After the graduation party everything was smooth.

There was no school to worry about, the comet was beaten and long forgotten, Emma had come back and now everything was calm and peaceful.

The girls were spending their days swimming to Mako or hanging at the cafe with the two boys in their mermaid group. Ash was studying abroad, and although everybody knew it would end soon Rikki still was giving Zane a hard time, so for now the girls enjoyed the company of Lewis and Will.

This very day was just another sunny day, full of smiles of happiness and pure joy for the small group. They were at Rikki's and Cleo and Bella were telling Emma all over again things about the time while she was gone. Lewis was adding some details and from time to time Rikki was interrupting only to drop in some jokes.

"I can't believe how much I've missed!" Emma said sadly.

"Yeah, the adventures at the Gold Coast never stop!" Rikki joked.

Everybody laughed at her remark, but deep down they knew she was right.

"Thank you for saving my best friend's life and helping Cleo and Rikki defeat the comet." Emma smiled to Bella.

"My pleasure." The other girl smiled back.

"Rikki, he's staring at you again." Cleo leaned in to whisper to her best friend.

Rikki turned her head in a flash and Zane quickly looked down. She turned around to face her friends again.


"You still have feelings for him, admit it!" Cleo teased.

"So what if I have? I broke up with him and that's that! End of story!"

"If you're sure." Cleo shrugged and put her head on Lewis' shoulder.

Rikki wasn't sure of anything anymore.

She was deep in her thoughts when they heard the quiet noise of someone entering the cafe and turned to look who it was. Rikki's jaw dropped and the others just stared in shock and confusion. It was a boy who had light brown hair and brown eyes but was looking exactly like Zane. The stranger walked straight to the bar where Zane was making up drinks and the two had a quick chat for a few seconds then Zane pointed the office door and they disappeared behind it.

Back on the table Lewis interrupted the awkward silence.

"Except for the hair he looks exactly like Zane!"

"Yeah." Emma added. "If I didn't know Zane better, I'd say this guy was his brother.."

"Don't be ridiculous!" Rikki said snapping out of her trance. "Zane doesn't have a brother!"

"I know, but still.." Emma replied deep in her thoughts.

After a couple of minutes Zane and the strange boy walked out of the office. Zane went back to the bar and to making drinks and the boy walked towards the exit looking at the group's table on his way out.

His eyes travelled around all of them and his gaze stopped at Rikki. She was laughing and was teasing Lewis again, and the new boy couldn't help but stare in awe. Her ocean blue eyes were shining. Her laughter was soft and the smile on her strawberry lips was so beautiful. Her curly hair was up in a messy bun, leaving a few curls fall down around the soft skin on her face. She was wearing a red shorts and sexy blue tank top. He saw her tan-skinned friend caught him staring and leaned across the table to whisper something to her. Then suddenly she turned to look in his direction and their eyes connected. She had stopped laughing so now only the smile had left on her face, disappearing slowly. Red rushed to his cheeks as well as hers and he gave her a small smile, before hurrying through the door and out of the cafe. Rikki suddenly found herself staring after him.

"Earth to Rikki." Emma snapped with fingers at her face.

"Huh, what? Oh, sorry."

"What do you think about that new guy?" Bella asked her and the others. "He was checking us out.."

"Actually he was staring at Rikki." Cleo said making Rikki snort. "What?! You know that's true." The brunette told her.

"Whatever. What do you say we go for a swim? The water's so tempting.."

A numerous "yes" was heard on the table and the six friends went outside. The girls jumped in the water, and the boys took Will's boat.

What the small group didn't know was that someone was watching them. Seeing them getting up from their table and knowing exactly where they were headed to, Zane had walked out, hiding into the shadows. He watched the girl of his dreams run to the ocean with her friends to become her other self, the water.

At that moment he realized how special she was and he swore to himself to win her back and never hurt her and let her go...again.