"I know," Sam said the words as if Dean would know what he was talking about. The flutter of Dean's heart suggested he did know and Dean was scared. "And honestly Dean, I'm kind of pissed."

Dean hung his head. He knew this would one day come. Everything around him was crumbling down and he was about to lose his family. He was glad at least, that he had Thanksgiving dinner to savor as a memory.

"I mean I'm your brother! You should have told me!"

Dean looked up, now confused. "What?"

"You're gay, so what? And not only that you're trying your hardest to be something you're not. This is just so like you!" Sam shook his head, walking back and front, getting himself worked up for a rant.

Dean was in complete shock, but watching his brother move so much was making him nauseous. He reached out and placed a firm hand on his brother's shoulder.

"What are you trying to say?" Dean half whispered, looking into his brother's eyes. "You're not - You don't...mind?" Dean was hating this, he wanted this chickflick moment to be over already, but he needed to hear his brother say it, say he wasn't disgusted with the fact that Dean was into dudes.

Sam shook his head with a laugh. "No man, c'mon, how could you think that of me? What Dad did," Sam shook his head. "That was wrong."

They both stayed silent for the longest time. Dean looking into his brother's eyes to make sure he wasn't lying and then looking away when he didn't see anything snide or any disgust in his brother's expression.

Dean kicked at the rocks on the ground, not looking up as he shrugged. "Ok then, I guess..." Dean coughed, not knowing what else to do.
"So," Sam smiled, or more like smirked. "Cas huh?"

"Shut up," Dean said, but not in a harsh way.

Sam frowned. "What you did back there to him, that was pretty shitty, even for you." Of course Sam would end up lecturing him about not kissing Cas back instead of being gay. Dean should have known.

"Whatever Sammy, he shouldn't have jumped me like that." At the mention of Cas, Dean just wanted Sam to go away so Cas could come back and they could finish what they started.

It felt like there was a weight that was not lifted off his shoulders now that he knew his kid brother didn't mind at all.

"So even though I'm super cool with you being gay and all, that doesn't mean I won't think twice about making jokes and picking on you," Sam admitted with a smile.

Dean rolled his eyes, already knowing this. If the roles were reversed, Dean would have been already be torturing Sam with jokes, calling him the girl in the relationship and crap like that.

"This doesn't mean anything, you're still the bitch," Dean said, moving to walk back to the house.

"Uhuh, sure, so, which one of you is catching?"

Dean spun around and looked at his brother in horror, the tips of his ears turning red.

Sam bellowed out a laugh and didn't stop until Dean glared at him. "Chill man, I'm just messing with you."

Dean rolled his eyes and continued back to the house.

The whole way back Sam kept asking questions like, "How long has this been going on?" "When's the wedding?" "Have you ever done anything while I was in the room?" "You do know that you aren't ever rooming with me anymore right?"

"Are you going to tell the others?" Sam asked as the were about to walk up the porch.

Dean just shrugged, but knew he would. He wanted to for Cas, who understandably didn't want to be hidin' away anymore and because the only reason he'd been holding back was in fear of losing Sammy. And now that Sam knew and it didn't bother him then he'd tell the others and if they didn't approve then to hell with them, he had Cas and Sam still.

When they got inside, everyone was still drinking, sitting around talking and laughing.

Dean went straight to the kitchen as Sam joined the others. He felt eyes watching him, but he just grabbed a beer, popped it open and silently said, "Cas come back." Before he could say more there was the sound of wings flapping and looking up he saw Cas standing next to him, giving him a half smile.

"Dean," he greeted, his eyes light as if he knew the conversation Sam and Dean had and he was glad that it was out now.

Without thinking it over, Dean moved, gripping the back of Cas's neck and pulling him forward, meeting his lips. Cas gasped in surprise, but soon he was pressed up against Dean, kissing him just as fiercely.

Dean took a long gulp of his beer, too afraid to look over at the others.

Cas never took his eyes off of Dean. The look he was giving Dean made Dean want to melt and his heart was soaring. If Dean knew Cas would look at him like that from kissing him in front of everyone, he'd had done it sooner, and would do it more often. Cas was looking at him like the world revolved around him, he looked at him with so much love and affection that it made Dean want to fall to his knees.

Dean blinked as Cas whirled around to face the others. Dean snuck a glance at everyone. Pretty much shock registered on everyone's face. Except Ellen and Bobby and Sam. Sam looked like he was about to start saying "AWW!" Ellen and Bobby were watching them with an unreadable expression.

"I'm an Angel of the Lord," Cas said, "So I know for a fact that this isn't wrong," Cas gestured between himself and Dean. "And if anyone wants to argue about it then they can take it up with me," Cas held up his hand as if he was ready to smite everyone.

Dean shivered at Cas's smity tone, realizing all over again how powerful he was. Cas was a freaking solider of Heaven, it couldn't get anymore badass than that.

The fact that Cas had dealt with Dean's shit was beyond Dean. Cas could have anyone he wanted, heck he deserved someone way better than Dean. Yet here he was, ready to smite anyone who was going to be negative about their relationship, knowing it would hurt Dean if they started talking bad about their relationship.

"Whoa!" Sam held up his hands, always the peacemaker. Everyone took a step back, not wanting anywhere near Cas's hand that could burn out their eyeballs.

"Cas," Dean smiled, grabbed his wrist and pulled it down, running his hand down and twining their hands together, Cas looked down at the joined hands with a smile.

When Dean looked up, Jo was smiling and shaking her head. Jody was giving him a thumbs up, Kevin was shaking his head, but smiling too, and Gareth had his hand over his heart as if it was the most beautiful moment. As for Ellen and Bobby, Ellen was smiling at Bobby and Bobby was handing her money.

"Bobby? Ellen? What the hell?" Dean looked at them with a scowl.

"Oh c'mon boy! I might be old, but I aint blind. Ellen noticed it too and we ended up making a bet."
"I knew you two lovebirds would be a couple one day."

"I'd never thought you'd have the balls to admit your feelings. Denial, it's the Winchester way," Bobby looked bitter at having lost money.
Ellen laughed, "Don't be such a sore loser!" She slapped him on the back.

"Bobby! What the hell? I asked you the other day if you thought Dean was hiding something and you acted like you had no idea what I was talking about!" Sam practically yelled.

"Boy hush it up. When isn't Dean hiding something? It could have been anything! Besides, Ellen and I made this bet years ago."
Dean stared at everyone in shock as they all started to argue and everyone got offended as they hadn't been included in the bet.
Dean turned to Cas.

Cas held up his fingers and stared as Dean as if to ask if Dean wanted to get out of here.
Dean smiled and nodded.

"Have fun on your honeymoon!" He heard Sam shout before he was suddenly transported to a room. Dean looked around to find they were in a cabin.

"Where do you want to go?" Cas asked him. "I want us to go out," Cas said. "I know you like food so I was going to bring you to a food establishment, but since we already ate...maybe a movie?" Cas looked hopeful.

Dean smiled. "Of course Cas, whatever you want."