August 28, First day of School

My eyes flash open, I turn on my side and look at my prepared and neatly-organized pile awaiting me. My clothes for that day are on my desk, my suitcases are next to my black Jansport backpack, sitting on the floor. My alarm rings a minute later, and I slam the top of it, making the noise stop till the next morning.

Today is the first day at my new school, Jump City Academy boarding school. My stomach churns with anxiousness, imagining all the scenarios possible for when I arrived. A part of me wanted to just stay home, and another part of me couldn't wait to go. I slide out of bed and fall on the floor to my knees. I shuffled to my desk where my clothes await me, a simple blue and black T-shirt with black skinny jeans.

I walk to the bathroom, dress up, and run down stairs where my breakfast awaits me. My mom, Arella, smiles at me and pushes my breakfast near me.

"Are you nervous?" She asks, pouring me a cup of tea we always drink in the morning.

I shake my head, lying. She sighs and kisses me on my forehead before departing to her room, probably to get ready since she is still in her pajamas. After I eat my breakfast I put it in the sink and wash it off and run back to where my bathroom is. I brush my purple hair-yes, I had dyed it, so what- and brush my teeth. After I double check everything is packed.

I packed my whole closet, but I had to make sure I had my books to. And my phone, and my Ipod, everything. After I decided everything was intact, I brought my suitcases and my backpack downstairs, near the door. My mom comes out, all dressed up.

"Let's go," She says, grabbing her keys off the wall.

Right now, I am sitting in front of the school. I had already missed first period, so the building was empty in the hallways.

"My mother helped me bring my baggage out.

"Call me if you need anything, cookie." She's been calling me that ever since the cookie incident when I was little. After a while, you just get used to it. My mom watched me head inside the building, but before I entered, I mouthed 'I love you, mom.' In response she blew me a quick kiss before heading to her car.

When I entered the building, it almost seemed as if it were two mansions stuck together and made into a boarding school. There was a girl waiting on the steps, secretly on her phone. She looked up and saw me, and put her phone away before walking towards me.

"You must be the new student, Raven right?" She asks, cocking her head to one side. I nod.

"Well I'm Bianca, welcome to your new school, Raven." She said, handing out a hand . I shook it.

"Thanks,"I mumbled.

Bianca had two puff balls atop of her head, she was black, and she had the national uniform of the school. She seemed friendly.

"Well, Raven, as you probably know you missed your first period, and I'm guessing you don't have your schedule right now?" She asked. I nodded, confirming her suspicions. She led me towards the office, taking me to a room.

"Your full name," She asked, sitting at a computer, her fingers ready to type.

"Raven Roth." I answered. She typed and then hit a button, making the printer come alive. She grabbed the paper and handed it too me.

"Before you head to your second period, I'm going to take you up to your room." She said.

We stood in the elevator, and she pressed the forth floor.

"The floors result in which grade we are in. The first floor is where all the offices and clubs are located, the second floor is all freshmans, third floor belongs to sophomores, and since your a junior, your floor is the fourth. I'ma senior, so I am the fifth." She explained. When the doors opened she led me down the halls, taking a key from her pocket. She walked with purpose down the hall.

"Your room number is 435. You have a roomate, but she will be a surprise." She said, handing me the keys. She led me to the door, I opened it. The door creaked open.

Half the room was painted pink, her queen bed sheets and covers also pink and white, decorated with stuffed animals and teddy bears. There were several pictures stapled to the wall, and had a small bookcase the the left of her bed. The other side of the room however, was completely blank, left for me to decorate. The bedroom was huge really, like a penthouse room.

"You can decorate your room during lunch. Right now, we should be getting to Second period. But if you need me anytime, for the first week they'll let you call me in during class so I can be excused from it. Plus, I am the floor above you, door 658. Just knock three times slowly and I'll answer." She explained, a warm welcoming smile on her face.

"I will walk you to your second class." She said, before grabbing my wrists, pulling me out the door.

Once we got to my class, I suddenly felt uneasy, she must've sensed me.

"Hey, first days are always the hardest, but you can consider me your first friend, okay?" She said, smiling. I smiled back.


"Anytime. Have fun. Just get it over with, Raven." She said before heading off to her own class.

A/N: I only named Bumblebee Bianca since I don't know her real name, believe me I tried looking it up, but it wouldn't tell me. So just bear with me there. Besides, I thought this chapter was pretty good, so please review for me! Thnk you guys! :)