assured.

"I'll end my turn here!" the proctor declared.

Examiner's hand: 3

"Boku no tān!" Kaito called out as he drew his next card. "Now at my Standby Phase, BlackRose's ATK, DEF and Effects are restored!"

To display her returned strength, BlackRose pulled up her giant sword and gave it a strong swing (7/1250-2500/600-1200).

"Next, I use Piros' Monster Effect to equip him to BlackRose!" Kaito declared. "Party Up!"

"Wait, what!?" BlackRose questioned as Piros rose to his feet and walked up beside BlackRose. "You've got to be kidding me!"

"Wahahahaha! Let us vanquish this foe together!" Piros cried out heroically.

"While Piros is Union Equipped to another Digital HERO, my opponent will be unable to activate any Trap cards until the Damage Step!" Kaito explained.

"What!?" the proctor exclaimed in surprise.

"BlackRose, attack Winged Rhyno!" Kaito declared.

"You got it!" BlackRose said as she and Piros charged across the field, to which Piros dove on top of the proctor's face-down card to keep it from activating. "Calamity!"

BlackRose leapt at the opposing Winged Rhyno and swung her sword downward as hard as she could, cleaving right through the Monster and destroying it.

Examiner: 3200
Kaito 4000

With the enemy Monster destroyed, BlackRose and Piros made their way back to Kaito's side of the field.

"Tān endo!" Kaito said with a confident smile on his face.

Kaito's hand: 2

"Watashi no tān!" the proctor said as he drew his next card. "I activate the Magic card, Mallet of Luck! I can shuffle this card and any number of cards from my hand back into my deck and draw the same number of cards I put back in! So I'll shuffle my entire hand!" The proctor then pulled out his deck and shuffled all five of his cards back in before putting his deck back into his Duel Disk and drawing five new cards. "Now I release Newt to Advance Summon Great Mysterious Bird of the Valley of Haze!"

The proctor's Newt soon disappeared from the field and was replaced but a large bird-like creature with an animal skull for a head and what looked like three snakes for tails (6/2400/1400).

"Tān endo!" the proctor said without playing another card.

Examiner's hand: 4

"Boku no tān!" Kaito said as he pulled the next card from his deck. "I summon Digital HERO – Wiseman!"

As Kaito played his card, the next Monster to appear from rings of light was a tall, elderly-looking man with short white hair dressed in a red and black robe with a white mark on his forehead carrying a large gold-colored staff (3/1200/900).

"Now I'll activate Wiseman's Monster Effect to equip him to BlackRose!" Kaito announced, surprising the proctor, faculty and spectators. "Party Up! Double Union!"

Everyone watching the duel was surprised by Kaito's declaration of a Double Union as Wiseman walked to the same space as BlackRose and Piros.

"Double Union?" the blonde young woman repeated.

"It's the specialty of the Digital HERO cards. They can be equipped with two Union Monsters at a time, making them a deck that can adapt to almost anything," Kenji answered.

"And all of these Digital HERO Monsters must be Union Monsters by the looks of it, meaning that no matter what there'll always be some kind of combination that can be worked into them," said the dark-haired young man.

"Shall I clear the way, Kaito?" Wiseman asked.

Kaito nodded once, "I activate Wiseman's Union Effect! While equipped to a Digital HERO, I can destroy a Magic or Trap card my opponent controls!"

The proctor took an involuntary step back as Wiseman pointed the end of his staff at the examiner's face-down card and fired bolts of lightning from the weapon, immediately destroying the card.

"BlackRose, attack Great Mysterious Bird of the Valley of Haze!" Kaito commanded.

"I'm on it!" BlackRose acknowledged as she charged across the field with her sword. "Death Bringer!"

The female Warrior once again lifted her sword and spun once she was within range, cleaving the bird Monster in half.

Examiner: 3100
Kaito: 4000

"I'll end my turn with that!" Kaito concluded as BlackRose returned to his side of the field.

Kaito's hand: 2

"Watashi no tān!" the examiner shouted as he drew the next card from his deck. "I activate the Magic card, Lightning Vortex! By sending a card from my hand to the Cemetery, I can destroy all face-up Monsters my opponent controls!"

As the proctor discarded a card, several bolts of lightning shot down over Kaito's side of the field.

"I shall take care of this one!" Piros cried out heroically as he leapt into the air and made himself the target of the lightning bolts, laughing heroically all the while until he was destroyed.

"What the!?" the proctor questioned.

"My Digital HERO Union Effect! When a Monster they're equipped to would be destroyed, I can destroy the Union Monster instead!" Kaito explained as he pushed Piros's card into the Cemetery slot.

"I'll set one card face-down and a Monster in Defense mode," the examiner continued as a reversed card appeared in front of him and a horizontal face-down card appeared in front of it. "Tān endo!"

Examiner's hand: 1

"Boku no tān!" Kaito called out, pulling the next card from his deck and looking at his hand and the opponent's field. 'A face-down card and a hidden Monster… I could either destroy the face-down with Wiseman's Effect or I can bring back Piros and equip him to BlackRose again to prevent him from activating it when I attack… Or I could…' "I activate the Magic card, Rip Maen!"

The card Kaito played showed Digital HERO – Tsukasa casting a spell on a fallen ally.

"With this card I can Special Summon a Digital HERO from my Cemetery!" Kaito explained, to which the proctor pushed a button on his Duel Disk.

"Counter Trap, Bribe of the Demonic Palace!" the examiner countered. "When my opponent activates a Magic or Trap card, I can negate its activation and destroy it, though my opponent is able to draw a card from their deck!"

As Kaito's Magic card shattered, he drew another card from his deck.

"I activate Wiseman's Union Effect to Special Summon him back to the field!" Kaito announced as Wiseman walked to the next Monster Zone (3/1200/900). "And then I release Wiseman to Advance Summon Digital HERO – Marlo!"

Wiseman soon disappeared from the field in rings of light only to be replaced by a new figure clad head to toe in dark armor with horns protruding from his helmet and what looked like a demon's face on his breastplate and holding a dark longsword (5/2100/1600).

"Finally it's time for me to fight!" Marlo shouted, eager to charge into battle.

"Then I activate BlackRose's Monster Effect to equip her to Marlo! Party Up!" Kaito called out as BlackRose walked over to Marlo's space, the two Warrior Monsters readying their sword. "And when BlackRose is Union Equipped to a Digital HERO Monster, that Monster gains 500 ATK and DEF!"

"I'll lend you a hand," BlackRose offered.

"Whatever," Marlo scoffed (5/2100-2600/1600-2100).

"Marlo, attack his Monster!" Kaito commanded. "And when Marlo attacks a Monster in Defense mode, he can deal piercing damage!"

The examiner jumped back in surprise as the two sword users charged across the field.


"Crack Beat!"

The two Warriors slashed the face-down card with their swords, however…

"Marlo, watch out!" BlackRose cried out.

"What the!?" the dark-armored Warrior shouted in surprise as a mechanical sphere appeared from the destroyed card and latched itself onto him. "What is this thing!?"

"The Monster you attacked was my Instantaneous Bomber," the proctor explained. "When it's attacked while in face-down Defense mode, damage calculation is negated and it equips itself to the attacking Monster. On my opponent's next Standby Phase, Instantaneous Bomber will destroy the equipped Monster."

"A trap!? Damn it!" Marlo cursed.

'That means next turn, BlackRose will be destroyed… I shouldn't have fallen for that trap,' Kaito mentally berated himself.

"Hey, don't get so worked up, brat!" Marlo shouted at the young man. "Don't worry about me! Get BlackRose out of here!"

"Hey, you don't need to sacrifice yourself to keep me safe! I can handle myself too, you know!" the female Warrior argued.

"Shut up, I never asked for your help in the first place!" Marlo argued back. "And if you didn't help me we wouldn't be in this situation!"

Kaito thought on the matter for a moment before making his decision, "I activate BlackRose's Union Effect to Special Summon her to the field!"

The female Warrior gripped the handle of her sword, feeling helpless before reluctantly returning to her Monster Zone (7/2500/1200).

"Then I activate Marlo's Monster Effect!" Kaito continued.

"You what!?" the two Warrior Monsters shouted in surprise.

"I equip Marlo to BlackRose! This will destroy your Instantaneous Bomber since Marlo will technically be leaving the field!" Kaito announced. "Party Up!"

The dark knight couldn't help but smirk under his helmet, "You definitely know your sister's tricks, kid."

As Marlo walked over to BlackRose's space, the Instantaneous Bomber started to crack until it shattered off the knight's armor.

"And with Marlo equipped to her, BlackRose can deal piercing damage!" Kaito explained. "Tān endo!"

Kaito's hand: 1

"Amazing!" Misawa said. "This may be his first duel, but he found a way to save both of his Monsters when any other newcomer would've overlooked such a move!"

"Watashi no tān!" the proctor said as he pulled his next card. "I remove Winged Rhyno in my Cemetery from play to Special Summon Sylphid from my hand!"

The examiner pulled the former card out of his Duel Disk and slipped it into his pocket before playing his next card, calling forth a purple-skinned man wearing white robes and a gold helmet while carrying what looked like a feathered wand as his body was surrounded by gusts of wind (4/1700/700).

"Tān endo," the examiner concluded.

Examiner's hand: 1

"Boku no tān!" Kaito called out as he drew his next card, then looked at it along with the remaining card in his hand. 'Here it is!' "I activate the Magic card, Rip Maen, to Special Summon Digital HERO – Piros!"

As Kaito played his card, the heavily armored axe user materialized back onto the field.

"Wahahahahahaha!" Piros laughed once he was back on the field.

"Do we really have to work with this nut job?" Marlo asked.

"Don't worry, this duel's done," Kaito answered in a low voice. "I activate Marlo's Union Effect to Special Summon him back to the field!"

"Looks like the kid's got something planned," the dark knight mused as he walked away from the female Warrior.

"You brought back Piros and put Marlo back on the field to have two other Monsters…" BlackRose began to put this together before a smile spread across her lips. "Wait, you've got him?!"

"I now release Piros and Marlo…" Kaito started as the two Monsters disappeared in rings of light as Kaito played the final card in his hand. "…to Advance Summon my ace! Digital HERO – Kite of the Azure Flame!"

As Kaito played his last card, the rings of light began to fade, revealing a young teen with wild blue hair and blue eyes wearing an outfit of mostly red with a white, long-sleeved shirt under a red short sleeved vest of some kind and a thick belt wrapped diagonally over his chest and what looked like a white scarf wrapped around the collar of his shirt as his pants had strange, orange, archaic designs going down the sides of his legs and red, triangular-shaped marks rested on his cheeks. In his hands the teen wielded a pair of daggers (8/2500/2000).

"About time you showed up, Kite," was the first thing BlackRose said, to which Kite scratched the side of his cheek with one finger as he smiled.

"Sorry about that, BlackRose. But you know how difficult it is to bring me out," Kite replied. "But by the looks of it, you guys were handling yourselves pretty well."

BlackRose suddenly began to blush as she turned her head to look away, "W-Well of course. What else would you expect?" But then a thought entered BlackRose's head. "Wait a second! Were you in Kaito's hand this whole time!?"

"Calm down, you two. It doesn't matter now," Kaito tried to intervene. "We're still in a duel."

The two Warriors then turned to Kaito with grins on their faces as they both nodded, "Right."

"BlackRose attack Sylphid!" Kaito commanded.

"Got it!" the female Warrior acknowledged as she charged across the field. "Calamity!"

With a swing of her giant sword, BlackRose cleaved the Angel Monster in two, destroying it in an explosion of pixels before returning to Kaito's side of the field.

Examiner: 2300
Kaito: 4000

"Let's finish this up, Kite!" Kaito said. "Attack the player directly!"

"I'm on it!" the red-garbed Warrior said as he gripped his daggers and rushed at the examiner. "Staccato!"

Once he was close enough to the opposing duelist, Kite performed a spinning multi-hit attack with his blades with the final strike knocking the proctor onto his back.

Examiner: 0000
Kaito: 4000 (winner)

"I did it…" Kaito said to himself as he saw the Life Point score, a smile spreading across the young man's lips. "I did it! I won my first duel!"

"Congratulations, Kaito," BlackRose said as she and Kite walked back over to Kaito's side of the field, though their bodies had become transparent indicating they were in their spirit forms.

"I'm sure your sister would be proud of you," Kite added.

"Thanks you guys," Kaito said as his examiner got back to his feet.

"The examination duel is over," the proctor said, having recovered from the loss. "Congratulations. You've won."

With a smile still on his face, Kaito bowed to his examiner, "Thank you very much."

"He won without taking any damage," the blonde young woman noticed with a hint of surprise in her voice. "Not many entrants are able to pull that off."

"It might've just been luck," said the older, dark haired young man. "If the examiner hadn't made that mistake, Number 2 might not have won, much less done as well as he did."

As Kaito made his way back to the bleachers, Judai was the first one to congratulate him, "That was an awesome duel!"

"Thanks," Kaito said as he flashed a thumbs-up.

"Hard to believe that was your first duel," Misawa said. "No damage against an examiner from the academy, one would think you've been dueling for years."

Kaito then scratched the back of his head, "Well until now I've been more interested in watching duels rather than actually dueling."

"What made you change your mind?" the shorter boy asked.


"Examinee Number 110, Yuki Judai-kun" Kaito was interrupted by the PA.

"All right! Looks like I get a shot after all!" Judai cheered before turning his attention back to Kaito for a moment. "You and Misawa might just be tied for second-strongest."

"Hey, you," Misawa said, catching Judai's attention as the brunette young man was making his way down the stairs to the field. "Why are Kaito-kun and I tied for Number 2?"

"Because I'm Number 1," Judai declared while pointing to himself with his thumb before continuing down the stairs.

"He only scored nine higher than me on the written exam, so why is he so confident?" the shorter boy wondered.

"I guess that's what we're about to find out," Kaito said before glancing down at the shorter boy. "By the way, what's your name?"

"Huh? Oh, I'm Sho," the boy introduced himself. "Marufuji Sho."

"Kagemochi Kaito," Kaito officially greeted. "Nice to meet you."

Down at the Duel field, Judai was being lifted up as Chronos was being outfitted with his personal Duel Disk.

"Buon giorno!" Chronos greeted the examinee.

"Yuki Judai, sir!" Judai introduced himself as he stood at attention.

"Signor Judai, I am Chronos de Medici, the academy's acting Chief General Director of Practical Application," Chronos returned the introduction.

"What an honor! To think that the Director of Practical Application challenged me!" Judai said, getting excited as he rubbed the back of his head. "I bet that means you're expecting a lot out of me!"

'I've been struck speechless…' the faculty member though as he sweatdropped while Judai laughed.

"Professor Chronos is dealing with this personally?" questioned one of the students sitting next to Manjoume.

"Is that Judai dude that big a deal?" wondered the other student sitting to Manjoume's other side.

'That can't be it!' Manjoume shouted in his head.

"First Examinee Number 2 with the Digital HERO cards and now Chronos is taking on Number 110…" Kenji quietly mused underneath his mask. "There might be something interesting about these late entries…"

"Duel Coat, on!" Chronos called out as he waved his hand over the chest part of his personal Duel Disk.

"That thing's so awesome!" Judai couldn't help but get excited as his opponent repositioned his Duel Coat's tray and drew his starting five cards. "Sensei, can I buy one of those coats, too?"

"All of the high-achieving students have one," Chronos explained. 'Not that it would concern a dropout boy like you. It never will…'

"All right, I'll do my best!" Judai said, getting even more pumped up.

"Duel!" the two shouted as Judai drew his initial five cards.

Judai: 4000
Chronos: 4000

"Ore no tān (7)!" Judai said as he drew his sixth card and looked over his hand. "All right. I'll summon Elemental HERO Featherman in Defense mode!"

As Judai played his card, a man with most of his body covered in green feathers, a pair of large wings and a claw weapon on his left arm appeared on the field (3/1000/1000).

"Next, I'll set a card on the field," Judai continued as he slid a card into his Duel Disk, causing a reversed card to appear behind his Monster. "My turn's finished!"

Judai's hand: 4

"He has Elemental HERO cards?" Kaito said while watching the duel, smiling with excitement. "I really want to duel him someday!"

"Digital HERO vs Elemental HERO… That would certainly make for an interesting match," Misawa noted. "Both decks are built around adaptability, so seeing those two decks face each other would be worth watching at least once."

"Watashi no tān," Chronos said calmly as his sixth card slide out of the slot when he moved his hand in front of it, then checked his available hand. "A HERO Deck, is it? I suppose one could say that he was some kind of small-town hero, then.' "Allow me to teach you how broad the world is! From my hand, I activate the Magic card, Confiscation!"

"What? Confiscation?" Judai repeated, wondering why his opponent had such a powerful card for an examination duel.

"I pay 1000 points from my Life so I may see my opponent's hand…" Chronos explained while the remaining cards in Judai's hand started to glow. "…choose one card from it, and discard it to the Cemetery." As Chronos finished the explanation of how his card worked, holographic versions of Judai's cards appeared in front of him. "Sure enough, the deck of a dropout boy, I see."

Judai: 4000
Chronos: 3000

'Is he taunting the deck I put my life into?' Judai mentally questioned as he glared a bit at his opponent.

"I'll send Resurrection of the Dead to the Cemetery!" Chronos declared, to which the holographic card turned around to face Judai before shattering to pixels, to which Judai pushed the card into his Cemetery slot. "Then, I'll place two cards face-down on the field." Chronos continued as two reversed cards appeared in front of him. "Next, I activate the Magic card, Heavy Storm, from my hand! This card destroys all Magic and Trap cards on the entire field!"

As Chronos played his card, a powerful gust of wind swept across the field, destroying all three reversed cards while briefly revealing Judai's card to have been Drain Shield.

Though Judai couldn't help but point out his opponents' blunder, "But, sensei, you got your cards mixed into it, too!"

"This is what they call 'being a frog in a well'. Ribbit, ribbit!" Chronos taunted once the wind had died down only for the field to be enveloped in dark mist.

"What the…" Judai said, wondering what could have triggered the mist.

"I Special Summon the Evil God Tokens!" Chronos announced as a pair of gold, snake-like creatures rose up from the mist. (4/1000/1000) x2

Most of the spectators were in awe at Chronos' move.

"I'm so lost on what happened…" Sho said.

"Golden Wicked Idol is a special Trap that creates a Token when destroyed," Misawa explained. "Professor Chronos destroyed his own Golden Idols to utilize their effect."

"And since the Tokens are as strong as Featherman, the fact Professor Chronos has two of them means he's planning to summon something powerful," Kaito noted.

"That's no entry exam deck!" one of Manjoume's "lackeys" realized. "It's Professor Chronos's own Dark Ages Deck!"

"He's got his combo going and quartered off Number 110's Trap at the same time!" Manjoume's other "lackey" noted.

"For there to be an examinee that can beat that deck…" the first "lackey" trailed off.

"…is wishful thinking, right?" the second "lackey" finished.

Manjoume just scoffed, "I thought that examinee was something special, but I was sorely mistaken. Professor Chronos plans to give that dropout boy's fleeting dream a very-thorough stomping on."

"I feel sorry for him. It seems as if Chronos doesn't fancy him," said the blonde young woman as she and her two companions continued to watch the last exam duel.

"This is quite a sight," said the dark-haired young man, earning the young woman's attention. "The Dark Ages Deck… Thanks to Number 110 here, we might have the honor of seeing its legendary rare card."

"My turn is not over as of yet!" Chronos announced, to which Judai chuckled in amusement.

"Sounds fun! What're you showing me this time, sensei?" Judai asked eagerly.

"Next, I release my two Evil God Tokens…" Chronos said casually as his two creatures burst into flames and vanished. "…to Advance Summon Antique Gear Golem!"

"Isn't this…" the young woman gasped with her eyes widened as Chronos played his card, causing a gigantic mechanical creature to slowly rise up from the ground (8/3000/3000). "His legendary rare card!"

"Awesome! The rumors filled me in on that thing!" Judai said, eager to face his opponent's best Monster.

"An eight-star Monster just out of the blue like that?!" Sho said in surprise.

"This might not go well for Judai," Kaito said, worried for his fellow examinee.

"Chronos de Medici has yet to lose once he's summoned this card," the dark-haired young man stated. "I wouldn't have pegged that examinee to have the power to make the Professor take this seriously."

"Professor Chronos is pretty fickle, you know," the young woman pointed out before letting out a sigh. "It's a shame. I just heard the iron doors of the Academia closing shut."

"Don't count him out yet," Kenji told his companions, earning their attention. "He may have a chance to turn this duel around." The masked young man then turned his eyes towards his male companion. "You know this just as well as anyone… Kaiser."

The dark-haired young man merely glanced at Kenji before he and their female companion returned their attention back to the duel.

Chronos laughed victoriously, "Here I go! Ultimate Pound!"

The gears in the Golem's body began to turn as the creature's eye lit up and it slowly pulled its right arm back before throwing it forward at Judai's defending Monster, destroying it on contact.

"Antique Gear Golem's ATK is 3000, and Featherman's DEF is 1000! It didn't stand a chance!" Sho said as he shook his head.

"And that's not the half of it," Misawa said, earning Sho's and Kaito's attention. "When that Monster attacks a Monster in Defense mode, and its ATK exceeds its DEF, its effect deals the difference as battle damage to the opponent."

"And when that Monster attacks, the opposing player can't activate any set Magic or Trap cards until after the damage is dealt," Kaito added.

"N-No way… That Monster breaks the rules, doesn't it?!" Sho complained as an illusion of the Gear Golem's fist went right through Judai.

Judai: 2000
Chronos: 3000

Chronos continued to laugh as Judai's Life Points fell, "Already lost your fighting spirit, have you?"

However, now it was Judai who was laughing as he raised his head with a smile on his face, "I'm really touched that the General Directing Professor is dueling his hardest against me!"

'What?! Just how mistaken is he? I never intended to let some dropout boy like you through the gates of the prestigious Duel Academia!' Chronos yelled in his head as he glared at Judai.

Chronos' hand: 1

'This is where my true power'll get put to the test!' Judai thought to himself as he was about to draw his next card, until…

"Kuri kuri kuri!"

'Who's that calling me?' Judai mentally asked as he pulled the next card from his deck and looked at it. 'It's you from earlier… It couldn't be…'


Before Judai arrived for his exam, he had accidentally bumped into someone and dropped his cards. After picking them up though…

"This is a lucky card. Do your best," the person he had bumped into said while holding out a card.

[Flashback End]

The wings on the creature's card began to glow as Judai read its name in his head, 'I see, then. You're Winged Kuriboh?' Judai then looked over the rest of the card to see what it could do, but then thought he was imagining things when he saw the creature on the card wink at him. 'All right, I'll believe in you!' "From my hand, I summon Winged Kuriboh in Defense mode!"

As Judai played the card, the creature that appeared was a ball of fur with big yellow eyes, green hands and feet with claws, and a pair of white wings (1/300/200).

"Next, I set a card face-down to end my turn!" Judai concluded as a reversed card appeared behind his small Monster.

Judai's hand: 2

Chronos just laughed at Judai's attempt at a defense, "A feathered Kuriboh… You have quite the rare card there, no? However, it is just a low-level Monster, is it not? You may have played it in Defense mode, but it will not stave off Antique Gear Golem's piercing effect! I supposed a runt of a Monster does befit a runt!" Chronos mocked his opponent. "My turn, is it not?" The Professor moved his hand over his deck, letting it slide the next card into his hand. "This is the end. Now, Antique Gear Golem, use your Ultimate Pound on Winged Kuriboh!"

The giant Monster once more pulled its arm back before throwing it at Judai's new Monster, destroying it instantly.

'Sorry, Winged Kuriboh' Judai mentally apologized to his Monster.

"Why isn't your Life decreasing?" Chronos asked from confusion.

"On the turn Winged Kuriboh's destroyed, any damage I'd take becomes zero," Judai explained, shocking his opponent.

"To think there's a card Chronos doesn't know about…" the blonde young woman said, seemingly intrigued by what happened.

"There are some places that even the Professor cannot reach," the dark-haired young man said. "The Dueling World is boundless."

"That's what makes it surprising," Kenji pointed out. "New skills, techniques and combinations appear every day that change the way we duel."

"That was your runt of a Monster's special ability, was it?" Chronos mocked as Judai slide Winged Kuriboh into the Cemetery.

"You'll pay for calling a friend who put his life on the line to protect me a 'runt'!" Judai warned.

"Such a smart-alec!" Chronos continued. "Is there a problem with me calling your throw-away Monster a 'runt'?"

"There is. Winged Kuriboh's shriek is the signal that'll call the Monsters in my deck out into action!" Judai explained. "I activate my Trap card! Hero Signal!"

As Judai's card rose up, it shot a beam of energy at the ceiling, revealing a red H once the light faded.

"This Special Summons, from my deck, my second Elemental HERO, Burstlady!" Judai announced as he pulled the card from his deck and played it, summoning a woman with ash-colored skin and a red, flame-designed suit with a gold helmet and long black hair with ash-colored tips (3/1200/800).

Chronos' hand: 2

"Ore no tān!" Judai called out as he drew his next card and looked at it. "Winged Kuriboh, I've got a nice, tight grip on all of your cheering. Just watch me!" Judai then looked through the other two cards in his hand. "Then, Featherman's using his firm fighting spirit to come right back! Thanks to the Safe Return of the Warrior Magic card, I bring him back from the Cemetery to my hand, and summon him!"

Judai slid the Magic card into his Cemetery slot and grabbed the Featherman card that slid out, and then played it to bring the feathered HERO back to the field (3/1000/1000).

"Hmph. What good will your fragile little comic book heroes do you?" Chronos questioned. "They are nothing more than Normal Monsters!"

"Featherman and Burstlady… Normal Monsters with low ATK are just their temporary forms," Judai explained as he held up a card. "You're in for a shock when you see their true form, sensei! I activate the Magic card, Fusion!" As Judai played his card, his two Monsters leapt into the air. "This'll fuse Featherman and Burstlady!" The two Monsters then dissolved into pixels only to reform into a single, larger Monster with a green and black body, a dragon's head for a right arm, a single white wing sprouting from its back on the left side and a dragon's tail protruding from its backside (6/2100/1200). "Fusion Summon! My favorite card, Elemental HERO Flame Wingman!"

"Cool!" Sho said with amazement.

"That Flame Wingman of his can only be summoned with a Fusion Summon," Misawa explained. "It can deal damage to the opposing player equal to the ATK of the opposing Monster it destroys in battle."

"This is why I'd like to duel him," Kaito said with a smile on his face. "The Elemental HERO cards are mostly focused on Fusion, whereas my Digital HERO cards are focused on Union. Both decks have a wide diversity of effects they can use this way. A duel between them could go either way."

"But still, Flame Wingman's ATK is 2100, so it's nowhere near Antique Gear Golem's ATK," Sho pointed out worriedly.

"Yeah. If he's really Number 1, he'll work something out," Misawa said.

"Actually, he's Number 110…" Sho corrected.

"I shall give you a special lecture, so listen up…" Chronos said. "Please keep that in mind! You may have Fusion Summoned it, but its ATK is 2100. It comes well short of my Antique Gear Golem!"

"Then, I'll teach you something, sensei," Judai said. "Heroes have a battle arena fit just for Heroes!" As Judai spoke, he held up his Duel Disk and a slot on the side opened up. "The Field Magic, Skyscraper!"

Once Judai played his final card, the Duel field began to glow as tall buildings rose up around the two duelists and their Monsters. Once everything was in place, Flame Wingman stood atop the tallest of the skyscrapers with the moon shining behind it.

"Okay, the stage is set!" Judai declared. "Go, Flame Wingman! Attack Antique Gear Golem!"

Flame Wingman spread its wing and dove down towards the mechanized giant.

"Scherzi! You must be joking!" Chronos scoffed. "Flame Wingman's ATK doesn't hold a candle to Antique Gear Golem!"

Despite what Chronos said, Flame Wingman continued to fly down at its opponent. Then, once its feet touched the ground, the Fusion Monster jumped higher into the air above Antique Gear Golem.

"A hero always wins!" Judai said. "Skyscraper's effect is Field Magic that, should an Elemental HERO battle with a Monster with an ATK higher than its own, will raise its ATK by 1000 points!"

"O, Dio!" Chronos cried out in shock.

"Take this! Skyscraper Shoot!" Judai commanded as Flame Wingman grew stronger (6/2100-3100/1200), spun around in the air and dove down at Antique Gear Golem with its body now engulfed in flames.

Professor Chronos does do nothing as he watched Judai's Monster crash down on top of his own, creating an explosion that engulfed the holographic city as the spectators watched with wide-eyes at what was without a doubt a victory for Judai.

Judai: 2000
Chronos: 2900

"Mamma Mia! My Antique Gear Golem, it has-" Professor Chronos cried as pieces of his Monster began to fall around him until one piece landed right on his head while Flame Wingman returned to Judai's field.

"Thanks to Flame Wingman's Effect, you'll take damage equal to the ATK of the destroyed Monster, sensei," Judai explained.

"What?!" Chronos asked, only to look up and see his Monster continue to crumble. "N-No, no, no, no, no! N-No, no! No!"

Unfortunately, the remains of Antique Gear Golem fell right on top of the Professor, signifying the damage from Flame Wingman's Monster Effect.

Judai: 2000 (winner)
Chronos: 0000

Judai then raised his hand and held out a two-fingered salute, "Gotcha! That sure was a fun duel, sensei!"

"But how…" Chronos mumbled, mortified by his loss as the holograms faded away. "How was I beaten by that dropout boy?!"

Up in the bleachers, Manjoume and his two "lackeys" were wide-eyed at Judai's win over Chronos.

"I can't believe Professor Chronos was just beaten by an examinee!" Manjoume said in shock.

"He's kind of interesting, isn't he?" the blonde young woman asked her two companions, only to see the dark-haired young man walk off.

"I get the feeling this is going to be an eventful year," Kenji said.

"Way to go, Number 110!" Sho cheered.

"He did it!" Kaito also cheered, to which he and Sho high-fived each other, though the former had to kneel down a bit to do so.

'You might turn out to be a fine rival, Number 1-kun,' Misawa thought to himself with a smirk on his face.

"Yay! I won! I did it!" Judai cheered, jumping around down on the Duel field and waving at the spectators before pulling out the Winged Kuriboh card. "I'll be counting on you from now on, Partner."

"Kuri kuri!" the spirit inside the card squeaked as it winked at Judai.

(1): San (さん) (sometimes pronounced han (はん) in Kansai dialect), derived from sama (see below), is the most commonplace honorific, and is a title of respect typically used between equals of any age. Although the closest analog in English are the honorifics "Mr.", "Miss", "Mrs.", or "Ms.", san is almost universally added to a person's name, in both formal and informal contexts. However, in addition to being used with people's names, it is also employed in a variety of other ways.

(2): Onēsama - Means "Big Sister". The prefix O is a marker for politeness, showing respect for the person or thing it is affixed to while the suffix Sama (様 【さま】) is a markedly more respectful version of san. It is used mainly to refer to people much higher in rank than oneself, toward one's guests or customers (e.g., a sports venue announcer addressing members of the audience), and sometimes toward people one greatly admires. When used to refer to oneself, sama expresses extreme arrogance (or self-effacing irony), as with ore-sama (俺様, "my esteemed self"). The honorifics -chan and -sama may also be used instead of -san when speaking to (or of) a family member, to express a higher level of closeness or reverence, respectively.
In this instance, Kaito holds his older sister in the highest regard.

(3): Kun (君【くん】) is used by persons of senior status in addressing or referring to those of junior status, or by anyone when addressing or referring to male children or male teenagers, or among male friends. It can also be used by females when addressing a male that they are emotionally attached to or have known for a long period of time. Althoughkun is generally used for boys, that is not a hard rule. For example, kun can be used to name a close personal friend or family member of any gender. Also, in business settings, young female employees may also be addressed as kun by older males of senior status. It can also be used by male teachers addressing their female students.

(4): "It's my turn!" - The Japanese word watashi is the polite/formal way of mentioning yourself in a conversation and, outside of anime/manga, is probably the most common of the phrases.

(5): "End turn!"

(6): "It's my turn!" - The Japanese word boku is meant to be used by the speaker when they're talking to or about someone or something familiar to them but as such is an informal way of speaking.

(7): "It's my turn!" - The Japanese word ore, while probably being one of the most used words by characters in anime or manga, means that speaking is talking to or about someone very familiar to them or talking to someone they believe to be inferior to them and as such is considered rude and, obviously, is informal.

Digital HERO - Tsukasa
ATK: 1400
DEF: 1600
Effect: If this card destroys an opponent's Monster by battle, remove that Monster from play. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, if you control this card on the field, you can equip it to a Digital HERO Monster you control as an Equip Spell Card, OR unequip the Union equipment and Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position. While equipped to a Monster by this card's effect, if the equipped Monster destroys an opponent's Monster by battle, remove that Monster from play. This card can be equipped with 2 Union Monsters at a time. (If the equipped Monster would be destroyed, destroy this card instead.)

Digital HERO - Subaru
ATK: 1500
DEF: 1300
Effect: Once per turn, during your Main Phase, if you control this card on the field, you can equip it to a Digital HERO Monster you control as an Equip Spell Card, OR unequip the Union equipment and Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position. While equipped to a Monster by this card's effect, increase the ATK/DEF of the equipped Monster by 400. If this card is equipped to Digital HERO – Tsukasa, the equipped Monster cannot be destroyed by battle. This card can be equipped with 2 Union Monsters at a time. (If the equipped Monster would be destroyed, destroy this card instead.)

Digital HERO - Piros
ATK: 1800
DEF: 2000
Effect: If this card attacks, card effects your opponent controls are negated until the end of the Damage Step. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, if you control this card on the field, you can equip it to a Digital HERO Monster you control as an Equip Spell Card, OR unequip the Union equipment and Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position. While equipped to a Monster by this card's effect, if the equipped Monster attacks, your opponent cannot activate any Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step. This card can be equipped with 2 Union Monsters at a time. (If the equipped Monster would be destroyed, destroy this card instead.)

Digital HERO - BlackRose
ATK: 2500
DEF: 1200
Effect: Once per turn, during your Main Phase, if you control this card on the field, you can equip it to a Digital HERO Monster you control as an Equip Spell Card, OR unequip the Union equipment and Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position. While equipped to a Monster by this card's effect, increase the ATK/DEF of the equipped Monster by 500. If this card is equipped to Digital HERO – Kite of the Azure Flame, negate any effects that would prevent the equipped Monster from attacking. This card can be equipped with 2 Union Monsters at a time. (If the equipped Monster would be destroyed, destroy this card instead.)

Digital HERO - Wiseman
ATK: 1200
DEF: 900
Effect: Once per turn, during your Main Phase, if you control this card on the field, you can equip it to a Digital HERO Monster you control as an Equip Spell Card, OR unequip the Union equipment and Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position. While equipped to a Monster by this card's effect, once per turn, you can destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card your opponent controls. This card can be equipped with 2 Union Monsters at a time. (If the equipped Monster would be destroyed, destroy this card instead.)

Digital HERO - Marlo
ATK: 2100
DEF: 1600
Effect: If this card attacks a Defense Position Monster, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, if you control this card on the field, you can equip it to a Digital HERO Monster you control as an Equip Spell Card, OR unequip the Union equipment and Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position. While equipped to a Monster by this card's effect, if the equipped Monster attacks a Defense Position Monster, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent. This card can be equipped with 2 Union Monsters at a time. (If the equipped Monster would be destroyed, destroy this card instead.)

Digital HERO - Kite of the Azure Flame
ATK: 2500
DEF: 2000
Effect: Once per turn, you can reduce the ATK/DEF of 1 Monster your opponent controls to 0. If you use this effect, this card cannot attack this turn. This card is unaffected by the effect of Digital HERO – Shugo. This card can be equipped with 2 Union Monsters at a time.

Party of Three
Effect: If you successfully Normal Summoned a Monster this turn, you can Special Summon up to 2 more Monsters from your hand.

Rip Maen
Effect: Special Summon 1 Digital HERO Monster from your Cemetery.

Flash Mail
Effect: When a Monster you control is destroyed; Special Summon 1 Digital HERO from your deck. The Monster Special Summoned by this effect has its effects negated and its ATK and DEF halved until your next Standby Phase.