All right, readers, here's the final installment. School has started and I don't have nearly as much time to write, so I am planning to end this one here for now. Tauriel and Kili, bless them, are still poking me with ideas for plots, though, so never say never. Thank you everyone for reading and for your very nice reviews! They bring a smile to my face every day. Hugs for all of you, and thanks again!

"Mmm. I am lucky." Kili pulls his shirt off over his head as quickly as he can, not wanting to miss a second of Tauriel undressing. Moonlight glows on her skin as she peels off tunic and pants, revealing long, graceful limbs, perky round breasts, flat stomach rounding into her hips, and the wispy trace of red hair between her legs. She's exactly as he remembered her- which is to say, exquisite. He hops off the bed- letting the blanket around his waist fall this time- and pulls her in close, kissing her breastbone and then the curves of her breasts, squeezing her bottom and then brushing a thumb against her clit. He wants to do everything at once. Tauriel giggles eagerly at his sudden ardor.

"Aren't you tired?" She strokes his hair, kisses the top of his head, and then the tip of his ear.

"Uhhuh." Kili nods with a nipple in his mouth. All right, so he has to stand on tiptoe to kiss her, but he wouldn't trade their height difference for anything. This is perfect. He turns to suck on the other nipple, and runs his hands up the sides of her ribs and back down to her thighs.

"Well. The…" she catches her breath as he rubs her clit again. "…forges of the dwarves…hmm, that's nice, Kili…do burn hot, I see. Oooh." She laughs again, a delightful sound, and walks him a step backward, to the bed.

"Is this a good idea, though? I don't want to hurt you." She brings up his chin with a gentle hand and bends to kiss him on the lips.

"You won't." Kili grins confidently- but then winces as the bed bumps the back of his legs and he has to shift his weight suddenly onto the wounded one. All right, bad idea. He hopes Tauriel didn't notice- but she did.

"You should lie down, love." She reaches around him and pulls back the bedcovers.

"Only if you do too." Kili is plaintive and cute. Tauriel laughs.

"Of course." She sits on the edge of the bed as Kili lies down on his back- but once he's settled, to his surprise, she doesn't lie down next to him- at least , not the way he had pictured.

"How about…" she climbs over him- another fabulous view- to his good side, where she lies down on her side, propping herself up on her elbow, but with her legs and feet toward Kili's head, and her head towards his…

Oh, Mahal.

"…this?" she scoots forward, snuggling up against his side, and wraps her hand around his cock, which was hard enough before, but now seems to absorb a rush of all the blood in Kili's body. He whimpers as she takes the tip into her mouth.

"A…anything you want, Tauri," he gasps. She smiles, charmed at the unaccustomed shortening her name. A fellow elf would never do that- but coming from Kili, it sounds like love and admiration.

"Mmmm." She takes him further in and sucks gently. Kili turns towards her with a soft moan and clutches at her thighs. Her mouth is like paradise- soft and wet and warm. It's all he can do not to buck his hips into her hard- but beyond consideration for her, the ache in his leg reminds him that that's not a good idea.

Tauriel swirls her tongue around him and then settles her mouth carefully down on his cock again. She can get his whole length into her mouth with no trouble, but keeping her teeth out of the way takes some effort- effort she's quite happy to put in. Kili scoots his upper body in closer to her, and she feels warm breath on her thighs.

"You want this?" he asks, parting her folds with careful fingers. Tauriel whimpers encouragingly as his tongue touches her clit.

"Oh, yes," she breaks off to gasp, before locking her mouth around his cock again. Flutters of pleasure run up from Kili's wonderful mouth through her whole body, spurring her to greater efforts. Kili's cock leaks pre-come in her mouth. The muscles of her legs tense and shake. Suddenly, like a wave breaking on the rocks, both expected and unexpected in its intensity, her climax washes over her, and she pulls her mouth away from Kili with a gasp, for fear that she'll bite him, and clamps her hand around his cock instead.

"Oh, oh, oh," she moans, arching her head back and squirming under his last few licks and sucks. Kili sits up and pulls her toward him, urgent, unfocused, and desperate.

"Please…please, Tauriel, I want to…" She sits up, and is straddling him before she even knows it.

"I'll hurt you," she protests faintly. Her hands are on his chest, and she grinds her hips downwards, while trying at the same time not to put too much weight on him. It's a losing proposition.

"I don't think I care," Kili chokes out. His hands settle on her hips with a firm grip, and suddenly his cock slides inside her, filling her, and he arches up hard and pulls her down with strength that shouldn't surprise her, but does. Tauriel clutches at his arms, but even though she's on top, Kili has all the control now, and he moves her exactly how he wants her. Three hard thrusts, a fourth- and then he groans as his body shakes with his release. Tauriel, worried, slides off him, as soon as his grip on her hips loosens.

"Are you all right?" she lies on her side next to him- next to his good side- and reaches over and touches the edge of his bandage with light fingers. Kili turns his head lazily to face her, eyes closed tight, his breathing slowing gradually.

"Never…better. Well…maybe sometimes." He shifts position- with an involuntary wince- but it's only to scoot closer to Tauriel. It did hurt with her sitting on top of him like that, but it was well worth the reward. Well worth it. He wraps his arms around her, and she lays her head down next to his, and drapes her top leg lightly over his good one- carefully avoiding any contact with the bandage.

"Dwarves are very tough, you know," he murmurs with a cheeky smile. Tauriel giggles and kisses his cheek.

"So I've heard. Well, I'll find some more athelas in the morning. It helps with healing, even after the poison is gone." Her eyes drift closed as she speaks. She reaches out blindly, finds the edge of the blankets, and pulls them over her and Kili, capturing their warmth. Kili strokes her hair softly.

"You're better than any medicine," he murmurs, as his own eyes drift closed. Relaxation seeps up from his extremities, and the warm weight of Tauriel at his side is more comfortable than anything he could have imagined. He hugs her tightly, just glad to have this as long as he can, and Tauriel, her face buried in the crook of his shoulder, smelling, as always, of the woodland and the stars, kisses the side of his neck with a sigh of sleepy contentment. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? But for now, there's this, and that's enough for him.

Three hours later, with dawn lightening the sky, Fili opens the door to the girls' room. He sees what he suspected he'd see, but was rather hoping not to- his brother and the elf woman curled up in bed together, blankets pulled up to their chins, their bodies making one indistinguishable lump underneath. As he watches, Kili sighs in his sleep and rolls to his side, and Tauriel moves with him, spooning up against his back, their new configuration as intimate and perfectly comfortable as the last. Tauriel tightens her arm around Kili under the blankets, he finds her hand and squeezes it, never opening his eyes, Fili turns away, deciding not to wake them- and far away, under the fading stars, under the mountain, the dragon stirs from his bed of gold.

The end