The last chapter! I hope you guys enjoyed the last chapter and hopefully this one to.

Now, we were back in school. Komi was taken out of school ,cause she was pregnant. Luckily, schools almost over so they won't be able to take out Bianca.

Garth now owes Terra 100 dollars because Bianca is having a girl.

Kori and Robin has signed up for the same classes as each other next year. Those two are practically obsessed with each other.

Wally and Jinx finally admitted their feelings for each other. After, Terra told me they started aggressively making-out.

Victor and Bianca are closer than ever, getting every little perfect baby thing, and are already working money out because Wally, since his famous run at the cross-country meet, has gotten a lot of money since he beat Usain Bolt at a race( The fastest man on earth). They now live on two pretty big scholarships, thanks to Victor's use of technology, and still go to college, having no problems whatsoever other than perfect their future daughters future. Victor even is saving up for a home.

Toni finally found a boyfriend. He's very good at fire stuff, and he's pretty cool. Those two ADORE each other.

Me and Garfield are still a couple, and he still is hot as ever. Kori keeps on teasing us that we got freaky with each other on weekends( which, occasionally, we did) so we just tease her back about her and Robin, which, is true.

But right now, we are all gathered in a hospital around Komi's bed, gawking at her baby.

Bianca looks at her three month sized stomach, rubbing it.

"Aww."Kori picked up the baby, and poked it in the arm. It gurgled back at her, grabbing one of Kori's red curls. "Gimme my baby." Komi said, reaching for Kori. Kori gave her back to Komi.

"Hand me that anti-septic towel."Komi pointed to the corner of the room. Kori handed her one, in which Komi snatched it from hands and wiped her baby's arms and legs carefully with it, muttering something about catching stupid germs might damage her baby. Garfield smiled at it, and Komi shoved his face away.

"Don't you ever, breathe on my baby again." She growled. Garfield stepped back a step.

"Is this blanket washed?" She asked Kori.

"Komi, you just got it two hours ago."

"Their is a big stain on it."

"It's just an old blanket."

Komi threw the small pink blanket on the ground.

"I want a new clean, fresh blanket, NOW. I can't have my baby catch a disease just because you assholes didn't want to get me a new blanket." She barked, so Kori got her a new blanket.

"Here can you hold her for me Raven? I need to use the bathroom." Komi asked, so I held out my arms. She looked at me expectantly.


"Go wash your hands, then put hand sanitizer on them, and make sure you get all dirt out, including under your finger nails." She ordered. I raised an eyebrow and went to go do what she said. When I came back, she examined my hands before placing the baby in my arms. A black curl was in the baby's eyes, so I carefully moved it.

"WHAT THE HELL RAVEN!" Komi shouted, almost making me drop the baby.

"What?" I asked back at her, my eyes wide.

"DON'T FUCKING TOUCH MY BABY! SHE'S PURE!" She spat before gently moving the curl back in place. She also installed a mini baby monitor about the size of a hearing aid, and clipped it on the baby's hat. She also put her phone on camera mode and fixed it so it could sit up and video tape me at the same time.

"Don't breathe on her either." She warned, her eyes going dark before entering the bathroom.

"Damn. And I thought she was going to be a horrible mother." Bianca scoffed.

"She can be full of surprises sometimes. "Kori said before leaning into Robin.

So , thatz it. I hope you liked the ending.